Excl: chief whip’s full ‘warning’ and ‘reprimand’ letter to Austin – multiple ‘abuse’ cases

The mainstream media reported yesterday that an investigation into Dudley’s right-wing Labour MP over allegations of abusive behaviour had been ‘dropped’. Austin himself announced the party had decided ‘no further action’ – and used the opportunity to criticise the party and to claim it should not have been investigating ‘people like me‘.

However, as the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed the case was concluded, rather than ‘dropped’. Austin had received a letter containing a formal warning and reprimand from the party’s chief whip, who wrote that he felt the matter should then be considered closed.

Now, in another exclusive, SKWAWKBOX readers can view the entire letter sent to Austin by chief whip Nick Brown:

Austin reprimand_Page_1Austin reprimand_Page_2

The letter does more than confirm the reprimand and warning. It also states that:

  • the complaints by party chair Ian Lavery and fellow MP Chris Williamson were just two of several complaints about Austin’s behaviour
  • that Brown’s letter was reprimanding and warning him over all of them
  • that Austin’s behaviour toward Lavery and Williamson was witnessed by other MPs

Austin was contacted for comment. He did not dispute that he had received this letter but claimed that he had not ‘accepted any reprimand’.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Ian Austin made his claims in spite of having received this letter – and an array of mainstream media outlets reported that the case had been ‘dropped’ without checking facts that were by no means beyond their ability to verify.


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  1. Arrogant little man , ” not accepting any reprimand” , shows his utter contempt for the Labour party , it’s MPs and membership .Simply not up to the standard or calibre of a real Labour MP and does not deserve to hold the title or honour of that office , nothing more than a petulant child
    Deselection ASAP !

    1. Maybe he wont ‘accept any reprimand’…

      …But neither will he ‘accept’ people casing him. Those who truly want rid of him know what needs to be done. 🙂

  2. What irks me is that the Blessed Hodge seems to have got off scott free after a far more (and repeated) public incident.

    1. what irks me even more is that they all are still in the Party and haven’t been kicked out .Remove the Whip , if the local CLPs are not willing to deselect , force them all to become Independents as such and with the election now surely imminent , those CLPS will be forced to put up a real Labour MP for the voters to have a real choice

  3. ‘Ian Austin made his claims in spite of having received this letter – and an array of mainstream media outlets reported that the case had been ‘dropped’ without checking facts that were by no means beyond their ability to verify.’

    Needless to say, the MSM aren’t interested in facts – even if they are aware of them – just dissembling propaganda disinformation that reflects JC’s Labour Party in a bad light.

  4. Labourlist article on this matter makes it look like the case was dropped. Not accurate reporting from them.

  5. As for Austin’s claim that he received a letter from Jennie Formby stating that he was still under investigation and implying that he received it in the days AFTER he received the letter from Nick Brown, then what was it that presumably happened just recently that brought it to an end and, in turn, led to him writing his twitter statement (which SB reproduced here)?:


    The point is of course that there would be no reason on Earth for Austin NOT to confirm with SB when it was he received the letter from Jennie Formby when SB (Steve I presume) spoke to him on the phone, and the fact that he refused to answer the question three times and then started threatening legal action and then terminated the call speaks for itself.

    And if you received such a letter from Nick Brown which by all appearances brings the matter to an end, it would of course be extremely odd to then receive a letter from Jennie Formby in the following days saying that the matter was still being investigated. Surely anyone would then contact Jennie Formby straight away to say that they were led to believe that the letter they had received from Nick Brown had brought the matter to an end and, as such, ask her why the matter was still under investigation. But it would appear that he did no such thing. And I repeat: What has happened in the past day or two or three – supposedly! – that led to him tweeting his statement?

    Or is it all just more machinations courtesy of the anti-Corbyn hate-mongers and smearers!

  6. On reading the full letter from Nick Brown, and the second paragraph specifically, there is little doubt that Ian Austin’s objective was to intimidate. But the timing is very interesting – ie that it should happen within days of the Margaret Hodge episode.

    Coincidence? I think not!

    NB It’s crucial that we confirm the case was done and dusted in July – and that there has not been any ongoing investigation since then – because to do so would completely expose Austin AND his twitter statement for what they are – ie a fraudster on the one hand, and fraudulent on the other – and ALL concocted and contrived and designed to portray Jeremy and his leadership and the apparatus of the LP in a bad light. And if THAT is the case – and Jenny Formby obviously knows when she wrote to him – then he should be suspended from the LP immediately.

    1. The behaviour of Mann towards Livingstone always seemed to me to be, quite simply, unhinged, the connivance of others in that disgrace less so. Rob says it all: “they are all still in the party”.

  7. Austin seems to be confusing a Whip’s reprimand with a police caution.

    Maybe, since he’s boasting about getting off scot free like some ASBO twerp showing off its ankle bracelet (which is exactly what he looks like), the chief whip should demand by open letter his public apology.

    And no “best wishes, Nick” FFS, however sarcastically that was meant.

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