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Since its last report, the SKWAWKBOX has had a busy month of informing Labour members and supporters and of inconveniencing those who use dishonest tactics to try to discredit the party.

The blog relies, by design, on voluntary donations to ensure that the information is always freely available to those who need it – and pays extra to its hosting provider to ensure there are no ads. Here are just a few of the items it has provided either exclusively or against the flow of the mainstream narrative:

  • frank coverage of the report by UN ‘special rapporteur’ Philip Alston that exposed the government’s misogyny, callousness and wilful cruelty
  • correction of the myth propagated by media and MPs that a two-thirds majority would be required to bring about the fall of Theresa May’s government and a new general election
  • the exposure of a fake ‘Labour’ account set up to discredit the Labour party with antisemitic comments – and the revealing attempts of a well-known ‘antisemitism troll’ account to defend its credibility
  • the exclusive revelation that Philip Hammond misled Parliament with a claim that his budget would result in 650,000 new homes
  • details of Theresa May’s abject surrender rather than risk losing a vote on the Tories’ Budget – and the Tories denial of reality, aided by the BBC
  • early warning that May’s Brexit ‘deal’ would risk the creation of an Irish Sea border unacceptable to the DUP
  • evidence that the DUP had known for days about Theresa May’s Brexit plans when it had supposedly only just discovered them
  • the reality that a leaked letter exposed Theresa May’s dishonesty about her ‘final’ Brexit deal
  • news of Labour HQ’s selection preparations for a snap general election
  • early news of the 9 December date for the Brexit debate between Corbyn and May – and the BBC’s attempts to manipulate Corbyn into accepting a May-friendly format – and the BBC’s loss of public trust over the matter
  • explosive video exposing the biased treatment of Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti on a flagship BBC programme
  • proof that the case against right-wing Labour MP Ian Austin for aggressive behaviour was not simply dropped, but that he had received a formal reprimand and warning
  • news of the effectiveness of strike action as Cammell Laird workers fight to defend their jobs against casualisation
  • exposure of the real motives behind Establishment talk of a ‘government of national unity’
  • an exclusive, detailed interview with Welsh Labour leadership prospect Mark Drakeford
  • proof that mainstream media reports of a police investigation into the Labour Party were false
  • a spotlight on repeated bias in the BBC’s Newsnight programme
  • evidence that correspondence to then-DWP Secretary Esther McVey for an undeclared company secretaryship – that she claimed to have known nothing about – would have gone to her constituency office address
  • the full array of McVey’s misleading claims about charities’ support for her Universal Credit system
  • the attempts by the Establishment to shift blame for May’s Brexit catastrophe onto Jeremy Corbyn – and the facts that expose their nonsense
  • information about the Guardian’s fake news that a Momentum poll showed 92% of its members backed a new EU referendum, when the poll said nothing of the sort
  • an academic’s open letter criticising the Guardian for its failure to engage over its demonstrated anti-Labour bias
  • details of a recording of a so-called ‘centrist’ MP shouting abuse at a blind CLP delegate
  • the incitement by right-wing Labour MPs against a left-wing activist that put him and others at risk of physical harm when far-right activists published his address – and got it wrong
  • a spotlight on paid calls by a ‘research’ company on behalf of Blairite Welsh Labour leadership candidate Vaughan Gething
  • proof that MP John Woodcock, who resigned from the Labour Party, is still using Labour livery on his constituency office
  • anti-democratic practices in Chuka Umunna’s Streatham CLP
  • evidence that a right-wing council leader aggressively banged his stick and shouted at a female councillor as she was hounded out of a meeting room for challenging an ally
  • news of a clean sweep by the left of contested positions in the annual general meeting of Labour members in Jess Phillips’ Yardley seat
  • news of the appointment of a new Labour regional director in London, after exposing a false claim by a right-wing Labour smear site that another activist had been appointed
  • the identities of four centrist MPs who failed to support a Labour amendment for a tax increase for the richest 5%
  • the fact that the Guardian was tweeting about Brexit during the Armistice Day two-minute silence

In these ways and others, the SKWAWKBOX continues to help create a more honest media landscape and narrative. If you are able to do so without hardship, please consider supporting it by clicking here to set up a one-off or modest monthly donation.


  1. I tried making a small one off payment to you as I cannot afford monthly donations, but, the system will not let me do this unless I give my address and phone number, This information is unnecessary for a one off payment by card and I feel you may be missing other donations especially as us elderly people do not like giving any personal details on line, so I hope you can sort this out as I have no intention of opening a Pay Pal account either. Thank you C Aldaya

    1. Connie, I’ve used PayPal for a couple of weeks short of ten years – I’m old people too and had to check 🙂
      I’ve made well over 600 purchases with no problems at all – I hate giving my card details to every Tom, Dick or Harry and if they don’t accept PP I buy from somewhere else – it makes me wonder if maybe PayPal turned them down.
      Have you heard horror stories?

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