Excl: Board of Deputies emergency meeting agrees to pressure UOHC to abandon protest

Charedim at a protest in Israel

As the SKWAWKBOX broke exclusively last week, forcing the Jewish Chronicle to follow, Charedi (Orthodox) Jews are planning to protest at the annual dinner of the Board of Deputies (BoD) in November.

The aim of the Charedi protest is to express their anger that the BoD claims to represent all the UK’s Jewish people, when in fact the Charedim – now estimated to number around 67,000 – represent around a quarter of this country’s Jewish population and have no vote or representation.

Leading Charedi rabbis recently signed a letter condemning smears against Jeremy Corbyn. The BoD has been vocal in its attacks on the Labour leader. The letter was immediately attacked as fake, but proven to be genuine – a fact only properly acknowledged by the Chronicle after this blog challenged the paper on its failure to publish evidence it held.

Another prominent Charedi activist wrote a letter to the Chronicle in which he underscored his community’s widely-held feeling that,

Jeremy is a long friend and neighbour of the Charedi community here and everyone who knows him personally says that he loves Jews and is against real anti-Semitism

The Jewish Chronicle did not publish the letter.

Now the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that in an emergency meeting-cum-conference call this morning, the BoD – which has been frantically calling Charedi leaders since news of the planned protest broke – has agreed to apply all possible pressure to the UOHC (Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations), whose leading rabbis signed the letter in support of Jeremy Corbyn, to try to prevent the protest taking place.

The BoD has been contacted for comment.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The BoD’s consternation about the demonstration – which would bring the challenge to their representative claims into the public eye – appears considerable.

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  1. Who else springs to mind when thinking about the suppression of demonstrations by applying all possible pressure (no matter how disproportionate) to censor and oppress the opinions and voices of those that disagree with their political dogma.

  2. They really need to protest and get as much media coverage as possible. I was angry and heartbroken last night and am still upset after yesterday, because I overheard my mother-in-law say really nastily to my husband, that Corbyn is a “brownshirt”. The injustice of it is awful, I will never forgive those who have weaponising antisemitism. Something needs to be done as many of the public believe the lies.

    1. I agree. Antisemitism has been, as you say, ‘weaponised’ and is being used as a political football.

      I truly hope the protest goes ahead and it is huge.

      The mainstream media has gotten away with too many crimes of distortion and lies. A big demonstration will be difficult to ignore.

    2. Kate

      re: “many of the public believe the lies”. Are you sure about that – outside the media/political bubble, I mean? The impression I get is that the general public didn’t care much about AS before and they care even less now.

      The British public don’t like a bully and they know one when they see one. If there’s one way for Jews to increase their social alienation, the smear campaign against Corbyn has been the way to do it.

      I predict an increase in the Labour membership numbers as a direct result and in the polls, too, particularly if the conference goes well…

      1. In an article Ken Livingstone did a few weeks ago for RT he referred to a survey in which 36% said they thought there was a problem with A/S in the LP, and 38% didn’t, and the rest were ‘don’t know’. I did a search at the time to see if I could find the survey, but couldn’t. But anyway, given all the allegations and media coverage during the past three years, I was somewhat surprised it wasn’t more. And I expect the plotters and their media buddies were also!

  3. Forgive my poor grammar! It’s because I’m on my phone and couldn’t see my typing properly.

    1. Don’t worry about it. I know how hard that is. Does your fone have voice messaging? It helps. My downfall was predicted text. Ended up funny & embarrassing.

  4. I support the planned demonstration 100%. Solidarity with UOHC.

    I don’t see BBC et al covering the demo myself. It will likely go largely unremarked in MSM which is the most used form of modern propaganda and repression of dissent from the ‘authorised narrative’. My suspicion is BoD is more worried about the possible effect on the Jewish community as a whole and BoD’s position as spokes-body of the UK Jewish community.

  5. The BoD are doing more harm to people’s perception of jews than they are any good, with their weaponisation of antisemitism.

    And the most visibly conspicuous group of jews are the orthodox jews…

    1. Indeed, Toff. It will come to be seen as a massive own goal, as near-future polling will show.

      Btw, what’s the 44:1 ratio about?

      1. It’s the number of allegations (of A/S, bullying etc) which are upheld by the NEC, and the reason for THAT of course is that the vast majority are phony and contrived, but then Jo/Joe public rarely gets to hear that THAT is the case and, as such, are left thinking that they WERE guilty of whatever.

      2. For every 45 claims of antisemitism, only one is upheld.

        Hence 44:1

      3. Ach! Didn’t see Allan’s reply.

        Len McCluskey’s spot-on though.

        Wildly exaggerated, a bit like louise ellman telling us: ‘”For major trade union leaders to not only smear the Jewish community and Jewish people for speaking out against anti-Semitism but then trying to blame them for it, I think we are entering into very dangerous waters.’


        Know what ellman? I think for you to smear blame Palestinians getting shot dead by IDF troops for protesting about their lot is not only hypocritical, but also stirring up resentment of jews globally…

  6. I’m not surprised by this “consternation” as much of the right-wing political establishment is heavily invested in perpetuating the ‘Labour is antisemitic’ lie for reasons many and varied, but mostly because they wish to discredit democratic socialism itself.

    I would not be surprised if other bodies besides the BoD were behind calls for the cancellation of this planned demonstration.

  7. Hmm the BOD representing something like 29% of Jewish citizens are happy to call demos against Labour at the drop of a hat but when some of the 71% of the remaining Diverse Jewish citizens want to protest against them they can’t hack it! I read this process was also carried out in the US but diverse Jewish citizens fighting for their right to be themselves was not supposed to be part of the script – good on the Charedi!

    1. Being banned from the Guardian for posting that link is a badge of honour.
      Guardian has been banning commentators, deleting posts, putting people on pre moderation or temporary bans for less for years! My Guardian boycott began 18 months ago, don’t miss it one jot and especially don’t miss the high blood pressure!
      I expect you have heard of OffGuardian set up by ex readers and commentators.

      Here’s Craig Murray’s latest which shows the depths to which the Guardian has sunk.

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