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Starmer hammered for daring to mention Hillsborough anniversary after writing for Scum

Fresh from exploiting abused kids for political gain, Starmer tries to exploit memory of 97 Hillsborough victims and hijack campaign of Scouse left-wing MP he tried to deselect – but it blows up in his face

Keir Starmer has been blasted Liverpool fans and other right-minded folk after trying to exploit the memory of the ninety-seven people wrongfully killed in the Hillsborough disaster – after he horrified thousands by writing for the rag known on Merseyside as ‘The Scum’ for its vile attacks on the victims and other Liverpool FC fans.

Starmer posted a message this morning, on the anniversary of the disaster, claiming he was ‘thinking of those for whom the pain is still so raw and for whom injustice remains’ – and that his government will create a ‘Hillsborough law’.

But Starmer disgusted the people of Merseyside – and many further afield – by not only writing for the paper that relentlessly smeared victims and fans, but saying he would do so again and promoting drones that do the same.

And the ‘Hillsborough law’ campaign was started and has been driven along by Scouse MP of the year – and Hillsborough survivor – Ian Byrne. But Starmer’s minions tried every dirty trick in the book, unsuccessfully, to deselect Byrne as Liverpool West Derby MP – and to install in his place a right-wing councillor accused of hate speech and bullying toward a disabled girl.

And the topping on the faecal sandwich of Starmer’s behaviour is formed by multiple instances of rigging and democracy-crushing to instal right-wing candidates accused of racism and even serious sexual assault, the welcoming back of racist sex-pests to the parliamentary party and the covering-up of abuse of domestic violence victims, whom Starmer also hypocritically claims he’ll protect.

His attempt to piggy-back on the Hillsborough tragedy received the response it deserves, as hundreds of people replied or quote-tweeted to hammer home what they thought:

Starmer and the Scum are well matched. He should never mention Hillsborough or come to Liverpool again. Liverpool has made clear what it thinks of him.

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    1. 264
      Funny how Life imitates Art, Starmer pictured in crowd at West Ham v Arsenal, cruising at 2 – 0 after 10 minutes, all the polls telling them they are going to walk it then what happens
      Arsenal are described as a Cultured team, which where i come from means, Spineless and Gutless when push comes to shove
      Any connection with Red Tories losing 5 million votes and a GE to Diddy David Cameron is purely coincidental

      1. Pity that they will win the preposterous entitled premier league. Fortunately, the Lions should be in the mix for a spot next year. Millions could be added to our coffers and we could spend some dough on a better future for 20 K plus, patient, downtrodden and much maligned working class fans.

      2. On another matter
        VAR confirms what we all suspected, time to clean up the game we all love
        Used to live close to West Auckland, Co Durham who won the World Cup twice, another suggestion is to give the FA Cup winners an automatic Champions League place, to clear the path for a non league to win 🏆

    2. At the time of posting there are 64 comments, *30* of which were posted by the paid full-time shill SteveH – ie almost half of them.

      I wonder when he’ll be posting again as the other SteveH.

      1. Allan – “the other SteveH” has absolutely nothing to do with me. For all I know it could be you that posted these comments.

      2. Yeah, I noticed later, by chance, that you used another avatar. In other words, it wasn’t a slip-up on your part (as Smartboy and myself thought initially), but done deliberately. As if anyone on this planet (who obviously follows skwawkbox and knows how you are regarded by other posters) would post a comment about you AND use the same username.

        Anyway, for anyone who didn’t see it, here’s a link to the SteveH comment in question:

        What are the chances that someone posting on this site for the first time should happen to post a comment about SteveH *AND* should just happen to use the same username??!

        Absolute zero of course, and it was obviously our resident fascist – and fascist supporting – shill, who thought it would be amusing to do so.

        And isn’t it funny how SteveH 1 never pointed out (to Smartboy and Julia and myself and other readers) how SteveH 2 had a different avatar to him, which would have been the most obvious thing in the world for him to do, given that Smartboy and myself were saying that he’d slipped up and posted under his own username by mistake!

      3. Like Mandelson, I prefer the avatar of a hamster in a toilet roll.

      4. Allan – You’re right I slipped up in crediting you with enough brains to spot the obvious for yourself. However It’s not my fault that you are such a gullible idiot, perhaps in future you should restrict yourself to your commenting on things that are within your rather limited skills set. ie Counting my posts.

  1. Its looking good for Heir Sarmer a very well liked and totally honest person someone we can get behind and trust THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER

      1. In a system as corrupt as FPTP leadership popularity is important, true. But right now, Keir Starmer approval figures should be causing Labour intense insecurity: In June 2020 (in the middle of lock-down) Starmer’s approval was +17. That’s the highest he ever had, Most months it’s been a – number (meaning the Tory leader/PM is more approved-of then the LOTO.

        Point is, recently it’s been c. +2, +3, and, very briefly +7. The ‘unsures’ are always high when Starmer gets a net advantage. This is hardly strong approval for the Member for the Trilateral Commission or a clear indication of support for Labour.

      2. Compare and Contrast 🙄

        I doubt that his lordship, professor Sir Klaus Schwab or David Rockefeller will be quite as confident in their man as you obviously are.

      3. qwertboi – Aren’t you also confident that Labour will win the next General Election, isn’t that in reality why you are getting increasingly desperate?
        Come the next General Election we’ll see who is proved right. 😏

      4. Several photographs are worth one thousand polls :




        and, my favourite :


      5. Such a shame that didn’t work on WordPress.

        They show JC’s enormous popularity, better than any poll.

        By contrast, there are photographs of Starmer wandering around – unrecognised – with one of his minders. Reeves, Smeeth etc. Like a middle-class, middle-aged couple on a day trip.

        I often wonder if, when he goes into a café, these days, he sends someone ahead to check and see that Audrey White isn’t lying in wait, ready to pounce, again.

      6. qwertboi – Unfortunately come the election it was self evident that all those melodic chants of ‘Ohh Jeremy Corbyn’ didn’t translate into votes. Instead what actually happened is that for the first time ever more of the working class voted for the Tories than voted for Labour and by a very substantial 15% margin.

      7. Ooops – My post immediately above at 7:15pm should have been addressed to George

      8. 264
        It is not going to happen, your man has no base and his hated by both left and right

      9. Doug – Oh for goodness sake give the feeble diatribe a rest, the polls tell a very different story from the one that you are disingenuously trying to proselytise.
        Who are you so desperately trying to convince, yourself?
        Is there any news yet as to whether Jeremy is going to risk standing at the next general election, I’m guessing that the longer this drags on then the more likely it will be that he decides to retire gracefully.
        We both know that you have nothing to offer the electorate

      10. You’ll excuse any racism, hypocrisy or lies in your cultish obsequious support for Heir Starmer. The more people see of him the less popular he becomes, he’s already being seen as a liability electorally within the Labour, the Tories and their lapdog media hounds will shred him in the run up to the next election. His hypocrisy and dishonesty are there for all to see, his treachery and his racism are also now being exposed. He’s no antidote to the Tories, “his” Labour government will offer no more than Tories, apart from a burnished version.

      11. SteveH– …..and the credible alternative that you are offering the electorate is❓
        You are literally a waste of space.

      12. Before you say another word….

        “It does seem that gone are the days of the 20-plus point Labour lead. I think that is down to the fact that there isn’t a great deal between the two parties at the minute in terms of what they are presenting.”

        Chris Hopkins, Director at polling firm Savanta.

      13. SteveH – Oh dear I see that you are still clutching at straws.
        For some reason you forgot to mention that Savanta’s poll still puts Labour 16 points ahead which would still give Labour a massive majority and it is over 26% points ahead of where Labour was when Corbyn was leader.
        What are you offering the electorate and where are they in the polls?

      14. “qwertboi – Aren’t you also confident that Labour will win the next General Election, isn’t that in reality why you are getting increasingly desperate?”

        I think FPTP will probably ensure they do win, and that is a v frightening prospect. “Show-me-your-papers” Starmer/Streeting/Reeves/ Evans and their billionaire-backers terrify me.

        I (personally) will have none of this crap that says we need a Labour government in preference to a tory one.

      15. “qwertboi – Which of these current Labour policies do you disagree with and why?

        At best they’re aspirations, not policies. Policies are quantified and costed. Empty aspirations and marketing-speak are not.

        Point is, I don’t trust the people who are issuing the aspirations. so I’d never take them seriously.

        The brexit bus was not a ‘policy’ or a promise to spend £350m extra per week on the NHS and nothing the charlatans currently leading Labour say is any different.

  2. Keir Starmer is a bit late “thinking of those for whom the pain is still so raw and for whom injustice remains” He knew how much they were hurting, how much pain and injustice they suffered when he wrote for the S*n , the filthy rag that published disgusting lies in order to vilfiy and blame the innocent dead, injured and traumatised Liverpool fans for the tragedy.
    Starmer showed no remorse for writing for the S*n, shrugged off criticism and as I recall was brazen enough to indicate he would write for it again.
    In these circumstances his tweet on the anniversary of Hillsborough shows what a vile, totally unprincipled hypocrite Starmer is but then most of us knew that already.
    Remembering the 97 and their families and friends on this the 34th anniversary.

    1. …..and your opinion about Labour’s proposed ‘Hillsborough Law’ to ensure that the families and victims of disasters will in future have equal legal representation is?

      1. The proposed ‘Hillsborough Law’ is admirable. But the leader of the party that’s proposing it works for the vile Murdoch-owned paper that makes it necessary in the first place- and says he’ll (happily?) do so again.

        Is it any wonder floating voters and Labour voters have difficulty with Sir Kei-or’s integrity and trustworthiness? 10 pledges, supporting the unions and electoral reform.

      2. qwertboi – Oh dear, your desperation is shining through. The fact remains that unless Labour wins the next GE this and many other excellent Labour policies won’t see the light of day.
        Which sort of begs the question, who’s side are you really on?

      3. There was a rather good article about the, so-called, Hillsborough Law in the Liverpool Echo. Mainly, about why Blair didn’t want it. Fear it may have upset Murdoch.

        If Starmer does manage to pluck up the courage, I imagine it’ll be so wishy-washy, as to be meaningless, for much the same reasons.

        The man has no backbone.

      4. 264
        Whose side were Red Tories on in 2017 and 2019 and what has this country suffered as a consequence
        A bigger bunch of bottom feeders there does not exist in the political firmament

  3. Seems the days of Starmer’s huge 20 point poll leads are over…..Who would have guessed?

    “Chris Hopkins, director at polling firm Savanta: “It does seem that gone are the days of the 20-plus point Labour lead. I think this down to the fact that there isn’t a great deal between the two parties at the minute in terms of what they are presenting”

    1. baz2001 – Well given that Labour’s polling was around 11% points behind in Dec19. Polling predictions that were confirmed by the disastrous 19GE results who could have predicted that just 3yrs later Labour would be consistently leading the polls (for well over a year).
      The turn around in Labour’s polling is nothing short of miraculous. Please feel free to compare the betting odds that you would have been offered in late Dec19 on Labour winning the next GE compared with the odds you would get now on the same bet.
      You can check out the latest polling results here, please feel free to follow the links to the actual polls and dig past just the headline results.

      For your convenience I’ve post the link below to the pre 19GE polling results below

      1. Are you on overtime Steve H or just making up for lost time?lol

    2. baz2001’s link is great! Richard Vaughan’s analysis is sound. Huge Labour leads are ‘gone’ and chances of hung parliament increasing, says leading pollster.

      Even Donkey Man’s Fat Controller (David Evans, not Klaus Schwab) must be starting to work-out by now that you don’t beat the tories by being exactly the same as them:

      “Obviously, there’s going to be policy differences – small boats is definitely going to be a major differential between the two parties. But economically – and that is ultimately where the next election can be won and lost – I think there’s not a great deal between them.”

      “Mr Hopkins said that unless Labour finds ways by which it can differentiate itself from the Tories, and continue to “ride the wave they inherited from Johnson and Truss” then the polling lead will continue to decline over the next 18 months. “

      Starmer’s bad leadership is taking Labour to hung parliament territory. Thanks baz2001.

      1. qwertboi – Whilst you continue to clutch at straws I’m content to point out the contrast with where we were in 2019. Next year will prove which of us is right about the outcome.

      2. qwertboi, I detect a rather pungent smell on this post, could it be the Chief Turd Polisher himself shitting his pants after being found out to be a fraud and a Charlatan just like his boss?

      3. baz2001 – Oh dear, have you 💩 yourself again? 😟.

        after being found out to be a fraud and a Charlatan

        …..and your evidence of this would be, what precisely❓🤔
        When all you have left is lies, lies that we both know that you can’t substantiate then keeping quiet would probably serve your cause better than exposing how much of a joke you really are. Do you actually have a cause yet, or are you and your comrades still trying to work that one out?😕

      4. I wonder what Skwawkies think about a Lab/lib/ grn/DUP stitch-up becoming a reality? I believe that Headroom will accommodate all possibilities and such a demonic association will cater to most prejudices and hatreds.

  4. Meanwhile, whoever would have thought that Americans would have to rely on Fox News to tell it as it is?
    Here’s a link from Ray McGovern’s website.
    Younger people may need to look up Walter Cronkite.

  5. Fuck off smarmer, and take that other nonce-enabling, nonce-excusing nonce case with you.

    Not a word about how keefs’ shat on Liverpool, only that he’s supposedly more popular than Corbyn.

    Well not around here he isn’t. Filthy lowlife toerag. Had less than fuck-all to say when he was outed as the nonce enabler he’s been last week.

    We know what you are. Nonce.

    1. Toffee – Evidently a few childish profanities is the best that you could could manage to come up with?😏

      1. Hark the high & mighty nonce enabler.

        Nobody likes a nonce excuser. And you don’t half do some excusing for them.

        Which makes you as complicit as them vile creatures.

  6. The fact remains that unless Labour wins the next GE this and many other excellent Labour policies won’t see the light of day.

    Toffee – Only the politically naive or just plain stupid would expect a detailed manifesto at this stage of the election cycle, please feel free to take your pick?

    How about YOU take YOUR pick,
    nonce-excusing, nonce-enabling gobshite.

    Tell us, genius, just what are these policies and how are they excellent?

    Nonce-excuser. Nonce-enabler. Dirty despicable nonce case that you are

      1. Half the comments…

        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´

      2. NVLA – Whose a clever little boy then 🙄. Well done 😏.

      3. Labours current platform

        Which will be totally different next week, and the week after that will be transformed again.

        But what we DO know is that keef is a greasy narcissistic twat, who, like flange, throws out a few soundbites to gauge the reaction…And when that reaction is invariably general disgust at keefs’ abject hypocrisy and pledge breaking, he fucks off and hides for a few days.

        Every bit like you do. We haven’t forgotten. And we KNOW the reason why.

        So try and squirm your way out of that, you despicable Charlie Ronce. 😒

      4. Toffee – “We haven’t forgotten. And we KNOW the reason why. “

        Do you really? I’ve no idea what you are talking about, (are you sure that you do?)
        You’ve self evidently run out of anything sensible to say again?

      5. Toffee – [Labours current platform] Which will be totally different next week, and the week after that will be transformed again.

        Really? As far as I’m aware non of these policies has been dropped since I posted this list in November 2021

      6. I’ve no idea what you are talking about, (are you sure that you do?

        Strange, how the blindingly fucking obvious escapes you all the time, innit?

        You’re a despicable nonce excuser/enabler and NO mistake. Were you nonced as a child?

      7. Toffee – Well if it is as blindingly obvious as you claim then you will have no difficulty in clearly explaining what you are referring to. I’ll await your response with interest, I won’t be holding my breath though.

      8. Oh! But, gobshite you must be THAT imbecilic not to be able to see that it’s not my fault that you’re too stupid to follow what’s being said

        (See what I’ve done there?)

      9. Except I have answered, gobshite.

        Not MY fault you’re too thick too realise as much.

        (See? I’ve done it again…not that you’re bright enough to tumble to that fact, moron)

      10. Toffee – Waffle and profanities aren’t a substitute for answers

        So what is it that you haven’t forgotten? – “We haven’t forgotten. And we KNOW the reason why“

        I’ll await your response with interest, but given your poor performance to date I won’t be holding my breath in the vain hope that you have something sensible to say

  7. Keir Starmer: Asset or Liability to Labour’s Electoral Chances?

    Mike Phipps explores worrying but compelling parallels between Labour’s current leadership and that of Neil Kinnock.

    It was Neil Kinnock, Labour leader from 1983 to 1992, with his witch hunt against socialists, distancing the Party from trade unions and dumping of policy commitments, who bears a greater resemblance to Keir Starmer [than Tony Blair], as Labour Hub has previously argued.
    Kinnock, like Starmer, claimed left-wing credentials he didn’t really hold…
    As leader, he failed to support the historic 1984-5 miners’ strike, the defining industrial battle of the age…
    Another similarity between the Kinnock years and now is the involvement Peter Mandelson…His obsession with focus groups, image and perceived extremism fostered a lack of accountability at the top and alienation among grassroots members…
    Part of the problem was Kinnock’s obsession – like that of the current leader – with witch-hunting the left of the Party, proscribing groups and suspending members…[H]e came across as a functionary rather than a future Prime Minister…
    As the 1992 general election approached, Labour was looking vulnerable on economic policy, with the leadership ruling out new taxes on the rich, but equally unclear about just whom it would tax…
    The 1992 result was accurately characterised by Richard Heffernan and Mike Marqusee: “Here was the principal party of opposition in a country bogged down in economic crisis, in a society riven by social inequalities, unable even to secure its core vote…financially bankrupt and stripped of one third of its membership…infected with a culture of careerism that combined, in unhealthy measure, forelock-touching and back-stabbing.” (p1).
    By then Neil Kinnock “was seen as a man who would do anything or say anything, repudiate any conviction or embrace any prejudice for the sake of a handful of votes.” (p120). Remember: these are exactly the same things now being said about Keir Starmer. It’s the downside of the boast ‘Look how much I’ve changed the Party.’ What people also see is how fast he’s junked his supposed principles…
    Yet Labour, [then] proud of its move to the centre, neglectful of the morale of its demotivated grassroots, light on policy detail and costings, and expecting an easy ride from the millionaire press because it had abandoned its so-called extremism was completely blindsided by the Tories’ ruthless tenacity and voters’ lack of enthusiasm.
    There are lessons here – and it’s not too late to learn them.

    1. Exactly. It’s a case of “If you don’t like my policies, I’ve got some different ones for you.”

    2. Ah, the shite house stormtrooper. Loved it when the young pickets disobeyed their flush, lodge leaders, and dropped the noose. He was terrified! Well done lads. Probably granddads now. I was honored to stand alongside you all, terrified at first but that fades. There will come a day when we put sectarianism to one side and punch up. I just hope that the cosmic caretaker doesn’t get me first, so, get a bloody move on boys and girls.

    3. Just saw the news. The revolting creature, Streeting, says that Labour will not support the RCN. He did look pleased with himself.

  8. It seems like our resident Turd Polisher is getting a little tetchy that his bosses lead has evaporated….Trouble in Paradise?

    1. baz2001 – Really, what makes you think that. Labour are still well ahead in the polls and you and your comrades still have nothing to offer the electorate.

      1. I confidently predict that the ‘nasty party’ will win the next GE and either Starmer or Sunak will be PM.

    2. As always baz.

      It’s always but he’s more popular than Corbyn. repeat ad nauseam.

      And “who are you trying to convince?” when that popularity is scrutinised.

      As he’s been asked several times before, who has he convinced on all his years of posting the same tired arld bollocks?

      What is his business posting from the Caribbean (allegedly) on matters that do not affect him, and telling the people it does what way they ought to be voting?

      And why did he disappear the other day when keefs’ hypocrisy over the sentencing of nonces was brought to light?

      He’s a retard. A nonce-excusing one at that..

      1. The Toffee

        SteveH’s polling comparison is absurd anyway.

        Corbyn took principled positions that were always going to result in a large number despising him: the hawks, arms manufacturers; newspaper proprietors with too much media market share; the overreaching parts of the intel establishment; the unelected Lords; aristocrats; the City traders, IoD, CBI etc.

        The difference is; Corbyn knew had a strong base of supporters who’d turn out. A support base that in 2017 came close to overcoming all that UK establishment opposition.

        When you stand for things in a principled fashion, various people feel threatened, and you make enemies, what Starmer’s excuse for his unpopularity?

      2. Toffee – I wish you’d make your mind up, you complain when I post comments and complain when I take a few days off 😕.
        There’s a simple explanation for my temporary absence It was Easter and we went on holiday for a few days.

      3. Andy – It’s a while since I read anything so desperately silly.

      4. SteveH

        Not silly at all.

        Politicians who hold strong principles and ideological positions eg. Corbyn are naturally more polarising, therefore their enemies are more vocally vociferous.

        Fair to say , those that liked Corbyn, loved him. Those that disliked him hated him. Bland Starmer really shouldn’t be disliked this much given his blandness, yet voters still don’t like or trust him. His lack of honesty and lack of charisma are twin liabilities in any GE campaign. Even the guardian may have to start being honest about his woefulness at some point if polling starts to sink.

      5. Andy – Your problem is that in Corbyn’s case ‘polarising’ is shorthand for around two thirds of the electorate not trusting him. Is it any wonder that Keir has concluded that Jeremy is an electoral liability.
        Please feel free to check out the polling figures for yourself.

      6. Andy – I think that this chart clearly illustrates who is more likely to win an election between Jeremy and Keir.
        It is worth noting that during the leadership campaign there was a poll that asked Labour members how they would vote if Corbyn was on the ballot paper alongside KS, LN and RLB. Jeremy scraped 30% and Keir still won an overall majority. Jeremy had his chance and unfortunately he and his chosen staff blew it big time. I doubt that Jeremy will even stand at the next election, he’s now yesterdays man.

      7. SteveH

        You’re missing the point.

        I don’t doubt that had Corbyn jumped on the anti-Russia bandwagon 2015-2019 and betrayed the Palestinians, by always taking the Ian Austin pro-Israel position, his route to power would’ve been easier. But what’s the point in winning if you have to sell out on all your principles to do so?

        And on sentencing guidelines, of course as DPP he had input and could raise objections.

        You seem to think Starmer’s Labour have the next election in the bag. Do you realise how soft their support is? Will Labour voters even turn out and vote? It’s an open question.

  9. Wes Streeting choosing to double down and escalate the Sunak claims in an interview today. This while criticising the nurses and junior doctors. What a stupid prat Streeting is.

    This poor judgement is why Labour’s right likely won’t survive a six week general election campaign. As poor as Sunak is, these baseless Labour claims he wants paedophiles walking the streets, are plain obnoxious to all fair minded people.

    Who in Labour HQ thought this bollox, a good idea? And Starmer is up to his neck in the current mess via the sentencing guidelines he had input on, when he was at the CPS. Leaving the Tories ammunition to retaliate easily.

    Labour’s RW failed post-Blair because without a charismatic leader they were nothing. As much as I dislike Blair, I don’t think he’d have run these ads against John Major, William Hague or Michael Howard. What a grubby bunch Labour are.

    1. Andy – You obviously have very little knowledge or understanding of the roles that the government and the Sentencing Council have with regards to sentencing policy.
      The Tories don’t have any ammunition, on the contrary they don’t have a leg to stand on.

      and then there’s this🤔
      “Judges have been told to avoid sending criminals to jail where possible as prisons are full, it has been said. Judge Ian Strongman made the comment this week when sentencing a man for assaulting three police officers and his wife. “

    2. Andy, Starmer and his clique are rank amateurs.
      If they get in, it will be because the Tories prove to be equally amaterish.

      1. goldbach

        I think the truw political situation will be clearer after the upcoming Local elections. There is a lot riding on them for Labour. If they can’t get the vote out, i.e. show that there is real voter enthusiasm, they’ll be concerned over turnout in the general election,

        The polls are one thing, getting voters out on the day another. And even Labour’s poll lead could evaporate real quick if the public see them as losers. Many voters just flock to the side they think is likely to win.

      2. IF they get in it will ONLY be because the toerags have proven themselves beyond shite amateurish.

  10. Reply to SteveH. Well I for one will not complain when you ‘take a few days off’. Simple explanation indeed: a few days off after you made a complete a*** of yourself by revealing how duplicitous you are, nothing to do with Easter or a holiday. Give us all a break please.

    1. Julia – “you made a complete a*** of yourself by revealing how duplicitous you are,”

      A bold ‘assertion’ but do you have any evidence to support it, or are you (in the absence of having anything sensible to say) just indulging in a bit of trolling?🤔

      1. Hahaha…the nonce enabler’s at it again.

        It’s quite alright (by you and you alone) for keef to ORDER the peers to ABSTAIN on a vote that left children going hungry.

        It’s quite alright (by you and you alone) for keef to have failed to prosecute nonces

        It’s quite alright (by you and you alone) for keef to accuse others of being soft on nonces when HE HIMSELF wrote the sentencing guidelines that allow nonces to walk, scot-free.

        …But you’re a trolling victim. .boo-fooking-hoo.

        You horridable, horridable piss-poor excuse for a sub-human.

        Just fuck off and croak for fucks sake.

      2. Don’t be too hard on him. He clearly has a poor memory.
        Aide memoire:
        07/04/2023 AT 6:30 PM
        Waiting on Steve H to defend Stongers latest racist utterance. Tick Tok.”

      3. goldbach – That comment has absolutely nothing to do with me, I did not post it and I don’t know who posted it. For all I know it was you. 🤔

  11. Credit to McIntosh, a poster on the All that is solid blog (

    McIntosh said…
    Some other mission statements that Kier could make:
    * We will be less corrupt and discredited that the Tories.
    * We will give even more uncritical and unconditional support to NATO.
    * We will privatise a bit less of the NHS than the Tories.
    * We will support Israel ding whatever it wants and still claim to favour a 2 state solution.
    * My Cabinet will be on average taller that Rishi’s.”

    Way to go, Sir Kei-or!

    1. * We will be less corrupt and discredited that the Tories.

      Nope. They’ll CLAIM to be less corrupt and less discredited…even though every claim keefs’ made and every pledge he’s broken prove otherwise.

      * We will privatise a bit less of the NHS than the Tories

      Nope. They’ll privatise ALL of the NHS, just at a marginally slower rate than the toerags, and will be more devious about it.

      1. Fucking hell, your pitiful lack of self awareness knows NO bounds, does it.

  12. Reading about Starmers prospects with interest –

    Who thought it a good idea – in advocating Ref2 – to betray those who
    voted to Leave? There had already been a trend seen in a reducing Labour
    vote over previous GEs

    Who – in addition – thought up a stupefyingly complicated policy in respect of
    the implementation of Ref2 after GE19? It was embarrassing to read ..

    WE know the answer to the first and can guess the answer to the second
    given the same person was in charge .

  13. 😂 Gosh, this thread reeks of desperation, now.

    Doesn’t it Steve H?

      1. “The boy stood on the burning deck, whence all, but he had fled…”

      1. I’m glad to see that you’ve managed to catch up.

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