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Momentum staffer’s list of right allowing ‘scandal-hit’ candidates misses some of worst examples

Right’s claim purge of left is to ensure ‘quality’ candidates who can’t embarrass party is a sham

Momentum staffer Angus Satow has posted a thread of what he claims is ‘all’ the right-wing candidates that have been allowed to stand for selection by the Labour party despite being ‘scandal-hit’ – which he points out makes a mockery of the right’s excuse that their mass purge of left candidates is to remove those who might embarrass or bring disrepute on the party:

Satow’s observation is correct – and so desperate is the right to push this lie that some of its most tainted figures have recently been trying to blame former leader Jeremy Corbyn and the left for the selection of now-jailed former MP Jared O’Mara. However, O’Mara’s selection was in fact engineered by then-Labour general secretary Iain McNicol, now discredited by the Al Jazeera Labour Files documentary series (and much earlier by Skwawkbox), though the revelations have remained almost entirely ignored by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

But Satow’s list is far from ‘all’ – and in fact misses out some of the most egregious cases.

Jas Athwal

Redbridge council leader Jas Athwal was suspended by the party under Jeremy Corbyn. Athwal’s supporters, including the awful Wes Streeting, claimed that this was a factional move by the left to clear the way for Sam Tarry to win the selection in time for the 2019 general election. But in fact, Athwal had been accused of serious sexual assault – and well before the selection took place.

And so keen was the Labour right to install Athwal as candidate last year to oust Tarry that not only was the process thoroughly rigged by Labour in Athwal’s favour, but right-wingers on the party’s national executive ignored and overruled their own lawyer in order to throw out the allegations of serious sexual assault that had seen him suspended, going on to tout this as Athwal’s ‘exoneration’.

Anthony Lavelle

In Liverpool West Derby, the right’s desperation to remove popular left-winger Ian Byrne – MP of the Year – and install a right-wing drone in one of the country’s safest Labour seats led to a similarly rigged campaign to trigger a selection vote so severely that even the party official supposed to oversee the process refused to sign off on it and was replaced by a London hatchet-woman. Once the selection was triggered, the right then put local councillor Anthony Lavelle up to stand against Byrne.

But Lavelle was the subject of longstanding complaints concerning bullying and anti-disabled hate speech by a young student – allegations that the right-wing party machine had ignored when they were made and continued to ignore when Lavelle applied to stand for selection. That alleged hate-speech included ‘jokes’ about concentration camps, public mockery, calling her a ‘mistake’ and wishing her dead.

Despite the right’s shamelessness and continued rigging, however, the attempted coup failed and Byrne won the selection contest. However, even now the right continues to attack and smear both Byrne and his staff in an evident attempt to either drive him out, punish him for defeating them, or both.

Such scandals have been so widespread – at council level as well as parliamentary – that Labour selections have now become a byword for corruption, cronyism and the turning of blind eyes to right-wing malfeasance. Angus Satow’s list was a good start, but it was very, very far from being comprehensive.

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  1. Exactly – when anti-socialist enterists take control of a popular pro-egalitarian, pro-peace, socialist party, the last thing they need is the Real McCoy peppered through their number. It shows-up their deceit, duplicity, delinquency and fakery.

    Like all political scoundrels, they manage the Narrative which becomes a source of MSM and BBC misinformation. Whatever they tell you is rarely right.

  2. Update!
    At last it appears that voices of dissent may be starting to be heard.
    An article has appeared in the Daily Telegraph by Jeremy Warner expressing his concerns about the situation.
    It is entitled “Zelensky plays his fawning western suitors like a violin”, and it is clearly not meant to express approval of this situation.

    1. If you have a strong enough constitution, read Andrew Rawnsley’s article that appeared in yesterday’s Observer.
      Tucked away at the end though:
      “It is a concern that a substantial minority – an average of 42% across 28 democracies surveyed by one pollster – agree with the statement: “The problems of Ukraine are none of our business and we should not interfere.”
      Time for us to challenge the official narrative on the war in the Ukraine.

  3. Back to topic – the unsuitability of O’ Mara
    was featured on BBC Yorkshire Politics Show
    this morning.

    This included an argument between a Tory MP
    Alexander Stafford (MP for Rother Valley) and the
    Labour Mayor of South Yorkshire (Oliver Coppard) .
    Stafford criticised not only the selection of O’Mara but the
    problems (as he saw them) of Labour in South Yorks.

    Coppard was pathetic – embarrassing – in his response.
    He never answered the question but switched to criticising
    Stafford for living in London while preaching .. etc.. Now Stafford
    patently did NOT live in London but in his Constituency and was
    rightfully furious at this ..

    All Coppard could say was how brilliant things were now ..and
    what a great change under Starmer as oipposed to
    the anti-semitism days .. of Corbyn. He said their selection
    process made sure that Candidates were beyond reproach ..

  4. Clearly it is not only the UK parliament that is in awe of the magnificent Zelensky.
    It appears that pretty-much all of the EU leaders are either bought-and-paid-for or are blind to the ruination of their economies by the US-dominated NATO.
    When will our leaders and those of the EU countries get off their knees !!
    The BBC news website this morning was bleating-on about Russian troops suffering heavy daily losses.
    The opposite appears to be the truth with news that the UKR forces are out of ammunition, are surrounded in Bakhmut and are suffering humiliating losses.
    The BBC and the MSM in UK will only allow one narrative:
    NATO good // Russia bad
    Ukraine good // Putin bad
    They must think we are children (Sorry – That’s an insult to children)

    In a few days the war in Ukraine will be one year old.
    Putin will, no doubt, present a summary of the situation.
    Putin is usually honest in what he says … Despite the NATO narrative to the contrary.
    Look out for what he has to say.
    It will matter to all of us.
    You’ll probably struggle to get a fair presentation of it in the UK media.

    1. Oh dear, yet another pretend leftie who’s a useful idiot for Putin.
      Are you really that gullible and naive?

      1. More pearls of wisdom from a pretend leftie out-and-out toerag who’s not even clever enough to be a useful idiot for keef.

        …But who’s demonstrably gullible AND naive enough by perpetually bleating on about how great keef is – despite voting for the oleaginous get on the back of those ten broken pledges AND getting royally shafted (despite all the warnings) over brexit.

        You know? Those ten broken pledges he’s freely admitted to reneging on? The ones you said he hadn’t – until it was proved to you he HAD?

        …And that’s before we get to this miracle green paper you never shut up about.

        Now sod off. .

      2. SteveH has a right to his opinion. However, he often strays into insults rather than presenting an argument.
        He would do well to seek out some of the analysts who staunchly refuse to take sides. It is unwise to rely on propagandists of whatever stripe.
        There is one analyst who is particularly careful to seek as many sources as he can find, from all sides on the conflict, and to explain the reasons he reaches his conclusions. He always gives an idea of how confident he is in the validity of each assessment. He is rather long-winded and appears a little nervous in front of the camera, but is well worth listening to on his daily assessments of the situation.
        I would recommend that SteveH goes to YouTube (or one of a number of other platforms) and watches the videos by Alexander Mercouris rather than relying on the propaganda and misinformation from our western media or, indeed, from those of Ukraine or Russia.
        I’m sure that he (SteveH) won’t do so, but some of the rest of you might like to.

      3. goldbach – You were wrong again, I followed the link that ‘qwertboi’ kindly provided. That’s 15 minutes of my life that I won’t get back. I’m only thankful that ‘qwertboi’ didn’t link to the full version. However it did have some value, if this nonsense is the sort of stuff that the pair of you are sucked in by then it goes some way to explaining why the pair of you post so much politically naive and inane nonsense on this channel.

      4. Good 8.50 am post goldbach. Re Alexander Mercouris, here is an extract from a much longer conversation with Tom Luongo and Alexander Mercouris from @TheDuran. Great stuff on blair, the tories collapsing and starmer’s post-brexit cynicism.

      5. SteveH has a right to his opinion. However, he often strays into insults rather than presenting an argument.

        As he’s once again gone on to demonstrate in his reply to your post…

        , if this nonsense is the sort of stuff that the pair of you are sucked in by then it goes some way to explaining why the pair of you post so much politically naive and inane nonsense on this channel.

        He’s right, you’re wrong, no explanation offered, and that’s that.

        However, when it’s pointed out to him just why he’s wrong, his eminent sense of papal infallibility deserts him. He never answers anyone’s question, never explains his rationale; rather he answers that he “merely suggested/stated” something…especially when that something is previously passed off as fact.

        In layman’s terms, he’s an arrogant shithouse with a propensity/penchant to see children suffer, as long as he thinks it’ll give any credence to his invalid point.

        I detest the hypocritical ratbastard with every fibre of my being and I do not care who knows or who is offended by that fact.

        He doesn’t get the contempt he deserves.

      6. SteveH is a paid full-time establishment shill. End of!

        No-one on the planet spends every single day posting comments and replies in practically every single thread, and not only for one year, or two years, or even THREE years, but for over six years.He has posted WELL over 50,000 comments and replies (mainly the latter) since he started posting on Skwawkbox. And I have little doubt that several OTHER ‘posters’ are secondary personas of his.

        As I’ve said on several occasions before, the PTB know that the left see through their propaganda AND their propaganda machine, the MSM, and they realised that the most effective way to destroy Jeremy’s reputation (and that of left-wing MPs and the left in general) in the minds/eyes of left-wingers, was to have their shills/black propagandists infiltrate left-wing news sites such as skwawkbox and JVL (and social media platforms such as twitter and facebook and youtube etc) posing as left-wingers and falsely discredit Jeremy (and the SCG etc) every-which-way they can think of, and Repeat, Repeat, Repeat ad nauseum (repetition being a subtle form of brain-washing!).

        As for Ukraine, many people have been saying since the nineties that the eastward expansion of Nato will end badly. And SteveH knows it of course! The US/Nato could easily have avoided all the death and destruction and bloodshed that’s been happening for almost a year now by addressing Russia’s security concerns, and needless to say, the reason they DIDN’T is because they wanted to provoke Russia into invading Ukraine so that THEY – the US/Nato – could then wage a proxy war on Russia along with economic warfare with all their sanctions.

        The biggest gangsters/terrorists/bullies on the planet will stop at nothing to control and rule the WHOLE world, and are more than happy to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians (and Russians) in the process. If it was US millitary and civilians being killed and maimed in their tens of thousands month after month, the American people would have soon been demanding a peaceful resolution to the conflict! The planet is being run by the most evil people on it, and has been for thousands of years. By Psychopaths, that is!

      7. Why is the choice binary? And always binary at that. You remind me of Shrub with his “with us or against us” horse poop.

        Ukraine is full of Nazis, and once the truth about the Ukie army kicking out crippled vets gets loud enough, it’s over.

        For the record. Man lost his leg in the meat grinder. Immediately kicked out. No pension or support. Only way is to bribe a doctor (6k euros) to get on disability. Medical expenses are his problem.

        Oh, and to paraphrase Muhammad Ali “Russians never did me no harm”

      8. SteveH13/02/2023 AT 4:20 PM
        Toffee – You appear to have some problematic anger management issues.

        And you, vermin, have a categorically disturbing problem with children being protected from the abhorrent circumstances that hundreds of thousands find themselves in through no fault of their own

        But as long as keef brushes it off as easy a bovine brushes a fly off its arse with its tail, it’s completely acceptable to you for keef to allow, and indeed prolong, their plight.

        After all, “What difference would it make”??

        I suppose keef will fix it for them (once he’s elected by toerag incompetence), eh?

        Despicable deviant that you are.

      9. Toffee – “I suppose [Keir] will fix it for them once elected……….”

        For once you are right. 😲
        You need to be in power to be able to get things done.
        Ask Jeremy, he has campaigned for decades on behalf of the Palestinians but he’s achieved SFA that has made any tangible difference to their lives.

      10. Toffee – Do you mean this Green Paper?
        Labour’s new deal for working people – drawn up in partnership with the affiliated unions and launched at conference 2021 by Angela Rayner – is a plan to change things for the better for working people. Keir Starmer has promised that a Labour government will write this plan into law within 100 days of taking office. This is the trade union link in action.

        ▪ Labour will strengthen rights at work for all workers from day one on the job.
        ▪ Labour will end fire and rehire.
        ▪ Labour will make work more family-friendly and make it easier to balance work with home, community and family life.
        ▪ Labour will ban zero-hours contracts and ensure everyone has the right to regular hours they can rely on.
        ▪ Labour will strengthen trade union rights, raising pay and conditions.
        ▪ Labour will bring in fair pay agreements to drive up pay and conditions for all workers, using sectoral collective bargaining.

        Better rights, stronger unions, higher pay – a comprehensive plan to improve the lives of working people by strengthening individual and collective rights. Unlike the Tories, who want to undermine the unions’ ability to fight for better pay and conditions, Labour are committed to strengthening trade unions by repealing anti-trade union laws, including the Trade Union Act, and introducing new rights to help unions recruit, organise and win a better deal for their members. It’s a policy platform we can unite around – and that we can be proud of.

      11. You need to be in power to be able to get things done.

        And keef had the power to ORDER his peers to OPPOSE the toerag mendacity to deny kids of parents on UC a free school meal.

        He chose to ORDER them to abstain.

        Keef supported the spycops bill. A bill that sees innocent people suffer so that shithouse subterfuge can be carried out by governments in order to make everyone else suffer so long as the establishment gets its way and the elitists are further empowered.

        And that includes the direct harming of kids, like what went on at kincora. Like at haute de la garenne. Like in North Wales.

        And you support that. Therefore, you are a nonce.

        And nonces deserve castration. Except you haven’t got the bollocks to be cut off.

        So just curl up and die. Slowly and painfully.

        Despicable, degenerate deviant.

    2. If Steve H gets his information about the Ukraine situation from the MSM only, then he is clearly the gullible and naive one here. To rely on just one source, or united sources presenting one view is the height of unreliability.
      If he bothers to check, he will notice that the daily releases and reports ( with maps) of the Pentagon contradicts what the MSM tell us……..

      1. ‘steveh’ Alexander Mercouris’ value lies in the research he undertakes. He tells us stuff the propagandist channels exist to disregard. Invaluable.

      2. qwertboi – Who are you trying to convince, yourself? 🤔
        I’m quite happy for others to follow your link to this drivel and reach their own conclusions.

      3. Steve|H at 3.16pm: That’s mighty big of you. Voices like Mercouris’ are needed when the first casualty of war is truth – although it was not technically true in the UK in the billionaires’ MSM before Russia’s defensive invasion of its small fascist-supporting neighbour. Remember the ‘novel’ coronavirus that produced not a single excessive death? Not one!

  5. This is not from an episode of The Goon Show.
    The US is having fun shooting things out of the sky. The latest are four (I think) small unidentified objects.
    In the BBC report it says:
    “A US military commander, General Glen VanHerck, said that there was no indication of any threat from the latest object.
    He said it could be a “gaseous type of balloon” or “some type of a propulsion system” – adding he could not rule out that the objects were extra-terrestrials.”
    If it is extra-terrestrial, I hope the owners know that it was the US that did it and not us.

    1. Evidence points that the second one they “killed” was one of their own weather balloons.

      It’s a distraction. Spy satellites are better to use than a balloon. What’s it a distraction for? Losing in Ukraine?

      As for the troll. Just stop feeding it.

  6. He said it could be a “gaseous type of balloon”

    Plenty of them seen floating about around labour HQ. I’d happily welcome the yanks over to get a bit of target practice in if they fancy it. 😙🎵

  7. We seem to have strayed onto the Putin – “An OK Guy”
    and “All NATO’s fault” again ..

    Look – Russia/USSR have invaded Ukraine 4 or 5 times
    since around 1917 .. depending on which part of Ukraine
    you are talking of .. two/three of these times were
    pre-NATO ..***

    PLUs – USSR starved the residents of the country in
    the early 30s ..pre-NATO as well ..

    So the hatred of Ukraine for Russia/USSR is nothing
    to do with NATO ..

    Of course NATO has done some disastrouly stupid
    things in the past – eg Iraq and Middle East attacks
    It also has too much of a presence in Eastern
    Europe however there is an irony there – for
    the invasion of Ukraine surely justifies NATOs presence
    in the area.

    The situation is very like that between the UK and Ireland –
    the latter wants their independence .. and fought for it in
    1917 around the same time as Ukraine fought for independence
    from Russia just as the Russian Empire was breaking up ..
    In 1921 Ireland was divided with half independent and half
    subjugated with Catholics/Nationalists treated abominably.
    In 1968 Civil Rights marched for justice – just as
    in 2014 Ukrainians marched. Both groups were assaulted ..
    The Civil Rights march in 1968 in NI was not a coup
    even though it resulted in resignations at Stormont – and
    neither was the Maidan demonstration .. The then President
    fled after an attempt to impeach him. Ukraine is not
    a Fascist country – after Maidan the Far Right did badly
    in the polls .. It is however (still) a corrupt country – the reason
    why Zelenski was elected.

    During WW1 the Palestinians also wanted independence
    from the Ottoman Empire and were promised it by .Uk (etc)
    who subsequently reneged . They now find them-selves subjugated
    by Israel and understandably sympathise with and support Ukraine ..

    A longish post – so sorry for that ..

    **** Military Action(s) between Russia/USSR . Most of you
    will know this already.
    1917 and 1920
    and 1921 – 1922
    During this Ukraine became (briefly) an Independent Republic

    1939 – . Stalin and Hitler both invaded Poland dividing it
    between them in a pact. The Soviets transported Polish Citizens to
    Siberia and massacred thousands of Polish Army Officers ..
    In 1941 Hitler broke with Stalin and his forces occupied
    all of Poland.

    1945 – Stalin managed to “acquire” a portion of Poland which
    then became part of Ukraine with subsequent retribution
    visited on relatives of those Ukrainians who had escaped
    to the West ..

    1991 – Ukraine – finally managed independence with the
    dissolution of the USSR
    2014 – Incursion of Russian troops into Eastern Ukraine,
    Ukrainians sick of corruption and wanting to be closer
    to the West had demonstrated on the Maidan and
    was shot at. Russia annexes Crimea and between
    2014 and 2022 there was fighting in the Donbas etc-
    Atrocities on both sides .. Minsk agreement in 2015
    never fully implemented.

    Meanwhile – in the early years of the Millennium both Labour
    and Tory leaders schmooze Putin in spite of him bombing
    Chechnya to rubble. In addition – the UK does NOTHING about any
    of the events 2014 onwards – enjoying the dirty money sloshing
    through the City of London .. some of which managed
    to seep through to the coffers of the Tories and also to
    some Labour Grandees .. ..

    Stinking hypocrites – the lot of them ..

    1. Only one small query on this matter.
      I don’t recall anyone saying that Putin was “an OK guy”.
      It seems to me that whether he is charming or unpleasant is irrelevant.
      It’s the analysis of the current situation, how we got here, and how it can be resolved which is important.

      1. It no longer has anything to do with the wishes of the west. The war will proceed according to the orders of the Russians. It will end when they say that it is over. Nothing the BBC or Guardian or NATO can do to alter that. The west has begun the long slow walk of losers. It’s how the news handles it that frightens me. Loss of human life means nothing to them. Gas attacks don’t deserve a mention.

      2. Simplistic assertions may seem attractive, but they are nonsense.
        Nobody could “end this tomorrow”.
        If either Putin or Zelensky decided he wanted to give up, he would lose his position immediately. [Zelensky might lose a lot more than his position.]
        It’s down to the US realists to rein in the hawks. Just a matter of how long it will take and whether Russian forces will have to reach the Dneiper first.

      3. I suppose I am surprised by those who attack
        the West but do not criticise Putin for he is\
        the opposite to any sort of Socialist. He has no
        sort of ideals but pretends to be a Christian ..

        How can invasion of Ukraine possibly affect
        the supposed incursion of the West into the East?
        It is a pure land grab – no more no less. Ukraine
        wants independence and has wanted this since
        1917 and possibly before that date. Palestine wanted
        independence after being ruled by the Ottoman Empire
        and so did Ireland after being ruled by Britain as did countries
        in Africa which were colonised by Europeans ..

        In my lengthy post – I was looking at the history
        and I think Corbyn got it right in condemning
        him in the early part of this Century . It is ironic
        then that Blair etc were schmoozing him and yet
        they blame him for “going easy” on Putin.

        Corbyn has kept to the rules right through –
        requesting the scientific opinion of OPCW for gas attacks
        in Syria . Russia have signed the OPCW charter and this
        means the Organisation have every right to investigate the
        presence of Novicok inside Russia but the UK never requested
        this. Corbyn wanted a thorough investigation for the
        poisonings in Salisbury – hence his request for samples
        for Russia – these are the rules and the MPs who criticised
        him are Scientific ignoramuses. All that was actually done
        was determination of the identity of the poisonous substance
        – which had nothing to do with who had produced it. The Appendix
        in the Charter on “Verification” provides details ..

        As for Ukraine – I saw a claim on Social Media that Ukrainians
        can only attend one sort of Church whereas investigation
        shows they have the choice of the whole range of Protestant Churches
        and Catholic Churches of various kinds plus Orthodox. The only
        problem lies in Orthodox Churches which believe that Russia
        had the right to invade Ukraine – and this is complicated
        (See link below)
        I do not recall ANY church in the UK during WW2 which said its was OK for
        Germany to invade this country – or for any Cleric to defend Hitler for
        they would be incarcerated.

        For the situation in Ukraine – see

      4. Some further context for HFM:
        ……. and, no, it isn’t that “The only problem lies in Orthodox Churches which believe that Russia
        had the right to invade Ukraine”. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has existed for centuries and has been affiliated to the Patriarch of Moscow. Last year a section (minority) of members of that church broke away and formed the “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” and broke the links with the Patriarchy. It modified its religious practices to make itself distinct from the UOC. Zelensky edict bans Christians from worshipping in a way which is not approved. Strangely, it is the practices of the UOC that are not approved. The UOC have never said that “it is OK for Russia to invade”. If you have statements that they have made to that effect, then please link to them. Members of the UOC have simply been criminalised if the worship in the way that they have done for centuries.

      5. The US/Nato could have prevented it from happening in the FIRST place if they’d wanted to!

    2. I think you’ll find that it was Yeltsin who invaded and bombed Chechnya. 2014 onwards in Ukraine is intensely anti-Russian. The puppet-master wouldn’t have it any other way. Not saying that Putin’s a saint, but why do you assume that ‘dirty money’ is necessarily Russian?

  8. Off-topic: the Lee Anderson article incorrectly notes that he is Tory Chairman whereas he is Deputy Chair (Greg Hands is Chair)

    1. Isn’t Jack Monroe also suing the clueless, mouthy gobshite, and George A Whitebread wannabe, too?

      Hope he gets rinsed…And left with thirty pence to his name.

    2. “Despite this inane and offensive nonsense, Tory PM Rishi Sunak made Anderson Conservative party chair when he sacked Nadhim Zahawi for dishonesty about his fine from HMRC for unpaid taxes.”

      Despite this?

      Because of it.

  9. Also, from that Anderson article….
    He also voted against a plan to feed
    the UK’s poorest children during the worst of the pandemic.

    Whereas only 9 months after that – in July last year – keef ORDERED labour peers to ABSTAIN on giving the children of parents on UC a free meal at school.

    Took him around the same amount of time to sell out the nation’s poorest kids as it did to break each & every single one of those ten pledges.

    Young Rashford – A footballer, ffs – has done FAR MORE for hungry children than that greasy bastard EVER HAS, OR WILL

    Dave Kelly & Ian Byrne** did FAR MORE at tonight’s derby game for hungry kids than that slimy rat would EVER do.

    And some expect me to vote for THAT godawful nonce protecting, would-be child starver?

    Get tae fock.

    **In their capacity as football fans collecting food for fans supporting food banks.

  10. qwertboi – Who are you trying to convince, yourself?

    Again with the same repetitive, abused-to-death, wee stevie bingo card reply SHITE.

    So I’m compelled to reciprocate.

    Name ONE poster on this site (or anywhere else I’ve had the misfortune of seeing your constant bilge) you’ve convinced of anything?

    Just one? They’re as rare as a fulfilled keef pledge.

    And before you start (Except you’re finished long before that point, soft shite) everyone being convinced you’re a colossal gobshite with some sort of mental deficiency, doesn’t count.

    Come back only when you can find someone willing enough to face the same ridicule you do on a post-by-post basis

    See ya. 🙋

    1. Toffee – You are obviously under the misapprehension that I care one way or t’other what you think?

      1. Am I indeed?

        Telling… That that’s the first time I’ve ever seen you punctuate your sentence with a question mark, when you’ve made a statement of (what you believe to be) fact.

        …So it must be a question…Or is It?

        Obviously, it either is…Or it isn’t(?)

        Only in the wacky Walter Mitty world of wee weirdo stevie will one find the answer. 🤪

        And to think, you tried to convince us all you’d been headhunted by three local schools (on your fantasy island) to teach in them.

        Can’t write, can’t count can’t comprehend basic English.

        Nobody in their right mind would let you within 500 yards of their kids, nevermind be in a classroom, you utter wrong ‘un 😒

      2. Toffee – I’m sure that everyone will be impressed by how clever you think you are. 🙄

      3. Whether they are or not…

        At least I’ve consistently demonstrated a modicum of education – instead of pretending to be an educator.

        You’re convincing nobody, soft lad. Nor have you EVER convinced ANYONE.

        So you just crack on, and continue to make a total arse of yourself with every post you make. 👍😉

      4. As you’ve been informed on countless occasions; speak to people the way you do, and expect to be spoken to the way I do.

        Others might have the patience of Job. I’ll indulge you with no such courtesy, and especially when you accommodate nobody else much of anything, but rather contemptuously dismiss everyone else’s (far more considered) points of view outright and instantly.

        You don’t appear to find going out of your way to rile me so entertaining, not least when you’re given back what you liberally dole out, as your perpetual whining about being trolled has made clear, do you, Walter?

        Another vice of yours that speaks for itself. Nobody needs convincing of your sneering, arrogant and aloof attitude towards them.

        You obviously need reminding that this is a left-wing socialist site, and, by your own admission, you’re not a socialist and never have been.

        So WHY plague the place with your wholly unwelcome presence and objectionable, contrarian standpoint, if it’s not BUT to needle people and distract from the issues under discussion?

        You can’t be a paid shill because you’re totally fucking useless at that and even keef wouldn’t spunk party funds on such an extravagance (or would he? 🤔) So it must be it’s because you’re an attention seeking arsehole with zero scruples and even less self-awareness?!

        It’s up to YOU to convince us otherwise. And you’ve been trying for years, unsurprisingly without a single success.

        So unless you CAN, then there’s really no point in you visiting these forum(s) to post the same tired arld shite post after post after post.

        But like all nonce-enabling, nonce-excusing antagonists, there’s no point to you at all.

        Now toddle off, and have a good think about what I’ve written, won’t ya?

        (Expects the complaint about how long this post is, with the obligatory “yawning” emoji – that, or the hilarious [as a fire at an orphanage] I love you too comeback)

  11. Re: Young Mr. O’Mara
    This may help to shed a little more light on what transpired.

    1. “Jared didn’t fit their hair product, blue-suited, pointy-shoed image”

      That’s the length & breadth of smarmerite labour.

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