Pro-Israel hardliners plan mass disruption to Momentum/JVL event Thursday

Redbridge Momentum and Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) have organised an event for this Thursday titled, ‘Labour, Britain’s Jews and Antisemitism — A Different Perspective‘.

Speakers will include JVL founder member and committee member Murray Glickman, who was active in the area’s Labour Party for many years and rejoined the Labour party when Jeremy Corbyn became leader – and writer/historian David Rosenberg, who is also a member of JVL as well as of the Jewish Socialist Group.

Aware of the potential for disruption by right-wing, pro-Israel hardliners, the event is clear who its target audience is and the organisers have reserved the right to refuse entry.

Unfortunately, this has not prevented the hardliners making plans to attend – and based on their past records, to disrupt – the event.

The ‘Eye on Antisemitism’ group – founded by a lifelong Tory supporter – has tweeted details of the event and the link for registration to a hard-right pro-Israel activist with a well-known track record of disrupting pro-Palestine events:

a eye redbridge.png

Not satisfied with that, the same group also set up its own version of the event on Facebook to encourage the likeminded to turn up:

a eye counter.png

The organisers of the bona fide event have reported a rush of registrations, many of them from known ‘zionist’ activists with a history of disruptive activities, some using known pseudonyms.

Jonathan Hoffman, the disruptive right-winger tagged by ‘Eye on Antisemitism’ in its tweet, was contacted for comment on his intentions but has not responded. The police have indicated they will have a presence at the event.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Based on their history, the pro-Israel activists who have registered for the event will do their best either to disrupt the event to the extent that it cannot continue, or to portray themselves as victims of abuse. The organisers of the Momentum/JVL event will be entitled to refuse them entry.

Whether the outing of the right-wingers’ planned attendance will alter their actions is a moot point, but now the public is aware in advance of any disruption it will at least be harder to portray any footage or claims as other than what they are.

As Labour members saw last week during Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool, the reality of the behaviour of right-wing activists often runs completely counter to the mainstream media’s claims of supposed ‘left-wing abuse’.

Any SKWAWKBOX readers planning are asked not to rise to any attempts to provoke a reaction.

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  1. I just wish they’d be honest and admit that what they really want is to destroy Jeremy Corbyn and any chance of Democratic Socialism.

  2. I am glad there will be a police presence – it’s disgusting how the pro-Israel people harass people who have different views.

    1. Have security, film everything, do not react to them verbally or physically. They will provoke to get reaction, don’t give it to them. Don’t get into arguments with them. Ignore them. Let the police/security deal with public disturbance, harassment, abuse and intimidation.

  3. Been locked out of twitter for mega tweeting #GetTheToriesOut they’re not calling me with a confirm number but will tweet this when they let me back in

  4. ‘The police have indicated they will have a presence at the event.’

    I trust they’ll be recording the event (inside and out, and in it’s entirety) and documenting who turns up…Then we can see what ‘lawyer rob’ (festenstein) has to say then – if he says anything at all.

  5. Momentum? Are they accountable to Labour Party members.or are they a party within the Party, but only accountable to themselves? Are they the ‘real’ Labour Party, but in another name?

  6. “Jonathan Hoffman was contacted for comment on his intentions but has not responded. ”

    Another lie, you never contacted me

    1. SKWAWKBOX Blog
      Tue 02/10/2018, 16:26

      Mr Hoffman,

      Eye on Antisemitism has tweeted you about an event on Thursday organised by Redbridge Momentum and JVL and has also posted a Facebook invitation to a counter-event, which seems likely to be an attempt to disrupt the meeting.

      Are you intending to go? What are your plans there?

      Response by return, please.



      Do you have the guts and decency to apologise, Jonathan? Or do I need to mark your comments as spam to prevent further defamations?

  7. Where have johnathan’s ‘Irish antisemite’ slurs gone, Skwawky?

    Don’t be scared to show him up for what he is.

  8. Who Cares About Israel’s Thai Workers?
    Our World

    Around 25,000 people from Thailand work on Israel’s farms. Filmed over a year, Our World investigates allegations that many are being exploited. The team uncover evidence of squalid living conditions, unpaid wages, and hear widespread claims their health is being put at risk from pesticides. Although under Israeli law they are entitled to decent housing and safe working conditions, one Israeli NGO that supports workers tells the BBC they are being treated as ‘tools’, rather than ‘human beings’.

  9. I hope the programme made it clear that other countries also abuse and treat foreign workers as tools rather than human beings?
    Otherwise the BBC is holding Israel to a standard not demanded of other nations and is institutionally antisemitic according to IHRA.
    Careful, BBC – you wouldn’t want to be second on Israel’s ‘most wanted’ list, would you?
    Oh, and don’t try claiming that it can’t be antisemitic because an Israeli NGO gave you the story – those people are clearly the wrong kind of Jew.

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