Woodcock ‘finally’ meeting underwhelmed constituents – still using Labour livery

woodcock sheepish.png
John Woodcock

Barrow MP John Woodcock, who resigned from the Labour Party rather than face an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, has been at arm’s length from many of his constituents since he closed his Barrow-in-Furness constituency office and left them a sign directing them to Ulverston, a drive of about ten miles away – to an office only open three hours, three days a week.

In spite of the changes and their exposure on the SKWAWKBOX, Woodcock’s parliamentary page still shows the Barrow address as his constituency office, weeks later.

A constituent contacted the SKWAWKBOX with the news that ‘Woodcock is finally about to be seen in Ulverston’ and a link to the local newspaper’s Facebook page, which posted a link to an article about Woodcock’s plans to open his office tomorrow – for two hours – during the town’s Dickensian Festival to offer constituents a ‘cuppa’ and asked:

Fancy meeting John Woodcock?

The response was not encouraging:

nwe resp

Almost every one of the fifty-three responses so far is negative, with one constituent even commenting “I’d rather roll round naked on barbed wire“.

Woodcock has also been mocked for the resemblance of his office – whose windows have been decorated for the festival – to a prison, with local wags asking:

Has John Woodcock been sent to a Victorian prison for impersonating a Labour MP?

But a photograph of his office, taken yesterday, shows that in spite of resigning from the Labour Party, Woodcock’s Ulverston office remains liveried as that of a Labour MP:

woodcock office.png

He is, of course, no longer entitled to that appellation.

Mr Woodcock has previously indicated that he “can’t” talk to the SKWAWKBOX. Read the full responses to the announcement of his ‘cuppa’ event here.

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  1. He’s another one betting everything on a ‘people’s vote’ to get him out of the hole he’s in. In the hope of replacing Corbyn with Starmer or someone who’ll bring him in from the cold.

  2. Who thought “brick” wallpaper, black insulating tape “bars” on “prison windows” with fake snow was appropriate for an MP’s constituency office?
    And that tacky blue – when there’s an example of a professional-looking colour scheme right next door for inspiration.
    A decent paint job and full sized notice boards behind the windows would get rid of that charity-shop-in-a-dying-seaside-town look for £500.

    Just how lazy, stupid and tight-fisted is Woodcock?

  3. Yes, looks like he’s bricked himself in:

    (“Edward: We don’t bother the outside world, we don’t want it bothering us.”)

    I know I’m not very good at this, but it’s Royston Vasey isn’t it?

  4. A perfect example of the paucity of talent in British politics. Dross, through and through.

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