Council leader Eling denies banging stick at female councillor, Chief whip refused to discuss

Sandwell council leader Steve Eling

Sandwell council leader Steve Eling has been at the centre of long-running controversy in the West Midlands borough, including accusations of vicariously using WhatsApp to leak information to a local blogger to damage political opponents and of using police resources for political purposes.

Now he has been accused by a number of Sandwell councillors of an extraordinary outburst at a female colleague who had criticised then-councillor Richard Marshall – the councillor who leaked the WhatsApp information – during a meeting to discuss Marshall’s behaviour, which included bankruptcy after ‘borrowing’ tens of thousands of pounds from a local widow.

Yvonne Davies, the outspoken councillor who had challenged the council’s attempt to excuse Marshall, has just been exonerated after a long suspension for confronting attempts to sweep aside Marshall’s behaviour – but she and other councillors told the SKWAWKBOX that she was driven out of the meeting room by opponents yelling ‘out’ at her.

And that those opponents included council leader Eling, who also repeatedly banged his walking stick on the table at her as she was drummed out of the room.

Yvonne Davies

Witnesses have also claimed that other councillors pursued Davies into the car park to further harangue her.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Eling for comment about the allegations. He responded:

No it is not true. That was the Tory [sic – apparently autocorrected from a mistyped ‘story’] according to your extreme right wing friends.

Eling has previously bizarrely accused the SKWAWKBOX of involvement with the far right when asked for comment.

The SKWAWKBOX also contacted Sandwell Labour group chief whip John Edwards for comment, as he was said to have been in the room during the events in question:

As you’ll be aware, having personally witnessed it, Steve Eling banged his stick at Yvonne Davies and yelled at her to get out during a meeting to discuss Richard Marshall.

Now that she has been exonerated and reinstated, what action have you taken/will you be taking against Eling and others who behaved aggressively toward her at the meeting and outside in the car park?

He did not deny having personally been present or that Eling had behaved in the manner described, but replied:

Thanks for your email, I’m sure you don’t seriously imagine that I’ll enter into a discussion with you (whoever you are) on internal Labour Party matters.

Mr Edwards has followed the SKWAWKBOX on Twitter for years. He denied that his response constituted a ‘no comment’.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The SKWAWKBOX congratulations Cllr Davies on her exoneration, which took far too long. With a new regional director recently appointed, Labour members will be hoping for a new climate in the West Midlands.


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  1. Banged his stick ‘AT’ her?

    C’mon skwawky, even if it is eling acting like a twunt as usual – It’s not spellar or that gurinder singh one hurling abuse at the blind person.

  2. Sorry to butt in off-topic, but it seems to be not only the MSM that is ignoring important news stories.

    I may have missed something, but I have not seen (apart from as mentioned below) what is quite a significant story for those concerned about Palestine.

    As reported by Jewish Voice for Labour, the Quakers have resolved to disinvest from Israel :


    Why significant? – because (and the BoD have already had a go), The Quakers represent a group that can’t be painted with the usual tropes about the ‘hard left’ and ‘antisemitism’.

    Now why hasn’t this appeared in the Grauniad?

    1. Well flagged RH and the same appreciation most certainly applies to the good old JVL.

    2. 22/11/18 BBC R4 – Today – the last 5 minutes.

      The BBC did a blatantly biased interview with a representative of the Quakers and some bod from a Zionist think tank. The presenter and the Zionist collaborate to gang up against the rep from the Quakers.
      Listen from 2:54:05 onwards

  3. Such behaviour by Labour members of a Council, bring shame to the whole Labour Party.
    Such individuals need their membership removed.

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