Phillips leaves Yardley AGM early as left takes all contested positions

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Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips

Centrist MP Jess Phillips was reportedly a lot less than happy as Birmingham Yardely CLP (constituency Labour party) held its annual general meeting (AGM) to elect its officers for the next year.

In a fractious three-hour meeting – starting 10am on Saturday – attended by 92 members eligible to vote, the left candidates took all the positions contested – three key positions of Chair, Secretary and deputy Chair. That the election of just three officers took three hours – the meeting then had to then be adjourned as the room was only booked for that period – speaks volumes.

Of the three positions elected, only that of Chair saw the full ninety-two votes cast, with the left candidate winning by sixty votes to thirty-two.

Presumably seeing the writing on the wall, a number of members left at that point – including Ms Phillips. The deputy’s position was subsequently won by forty-seven to thirty-nine and the Secretary’s by fifty-two to thirty-three.

The defeated CLP secretary is an employee of Jess Phillips and the defeated deputy Chair is a councillor described as a ‘Phillips stalwart’. The former Chair did not stand, so the contest was between right- and left-wing challengers. Ms Phillips was reportedly among those ringing round and knocking doors to try to get out the centrist vote for the AGM.

Interestingly, the day before the AGM Ms Phillips proudly tweeted a card from a ‘constituent and a member’ saying ‘I f***ing love you’, before making what might become a famous comment when discussing the risk of deselections:

jp worry.jpg

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Jess Phillips to ask about her reported unhappiness and received the following response:

Total lies as per usual. I wasn’t happy with one bloke shouting at a disabled woman otherwise I was fine.

Yardley members have denied anyone shouted at a disabled woman.

Asked why she left early – around 11.50am after only the Chair’s position had been filled – Ms Phillips did not respond before publication. However, she did appear at the ‘Women, Power, Protest‘ exhibition that afternoon, which started at 1.30pm at the Waterhall, a 20-30 minute drive from the AGM venue at South Yardley library.

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  1. Seems totally wrong calling her a centrist. I see her as an authoritarian feminist, Liberal. She certainly doesn’t fit in Labour.

      1. She deserves a visit from Corner of the Yard. Foul-mouthed, knife yielding femicon ring on doorbell s. Don’t answer. Oh, education; Millwall Ladies Finishing School. Pip Pip.

  2. You don’t need to indulge in MSM-type nudge-nudge stuff re. Phillips leaving early. She might legitimately well have had another engagement.

    Let the important facts about the ‘Yardley Mouth’ speak for themselves : there’s enough.

  3. Err, actually the Women in Parliament session started at 2pm yesterday, but Jess rolled in at 3 pm!

  4. Has Kate Hoey’s CLP had a vote of no confidence in her yet? Its just I cant recall the various champions of democracy like Tom Watson saying what a shame it was that MPs should be treated so.

    Anyway, nice to see that Tom will be doing the rounds when Phillips gets the message from her CLP.

  5. Forgot to mention. This stuff about Luciana Berger. People were complaining that a paper reported her as needing security inside the conference. She clearly pays attention to all the stuff said about her on twitter so not sure why she wouldnt just say – no it was outside because of x reason. Now she complains about people denying she was being victimised. She just comes across like the rest of these right wing types (mostly co-op), not someone you can rely on.

    If co op MPs can wield power I think we should have Labour-Green MPs , and stand some decent cross party candidates in a few safe (i hate that term) seats so that the Greens know we are serious. Try Ed Miliband in Defence role cos he seems less wedded to Trident. Greens and Ed and we can turn tide on Trident and do much better on the environment. I am babbling now.

  6. The CLP needs a vote of no confidence in Jess Philips. One of the most prominent traitors of the chicken coup who hates Corbyn with a passion. It is important to get rid of PLP people like this who will be a constant thorn in the side of the leadership and membership until they are deselected! #DeselectPhillips

  7. This is what happens when MPs indicate they hate democracy by disrespecting their CLPs. So often have we heard CLP democratic votes attacked by MPs as a purge or attack when it’s simply because people are not being represented properly.

    When your boss calls you in to discuss disciplinary matters over your behaviour your response shouldn’t be a series of rants on twitter about how unfair they are.

  8. Not satisfied until the ‘orridable, massive-gummed shrieking beaut is gone completely.

    But I very much that’d be the end of it. It’d be invited to as many politics shows to spew it’s bile as it is now.

  9. I’m no horse whisperer but maybe she just needs a stronger bit, maybe a martingale?

  10. Couldn’t quite frankly give a squirrels nuts about Phillips state of mind , but this result of a democratic vote at Yardley CLP is to be welcomed indeed well done folks on the left . Perhaps this may just have a sobering effect on gobshite and give her the push she needs to leave , could always tap up her best Tory Mate JRSMOG for a job upstairs/downstairs at the manor perhaps ?

    1. Or she could tap up Murdoch next time he invites her to one of his parties…

      Whichever, I’m delighted to see the writing on her wall, finally! The massive-titted, I mean -gummed, beaut ☺

    2. What is the nature of her problem? Anger management, poor vocabulary or just knife wielding hatred of those beneath her? Let’s have a group hug. Nah, never ever. Regards.

  11. Looks like when membership was low too few people filled posts as well as becoming employees therefore creating absurd conflicts of interest

    1. Too many CLPs were/are the same, it’s our fault for failing to engage. But on the other hand, there wasn’t much point in engaging before Corbyn. They had almost total control.

  12. There is an air of optimism throughout the West Midlands Region now. It’s no longer unusual for members of a CLP to challenge and overturn the status quo. I hope this trend continues and I hope that those who opposed and resisted the democratic processes will either comply with the decisions in good faith and in accordance with the party rules, or simply leave the party altogether so they can no longer waste the leadership team’s valuable time. One less unnecessary distraction wouyld be extremely welcome, one would imagine.

  13. Word is Jess was frothing at the mouth and they had to shove her out the door before she shouted JC for PM!😉

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