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Starmer’s child abuse sentencing attack explodes in his face: he wrote the sentencing guidelines

Reminding everyone all the time how he used to be [a bad] Director of Public Prosecutions may not have been the smart tactic

Keir Starmer’s vile exploitation of child abuse victims to attack Rishi Sunak exploded in Starmer’s face today.

Last night Labour posted a graphic claiming Sunak doesn’t care about protecting abused children or jailing paedophiles – and was rightly ripped to shreds for the disgusting tactic. Starmer then hid and sent out minions this morning to face the justified inquisition over his foul and racist tactic.

But now, sharp-eyed critics have spotted that Starmer’s attack on Sunak for supposedly not sentencing paedophiles harshly enough is in fact a big fat finger pointing right back at… Keir Starmer. Because when he was Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Starmer wrote the sentencing guidelines that are used to decide whether child abusers go to prison and for how long.

After two years of work, the Sentencing Council met at least three times, once in May 2012 then in both the summer and autumn of Starmer’s last year as DPP, to discuss and agree sentencing guidelines on sexual offences – including against children. And Starmer, as DPP, was a key member of the council:

As former Corbyn speechwriter Alex Nunns pointed out, this looks bad (read appalling) for Starmer to be attacking sentencing practices that he wrote during a job that he never tires of boasting about:

But ‘bread and poses’, who first pointed out the evidence, was more pithy:

And this is far from the only issue in Starmer’s record as DPP – as well as being rated poor by those forced to work for him, he and his organisation let off the likes of Jimmy Savile and the police murderers of Ian Tomlinson, Jean Charles de Menezes, while sentencing people to prison for stealing an ice cream.

Labour has today tried to move the story along by putting out a near-identical ad but targeting Sunak over general sentencing – but nobody is buying it:

There are almost daily signs that Starmer, for all the ‘grown up’ and ‘competence’ rhetoric of his cheerleaders, just isn’t very good at politics, as well as being dishonest and both morally and politically bankrupt.

But this issue represents Starmer pulling the pin on a grenade then holding it while he points and gurns at others until it goes off in his face.

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  1. “for all the ‘grown up’ and ‘competence’ rhetoric of his cheerleaders, just isn’t very good at politics,”

    Now I wonder why this recent article on Strategic Culture came to mind upon reading that sentence?

    Maybe it was this observation from the article?

    “since [liberal] politics overwhelmingly is concerned with linguistics and the emotional, its’ practitioners were, and are, not very adept at doing real politics.”

    Or perhaps it was this bit?

    [liberal politics] defies nomenclature by treating politics as a matter of personal moral hygiene: It isn’t something you ‘do’; it is what you ‘are’. You think ‘right thoughts’ and utter ‘right speak’. Persuasion and compromise reflect moral weakness in this vision. Yes, it is cultural revolution.”

    Possibly even this part?

    “the liberal shift from being merely adversarial, to being hegemonic, as in ‘our democracy’ to be, not a ‘turn’, but a rupture. Or, in other words, our project became not aimed just at rejecting previous cultural forms, but in erasing them altogether. In the political upheavals that followed, the political vocabulary of the West lost much of its salience. Left, Right, cultural Marxism – what reality is left to these labels today?”

    Little wonder Starmer constantly prevaricates and hedges his approach – as evidenced not only with the sentencing guidelines highlighted in this article (among other similar examples quoted) but also recent utterances.

    For sure, if you are going to hang your hat on the very real complexities and context of any issue at least be consistent. Accusing others of what you are guilty of and trying to hide it is the most inept form of amateurism.

    1. Thanks for this. Crooke is one of the best writers around. It’s a shame Strategic Culture don’t do email bulletins cos I avoid social media, so I never know when he’s put another article out. I keep having to check the site every few days. Can you post links to his future articles here please Dave? That would be much appreciated. Thanks .

      1. This is not Crooke but it is of wider contextual relevance:

        Among other matters covered is yet another aspect of what you never here about in our fifth column masquerading as a ‘fourth estate’ Corporate media:

        “The ever self-satisfied European elites are greatly mistaken if they think that the terrifying ramparts of repressive police systems they have erected between themselves and increasingly disaffected Europeans will be able to protect them from the growing anger of ordinary people for much longer. March started very badly for the Euro-Atlanticists. First, several tens of thousands of angry but dignified and proud citizens of Slovakia gathered in Bratislava for the “March for Peace,” where they resolutely demanded that their country withdraw from NATO as a matter of urgency, stop arming Ukraine, and instead establish the best possible relations with Russia. “Anglo-Saxon fascists out!”; “Slovaks and Russians — brothers forever!” shouted the demonstrators in the streets of the Slovak capital and cheered for Russia and Putin.

        A week later, tens of thousands of angry Czechs, for who knows how many times in the past six months, took to the streets of defiant Prague, which had gathered hundreds of thousands of participants in similar protests before. In this latest, rather explosive revolt, citizens protested against poverty as a result of the proxy war that NATO is waging against Russia in Ukraine. “Stop the war, stop NATO!” shouted the dissatisfied Czechs, asking their government to finally address the problems of the Czech citizens instead of arming the Ukrainian Nazis. Just a day later, thousands of equally angry citizens of Sofia took to the squares and streets of the Bulgarian capital for demonstrations with a clear message: “NATO out!” Such protests are increasing throughout the European Union, and more and more people are participating in them despite open threats from the police and ministries of internal affairs that such manifestations will not be tolerated. To the dismay of the ruling Euro-Atlantic elites, Russian flags and symbols of Russian Special Military Operations are flying in the cities of France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia… As expected, the European mainstream media, as part of the Eurofascist propaganda machine, completely ignored or censored reports on all these events, but the truth could not be hidden. To the great delight of many, social networks were flooded with recordings, photos, and reports from all these numerous and massive protests against NATO and poverty, the culmination of which is still expected at the beginning of April.”

        As Vuyachich also notes:

        “Europe is no longer governed from Berlin but from Washington and London, which could mean that the Russians will this time have to liberate not only continental capitals but also overseas ones.”

        Which could well mean that Brown trousers may well become the must have fashion item on Carnaby Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, rather than Lubyanka Street or Dashilan Street, at some point?

      2. Dave – Oh dear, are you really that gullible or are you just another of the wannabe imperialist Putin’s useless idiots?

        “The Strategic Culture Foundation is an online journal registered in Russia, directed by Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), and closely affiliated with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The outlet plays a central role among a group of linked websites that proliferate Russian disinformation and propaganda.
        One of its core tactics is to attract authors who are Western fringe thinkers and conspiracy theorists, giving them a broader platform and obscuring the Russian origins of the journal. This tactic helps the site appear to be an organic voice within its target audience of Westerners.

  2. The thing is, it’s not funny, is it?

    All around us, we’re swimming in sh*t, be it Tory sh*t, or Labour sh*t.

    Three years ago, there was a chance to clean up the political waters. Six years ago, even, but here we are. Mired in the stuff.

    There are islands of uncontaminated land all around us, but fragmented, not big enough to hold us all solidly.

    The very first thing that needs to happen is – get rid of Starmer and his acolytes. They need to be gone, never to return.

    The SCG can’t do it. The first move any of them made, would be crushed. It has to come from the middling, the rank and file PLP. There must be some who see Starmer, and his cabal, are a liability to all of them.

    Will any of them dare speak out?

    1. George – Or to put it a little more succinctly besides there not being enough of you to make any difference you have SFA to offer the electorate

  3. When you have a non-democratic, non-Socialist such as Starmer the charlatan, as the leader of a Party which was formed with democracy and Socialism at its core, and who surrounds himself with a bunch of second rate spokespeople, such as Rachel Reeves and Wes Streeting, this is just a small sample of the catastrophe which has befallen the Labour Party.

    1. I wonder whch of his secondary personas he meant to post it under???

      If his handler sees it they’ll be retring him early! But in the meantime – so as to humiliate the little fascist shill AND increase the chances of his handler seeing his stupid error – please copy and post it in a Reply to him every time he posts a comment.

      And a link to it even!!

      1. Oh, right, and I meant to say…… What a fuckwit!

        PS And I should point out that I thought my post above would appear UNDER Smartboy’s and Julia’s comments.

      2. Allan – You keep making these weird assertions but to date (despite numerous challenges to do so) you have yet to produce any evidence to support your fantasies lies.

    2. “Waiting on Steve H to defend Stongers latest racist utterance. Tick Tok.”

      What racist utterance would that be?

  4. Reply to Steve H
    Posted under the wrong name did you Steve H – looks like you have been well and truly caught our LOL

      1. Reply to Julia
        Steve H is a complete fake who uses multiple names and different styles of posting – the sensible centrist, the outraged socialist etc in order to demoralise us and undermine genuine left posts. He frequently has long arguments with himself in order to disrupt the discussion.The post above was the start of one of these arguments but he made a mistake and got caught out.
        I don’t think we’ll hear from “Steve H” for a while but be sure he’ll still be posting – its his livlihood after all

      2. Smartboy – Perhaps you aren’t quite as clever as you think you are. You keep making these weird assertions but to date (despite numerous challenges to do so) you have yet to produce any evidence to support your fantasies lies.

    1. I really am SH, but not that one, he’s very quiet at the moment and for good reason. He’s a serial defender the indefensible, it’s a trait of the Labour hard-right, from their rancid Islamophobia to anti trans bigotry, and racism, to supporting apartheid Israel and myriad other despotic regimes. Labour is a cesspit.

      1. You obviously have very little, if any, understanding of the respective roles of the Government and the Sentencing Council.

  5. Meanwhile, from the BBC today:
    “Mr Gershkovich, 31, is well known among foreign correspondents in Moscow and BBC Russia Editor Steve Rosenberg describes him as an excellent reporter and a highly principled journalist.
    The White House condemned his detention “in the strongest terms”.
    And on Friday in a rare joint statement, Senate Republican and Democratic leaders Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer strongly condemned his detention.

    “Journalism is not a crime,” they said. ”

    Two words for McConnell and Schumer ……………… Julian ………….Assange.

  6. He wrote the standards, we write the warning: Starmer is bad for your wealth, health and democratic well-being.

    Vote for ABS and Co – Anyone but Starmer – the billionaires already have too much power.

    Peace and Justice, for the Many, not the Few.

      1. qwertboi – When, if ever, can we expect to hear some news about the mythical PJ Party?

  7. This gives Sunak more dirt on top of what the Tory’s already have to expose Heir starmer at the next G/E THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER FOR SUNAK

  8. CLPs up and down the country are arranging special urgent meetings to prepare their members (I know!) to properly support the party leader’s rather forensic format for political campaigning.

    It’s a two-part mechanism – and – once learnt – can be used not just to get Sir Kei-or his first Government, but also his second, third and fourth!

    Part One The Dear Leader asks a question. Members listen carefully for the leader’s slight crescendo at the end of the question (he isn’t Australian, so it will need special skills from the membership to ascertain when it’s finished) and immediately respond with Part Two in a very loud and strong voice.

    Part Two “Rishi Sunak Doesn’t!”

    Labour is lucky to have a New Leader like Sir Kei-or for the post-govid era: New Age, New Politics, New World Order!

    Members are encouraged to then spontaneously burst into “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”. (OK, it’s a three-part mechanism.) Heel Clicks are optional!

    1. (he isn’t Australian, so it will need special skills from the membership to ascertain when it’s finished)

      That’s called an “Australian question intonation”

      Or (read in Aussie accent for context) “AQI…for short?

  9. Starmer’s leadership is like a death wish.

    Worth recalling that he supported a knighthood for Blair!

  10. Bread & poses makes a relevant point…

    “It took two years of work to put together, the sentencing guidelines finished just before keef left his DPP position”

    Wonder how long was spent Investigating grant shafts – because on the very same daythat the met told the public that shafts actions: “may have constituted fraud” keef resigned the DPP position.

    …Must’ve had his eye on that leaving do for quite some time. Still, I suppose it was a genuinework-related gathering eh? 😙🎵

  11. See: Oliver Eagleton’s book The Starmer Project for a truly uncomfortable read. It portrays a man who at every turn is ready and does, backstab and rescind all affiliations and promises made. In my humble opinion, he is an Establishment plant, in place to destroy a socialist political party, criminalise and blame socialists for all of society’s ills and retire to The Lord’s to continue to lobby on behalf of The Knesset, as a self proclaimed zionazi.

    1. barriereid….You nailed it 100%. I said this from day one of his leadership campaign.

  12. The Times Radio broadcast, raises the question of what does Labours Socialist group do in the event of a hung parliament
    When they will hold the balance of power

    1. Are you surprised Toffee? Starmer will throw ANYONE under
      the bus if he thinks it suits him ..

      The “Golden Boy” has now demonstrated it was only guilt after
      all – he needs to watch out because Yvette Cooper has more friends
      than he has.

      1. HFM – How many of his own supporters did Jeremy Corbyn throw under the wheels of the bus when he was in office? Jennie Formby was bragging about how efficient they’d made the process during a speech she made in Feb19.

    1. When you’re getting criticised like this by Blunkett, of all people, you’re on a slippery slope.

  13. First rule of politics
    When your opponents are disappearing up their own arses, let them
    Now back to ensuring a hung parliament
    My preference is devolution at every level, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, The North, South West and Midlands, break up the Cartel
    At least make it harder for the fuckers to corrupt our democracy
    Problem is Tartan Tories are as bent as their English compatriots
    Therefore do everything that double sixes them, votes for 16 year old, political education in schools, equal funding based on votes, set third sector funding in stone and give them powers to keep authorities and market honest
    Force MSM and Toilet papers to publish rights of reply, unlimited fines and gaol for lies and propaganda for owners
    Hamstring Law Fare, give individuals equal standing in the courts
    Make Vexatious claims of anti semitism hate crimes and prosecute them
    And on and on
    Blah Blah Fishcake

  14. Like it or not, the Rishi smear is working a treat
    Give you an example
    The Royal Family, Establishment, MSM and Toilet papers
    Go with, ‘they are the people who killed Princess Diana’
    Once you put Starmer in the same frame as Blair, 2nd Referendum and Saville then he’s fucked
    JC was unfortunately the only Virgin left in the Whorehouse

  15. In other news, after a number of recent attempts at “regime change”, it looks like the US is now trying it on in Georgia. “Protestors” on the streets seeking the release of corrupt, criminal, ex-president, ex-governor of Ukrainian province (yes, that’s right, UKRAINIAN province), Saakashvili. The neo-cons never know when to give up, do they?

  16. Do you remember when Howard Becket told us “Starmer leadership approval ratings have fallen to -20% a 481 day lowest score with Ipsos”?

    Seems to be getting worse, much worse. Labour’s lead over Sunak’s tories is now a measly 10%. Conservative support is improving.

    I wonder how much of this ‘Starmer-Dissilusionment’ is down to Starmer’s record and performance as DPP, his vile anti-Corbynism, his inability to lead Labour as LOTO,, his ubiquitous lying, his “ugly desperation”.

    Yes, all of it, it can’t be anything else.

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