Leaked document shows dishonesty of May’s claim hers is last possible Brexit deal

Leaked plans published by the Times have exposed the fallacy and dishonesty of Theresa May’s claim that her proposed – and dismal – Brexit deal is the last possible agreement with the EU and that if MPs vote it down, the alternatives are a ‘no deal’ hard Brexit or no Brexit at all.

One of the many problems with May’s surrender-pact is that the UK can’t get out of the so-called ‘backstop‘ arrangements for Northern Ireland without the EU’s agreement – which could go on until the end of the century or longer.

But the Times’ Sam Coates obtained leaked plans for a unilateral escape-hatch that Theresa May was afraid to propose to the EU:

may clause.png
A section of the Times’ report

The Times expects May, under pressure from Brexiteer Tory MPs, to return to Brussels after the expected failure of her plan to gain approval from MPs, to to try to renegotiate the deal to include the unilateral escape clause.

Parliamentary insiders have told the SKWAWKBOX that May has planned all along to try to agree amendments to the deal when it fails in Parliament and then to try again with a new version.

Now the leaked document and the Times’ information confirm that May’s claim – that the country has a choice between her deal or no-deal/no-Brexit – is something she already knows is untrue.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

If one amendment is possible, why not more – ideally by a Labour government and a Prime Minister respected far more by Barnier, Junker and the EU, after a no-confidence vote and new general election.
After all, ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’ – and Labour’s deal is far more credible.


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  1. Agreed. I live in hope that we could all accept a deal arrived at by Corbyn, though I have no faith in Starmer.

  2. The people voted to Leave, not for any deal. Deals would be done after we have left; something which the Elite/Establishment/1% are doing their best to thwart.

    1. From your comment Ckaikini I take you are happy for a Hard Brexit , ie no deal done , just crash out of EU with all the job losses and chaos that would entail?
      At least Corbyns “deal” is more sensical and nuanced than that and would protect us workers and our rights/environment. Post Brexit more horse trading would be done ,BUT not by the Tories whom I wouldn’t trust an inch.
      PS , 37% is not ” the people” , its a small proportion .

      1. For a start 52% of eligible voters voted to leave and 48% voted to remain how do you know that only 37% of the population want to leave simple answer is you don’t so we will leave that there. and where have you got your information about all the job losses and chaos ect from as NO ONE KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN if we have a hard no deal brexit. Well im guessing you have got it from the very same sources(think project fear) that predicted disaster would happen if we voted leave well that didn’t happen. And I’m guessing your looking at mark carney saying we will be worst off well every prediction he has made over the last 2 years have proven to be false and hasn’t happen. Now i want Corbyn to get into power but his brexit is not brexit 99% of people who vote leave did so expecting to just leave without a deal they would be made after we leave.

      2. 99% of people who vote leave did so expecting to just leave without a deal they would be made after we leave.

        It is a mistake to presume that everyone is as naive as yourself.

    2. ckaikini, in practice the world doesn’t work as simple as you and other Brexiteers wish it to. Brexit is like an extraordinary complicated divorce, that involves all industries and movement of people between UK and EU. I strongly suggest that you (and anyone else who states similar) read the documents on the gov.uk website on the page entitled “How to prepare if the UK leaves the EU with no deal” and follow all the advise links. This is the sort of stuff that the electorate should have been made aware of BEFORE we had the referendum – so that EVERYONE had access to real information to make an intelligent, objective and informed decision. Instead we were all ‘played’ by the media and campaign leaders and fed fake facts and fake news into making very subjective decisions. To top this there was interference from Cambridge Analytica and Election fraud over funding. It is the Elite/Establishment/1% are the most likely to benefit from Brexit, because they have significant assets stashed away abroad to ride the storm, and will adapt to work financial decisions in their favour to benefit from an impoverished UK that has lost trading power in the City and legal protections from EU. NB this lost relates to the openly disclosed issues, additionally there are many more that Theresa May is keeping secret, even from her own party. I honestly can’t understand why EVERYONE is not seriously worried about the future of the UK, most people I talk to are devastated by Brexit and the implications…
      If you voted for the Brexit bus you were duped! Being part of the EU, has allowed us to punch above our weight in the EU and UN. Regarding new trade agreements, not as if the UK has even been significant efforts (in comparison to some other countries) to create new trading relations and a concrete financial case was never made for what we are LOOSING by not Brexiting – ie the projected financial cost of trading that we could not have by REMAINING in the EU.

  3. “The people voted to Leave”

    When you see “Peeple Swill” like this, you are viewing at best wishful thinking and at worst plain deception.

    The facts are that 37% of a trimmed electorate voted for ‘Leave’. Not ‘The People’.

    And talking about a major proportion of the 63% as ‘The Establishment’ is delusory.

    And, of course, a real concernt try and clarify what a real “People’s Will” might be will lead to another referendum.

    Everything else is bollocks with a toothbrush moustache and a straight right arm.

    1. What do you mean by a “trimmed electorate”?

      Is the electorate ‘trimmed’ in every GE and local election as well? Great arguing point to overturn the EURef result, surely this egregious Tory regime can be ousted using that argument as well… not.

      1. I agree Maria, RH’s argument is an argument against accepting the result of any election. Blairite troll.

      2. Not a Blairite Danny, a self described sort of nonconformist (my word) Marxist when replying to me a while back. I don’t recall the adjective to describe the type of Marxist in the handle used at the time I’m afraid. I only know because I noted the handle used to reply to my comments changed to RH at a later date.
        Many on the non neoliberal and Socialist left want to overturn the EURef result and many are also members of the Labour party apparently which causes a potential major electoral and party unity problem. A fine balancing act is required for the party leadership.

        British democracy is in a sorry state, voters are routinely misled, told only half truths, lied to, conned and disenfranchised voluntarily or in other ways, it’s little wonder there is a ‘trimmed electorate’.

  4. The facts are that 37% of a trimmed electorate voted for ‘Leave’. Not ‘The People’.

    Stop pissin into the wind. Those that didn’t vote rightly shouldn’t count F complete FS. ‘Trimmed electorate’ WT absolute F?

      1. And rightly so. The ‘ex’ is pretty self-explanatory. EX-pats shouldn’t be allowed to vote in UK elections, neither.

      2. Expats are worse than tax dodgers, they use money earned here to better a foreign economy and then moan and gripe about their rights. They are greedy parasites who take advantage of exchange rates and property values, one day the Spanish will get sick of them and they will expect us to bail them out.

      3. Agree the responses above by The Toffee, Lundiel and Maria about a “trimmed electorate”, but …

        Very unfair to Florence, Lundiel and The Toff – are you joining forces with Theresa May in suggesting that those UK citizens not currently resident in the UK should have no voting rights because they are “Citizen’s of Nowhere”?

        For shame!

      4. lundiel 30/11/2018 at 5:38 pm ·
        If the cap fits, wear it.
        bigot definition: A person who has strong, unreasonable beliefs and who does not like other people who have different beliefs or a different way of life:

      5. The expats rant is definitely a contender for the Shittiest Comment Ever gong.
        Expats of other countries work in our NHS.
        Many work here to support families back home – let’s ban them from sending ‘money earned here to better a foreign economy’.
        By that ridiculous excuse for logic we should all be banned from foreign holidays.

        Jingoistic Little Englanders make me puke.

      6. Sorry Paulo. I’m annoyed at Expats because they have been the single most vociferous group calling for us to remain. I quite understand why, but they then have the nerve to say they are supporting our country’s future, when the truth is, they’re only interested in themselves, keeping our exchange rate artificially high and wanting the British government to keep on subsidising them in their life in the sun.

      7. Lundiel, the single most vociferous group calling for remain are surely to be found right here on the SB; though please don’t take that as an incitement from me to be annoyed with them too!

      8. lundiel. FFS. You really don’t know when to stop digging, do you. You’re taking clutching at straws to a whole new level. It would be much better all round if you just accepted that your original comment was in its entirety just plain and simply wrong.

    1. Thanks for an interesting link. Although LFB are committed to a Brexit solution, it seems to me that their analysis lends support to two positions: namely that (unless something extraordinary like a general election happens) we should either remain (and nurse our wounds), or else we must make a clean break.

      May’s proposal, OTOH is a Turkey in every sense of the word.

  5. lundiel, expatriates’ (often fixed) incomes go further when the pound is high – so what?
    Unless you believe they have the power to influence exchange rates?

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