Video: Green in denial – unchallenged by BBC – over Tories’ inability to pass Budget bill

green denial.png
In denial: ex-Cabinet minister Damian Green

Last week, the Tories performed a craven surrender when they accepted several opposition amendments to its Budget bill without even attempting to defeat them. The government was running scared after a decision by the DUP to side with the Opposition during votes on the bill – a defeat in a finance bill would have counted as a no-confidence vote, so the terrified Tories simply chose not even to try to win.

It was only the third time in UK history that a government has failed to gets its finance bill through Parliament intact.

That fact seems to have escaped former Tory Cabinet minister Damian Green – and his BBC interviewer – when he appeared on BBC News this morning to claim the Tories have not lost their majority and their ability to govern:

The Tories did not ‘just’ get their finance bill through. By accepting amendments in order to duck a potential no-confidence scenario, they got a different finance bill through. It was a deep humiliation for the government and its ‘leader’.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Sadly, the BBC seems happy to go along with the fiction rather than point out the significance and rarity of the actual events. The Corporation continues to cover for the desperate incompetence and weakness displayed by Theresa May and her party – who ITV last week admitted are in office, but not in power.


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  1. Do these denials have the same veracity as the denials he made before he resigned.

  2. There is some illusion among among Tory MP, likewise Labour Right, they call themselves, Centralists. I wonder if Tories know there are only 70,000 members in comparison with Labour members are more than 500,000 (Now people estimate 800,000).

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