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Exclusive video: Mersey Pensioners crash Starmer’s posh lunch to tell him he’s not welcome in Liverpool

Minders accused of groping 71yo woman’s breast as they manhandle her away from uncomfortable-looking Starmer

71yo MPA Activist Audrey White manhandled by Keir Starmer’s entourage as she gives him a piece of her mind on behalf of outraged Scousers (image by Linda Sergeant)

Left activists including the famous Mersey Pensioners’ Association (MPA) gatecrashed Keir Starmer’s posh lunch this afternoon to tell the S*n columnist that he’s not welcome in Liverpool.

Starmer had been smuggled into the ‘Spine’ building through a rear entrance for his speech this morning to avoid tough questions from demonstrators outraged at his cosiness with Rupert Murdoch – writing in the despised S*n and saying he would do so again – and his war on party democracy in the region.

But he couldn’t avoid Audrey White when he tried to have lunch with his hangers-on and ‘metro mayor’ Steve Rotheram at the posh ‘The Quarter’ restaurant, with more protesters just a couple of feet away from his window table:

Ms White, the subject of a famous film for her fight for women’s rights, told Starmer’s minders to take their hands off her breast as they tried to wrestle her away from the discomfited wooden target of her ire and then told Skwawkbox that Starmer had a nerve to even think of appearing in Liverpool after what he has done to the city and the Labour movement.

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  1. Well done Audrey. I would love to know what Steve Rotherham thought of your interjection and wether he endorsed it or just nodded politely to Starmer.

    1. Never mind Steve Rotherham, what about our resident “empire loyalist” Steve H?

      1. Steve H his more interested in fondling the goats whilst they Romp on the (private beach )🌴 acess in his Caribbean bolt hole…dont you know!..Starmer looks uninterested in the pensioner being assaulted as if its “all in a days work for him” .I see another left wing collaborator eats with the barsteward….have they no shame about eating why people in Liverpool suffer….hypocrisy is the labour values.!

    2. ll done and thank you for saying what you said to Starmer, who I think you were more polite to than he deserved. The man is an absolute monster, by not opposing any of the Tories policies, he is supporting the attempt to absolutely crush the working class and leave us without any chance of justice, he is supporting the removal of our human rights, and, of course, how dare he stand in the way of justice for the 96 who tragically lost their lives at Hillsborough. The man is an utter scumbag and monster, with no morals, no principles and is conscience free. I also detest that he is supporting the starvation of children. I think Starmer badly needs to be prosecuted for being a Tory inside the Labour Party. We need a law to prevent his type of political fraud.

      1. Well said he is a lawyer part of the state elite only interest in his self serving personal agenda. We need a hero, these are desperate times Britain is being turned into privately owned offshore Corrupt Corporations , Charter Cities, privatisation of NHS. How dare they. All that Labour can whimper out is it will make Brexit work. Pathetic, weak it took the Public to Boo Boris, something they did not expect on a live Broadcast, out of their control. We will not forgive or forget.

  2. What an opportunity. “Hi come in, have a bite to eat on me, and I’ll sit at your table whilst you tell me your grievances…”

    Instead an awkward stare away from them and no communication. His elite position, and the plebs, eh?

  3. Now, there is a lovely reminder that protest does not need to be big, loud or angry, just to be the fly in their ointment is enough. Just irritate, that rattles them posh totty TORIES more than anything else. They fear the embarrassment, that they will feel of our kind/class/people more than they do dropping bombs on children!

    1. This fly in the ointment is much more like it, after this morning’s tumbleweed reception outside The Spine, which sounds like the clinic he’s been looking for all his life!

      1. Oh the irony! Are we allowed to say irony yet or is it too soon? We aught to create a registered photo video journalist syndicate camping outside his house and to follow him everywhere it would be interesting to document whether the magot implant actually grew into a spine.

  4. Audrey White is a fine upstanding socialist who was libelled by the Jewish Chronicle and was paid substantial damages by them after they published 4 articles containing vile and untruthful smears about her. True to form Starmers Labour got in on the act and suspended her for “antisemitism”. I don’t know if the suspension has since been lifted but it is just typical of Starmers Labour that she, the victim of a the Jewish Chronicle, should also have been hounded by the party and had her reputation trashed by them too
    Now Audrey appears to have been assaulted by one of Starmers bodyguards.( It is unbelievable that Starmer, a Labour leader, needed to employ a bodyguard for his visit to Liverpool – I’m sure Keir Hardy is turning in his grave). Anyway Audrey was manhandled in a way which may amount to a sexual assault and I hope she presses charges against the individual concerned and also Starmer who is liable in law for his employees actions.

    1. That minder bloke with the beard will be looking at the sits vac page for sonderkommandos in The Stormer tomorrow morning.

  5. Oh dear this is what happens when you treat your party’s left supporters with contempt. Sadly for him, he’s still got his Radio Merseyside appearance to get through before he can leave.
    I bet Audrey will be trying her best to get through to the station and a well deserved awkward question to him.

  6. Clearly he doesn’t know how to handle ‘ordinary’ people, because he lacks the common touch.

    If that had been even someone like even say Andy Burnham, he’d have happily engaged with critics.

    Starmer always looks like Lord Snooty, uncomfortable and out of his comfort zone. Can only surmise that Starmer hates being Labour leader,… so the money on offer for putting himself through this ordeal for the establishment, must be stupendous?

    Reckon our politics is that fake. We have a Shadow Tory cabinet.

  7. Well done that lady! Glad someone managed to confront him, not that he remotely looked interested.
    Unlike the former leader, a man of people. Not a good look for Starmer who seemed to be annoyed.

  8. I hope smarmer was given a complimentary side order of the giles coren special by the staff in that restaurant.

    Twunt. 🖕

    Played Audrey. 👍👍👍

    PS Anyone think the fret haired fella looks remarkably like our friend Paul Cardin (Wirralinittogether)??

    It’s not him (Unless he’s aged a few years since I last seen him – although I guess just a glimpse of keef in the flesh has that effect) but I did do a double take on a couple of occasions.

      1. giles coren is a restaurant critic as well as being a thoroughly unpleasant arsehole.

        A lot like michael winner…. You haven’t heard the stories??

        Put it this way….it’s not unreasonable to assume both have eaten more se(a)men than the kraken.

        (Other bodily fluids and detritus are available.)

  9. Starmer was whisked in and out of Radio Merseyside without a single person to support him. Contrast that with Jeremy Corbyn when thousands turned up in support.

    1. Keef reckoned he went to the hillsborough memorial on his own today.

      Wassup keef? No pic tweet or video of you next to the memorial, telling us what the content of your next load of shite in THAT rag will consist of?

      Horrible, horrible, greasy, slimy, self-satisfied rodent that he is.

  10. I think this woman deserves a lot more than the label “a pensioner” she is obviously more than that. I think it is a bit demeaning.

    1. That’s how she described herself when speaking to Skwawkbox about the manhandling…

  11. What a lovely way to keep the Tory’s in power they will love it and they will send many thanks to all of you who did this and don’t forget every time this kind of thing happenes the right wing racist Tory press and media will be smug and happy.

    1. Or, you know, Labour could be an actual Labour party and give the many voters who despise the Tories an actual alternative to vote for, instead of worse but with a red rosette…

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