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Coyle readmitted to Labour despite sexual harassment warning as well as racist outburst

Starmer welcomed Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP back into party this week – but well-known racist comments toward British-Chinese journalist were not Coyle’s only transgression

Neil Coyle, left, and Keir Starmer

There was widespread outrage among Labour members this week after the the Starmer-led party’s decision to readmit him as a Labour MP, just a few days after Coyle was suspended by a House of Commons committee for a racist outburst at British-Chinese journalist Henry Dyer.

Clearly Keir Starmer’s ‘zero tolerance’ toward racism only counts for some types of racism and even then only if the culprit (or non-culprit) is a left-winger – as already evidenced by his decision to let off front-bencher Steve Reed and others.

But as The Scotsman notes, Coyle was also found guilty by the party of at least one incident of sexual harassment, following a complaint about abuse at Labour’s 2019 annual conference:

Mr Coyle, now sitting as an independent due to suspension, was given a formal warning, with the complaint then laying on his file for a year.

The woman filed the complaint following reports Mr Coyle made allegedly Sinophobic remarks to a journalist, seeing him suspended by Labour and banned from Parliament’s bars for six months.

Mr Coyle separately faces a five-day suspension after using “abusive language with racial overtones” towards a journalist during one of two drunken confrontations in a Commons bar. The Independent Expert Panel made the recommendation after finding he breached Parliament’s bullying and harassment policy during the two encounters after “excessive” drinking. One was the “foul-mouthed and drunken abuse” of another MP’s assistant and the other was the abuse of political journalist Henry Dyer…

Speaking to The Scotsman on the earlier sexual harassment complaint, the complainant said Labour’s response was nowhere near enough.

She said:

“Throughout the course of the night that it happened, I felt increasingly uncomfortable. His behaviour was diminishing my value as a professional, my right to be there, and made me feel like more of a sex object.

“When it escalated, I felt really, really scared. I didn’t know what it meant for me personally, I didn’t know what it meant for my career, and I knew that I was going to have to keep interacting with him. He was in a much more powerful position than me and it was his word against mine.

“The way he behaved towards my partner at the time was so disrespectful and degrading to both of us … I just remember going back to the hotel and just crying.”

She said despite then trying to avoid Coyle, doing so was “untenable” due to her work.

“I had to keep going back to him, and talking to him for various different work things, and every time I did it felt like I was excusing his behaviour,” she said.

“He was more powerful than me, but I needed to talk to him for work.”

Choosing to speak anonymously, she also revealed the situation coloured her view of Westminster going forward and made her feel unsafe with other MPs…

On the extent of Coyle’s punishment from the Labour party, the complainant said:

“It was so disappointing. The idea that it was only going to be kept on his formal record for a year, it should at least be indefinite. I don’t think he should be an MP at all. The party and the system needs to have a much stronger stance on MPs who are found to have bullied or harassed people.

“I was told that he would remain suspended from the Labour party pending other investigations, but if he was to regain the whip now after everything Labour knows about him, it would show Labour don’t really care about women or safety.”

Sure enough, Coyle is now once again a Labour MP, after Keir Starmer restored the whip.

Keir Starmer has boasted more than once how he will protect women and children if he gets into Downing Street – but the whitewash of Coyle’s record is by no means the only incident of Starmer choosing to do anything but protect women.

Starmer was warned repeatedly by whistleblower Elaina Cohen about ‘criminal’ and ‘sadistic’ abuse of vulnerable domestic violence victims by the employee and lover of a right-wing Labour MP – sworn evidence of which the MP and his legal team did not challenge in Ms Cohen’s eventual successful industrial tribunal. Despite Cohen’s persistence, Starmer and Labour general secretary David Evans covered up the abuse and took no action, while Cohen was sacked for blowing the whistle.

And Starmer notoriously ignored the pleas for help from Poplar and Limehouse MP Apsana Begum after she was targeted for spurious prosecution by allies of her allegedly-abusive ex-husband. Instead of acting to protect Ms Begum following her acquittal, the party – whose representatives had skulked away from the courthouse after the verdict, where they had planned to announce the selection of her successor – orchestrated a move to deselect her that involved further abuse and intimidation toward her and her supporters, especially women.

The party similarly dismissed sexual assault allegations against right-wing Redbridge Council leader Jas Athwal – against the advice of Labour’s own barrister – and abused the selection process to ensure Athwal was selected to stand at the next general election in place of incumbent MP Sam Tarry.

And while former MP Chris Matheson resigned as an MP after being found guilty of sexual harassment, Starmer never suspended him while under investigation and is still sheltering at least two alleged sex pests on his front bench, to deafening silence from the ‘mainstream’ media.

Commentators in the US have a saying, ‘It’s ok if you’re a Republican’, referring to the free pass given to right-wing politicians for all kinds of abuse and misconduct. In Keir Starmer’s corrupted Labour party, it’s clearly ‘it’s ok if you’re one of us’ – and shamelessly, Starmer will still boast about protecting the victims of abuse.

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  1. Two Cheeks
    We are very clearly in a phony war, Fascists v Socialists
    So pick your side and let’s get the gloves on

  2. If donkey-man Sir Keior Starmer doesn’t realise that restoring the corrupted-Labour whip to a right-wing sexually harrasing MP who clearly uses “abusive language with racial overtones” reflects badly on him, then donkey-man is an ass.

    Jeremy Corbyn should feel privileged to have the Labour whip removed by such a jackass.

  3. On a side note, the war criminal Campbell was on ch4 news just before regarding the lineker business.

    Had the brass neck to complain about alan sugar berating Corbyn but the beeb (and the rest of the meeja) doing and saying sod-all about it…

  4. Coyle has had the whip restored because although he is a loud mouthed, foul mouthed lout he is a Right wing bigot and a Zionist.This means he is can do whatever he likes. He will always be welcome in Starmers Labour while fine, honourable people like Jeremy Corbyn Audrey White Marc Wadsworth Jo Bird Naomi Wimborne Idrissi etc etc are not.
    Coyle’s return shows that Starmers Labour is a now officially a cess pit.I genuinely fear for the future if the electorate is ever stupid enough to put them in government

  5. Has Coyle actually had the Labour whip restored or has he just got his membership status back?

      1. goldbach – Only the following plus the lack of any info from searches.
        “Coyle’s administrative suspension as a party member has been lifted, which would seem to be suggestive of a direction of travel: towards the party, rather than away from it. What this means for his possession of the party whip as a MP, or his ability to stand for the party at the next election remains to be seen.”

      2. ps, and just a few days ago Keir Starmer clearly stated that Neil Coyle “has some way to go before he can have the Labour whip restored”.

      3. Keir Starmer clearly stated that Neil Coyle “has some way to go before he can have the Labour whip restored”.

        You think his boss, Klaus Schwab, or the great man’s emissary, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, told him to wait a day-or-two before restoring the whip?

      4. qwertboi – We’ll have to wait and see, in the meantime beware of that 🐰🕳️

    1. It’s not a rabbit hole SteveH. The World Economic Forum and Trilateral Commission are both very happy that Eeyore Keior has neutered Labour. The Corbyn threat had terrified them!

  6. Labour party under starmer protects its own Racists coyle.gripes/phillips/streeting/etc Also protects mass murderers Blair/cambell/brown/protects peodofiles savill/mandleson a regular visiter to Epstine island with prince nonce

  7. But here’s some BIG, BIG news.
    Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations.
    This could be a game changer.
    We may well be looking at an end to the war in Syria.
    We may also be looking at an end to the war in Yemen, or at least to Saudi involvement in the Yemen Civil War.

  8. …… “But here’s some BIG, BIG news.
    Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations.
    This could be a game changer” …..
    An equal part of the BIG news is that the re-establishment of cordial relations between KSA and Iran was facilitated by China’s President.
    Can you hear the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth in USA and Israel.
    NICE ONE China !
    A force for peace and reconciliation – Unlike a certain other hegemonic power, which seeks to sow friction and war across the world.

    1. For some time, the Israelis have been trying to maintain reasonably good relations with Russia whilst cosying up to the “big player” in the region, the US, and (though not having diplomatic relations) being a de facto ally of Saudi. Looks like they may have to start thinking about a repositioning soon, given that the US is ceasing to be the big player.

  9. The Reuters report refers to the surprise deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia with the following very-pertinent comment:

    “…………. (The deal) also contains an element sure to make officials in Washington deeply uneasy – the role of China as peace broker in a region where the U.S. has long wielded influence.”

    The world is changing fast.
    America’s role as the unipolar hegemonic power is crumbling as the world remembers its past crimes and wakes up to a better alternative.
    Watch out for the progressive de-dollarisation of the world economy – led by China, the SCO and the BRICS

    1. It appears that China is brokering a deal between Saudi and Iran whist the US is brokering one between Saudi and Israel.

  10. I am delighted to hear that China has brokered a peace-deal
    between KSA and Iran. According to the Economist they
    reached a deal because they wanted to “appease China” ..
    The same publication also thinks the the proxy war will not
    end and these are early days.

    It is a pity the UN do not have more power – and that it is
    left to China to be proactive for they have their own interests.
    No matter – peace is peace even if for a short time ..

    I see that China have also started to approach Russia
    and Ukraine for a peace talks to commence and I hope they
    \have some luck.

    1. China has been involved in trying to broker peace talks between Ukraine and Russia for many months.
      They have had no luck, to date.
      However, the mood in Washington appears to be slowly shifting (see the silly Nord Stream yacht story).
      It seems to be shifting too slowly though and, by the time the US comes round to seeking a peace deal, they will have to take whatever is on offer.

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