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SKWAWKBOX: causing ripples

The SKWAWKBOX continues to impact the UK’s political landscape at a national and local level, bringing its readers often-exclusive information that inconveniences the Establishment and undermines the constant attacks on Labour’s continued and growing standing as not only a genuine alternative to ‘business as usual’ but as a genuine government-in-waiting.

Since the September update, here is just some of the information that the blog has either revealed exclusively or highlighted against the flow of the mainstream narrative:

  • Theresa May’s lies about her undeclared meeting with a firm closely-linked to the referendum data scandal
  • the full story of the ‘protection’ the mainstream press claimed Labour MP Luciana Berger needed at the party’s conference
  • the Tories’ plan for a bonfire of workers’ rights post-Brexit
  • exposure of the warnings the Tories had received about the firm involved in the NHS body-parts scandal
  • the right-wing assault on a Jewish woman attending Labour’s conference – and the dark associations of the right-wing group
  • information about Labour’s new process for selecting parliamentary candidates – and its pros and cons, as well as a key rule-change that underpins it – including a definitive guide to the process for members
  • the desperate attempts of the right-wing Board of Deputies to prevent the Charedi protest – and the death-threats against the protest organiser by opponents
  • the letter sent by Orthodox Jews to London mayor Sadiq Khan asking him not to attend the event at which they will be protesting
  • lies by the Ministry of Justice about its decision to roll out pepper spray use in all prisons
  • the final, humiliating defeat of right-winger Gerard Coyne in his bid to overturn the democratic decision of Unite members to elect Len McCluskey, which the SKWAWKBOX has covered in detail since it began – and a detailed analysis of the judge’s decision
  • the real story when Labour was accused of poor employment practices
  • a huge vote of confidence in an MP who formerly supported Owen Smith for Labour’s leadership but had worked tirelessly for the party and the country since – exposing the false presentation by the MSM of votes of no confidence in other CLPs
  • a planned right-wing disruption of a JVL event looking at antisemitism from a left perspective
  • a letter sent by Labour general secretary Jennie Formby to members of the Scottish parliament that cast a different light on former Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale’s claim she had been abandoned by the party over a defamation case against her
  • forcing the mainstream media and the Jewish Chronicle to play catch-up and publish stories about a planned protest by Charedi (Orthodox) Jews at a right-wing event
  • the desperate attempts of the right-wing Board of Deputies to prevent the Charedi protest – and the death-threats against the protest organiser by opponents
  • the letter sent by Orthodox Jews to London mayor Sadiq Khan asking him not to attend the event at which they will be protesting
  • the attempt by the Establishment to go after the maker of a hugely-successful party political broadcast
  • a defence of the Canary when it was falsely accused by mainstream journalists of endangering a journalist in South America – and correcting the record when the ‘MSM’ claimed the Canary editor’s invitation to deliver a landmark lecture had been cancelled
  • exclusive evidence that the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations did not tell the Jewish Chronicle a Corbyn-supporting letter sent by its leading rabbis was fake
  • Len McCluskey’s praised conference speech laying into the behaviour of right-wing Labour MPs including Chuka Umunna and Margaret Hodge
  • a letter sent by hundreds of Israeli citizens, including prominent academics and politicians, in support of Jeremy Corbyn
  • the doubling in size of Labour’s supreme disciplinary body, the NCC – and the election of a new, left-wing chair
  • local outrage at a council report exonerating a right-wing council leader – and the response by local Labour members

and much more.

The unsettling effect of the SKWAWKBOX’s information on the Establishment is such that the Murdoch Times even published an article during Labour’s conference, treating as news the fact that its editor lives not far from the conference venue and gets on well with the his fellow Labour members in the constituency.

The blog was also among a handful of left-wing publications examined by an important new academic study. Its authors found no fewer than ninety-five serious inaccuracies in mainstream coverage of Labour and its alleged antisemitism issue – but found nothing similar in coverage by the SKWAWKBOX, Canary or Evolve Politics.

The SKWAWKBOX, by design, is free to all, completely ad-free and depends completely on the voluntary support of its readers. If you’d like to support it and are able to do so without hardship, please consider clicking here to set up a one-off or monthly donation.

Thanks for your solidarity.


  1. Skwawkbox is fast becoming the most reliable source of demystification of the Byzantine inner (and outer) workings of the Labour Party (and an essential conference companion for a party novice like me), as well as a trusted flusher-out of, eg, fake news, fake antisemitism, fake almost anything. Shared, with an invitation to join me in subscribing. Excellent work.

  2. I like Skwawkbox but I’m getting tired of all the Labour Party, Momentum minutiae and the endless acronyms. That and the antisemitism issue. It’s endless..

    Skwawkbox is valuable and worth supporting but PayPal is problematic for me.

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