Starmer says he’ll halve violence on women. He’s still ignoring abuse of victims and sheltering ‘sex pests’

Starmer and Evans ignored whistleblower’s repeated warnings of ‘sadistic’ and ‘criminal’ abuse of vulnerable domestic violence victims – and still has at least two alleged sex pests on his front bench

Keir Starmer has promised to halve domestic violence against women and girls if Labour gets into government. He has a long track record of breaking promises.

But Starmer also has a track record of ignoring and even covering up abuse of domestic violence victims. Though he and his supporters continue to ignore it, Starmer and his general secretary sidekick David Evans both ignored repeated warnings from a staffer-turned-whistleblower that the lover and employee of a right-wing Labour MP was using the cover of a now-defunct domestic violence charity to abuse and exploit vulnerable victims.

The abuse was described in a tribunal as ‘sadistic’ and ‘criminal’ – and the victim’s evidence was not disputed by MP Khalid Mahmood. Mahmood also admitted that he had personally made sure Starmer was fully aware of the allegations – yet Starmer did nothing, effectively covering up the alleged abuse.

Mahmood remained on Starmer’s front bench for as long as he chose to be there – despite accompanying allegations of fraud and corruption – of which Starmer was also aware – Mahmood denied wrongdoing but was never suspended by the party for investigation, or for that matter ever investigated.

So appalled was whistleblower Elaina Cohen that she described Starmer as no better than the institutionally misogynistic and abusive Metropolitan Police.

Starmer also turned a blind eye to the horrific abuse of Poplar and Limehouse MP Apsana Begum. Instead, the party briefed against her to their media allies and tried to manoeuvre her out of her seat – and even to have her jailed on trumped-up housing fraud charges that a court rightly threw out.

And when then-Chester MP Chris Matheson was under investigation by Parliament for sexual harassment, neither Starmer nor the party machine suspended Matheson, pending the outcome of the investigation, to protect the women around him. Matheson ultimately resigned when found guilty by the parliamentary panel of ‘threatening’ sexual misconduct.

Worse still, Starmer is still protecting at least two further alleged sex pests on his front bench, despite ongoing investigations – and has readmitted Neil Coyle back into the parliamentary party despite Coyle’s record of racism and sexual harassment.

And of course, Keir Starmer was running the Crown Prosecution Service when it ignored the serial sex offences of Jimmy Savile.

Starmer’s record on promises make his pledge on domestic violence meaningless. But his record toward women makes this pledge far worse than meaningless.

Keir Starmer has been repeatedly contacted for comment on these issues and has never responded. The so-called ‘mainstream’ media, which enthusiastically amplifies Starmer’s ‘promises’, has also ignored these deeply serious allegations.

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