Orthodox Jews to protest at Board of Deputies annual dinner

BoD president Marie van der Zyl and guest of honour Sadiq Khan

Representatives of London’s Orthodox Jewish community plan to stage a protest at the Board of Deputies’ (BoD’s) annual dinner in early November.

Earlier this month, leading Charedi (Orthodox) rabbis published an open letter in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that was immediately attacked as fake by anti-Corbyn groups – to their embarrassment, as the letter was proven to be genuine.

The Jewish Chronicle sat on evidence for several days that proved its authenticity, before finally publishing an article mentioning it just after being notified by the SKWAWKBOX that this blog was about to publish it. The same publication failed to publish a letter by Shraga Stern, a prominent Charedi activist.

Now Mr Stern has written to the BoD politely informing them of the planned protest and the reasons for it:

We will be holding a protest from Charedi Jews outside the dinner to voice that BoD do not represent 50,000 Charedi Jews…
Please be assured that it will be a peaceful protest and I’m more then happy to meet you so we can work together on making sure that it all runs well.

The guest of honour at the dinner will be London Mayor Sadiq Khan, pictured above with BoD president Marie van der Zyl. The BoD has been at the forefront of allegations of ‘Labour antisemitism’.

The BoD has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Phew! Skwarkbox can return to its comfort zone and cover up which ‘Left-wingers’ spoke against mandatory reselection on the NEC.

    From Skwarkbox to Schtumbox.

    1. Was not realistic to get Man. selection, its a dire situation but with only 10% of PLP behind JC its going to take time, infuriating though it is

      1. That’s the point ! The Blairite MPs, from when a Labour Party membership was maybe 130,000, control this Party which has now returned to being the real, Labour party which under JC now HAS 540,000-ish members .
        The MPs are employed by the membership yet they are telling the members how it’s going to be !!! Insolence .
        Open Selection for each election was not put forward for some distant time in the future, but actually for DEMOCRACY, and for the immediate future .

  2. I’d be interested to know is exactly how many UK Jews the 300 BoD purport to represent, how they substantiate this claim and what proportion of their communities actually voted for each Deputy.

    1. Most synagogual deputies are ” elected” unapposed. They are rotten boroughs. Its a case of can we find a volunteer. Most synagogues can’t or don’t. There is a synagogue in Wales ” represented ” by someone entirely resident in London.

    2. According to a previous post the BOD represents about 29% with the Orthodox Jewish citizens (50,000) and the other remaining diverse Jewish citizens making up 71% so it could be argued the latter are the many and the BOD are the few?

  3. Mr Stern has restored my faith in humanity.

    As for Mr Khan… The word ‘careerist’ comes to mind.

  4. The word ‘smarmy’ quickly comes to my mind for some reason. I wonder how much media coverage this event will generate?

  5. Yes I would not vote for Khan to be Labour’s London Mayor candidate next time. Would vote for a left wing democratic socialist.

  6. To hear a different view to that of the BoD from someone who is Jewish, born and brought up in Jerusalem and served in the Israeli army but who is now a writer, peace campaigner and anti-Zionist, come to our fringe meeting to hear MIKO PELED who is coming to the UK specifically to be in Liverpool for the Conference.

    Also speaking will be ISSA AMRO the founder of the peaceful protest group Youth Against Settlements in Hebron, Palestine.

    You can meet and talk to these two remarkable men at the Hilton Hotel, Liverpool, only a short walk from the conference venue.

    Entry is free and all are welcome, Tuesday 25th Sept, 7pm to 10pm.

  7. Has everybody signed Pete Gregson’s petition to NEC ‘Labour members declaring Israel a racist endeavour ask NEC to abandon full IHRA? but beware if you dare sign, you may be expelled from Labour Party.

  8. Such a relief the Orthodox Jewish community and JVL are fighting back against the wilfulness of the right wing collaborators trying to keep the Labour Party from government.

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