Rattled Establishment going after maker of Labour’s groundbreaking broadcast

A few days ago, just after Labour’s annual conference closed in Liverpool, the party put out a groundbreaking and hugely powerful ‘PPB’ (party political broadcast) that shook the whole ‘Westminster media bubble’ and caused even many of Labour’s opponents and critics to start talking in grudgingly glowing terms about ‘that video’.

Tory minister Liz Truss called the video ‘very good’ and described it as a ‘serious threat’ to the Tories. Tory sympathisers and Corbyn opponents in the media couldn’t help but talk about, with BBC Question Time, the BBC’s This Week and Newsnight (twice), LBC‘s James O’Brien, the Tory Spectator and the crypto-liberal New Statesman all featuring it prominently:

If there’s ever been a PPB that has caused even a quarter of the consternation among the Establishment that this one has, nobody appears able to think of it.

The video was made by filmmaker and Labour activist Simon Baker, one of the main driving forces behind the excellent output of the ‘@EL4JC’ Twitter account – and it seems that the rattled Establishment, unable to attack his excellent video, is trying to find an angle to go after him personally instead.

Today, Baker received an approach from the right-wing Daily Mail – and it very quickly became clear what tack the rag wanted to take:

mail ppb.png

Such a surprise to find a right-wing publication seeking to ‘play the man instead of the ball’. But even this threadbare innuendo doesn’t stand up to the most cursory challenge, as Baker pointed out in response:

sb ppb.png

Just as the desperate right-wing media tried to attack Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for talking to someone who did something years later, it seems the Mail was looking to make an issue of Baker doing his job – making a film – for a company based in a country that launched an attack on another country five years later.

It’s not yet clear whether the ‘Fail’ intends to actually proceed with a hatchet-article based on such a flimsy and easily-discredited pretext, but if it does, you now know why – and what the reality is.

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  1. Same tired, old M.O. from the heil.

    Link someone to events that happened years apart. You’d think they’d learn…

    1. Indeed.

      Regrettably the preferred neo-liberal tactic these days, when they’ve got no vision to offer to persuade people to vote for them other than more of the same, is to resort to the smear or scandal, rather than the ballot box. Personality over policy.

      Compare the Clintonites/#MeToo in the US with the Blairites/Israel lobby over here. (I’m no fan of his politics, but Kavanaugh just might be innocent. His testimony was pretty convincing…)

      1. Kavanaugh was convincing? Oh, you must live in opposite-world.

  2. I didn’t think it was a ground breaking broadcast. I thought it was depressing, if accurate.

      1. So it might have been, but we don’t all go singing and dancing down the road when describing the state our government has put this country in.

        The point you are missing is, that if the establishment can’t fault it and it condemns them so perfectly that they acknowledge it, then the video has made its mark as a qualified success – after all we are supposed to be in the business of getting our message out, which is thwarted from every angle by that self same establishment.

  3. Well done Skwawk for pre-empting this. A good tactic. How does one contact Skwawk with a tip off?

    By the way the Mail will do an attack job, but it won’t work. I can’t imagine that they or their regular readership are care about Yemen or Saudi Arabia’s role whereas the left do, unfortunately. Hypocrisy? Well, this is a clear case of the Mail peering into a looking glass at its own immoral reflection.

    1. People use the complaints address in the first instance, or DM on Twitter/FB

  4. A very good, positive but realistic message. Great political video in my opinion. I suspect the Tories are especially rattled by the local investment banks…

    As for the ‘establishment’ they have nothing to offer except more chaos, fear mongering, outright lies, personal smears and distraction as they lock people into debt servitude and gouge incomes and standard of living while putting irresponsible and corrupt big banks, corporations and the very wealthy on increasing state welfare paid for by the citizens under ‘austerity’.

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