Video: McCluskey lays into Hodge and Umunna in lauded conference speech

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Unite General Secretary had strong words for two Labour MPs during his conference speech today in Liverpool – and it raised the roof among delegates.

McCluskey was uncompromising when he touched on the behaviour of Barking MP Margaret Hodge – described as ‘indirect criticism’ by the mainstream media but there was nothing obtuse about it – before laying into ‘centrist’ poster boy Chuka Umunna:

The speech was met with huge applause from gathered party and union delegates – and CWU general secretary Dave Ward underlined the message when he came up to second McCluskey’s motion with a simple assent that he was repeating ‘everything Len said‘.

The speech worked wonders for morale after a fraught day yesterday over the NEC’s rule recommendations – as well as sending a clear message to Labour’s ‘SIMs’ (self-identified ‘moderates’).

Onward and upward.

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  1. ahh yes the oh so predictable post OS betrayal McCluskey rehabilitation project begins in earnest lolol how long before this comment gets deleted

    1. I agree. Clearly a speech that had been written to compensate for the betrayal on OS. It is clear what tack the party chiefs now propose to take – keep any further democracy out of Labour and instead hector the most reprehensible – and vulnerable – MPs. Rather than open selection, they have effectively sanctioned more infighting instead. A stupid and dishonest decision.

  2. Yup that would have been a boost after a disappointing start. Thanks for keeping us updated

  3. Just one point, Len.

    Hodge never had any decency to start with.

    Oh – One other thing. umunna, do one. Nevermind even trying to pretend to unite behind Corbyn, just sod off altogether and take the rest of them with ya.

    Other than that, that was a boss speech. Well in 😀

  4. Hodge is my MP. At CLP meetings she says “now what do I always say?” And the enraptured throng respond “elections can only be won from the centre.”

    1. Yes like New Labour in Scotland and like all social democratic parties in Europe who fell for Blairism including Pasok. The success of Blairism is a myth- the country was ready for change and if poor John Smith had not died we may have had something different?

    2. My reply would be: ”Those kids are seriously disturbed, the social workers and the standard are all liars”

      Horrible, pederast facilitating ******. Jail it.

    3. MH is gonna love having those words rammed back down her miserable, scrawny throat at the next General Election!

  5. Good speech. Haven’t had much time to watch the conference on BBC but did see John McDonnell – also good I thought.

    1. McDonnell was good apart from his praise for Gordon Brown:

      Gordon Brown’s sickening record:

      1. Extended disastrous PFI schemes

      2. Repeatedly cut corporation tax

      3. Cut capital gains tax

      4. Appropriated the funding for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq

      5 Endorsed Trident replacement when even Tony Blair was not certain about it

      6 Insulted pensioners with a 75p increase

      7 Used racist scapegoating and a Nazi BNP slogan in his 2007 conference speech.

      8 Recently had the nerve to attack Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism

      9 Invited Margaret Thatcher to 10 Downing Street and praised her

      10 Decided to play politics by extending the detention periods for terrorist suspects

      P.S This is not an exhaustive list

      1. 11. Claimed kudos every five minutes for “putting an end to boom and bust” while blind to the bubble
        12. Failed to defend Labour’s record, let Tories steal election by blaming “Labour profligacy” for crash caused by Thatcher’s deregulation
        13. Preens like elder statesman today despite record of hubris and uselessness as PM and chancellor

    2. Loved his opening potshot at the media and their vilification of JC, which of course sank without trace in subsequent news bulletins.

      Uber-right-winger Jo Coburn on Politics live was not amused. First thing she wanted to talk about afterwards was that this potshot represented the problem of the “cult of Corbyn” (cos, of course, the only people allowed a cult are the Blairites and their Blessed Tony), rather than talk about the 95% of the speech which was about policy.

      It’s always personalities over policy with the media, isn’t it? That’s our media problem in a nutshell.

  6. Meanwhile, she’s written an article in the Independent accusing Corbyn of creating a “hostile environment” for Jewish people.

    1. Yet she created a free-for-all for paedophiles in Islington…

      Should’ve spent the last (and next) 25-25 years in jail as far as I’m concerned.

      1. We shouldn’t let this issue drop. Her highness, Lady Pottymouth and her problems with our kids in care. cheers.

  7. But whilst the BOD represent what 29% of generally conservative Jewish voices many from the 71% of the diverse Jewish community are starting to fight for their right to be themselves such as the excellent Charedi (Orthodox community). For the tripartite attackers of JC – right wing/liberal media, Jewish Conservative forces, right wing opportunist Labour MPs “This was not supposed to be part of the script!”
    Power to diverse working people!

  8. I’m surprised that the land owner of the Liverpool Arena site ‘allowed’ criticism of Margaret Hodge. Perhaps we should inform the police?

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