As MSM try to whitewash May’s ‘deal’ and make Corbyn responsible, remember how we got here


As the EU today ratified its approval of the deal it has offered Theresa May – as well it might, as it needed to concede almost nothing to her desperation – the mainstream media have already started a process of trying to whitewash her weakness.

And of putting responsibility for the deal’s passage or failure onto the Labour leader’s shoulders – even more so as the DUP has confirmed its intention to vote against May’s dismal agreement.

Just in case anyone is tempted to be fooled by the ‘MSM’ narrative – aided and abetted as it will certainly be by the opportunistic, defunct Labour right – here’s a reminder of how the UK got into this situation.

Cameron’s cowardice

cameron coward.png
A shame-faced David Cameron announces his resignation after the referendum result

David Cameron announced his referendum plans out of cowardice – fear of his own right-wing extreme fringe and fear of voters turning to UKIP.

And when the result came in, he stepped down out of cowardice, abandoning the country to cope with the fallout of an internal Tory party toxin that had spilled over to poison a nation with division and suspicion.

The leavers who never thought they’d win

Internal Tory politics blighted the nation also through the behaviour of Tory politicians who backed the leave campaign because they thought it would enhance their chances of leading their party.

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, for example, seem never to have expected for a moment that they might actually win. After a campaign in which they promised anything and everything in the expectation they’d never have to deliver, their faces looked more like they were at a wake than at a victory celebration on the morning of the referendum result:

gove johnson brexit.png
The Tory leave campaign after the referendum – more like a funeral than a celebration

Dominic Raab, later to be puppet-muppet Brexit Secretary, was another who looked shell-shocked at ‘victory’.

May and her muppets

may raab davis.jpg
A trifecta of blunder and incompetence: May, Raab, Davis

Since Theresa May took over after Cameron deserted the battlefield, the Tories have limped from disaster to disaster, from missed deadline to incompetent bungle. More than two years of ‘negotiations’ have resulted, at the eleventh hour, in a ‘deal’ that not only leaves the UK as bound to the EU as before without any of the say we have as EU members, but which also fails even to protect the Tories’ now-former support act, the DUP, who will vote against it.

And now May and the Establishment media hope to fool enough people that a deal whose only ‘accomplishment’ is to betray both leavers and remainers is not an abject failure deserving only of the scrapheap.

In those two years, the only party leader who has been fighting, along with those who genuinely belong in his party,  to get the best for both leavers and remainers has been the man they’re now trying to pin the blame on for the inevitable collapse of the whole debacle: Jeremy Corbyn.

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    1. The only thing that shines out of May’s posterior is her ineptitude, She can’t even convince her own constituents.

      “On Prime Minister Theresa May’s Maidenhead turf, constituents have swung from 54.6 per cent to 58.9 per cent in favour of staying despite her deal.

      The figures show 422 of 623 UK constituencies now want to stay in the EU.

      And 324 of 533 in England back Remain along with all Scottish seats and almost all of Wales.”

  1. This article by Skwarkbox rather characterises what is wrong with the Labour Left today. Hero-worship of Jeremy goes hand in hand with political rudderlessness and woeful lack of socialist analysis.

    The aim of the Labour Left was once to replace the exploitative system of capitalism with a democratic socialist system based on economic planning and the “common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange”. Issues like the EC/EU were judged by the extent to which they aided or hampered that objective. In fact in the 1975 referendum and for at least a decade and a half afterwards the Left was almost 100% against the EEC/EC and with good reason: the Treaty provisions on state aids obstructed economic intervention.

    Spool forward to the present and what do we get? Apolitical tosh about “getting the best for both Remainers and Leavers”. Meaningless talk of Cameron’s “right wing extreme fringe”, as if he and Osborne were somehow Macmillan-style stalwarts of the Tory Left. Centrist-dad disdain for a No-Deal Brexit despite the fact that this alone will enable a Labour government to renationalise utilities, extend public ownership and give state support to our industries against the nostrums of marketization.

    1. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but ‘no-deal Brexit’ is not a topic of this article. May’s managed to find a deal that’s worse

      1. Au contraire Mr.Squawkbox ‘Deal or No Deal’ is exactly what this article is about. Strange how naive we are when we know that all 3 major political parties; the PM; 75% MPs; BIg Business & most MSM are Remainers, but we expect Brexit.

    2. What you call hero worship is simply enthusiastic support for what some of us thought we’d never see again – a left wing Labour leader.
      Keeping one’s powder dry for the real battle instead of wasting it on skirmishes isn’t rudderlessness.

      Name your preferred leader and provide a link to his alternative manifesto please so we can decide whether you’re talking sense or bollocks.

    3. This is a strategic oversight on your part. “Socialist analysis” is a pretty pointless exercise without an actual socialist government. If that involves throwing support behind a socialist leader (“hero worship”, if you like), I can live with that. We can always do the analysis on the sly.

      Personally, I think you’re vastly overestimating the power of the EU compared to the other big money stakeholder interests that don’t want socialism – banks and corporations, for example. EU rules are written for debtor states like Greece who have no choice, not the UK. The EU will probably bitch and moan about socialist reforms because they’re shitting themselves over the democratising potential of socialism, but there isn’t a great deal that they can actually do about it.

    4. Perhaps Corbyn is trying his best to get a Labour Govt into power , Danny , one assumes you are wanting that too? Who would you suggest should lead Labour to help achieve that end result ?

    5. “…goes hand in hand with political rudderlessness and woeful lack of socialist analysis” Not sure I would describe Seamus Milne in such a negative tone seeing as he seems to wipe the floor with any other communications manager in the UK

  2. The boost to a Tory MP’s already considerable self-esteem of being elected party leader by a majority of their not exactly self-effacing colleagues seems to build in them a Superman/Superbiddy complex.
    The shocked bafflement on Cameron’s face at the failure of his cunning plan as he left to spend more time with his shed was nothing compared to May’s daily facial contortions of haplessness.
    Time for her to choose between red-faced Cameronian surrender or staggering on to a final, ignominious, deathly-white Thatcherite back stabbing from her loyal Cabinettes.
    Good luck blaming Corbyn for that, you Mailymouthed S*ntards.

  3. I keep saying Jeremy has to lead the nation. His fresh idea and attitude would bring the nation right course. May has been showing in every occasion that she is nasty, bully and insincere. The problem with her is that she does believe that she is strong but every behaviour she made does not appear that she has any principle and especially towards Corbyn, outrageously rude, bully and immoral that were sign of weakness, sheltering herself her under bully attitude and begging another bullies for support. Surprisingly, many people think that bully is sign of strength. Public lost sense of justice and moral, why?

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