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Video: now-Shadow AG Thornberry slams Starmer’s CPS in 2012 for refusing to prosecute Savile

Truth will out and sharp-eyed activist finds Question Time comments as Labour front-bencher derides CPS investigating its own scandal

Keir Starmer continues to try to trade off his time as Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) running the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to enhance his public image.

But his time there was disastrous and at odds with CPS values – according to those working under him – and as well as taking no action over the police murders of Jean-Charles de Menezes and Ian Tomlinson, Starmer’s organisation also notoriously failed to prosecute serial sex monster Jimmy Savile, despite abundant complaints and evidence.

Starmer himself has never directly denied that he made the decision not to prosecute Savile, preferring to allow others to protest his innocence – but the CPS coincidentally destroyed its records from the time, claiming this was standard practice.

But Labour MP Emily Thornberry, now Starmer’s Shadow Attorney General, was blunt during a 2012 Question Time appearance about what she thought about the CPS not prosecuting Savile – and derided the idea that the CPS was investigating itself over the decision to ignore the complaints and evidence:

The video was found by activist ‘jrc1921‘, who added more damning context:

As Labour leader, Starmer has covered up a whistleblower’s allegations of ‘sadistic’ and ‘criminal’ exploitation of vulnerable domestic violence victims by a Labour staffer who was the lover of the MP she was working for. That MP, Khalid Mahmood, did not dispute a victim’s sworn evidence in whistleblower Elaina Cohen’s successful tribunal for wrongful dismissal – and confirmed under oath that Starmer and Labour general secretary David Evans were fully and repeatedly aware of the allegations.

Starmer is also currently sheltering at least two alleged sex pests in his Shadow Cabinet and recently re-admitted racist and sex harasser MP Neil Coyle back into the parliamentary party, as well as Mike Gapes, the right-wing former MP who defended fellow right-winger Ian McKenzie after McKenzie tweeted about the rape and beheading of Thornberry herself, and former MPs who defended him.

One of McKenzie’s foul tweets about Emily Thornberry

Front-benchers may be covering for him now, but at least one has a record of pointing out his abundant failings.

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  1. If anybody has a few minutes then I suggest they read this twitter thread about Starmer’s history when it comes to letting Establishment paedos off the hook…….It’s jaw dropping stuff.

    “A few thoughts on Keir Starmer, recently voted Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, from the general perspective of child abuse .”

    1. Hmm. Vaz, Harman, Hodge & other of the usual suspects all in a cozy little paedo protection racket. Why am I not surprised?

  2. But why did he not publish at least some of this during the
    leadership campaign? Why wait until Starmer
    had been elected leader?

    1. One can only speculate as to why he left his exposé until after the election but given that this series of tweets have been out there for 3 years I’m guessing there is also a reason why the above twitter thread hasn’t gained any traction.

      1. The tories will give the exposé all the traction that they can muster come any general election for which Starmer remains leader of Labour.

        but you’re asking why ‘the left’ hasn’t featured it more, I don’t know, but suspect Starmer’s Iron Fist party leadership style, its threats against SCG MPs on NATO and many proscriptions, might be relevant.

      2. The pieces quoted on the thread range from June 2018 and were posted in early April 2020.
        Guess that Mr Roberts started digging around in early 2020.
        If a certain person has nothing better to do than make silly comments, I suggest that he would be better employed playing with his ………….. erm …………….. his ………… erm …………. goats.

    2. The more interesting question, Holby, is would this have made any difference?

      Firstly, this twitter thread was published on 5th April 2020. Over three years ago. I’d wager my entire pension that I am far from alone among the general UK population in not having seen the litany of Starmer’s record laid out in this thread laid out in the same way by any of the corporate media which 99.9% of the populace rely on for their information about what is supposed to be “happening” in the world.

      The same corporate media which sold us such bullshit as WMD’s in Iraq; The Kuwaiti babies ripped out of incubators; The Second Gulf of Tonkin Incident; The Zinoviev Letter; Hillsborough; Douma; ‘Moderate’ Jihadists; The Salisbury hoax; and a multiplicity of similar lies of commission. Hardly surprising that the other side of that coin – the lies of omission – ‘fail’ to highlight that record in the same way; ie linking them all together at the appropriate time.

      Secondly, each individual case featured in that thread is already in the public domain having taken place at different times. That none of them were featured – even as an isolated individual occurrence – in any of the corporate media most people receive their ‘Official Narrative’ information from during the leadership campaign is hardly the fault of those outside of that media.

      Point being that alternative and social media is everyday awash with such information. The fact that it is not more widely disseminated tells us a great deal about the reality in which Official Narratives – the most recent being that of a 21 year old E3 Grade National Guardsman having access to CIA briefings which are not distributed to the military – dominate rather than information of this sort.

      The notion that if this thread had been published a few months earlier it would have made any difference in a context in which only Official Narrative information is ruthlessly enforced is simply risible.

      1. Or maybe on closer examination it turned out to be like the rest of your quoted ‘bullshit’ in that it just fails to stack up 🤔

      2. Straightforward question:

        In what way does this ‘fail to stack up’?

        If you have a rational, logical, objective evidence based argument to substantiate this speculative comment lets hear it.

        Failure to, yet again, substantiate your accusation will be interpreted by everyone here as more hot air from this sites empty vessel.

        Put up or shut up. Your choice. Are you going to further demonstrate what a clueless numpty you are?

  3. Keef = Nonce protector. Liar. Narcissist. Megalomaniac.Coward. Gobshite.

    That is all.

    1. Things can only get better for Starmer if he resigns leadership of the Labour Party. As leader he is destined for the history books as the paradigm example of a bad factional leader that destroys both Labour and his own potential.

  4. His “potential”???

    As what? He’s a potential danger to the NHS, workers rights, civil liberties, the economy, and free society – amongst other things.

    He’s already proved himself a danger to children’s/women’s welfare, democracy and natural justice.

    1. yeah, true Toffee. His biggest, most valuable potential is to destroy Labour more fundamentally. He’s an enterist working for ‘the Few’ and his main job is to destroy Labour. He’ll achieve this better if he is the next PM.

      1. baz2001 – That’s 23% points in ahead of where Labour were when Jeremy was the leader. It’s also worth noting that an 11% point lead gave the Tories an 80 seat majority in the last general election.

        The same poll also puts Keir’s approval index 13% points ahead of Sunak’s approval index.

      2. It’s also worth noting that an 11% point lead gave the Tories an 80 seat majority in the last general election.

        Won’t give keef an 80 seat majority though, will it, soft shite? Might – just MIGHT -get him a few more seats than Corbyn managed in ’17 but it will NOT see him cop for the landslide you keep/kept telling us Anyone but Corbyn” would’ve garnered.

        A roadkill hedgehog should be getting AND maintaining a monumental lead over the THREE worse-than-useless fuckers keefs’ had to face, and you always (conveniently) omit the FACT that keefs LOST as many seats as he’s won in by-elections, while the libtards have won the same amount as keef -and have done so from worse previous positions.

        Meanwhile, keefs’ ratings are plummeting; those who are interested in politics aren’t interested in keef.

        Those who take little or no interest in politics have no fucking idea who the dullard is.

        Neither set can tell you a policy keef stands on (this week).

        As it stands, you’re relying on the ignorance of Joe Public to get your keef over the line. Not something to crow about, and most definitely NOT worth betting your reputation on keef winning a large majority – if getting one at all – Especially when your reputation is universally considered to be akin of that of a wasp at a picnic.

      3. Toffee – We’ll see who is proved right next year.
        You obviously think that your diatribe will enhance your cause please don’t stop. 😗

  5. Or maybe on closer examination it turned out to be like the rest of your quoted ‘bullshit’ in that it just fails to
    stack up

    Yeah, whatever.

    Ten pledges ditched within less than as many months since shithousing his way to the top of the greasy barnet pole.

    £15p/h for McDonald’s workers that suddenly became zero support for £25p/h across the card and led to the resignation of his then employment minister

    Discovered that he himself is to blame for the nonces he complains are walking the streets because he himself wrote the sentencing guidelines.

    Tried to claim the credit for shaming the toerags into keeping the vouchers for schoolkids to get some food in their bellies, when it took a footballer to do that – NOT keef

    …Then just a few months later keef ORDERED labour peers to ABSTAIN on a vote that denied the kids of those on (the woefully inadequate) UC a free meal at school.

    Far from an exhaustive list, is it?

    Now then….regarding this stacking up …You were saying??? 🤫🤫🤫

    1. Toffee – Oh dear, it doesn’t matter how many times you repeat the same old drivel it isn’t going improve the veracity of your ‘assertions’.

    2. What’s been <I]asserted you gormless gobshite?

      Did keef NOT draw up the sentencing guidelines for the nonces to walk the streets that he had the gall to blame sunak (personally) for?

      Did keef NOT try to steal young Rashford’s thunder for the food vouchers for schoolkids?

      Did keef NOT ORDER
      peers to ABSTAIN on a vote to withhold a free school meal to the kids of parents on UC?

      NO “assertion”about it, bellend. Those shameful instances are FACT.

  6. £15p/h for McDonald’s workers (when just a run-of-the-mill constituency mp) that suddenly became zero support for £15p/h across the card (when *ahem* “opposition leader”)


      1. ………and?🙄

        And you’re still a nonce -excusing gobshite with zero friends and even less scruples.

        Were you nonced as a child, wee helmet?

      2. Toffee – You’re the one with all the obsessions, perhaps you doth protest too much.🤔?

      3. Toffee – You’re the one with all the obsessions, perhaps you doth protest too much.🤔?


        Keefs’ down in the polling. Keef protects nonces.

        Your turn to protest too much

  7. Toffee, It’s such a shame that when one directs a reply to a post on here (particularly to you) the resident Chief Turd Polisher always interrupts and tries to hijack the thread. Let it be known that the paid for trolling Tosser can go play with the traffic, or even better with Mandelson’s white trousers, as I’m sure he already does.

    Fair play to you Toffee, keep on keeping on.

    1. Well baz, history has shown what happens if you allow these cultist weirdos the last word.

      …If it’s wrong, call it out.

      And if it comes from the keyboard of wee steve h – it’s wrong.

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