Breaking: complete victory for Unite and McCluskey as Coyne case thrown out in full


In breaking news, Gerard Coyne’s complaint against Unite and Len McCluskey over the conduct of last year’s contest for the union’s general secretary position has been thrown out in full, in what union sources have described as a ‘complete victory’ for McCluskey.

The SKWAWKBOX has covered the case at length, exposing the weakness of Coyne’s case – which he persisted in appealing in spite of repeated humiliating judgments, as well as findings that he had committed the breaches of which he wanted to accuse McCluskey. Coyne’s team had been overheard claiming it had ‘loads of cash and it’s all about patronage’, but neither was enough to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

Details to follow.

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  1. coyne’s *ahem* legal team must be gutted that their gravy train’s been derailed.

  2. Wonder who/what was bankrolling Coyne?
    Hopefully means less money for “Labour First”, “Progress” , Tories etc as they are getting nothing for their money.
    Presumably Unite can claim costs as well so double waste of money.

  3. Message for Gerard Coyne:

    You lost the contest to Len MxCluskey. More UNiTE members wanted him for General Secretary than wanted you.


    Suck it up. And wipe that scowl off your face, it’s not a good look.

    You are a right-wing stooge, a bum and a loser. Do us all a big favour and piss off!!

  4. I wonder whether Coyne was
    1. the instigator who lied to his backer and lawyers or
    2. the poor deluded dupe of his backer who pressed him to carry on making a laughing stock of himself long after any chance of success was gone.

    If 2 his backer will have to cherish and keep him as long as they both shall live if he wishes to remain anonymous.

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