Video: Newsnight ‘fails’ yet again with astonishing display of undisguised bias

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BBC ‘balance’ – two Tories and a centrist. But worse was to come.

Last night, Newsnight misrepresented Jeremy Corbyn three times and failed to correct its claims even though contacted by the Labour Party during the programme. But that was far from its only ‘failure’.

In an astonishing display of bias, Tory MP Dominic Grieve – a guest on the Newsnight sofa along with ‘centrist’ Chuka Umunna and fellow Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg – was told that he would ‘fail the country’ if he allowed Jeremy Corbyn into power:

Umunna, unsurprisingly, was silent.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The BBC: ever more nakedly the mouthpiece of the Establishment. How worried the Tories and their machine must be.


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  1. The media including the BBC are playing with peoples minds, when propaganda fails, they smear.

  2. Emily Mattis’ cross examination of Barry Gardiner consisted of jumping down his throat with ‘what about Corbyn’ interruptions just as he was about to make his point, he’s a cool customer though, leadership material I’d say. it was pathetically different from the easy ride she gave the other 3. She clearly shares the Rightwing views of former presenter Evan Davies but at least has a brain whereas Davies is now stumbling his way through PM chatting to his buddies, men like Paterson who share his views (and intellect). The idea the bbc is neutral is for the birds but it has never been quite so obvious.

  3. In power Labour will definitely have to have a clearout at the BBC, brick up the revolving door to CCHQ and strictly enforce impartiality on all the MSM. The tech to do it already exists.
    Trying the ringleaders for treason wouldn’t be unreasonable.
    If subverting democracy doesn’t qualify as treason then ‘democracy’ and ‘treason’ are meaningless.

  4. That guaranteed public subsidy gives the beeb the confidence to say what it likes regardless of its charter.
    Get rid of the licence fee.
    I don’t pay it. Neither should others.

    1. Aidey

      Get rid of the licence fee.
      I don’t pay it. Neither should others.

      Well good for you. I wish I could. But how do you avoid the “knock at the door”?

    2. The bias is of course despicable, and amounts to subverting democracy and, as such, is doubly despicable, and the fact that it’s funded by the public and the wages of these people is mostly funded by the Many makes it trebly despicable, but I think we have to differentiate between its news output and programs such as the Daily Politics, and its progams in general.

  5. No surprise here! The Beeb has gone full Torquemada on any Labour rep they interview! Time Labour hit back!

  6. And now the BBC are on the defensive/attack and will be launching a major anti fake news drive! I wonder who that will be aimed at? They are creating an excuse to shut down all alternative voices and of course criticism of their Tory propoganda. We need an alternative campaign!

  7. Has Kuenssberg gone now? The BBC seems to have a new political editor. How did I miss that? I would have celebrated with a night out.

  8. Presenter on Radio 5 at 1930 this evening interviewing Hilary Benn stated “Jeremy Corbyn has said Brexit is unstoppable “. Benn,of course,chose not to correct her. So the same lie the Labour Party press office complained about yesterday has just been repeated by the BBC. This shows the contempt the BBC has for us,come on press office get into them.

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