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Liverpool councillors sign condemning Starmer’s ‘betrayal’ of ‘basic decency’

Councillors show mayor how it’s done with forthright condemnation of Starmer’s ‘Scum’ betrayal

Liverpool Town Hall (image by Miguel Mendez from Malahide, Ireland – Liverpool Townhall, CC BY 2.0,

Twenty Liverpool councillors have bypassed the mealy-mouthed excuses or outright silence of many Merseyside politicians concerning Keir Starmer’s disgraceful decision to write in the Murdoch S*n last weekend.

Where the city and regional mayors and several MPs trod on eggshells with vapid talk of ‘disappointment’ – while others stayed silent altogether – the councillors have pulled no punches in the language they used to condemn Starmer’s ‘betrayal’ and ‘disrespect’ toward not only the people of Liverpool and its surrounds, but toward ‘basic decency and working-class communities across the country’ and why.

And they made it clear to Starmer that he has sided with the enemy – and what a vile enemy it is:

Dear Keir,

We the undersigned from Liverpool Labour Group are writing to express our shared condemnation of your recent actions. There is a strong feeling of betrayal and disrespect that our City feels due to your recent actions and your decision to write for the S*n newspaper.

As you are aware it is banned in our City and every Labour Councillor, our City Mayor, Metro Mayor and Members of Parliament in the city region – and untold numbers of people across the Country- have been upset by your decision.

This rag has no place in society and many local authorities (especially Labour-led ones) have passed motions calling on local newsagents to stop selling the paper in their shop.

The events at the FA Cup semi-final on 15 April 1989 will never be forgotten. 97 Liverpool fans were unlawfully killed and there was an establishment cover up designed to pass blame.

On 19 April, just four days into the grief our city was facing, the S*n printed a front page story about the tragedy. Under the headline ‘The Truth’, the paper claimed Liverpool fans had pick-pocketed, sexually abused and urinated upon their own dead. They also claimed Liverpool fans had violently attacked and urinated on police officers.

The orchestra of lies by the establishment began immediately after the disaster. The truth only came out when the Hillsborough Independent Panel reported in 2012 and there was the subsequent verdict of unlawful killing of the then 96 supporters who died in the disaster rising to 97 with the tragic passing of Andrew Devine.

The S*n insulted those who died in the tragedy. They insulted the grieving families of the 96 now 97 and the survivors of Hillsborough.

This was a smear not only against the city of Liverpool, but against basic decency and working class communities across the country.

Unfortunately Keir, we do not believe doing business with the S*n is the way to win elections. During the last leadership election you stood on a stage (in Liverpool no less) and said that you would not do an interview with the S*n during the leadership election which I’m sure helped you on your way to becoming the leader.

We would like our condemnation of your actions to be placed on record.


Liverpool City Councillors

Cllr Sam Gorst
Cllr Sarah Morton
Cllr Maureen Delahunty
Cllr Ian Byrne MP
Cllr Alfie Hincks
Cllr Anna Rothery
Cllr Alan Gibbons
Cllr Alison Clarke
Cllr Lena Simic
Cllr Lynnie Williams (Hinnigan)
Cllr Gerard Woodhouse
Cllr Lindsay Melia
Cllr Barry Kushner
Cllr Joanne Calvert
Cllr Billy Marratt
Cllr John Prince
Cllr Joe Hanson
Cllr Rona Heron
Cllr George Knibb
Cllr Lila Bennett

The twenty – more are believed to be in the process of adding their names – join West Derby MP Ian Byrne and Labour members and councillors in nearby West Lancashire in properly expressing the outrage of a city at the grossly idiotic as well as insulting decision to get into bed with Murdoch and his rag.

Starmer does not even have the excuse of ignorance – during last year’s leadership election, he claimed he wouldn’t speak to the S*n, but only for the duration of the election. But in making that weasel claim, he said he understood the hurt and injury its vile conduct and lies had caused for the people of Liverpool.

Keir Starmer should be run out of the city if he ever tries to set foot in it – in the same way the people of Liverpool saw off other right-wing horrors such as the EDL.

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  1. ITs so wrong that a leader of the Labour party can hijack a democratic election by hiding his funding by a Israeli spook and still remain in position.This half wit goes around stirring up anger wherever he goes,North,south east or west his fame is spreading.and so is the loathing especially in Ireland’s second city Liverpool.How can he be removed and quickly because his gob is dragging the once respected name of the Labour party into the sewers.Wonderful that councillors are setting forth in plain English the treachery of this political parasite.and the Scum that supports him.

  2. Genuine question
    Who does he think he appeals to in the used toilet paper, known as the scum, did he clear it with angel

    1. Keir Starmer just doesn’t care about the feelings of the people of Liverpool which is the “reddest” most Socialist city in England. If members resign from the party as a result of his calculated insult to them- because it was calculated and well thought out, it wasn’t a spur of the moment thing- he’ll be happy.

      1. Smartboy “Liverpool which is the “reddest” most Socialist city in England”

        And because we reject the influence of the Sun, we gave ‘Remain’ its largest majority.

        Sorry I couldn’t resist it. Your fault Smartboy 🙂

  3. Barring Mick Whitley, I’ve still not heard/read a peep from Wirral MPs… Or councillors, come to think of it.

  4. “Soon, only the poor, stupid bastards in English Labour will be left with toxic Tony and his gang of neoliberal dinosaurs”

    Scotland today …
    Wales tomorrow ….
    Always remember – The first colony of the British State was England
    [… and probably the last – To our shame ! ]

    1. “England” colonised Northumbria and called it part of England. Don’t forget The Harrying of the North.

      1. Up here we hope Scottish Independence includes the Kingdom of Northumbria
        Me and my truck will be running moonshine across the border

  5. A Starmer-led Labour govt would be a nightmare for anyone who politically identifies as being on the left.

    Indecisive and offering only timid, tired neoliberal inspired solutions to deep-seated economic problems at home; deeply authoritarian, constantly terrified of upsetting the Tory tabloids esp. the Sun and Daily Mail, constantly veering right, including, no doubt, opposing the unions, in an attempt to appeal to said tabloids. History shows us leaders & parties typically drift right in power, surrounded as they are by right-wing civil servants, and permanent securocrats. Starmer’s started this trend early, in opposition. A Starmer-led govt would no doubt be wholly subservient to US neocons too, supporting and committing UK forces to any and all US provoked military aggression – as shown by his and his shadow team’s unreserved, unquestioning support for the far-reaching, potentially dangerous AUKUS pact.

    The end result would be a demoralised party going down to a big defeat at the subsequent election; defeated at the hands of an equally demoralised Labour voter base. The party out of power, facing another 20 year spell sat in opposition until ‘their turn’ rolls around again in this farce of a democracy.

  6. Don’t expect honesty, truth, logic or decency from Keir Starmer, he has shown by his actions that they are dispensable as far as he is concerned. Shame on us for ever having been taken in by his act.

  7. So they, at last, complained big deal! Where are the mass resignations going independent?

    Nope, This is a prime example of thinking a letter will achieve jack shit with no teeth to back it up and mean it!

    Instead, we get some minor condemnation then SILENCE, as usual, this is socialism today weak-willed, no real backbone or conviction and so no use to anyone sadly.

    1. Are you EVER gonna change the record grandad. You ‘play’ it in practically every thread that you post in, and must have repeated it several hundred times since you started playing it!

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