May lied about not receiving questions re AIQ and promised answer. Still none provided


may discomfort.png
Theresa May’s discomfort at Brock’s question

Last week, the SKWAWKBOX showed video of SNP MP Deirdre Brock challenging Theresa May during PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) to provide an answer about a meeting she had with AggregatedIQ, one of the firms at the core of the referendum data scandal that has already brought down Cambridge Analytica. Ms Brock had already asked twice in writing:

  • Why did Jeff Silvester and Zack Massingham visit Number 10 last autumn?
  • Who did they meet?
  • Who invited them?
  • What was the purpose of the meeting?
  • most importantly, why was the meeting not declared in the parliamentary Transparency Database?

Theresa May lied, claiming she had not seen the question – even though she had provided non-answers twice – and promised to provide an answer in writing, in a clear attempt to avoid having to answer the question there and then, in front of TV cameras.

As of this evening, a working week later, she has still not provided any response, as a spokesman for Ms Brock confirmed.

But it gets worse. A call to Downing Street press office yesterday elicited surprise that the matter was not considered closed and claimed that Mrs May had not received a letter. When it was pointed out that it was not a letter, but instead two formal written parliamentary questions, the press officer indicated that the responses given were probably all that would be forthcoming, but offered to check and come back.

No call back has been received.

Those answers – so meaningless and non-responsive as to be an insult to the intelligence, were as follows:

brock may avoid

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The Tories’ contempt for democracy and parliamentary process knows no bounds. The longer May refuses to answer questions about her meeting – and about why she did not declare it in the required way – the more damning it looks.

Hopefully Ms Brock will not be letting the matter rest.

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  1. ‘Thou shalt not lie’.

    I thought Christians and Catholics, the good upstanding people that they are, try to live by those fundamental rules. Rules they insist we should all live by.

    1. ‘A call to Downing Street press office yesterday elicited surprise that the matter was not considered closed’

      Yes, I can imagine the response. I can imagine what it’ll be next week, too. They think (hope) people’ll get bored or forget.

  2. Utter anger here .
    Can this be spread to every media channel AND each of us forward this Skwawk… to all our contacts ? PLEASE .
    Oh and do all Labour MPs get SKWAWK… , especially ChukkUm and co. – they really ought to read this info.

  3. Never mind May, we know she is ‘dead man walking’. My question, paranoid as I am, why is John McDonnell, who enthusiastically supported IHRA and all examples, suddenly getting very gentle treatment from the Guardian?
    If a really good friend crept up to Jeremy and suggested that he was becoming an embarrassment and if he was replaced by another true socialist we could win the next election, what would decent, honest Jeremy do?
    Like I say, I’m Paranoid.

  4. The Telegraph are obviously experts on Soviets and what they can and cannot do! Where is the evidence of this this “leaked document”, even a redacted copy might suffice? Alas, as much of the the right wing blarney from sources like the Telegraph no source can be found!

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