Breaking: Momentum set to announce own slate later today


This morning, as the SKWAWKBOX revealed, CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) announced the slate of left candidates it had agreed with a set of other left-wing groups for the important election of six additional members to Labour’s supreme disciplinary body, the NCC (National Constitutional Committee).

The groups backing the slate did not include Momentum.

The SKWAWKBOX can now exclusively confirm that Momentum’s leadership will be holding a conference call this morning with a view to agreeing its own slate for the contest.

Momentum founder Jon Lansman has cited concerns about the geographical balance of the CLPD slate, but says that Momentum had been prepared to back Jewish Voice for Labour’s (JVL) Stephen Marks although Lansman personally expressed concerns. It’s not yet known whether Marks will appear among Momentum’s recommended candidates.

News of the Momentum slate will follow when it is finalised.

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  1. I’ve mostly voted for the slate that Momentum have advised me to vote for before, but I will be supporting the CLPD/JVL/LCND slate, rather than the Momentum one.
    I really can’t believe how stupid the Momentum leadership must be to think that it’s worth splitting the left slate over what the BoD might think about one of the candidates! Sod ’em – they don’t represent the majority of the Jewish community.

  2. Jon Lansman is a zionist. I’m a Momentum member but will be voting for Jewish Voice for Labour’s (JVL) Stephen Marks whether Momentum back him or not!

    1. Whether you think Jon Lansman is a “Zionist” depends upon how you define Zionism. Historically, Zionism has had a left wing, a right wing a neo-Fascist wing and even a self-proclaimed Marxist wing. These days the tterm “Zionist” tends to be mis-used on the left to denote the most reactionary and racist manifestations, eg of Likud and forces even further to the right. I

      n the 1970s some on the left argued that Zionism was by its very nature a form of racism. This was a canard propagated internationally by the Soviet Union, then in the midst of the most virulently antisemitic state-organised campaign the world had seen since Nazi Germany.

      But some on the left have continued to argue that Zionism is a form or racism (or fascism) ever since, and still do so. If, as Jeremy Corbyn has stated, it was “mistaken” (a rather charitable expression) to hold that view in the 1970s, it is surely equally “mistaken” to do so today.

      True, anti-Zionism is not necessarily racism either, just as criticism of Israel is not necessarily antisemitic. But the form in which antisemitism expresses itself today is primarily in the guise and language of anti-Zionism and hostility to the realisation of the Zionist project, i.e. the very existence of the state of Israel, even behind pr-1967 borders as part of a two state solution.

      1. These days the tterm “Zionist” tends to be mis-used on the left to denote the most reactionary and racist manifestations,

        Do you include the BoD in your above description?

      2. Jewish socialists were in conflict with Zionism since its inception.Opposition to the State of Israel is not antisemitic,though it is definitely anti zionist.The nature of the Israeli state demonstrates the racist nature of Zionists every day,and please don’t hide behind the nonsense that it is just “Likud and forces even further to the right”.The Israeli Labour party is zionist and and has supported and carried out the persecution of Palestinians with same vigour as Likud etc,though not always with the same rhetoric to accompany it.
        Incidentally,what Corbyn may or may not have said about Zionism and racism is neither here nor there.I support him because he is the nearest to what I believe to be needed in a Labour leader and future PM.It is also necessary to point out that the argument for a “two state solution”died years ago,if it ever lived,and the Israeli Labour party has never paid more than the sketchiest lip service to it at any time.
        As for your remark about the description of Zionism emanating from the Soviet Union demonstrates either a basic lack of knowledge of the history of conflict between socialist ideas and zionism,or a disregard for the truth.

      3. Jim your comment highlights the smoke and mirrors around Zionism. When confronting Zionist supporters, their response is often “what is Zionism”? as if they didn’t know.

        Zionism, which many Jews, including Einstein, rejected when it was first promoted by Theodore Herzl in the late 1800s is ‘the self determination of Jews in Israel’. The Palestinians don’t get a look in in their own land. Israel is therefore not a Jewish State, which incidentally President Truman rejected when it was put to him, it is a Zionist State with all its awful consequences.

        Incidentally all this stuff about Israel being the land of the Jews is nonsense. Herzl and his group considered many other places in the world to set up ‘their State’ before plumping for Palestine.

      4. John Thatcher’s response speaks for me – every part of it.

        The only sentiment expressed by JimD that I can relate to is that feeling of discomfort that inevitably comes with the use of shorthand terms such as Zionist.

        However, I have yet to find anything substantial or important in the history of Zionism that isn’t either overtly racist, complicit with racism, or contingent on a racist viewpoint, or (bottom line) likely to result in a racist outcome. All that we might argue about is the nature of that racism, rather than whether it exists.

        JimD, I struggle to find a coherent development of a position in your post – either between, or within, its three paragraphs. Your final assertion – for that is what it is – I find chilling.

      5. Antisemitism exists and must be confronted but it is being used to smear Corbyn and prevent criticism of vicious Israeli apartheid. Jewish people have a right to live anywhere and be valued but self-determination for Jewish people at the expense of Palestinian people is racist. A single SECULAR state is the sole sustainable solution. Equal human rights for all.

    2. I think you are probably wrong David. Politics is often about finding compromises that are acceptable to everyone. I’m sure Lansman is trying to find compromises that will keep the BoD off our backs, with all the best will in the world. As it is, I will be voting for Stephen Marks and I thank the indecision of Momentum for making clear who I should be voting for! But let’s not denounce people in a way that is probably insulting when we don’t have the evidence.

  3. Splits are very bad news for the left and more so given the issue is trying to get disciplinary matters on an even keel. A sad state of affairs but predictable as long as all the ‘slates’ are chosen in secret.

    Will this be the catalyst for a little bit more democracy with candidate selection?

  4. Wow! This Lansman appears to be a very powerful man. Is he accountable to Labour Party members & does he enjoy his own personal platform on Skwawkbox? He must be very important, how many votes does he have?

  5. If we are serious about being a member led party then we should be using OMOV to elect new members of the NCC. Why are so many in the Labour Party’s hierarchy afraid of democracy.

    1. The last thing Lansman wants is OMOV democracy in Momentum. His autocratic rule will eventually kill Momentum.

  6. Just more arcane and overly complex machinations that will only serve to further deter those who are already disillusioned with the political landscape from becoming politically active in the future.

  7. There’s something like 280k jews in the UK.

    There’s several MILLIONS of poor people getting shat on, day after day, after day. So much so that some are dying as a direct result of Govt imposed austerity.

    Let’s get the priorities right ffs. I’m sick to bastard death of hearing about antisemitism.

    1. The accusations of anti-Semitism in LP were designed to distract, confuse, discredit and divide. LP has fallen into the establishment trap, from the very beginning, hook line and sinker. You are spot on to say LP needs to focus on the priorities where millions are suffering under austerity and increasing inequality at home and I add financial instruments, bombs and terrorist proxies abroad under Tory regime rule.

      As for Zionism, what it is and how factions of it’s supporters see it is now irrelevant to me. I look on Israel as a neo-colonial project. The basic tactics of colonisers are always the same, propaganda, extreme violence, repression, terror tactics, discrimination, theft, disenfranchisement, ‘re-education’, forced displacement and slaughter of those who resist to try and keep their homes, lands, culture, society and lives.
      The word Zionism doesn’t change the facts of what Israel is and how it behaves in the territories it illegally occupies in the ME and world.

  8. Still a Lansman fan skwawk? Still think ‘solidarity’ equals agreeing with Lansman?
    The only real question is, how do we get rid of the sh*t stirring menace?

  9. I’ve learnt not to follow Momentums recommendations preferring to think for myself. Lansman and the select group in Momentum that appears to make democratic decisions on behalf of its members have been extremely disappointing since getting rid of Jackie Walker. Havnt got round to relinquishing my membership yet but it’s on my to do list

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