Video: Gardiner excellent on Brexit in spite of constant Sky interruptions

Barry Gardiner on Sky News this morning

Labour’s Barry Gardiner has long been on of Labour’s star media performers – earning him cult-hero status during the 2017 general election campaign. He tolerates no nonsense, pulls interviewers up on their inaccuracies and knows how to get his point across pleasantly but emphatically.

It’s a competence that seems to fluster those tasked to interview him – and on Sky, they seem to have decided that constantly interrupting him is the only way of holding their own. It didn’t work a week or so ago – and it failed when it was tried today, to an extreme degree, as he tried to explain why Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t enabling May’s Brexit behaviour:

The interviewer even tried interrupting with “Jeremy Corbyn’s not on
the television this morning saying what you’re saying
” – even though Corbyn was scheduled to appear on TV from Hastings to talk about exactly why May’s ‘stunt’ will find no traction with Labour’s leadership team.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Well done, Barry Gardiner. Sky News and the others are going to have to come up with a new tactic to try.

But the persistence of the media in presenting nonsense about Labour’s position, or even pretending the party doesn’t have one, is unlikely to abate – so it’s down to his supporters and the alternative media to get the real word out as usual.

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  1. At least on RT you are allowed to answer the question and are treated very politely – best news channel!

    1. It’s not hard to be better than the ‘high & mighty’ starmer and his ‘sh*t doesn’t stink’ attitude.

      I neither like, nor trust him. Gardiner, however, conveys himself appropriately to suit the interview. Mess him around and he’ll tear you one as big as the grand canyon with the same sort of attitude as he would help an old lady cross the road.

    1. RH@ Unfortunately, he has to plait fog.
      ROFL best thing you’ve said in ages !

    2. One of our tiresome resident trolls shamelessly repeats the Tory mass media canard that Labour’s Brexit objective is not spelled out. A complete lie of course. Does Labour’s long held , often repeated, policy of wanting to negotiate permanent membership of a (bespoke) parallel customs union arrangement with the EU to ensure total access to the Single Market, and no need for a hard border in Ireland, ring a bell ? And Michel Barnier has reiterated today that the EU will (re) negotiate on the existing crap deal if May’s Red Lines are abandoned – so don’t repeat the Tory press lie that May’s del “is the only deal”. There is no “fog” to be plaited in Labour’s clear Brexit objectives . The only “fog” is in the brains of those who fall for Blair and Mandelson’s ruse to use Brexit to split our Party.

      1. The problem is not whether you or I understand Labour’s policy but whether the ‘typically’ politically inactive voter understands it or not. By and large, in my experience, they don’t.

        They listen to Labour spokespersons going through their various verbal gymnastics (some more on message than others). Unfortunately they find it evasive and unclear. Also because of the verbal ballet dance Labour play with words they have an underlying feeling that Labour are being less than straight forward with them and that they are being conned.

      2. That is exactly the problem. It applies even to many with some political nous, who are bemused by the Labour Party expressing no real dissension from the core Tory policy.

        And no, they are not all ‘Blairites’ – or ‘Centrists’ – which terms are simply cotton wool to cushion the minority of Lexiteers from reality.

        I still have some friends and acquaintances who think Blair was basically OK as a pragmatic option for leader – but not many (and all make no excuses for Iraq and the privatisations). Most, however, actually celebrated the election of Corbyn. A lot of them are now bemused by policy over Brexit.

        That, of course, is just a small sample that, of itself has no statistical validity. But, looking at the data, I would hazard that it is representative of quite a large section of Labou members and supporters.

  2. Just seen this by Jonathan Pie , beware foul language , BUT the mssg esp the statement re “at each others throats” ,,,,, take a look around ,,,,,, all of us here and see what’s happening .
    The enemy is the 1%ers and those sycophants that enable their existence.

    1. Nice link and wise comment Rob – would have loved this speech to have come from the benches in the House of Commons –

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