McVey denied ‘undeclared’ company post – but official correspondence goes to her office address


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Esther McVey

Last week Evolve Politics revealed a company officer position held by DWP Secretary Esther McVey – which was not included in her declarations of interest:

The Loyal Scots Company registered Ms McVey as its company secretary – an important role responsible for ensuring the company’s compliance with regulation and implementing board decisions – in March this year. The position has not been included in her register of MPs’ interests.

Even more seriously, the company is a political campaigning or lobbying firm.

McVey – who recently attracted criticism for repeated false claims about an official report on the government’s disastrous Universal Credit system – responded by going on the offensive, attacking Evolve journalist Alex Tiffin on social media and denying any knowledge of the company or the position for which it registered her:

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But the matter is not settled. The company secretary registration at Companies House shows Ms McVey’s registered address being her Tatton constituency office:

mcvey scots.png

Documents for the company secretary – which would be fairly frequent – would be sent to that address, in the UK in spite of the use of Denmark, which may be an error on entry at Companies House. But even if no other documents had been sent since March, a letter from Companies House would have been sent to this address confirming Ms McVey’s registration.

Falsely registering a company officer or director is a serious offence. The only person convicted for doing so – ironically a whistleblower who did so to highlight the possibility – was fined over £12,000 and could have faced two years imprisonment.

But while Ms McVey says she has contacted Companies House, she has not said that she has reported the alleged fraud to the police for investigation. So Alex Tiffin attempted to do so for her – but was told that he needed her permission to do so on her behalf. He has asked for that permission, but had not received a reply by the time of publication:

tiffin mcv.png

Ms McVey attacked Alex Tiffin, complaining that he had not followed proper procedure before publication. The SKWAWKBOX contacted her for comment, asking:

Ms McVey has said that Loyal Scots Company has used her name but that she has no connection to the company.

However, Ms McVey is named at Companies House as the company secretary under her constituency office address. Please confirm by return:

1. How company correspondence coming to the constituency office – which as secretary would be most of it – was missed/not brought to her attention.
2. The unapproved use of her name as company secretary would constitute fraud – has it been reported to the police? If so, please provide details of the force and crime number.
3. Whether Ms McVey has ever met William Thow.

McVey was also asked whether she intended to give Alex Tiffin permission to report the alleged unauthorised registration on her behalf.

Up to the time of publication, no response had been received except an automated acknowledgement of receipt, in spite of a reminder of imminent publication.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Esther McVey could put this matter to bed very simply, by confirming that she has involved police and publishing the crime reference number. So far, she has not done so – nor answered this blog’s questions.

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  1. Mcvile calling somebody’s work ‘The pits in journalism’ with ZERO sense of hypocrisy or irony. Television’s massive gain at the expense of politics’ harrowing loss…

    …But I digress

    It’s about time the pathological liar and sociopath was brought to book. Don’t hold yer breath hoping it’ll be the case though. I wonder what CPS/plod’s excuse will be when sod-all happens this time?

    1. May’s probly already got her excuse (For yet again allowing mcvile to remain in post) ready…

  2. What an ugly personality we get to see. In it for herself and immense greed.

  3. Wilmslow, Denmark certainly suggests that Companies House isn’t 100% on checking its entries – maybe whoever registered the company did use McVey’s details without permission and Companies House missed it?
    Given that the Wilmslow postcode SK9 5JH exists would the word ‘Denmark’ prevent delivery of mail? Seems unlikely.

    1. The post code is correct the PO would assume the Denmark bit was a mistake as the rest matched the post code & deliver it,as I understand it.

    2. Rich, yes I assumed that, hence ‘Seems unlikely’.
      My point was that if CH can let Denmark slip by unnoticed maybe they might not check whether McVey was even aware she’d been registered by another person as CoSec.
      Hopefully it’ll become clear soon.

  4. Perhaps The Speaker could grant an urgent question so that Ms McVey is given the ‘opportunity’ (forced to) to make a statement to The House to clarify the situation.

  5. My guess is the building could be named ‘denmark’

    The postcode is what determines what goes where. Example, I could give your name, my address – but the determining factor via royal mail machinery is the SK9 postcode. It will be bundled with the rest of the Wilmslow – destined mail and it’d be for the postmen at Wilmslow local delivery office to try to find who the mail is for.

    If unable to be delivered then it’d be sent to Belfast (unless there was a return address) and be destroyed.

    1. It’ll be in a brown envelope with Companies House on the front in large print & a return address on the back, you can’t miss stuff from them it’s very obvious

      1. she likes brown envelopes hopefully she get one that will create the same amount of anxiety that her and her tory loving mates love, she needs one with a list of criminal charges along with a few of her pre-decessors, there won’t be to much sympathy and that would be the most distastefull job in the world defending her policies on court

  6. Its no big deal just another lying cheating ,thieving Scoundrel from the Tory Party lining her pocket

  7. oh look a pink pig flew past my window, that stands more chance of happening than this being looked into

  8. The ugly grimace on her face in the picture at the top of this post tells you all you need to know about her personality and her contempt for the law…

  9. In the commons today again not addressing the suffering caused by UC and treating the opposition with total disrespect

  10. This Tory Creep like the full set of Tory Neo-Liberal Barbarians is a legal Neo-Liberal Capitalist thief – they legally nick the surplus labour of working people (who really create the wealth & make societies work) whilst the Tory Barbarians stuff the mouths of the rich with gold!
    Scrap Universal credit and have a decent working class welfare state whilst cutting subsidies to the upper class welfare state and make the rich and corporations pay their tax, close tax havens, have windfall taxes on big business, have a financial transaction tax (higher than the piddling Robin Hood Tax) we need to bring the Tory Barbarians to heel and teach the political imbeciles humanity.
    ‘The old order (Neo-Liberalism) is dying
    But the new cannot yet be born.
    Perhaps we are all being tested.
    And only the stars will ride the storm’
    They call us the ‘Hard Left’ but it is amazing how many tears we shed at what we witness.
    Left wing, grassroots, bottom up, peaceful, participatory, socialism will prevail. X

  11. I think she has contacted companies house regarding this, but only to remove ‘Denmark’ from the address. Copied and pasted

    Officer Information
    Esther Louise Mcvey

    Date of Birth

    SK9 5JH


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