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In the last few minutes, an email has gone out from Momentum confirming its slate of six candidates for the election of additional members to the National Constitutional Committee (NCC), Labour’s ultimate disciplinary body – although calling it the ‘left team’ rather than Momentum team.

This morning, a number of left organisations announced a joint slate under the CLPD banner. The Momentum candidates are:

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Only three candidates – Annabelle Harle, Khaled Moyeed and Cecile Wright – are on both slates. JVL (Jewish Voice for Labour) member Stephen Marks, whom Jon Lansman said Momentum originally intended to support, is not on the Momentum list.

The LRC (Labour Representation Committee) was understood, at least up to this afternoon, to be discussing its own possible slate, which Grassroots Black Left was expected to back.

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  1. Sadly it looks like,once again,Mr Lansman has held sway. In a democratic movement is it healthy for one person to have so much influence? I accept my comments are supposition and have little evidence to support them but I am convinced a pattern is developing.

  2. Is SKWAWKBOX going to publish an assessment of ALL the left-wing candidates to help us make an informed decision,

  3. I always think of this with a certain amount of despair when all the different groups and all the different FUCKING acronyms make my brain melt.

    1. Am I alone in thinking there’d be more – and more active – members without the seemingly hundreds of pointless, exclusive acronyms in the Party structure?
      I find them cliquey and as irritating as computer speak – it’s as if their purpose were to signify one’s insider status.
      Skwawkbox is good about spelling them out but the fact that he finds it necessary to do so surely goes some way to proving my point?
      Simplifying would make the nuts and bolts less intimidating to new members I think.
      Rant over. Or paused at least.

  4. These developments are not good – if we are not united then we will lose. Either Lansman is suffering from excess egotism or corruption.

      1. Sorry to say this but you seem to be suffering from antisemitism. When you suspect a Jew has done something you don’t agree with you accuse him of “Israelism”? What does Israel have to do with this? Accusing him of doing this in order to support Israel or accusing him of shilling or working for Israel here? Why? That is antisemitism. Especially if you know Lansman’s views on Israel and Israel-Palestine have him being accused as being anti-Israel and even antisemitic by right-wing Zionists. Israel is nothing to do with this.

      2. @Ang
        Your misinterpretation of antisemitism leads me to believe you are a progress plant or you have no understanding of the accusation you make.

      3. Reply to Ang – this is not about us being anti semitic – this is about Lansman being anti-semitic. He is the one rejecting ‘the wrong kind of Jew’

  5. I thought Khaled was on both slates but more importantly this splits and possibly will end up trisecting the left vote, guaranteeing a shoe in majority for Progress.
    I am absolutely furious. This takes us back to the internecine wars of old, that tore our party apart.
    Whatever happened to solidarity?

    1. I also make it three candidates on both CLPD/JVL/LCND and Momentum slates. Moyeed, Harle and Wright.

  6. Right now I’m thinking about the Tories and their plans to inflict even more misery in the form of austerity on the country and the future suicides this may cause, and contrasting that with the Tories’ new ‘Suicide Prevention’ Minister whose own voting history is an example of the very same cruelty that has driven Britain’s most vulnerable to suicide in the first place.

    I wish Skwawkbox would report on things outside the Labour Party sphere sometimes.

  7. Do these guys realise they’ve probably just thrown away the general election?

    Once CLPs get tied up in knots deciding who’s a splitter and who’s True Left, the ordinary members, who just want a Labour Government under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, will start drifting away.

    Someone needs to bang some heads, and fast.

  8. What on earth has happened to Momentum? Spiting the votes why on earth would they do that ? One of the things I liked about Momentum was they had an eye on unity and were not egotistical. Progress must be having a good laugh ,we just need to make sure its at their expense not ours . I am voting for the real left slate CLPD

  9. It is not that words fail me, printable words fail me. Is the Momentum leadership completely beyond the democratic reach of its membership? If so, why would you be a member? Vote the CLPD slate.
    Delenda est Lansman.

  10. Is there really such disagreement as regards the actual work the NCC has to do, and the actual decisions we want the NCC to come up with, such as to justify this split?

  11. CLPD Slate for me, too, after the Willsman farce. Don’t trust Zionist Lansman any more.

  12. If this committee ends up not being in line with the leaderships direction it will be a travesty for us footsoldiers

  13. Beginning of the end of left wing Labour?
    I had such hopes. Someone in the party MUST act to bring these groups together. The consequences are unimaginable.

  14. If we play our cards right, we can choose from all the candidates proposed and select a ‘Skwarwkbox’ six which may turn out to be all those on the CLPD slate. I’m sure there are many Momentum members, because of the antics of Lansman, who would go along with us.

  15. I agree. I will happily go with Skwawkbox, even though I am a member of Momentum. Lansman, probably, should leave Momentum for the sake of greater party

  16. Significantly, Skwawkbox has made no recommendation: which is a shame. Up to now, I have invariably trusted and accepted advice from Swawkbox on internal Labour matters … but this is no time for sitting on the fence.
    Is Skwawkbox an unconditional supporter of Labour with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm … or a PR voice for Momentum?
    £1.50 says I’m not the only person who *needs* to know.

  17. Anti-anti-semitism: the gift that goes on giving.
    As long as the left is disunited opportunists from the unprincipled centre will worm their way back to power.
    The answer is always democracy and Momentum members should insist on it being introduced into their organisation.
    The truth is that the best way to manage such matters is for the CLPs to nominate and the various left factions to recommend from those nominated. This mess has arisen because the process had been top down which, in a democracy, is arse backwards.

  18. Oh great. So we’re starting to split the Left vote now, are we? What a fuck-up.

  19. Just do what Momentum tells you! You have no idea who these people are; their beliefs or what they stand for. No questions asked – comply.

  20. Well, that’s me finished with momentum. They offered unity and purpose but have replaced it with dogma and lick spittle. No better than labour first to me. Bye

  21. I’ve cancelled my Momentum membership.

    They were helpful in the Leadership elections, but now Mr Lansman is getting far too big for his boots.

    If he’s not very careful, he’ll continue to be part of the problem.


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