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Breaking: 600 postal votes ‘turn up’ at selection meeting as Tarry backers denied entry

At least a dozen supporters of incumbent MP denied access to ballot meeting – while hundreds of postal votes appear

Supporters of incumbent Ilford South MP Sam Tarry have been denied entry to this evening’s selection ballot meeting to decide who will represent Labour at the next general election.

Tarry faces off against right-wing favourite, Redbridge council leader Jas Athwal, who was reinstated by the party after Labour’s disciplinary unit failed to present sufficient evidence to a right-dominated panel of National Executive Committee (NEC) members, after ‘serious’ complaints of sexual harassment against Athwal.

And while Tarry supporters have been denied entry, Skwawkbox understands that around six hundred postal votes have ‘turned up’ at the meeting. No information on who those votes support is yet available.

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  1. Is there any information on why some of Sam Tarry’s supporters were denied access to the meeting.


      “Sam Tarry has been the party’s MP for Ilford South since 2019, but will not be the Labour candidate at the next general election.
      He was defeated by 499 votes to 361 by local council leader Jas Athwal at a meeting of party members on Monday night.

    2. “Is there any information on why some of Sam Tarry’s supporters were denied access to the meeting.”
      I guess that you would need to ask those who were responsible for denying access. You might not get an answer to your query, if experience in this neck of the woods is any guide.

      1. goldbach -Why don’t you try asking those that were refused entry. Surely they would have no reason to be reticent about the reasons they were given unless they’d either forgotten their membership cards or hadn’t renewed their membership.

      2. Precisely goldbach. The only people who can help Labour look less than dishonest and disreputable are the officials from the CLP.

        Will they? Probably not. Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wild enough, to keep starmer’s labor True.

      3. I would add that it is not unknown, at least in these parts, for people denied access to meetings to be given no explanation of why that access was denied.

  2. And where was ange to oversee events and make sure all was above board?


    1. Apparently she had an previous appointment with Sir Keir’s prostate.

      This party isn’t even trying to look fair or uncorrupted any longer.

      1. Not ‘sad’ SteveH, mad – as in angry, incensed and indignant.

        The Starmer cabal is showing itself to be a rat pack of vicious spivs. Even P&O (The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company) and British Gas will feel dirtied by them.

      2. qwertboi – You’re right, saddo would have been a more appropriate description.

      3. Apparently she had an previous appointment with Sir Keir’s prostate.

        Musta been a bit crowded up there. What, with Steve h already occupying that space as a permanent resident.

  3. I am sick of saying it this labour party is not a fit place for democracy or even anyone who has a shred of decency and morality especially any socialist….The sooner this criminal labour party get out of the way then the sooner a real left wing \socialist party will be formed.These deaperate so called socialists in the PLP should have worked to bring down the leader and the Evans gang…….too late now as the bloody obvious happens,theyre being picked off and dumped out of a cushy number labour party MP..I wonder how long his girlfriend will last or will she dump him now hes facing unemployment on a fat cat pension?I bet those facing a British winter have little sympathy for the plight of Tarry and all the others facing the Chop.
    .I hope Steve H enjoys his shitshow of a corrupt labour party.

    1. Joseph – “I am sick of saying it”

      You only have yourself to blame.
      If only you and your comrades from ‘the left’ could make some sort of progress beyond the keyboard warrior stage and actually get your act together. 😏

      1. Instead of being a shithouse rat like you that claimed to have voted Corbyn TWICE (only to try to lord it over those that didn’t have a vote) but tried to absolve himself of any blame from voting keef as you ONLY did so because you said he was best of a bad bunch

        But now you constantly sneer at Corbyn and those who also voted for him (as well as those that couldn’t but who supported him and his policies) while bigging up the lying prick who sold you out over brexit and was elected on maintaining those Corbynist policies he ditched within two months of gobshite’s like you actually putting your cross on the smarmer box.

        What a colossal bellend to have been shafted TWICE and STILL extol the greasy bastard.

        But that’s you all over.

      2. Toffee – Says the pathetic specimen who was too lazy to shift his arse and vote for Corbyn in the 19GE. Corbyn was the only one who sold me out over Brexit.

        Please try to be more accurate,I actually voted for Corbyn 4 times if you are going to also include the 2 leadership elections alongside the 2 general elections.

      3. Reply to Steve H
        Joseph O’Keefe is like you – he’s not from the Left. He hasn’t a good word to say about any of us and spends his time on here discrediting socialists/ socialism by posting abusive comments and demanding we all resign from the party ( and leave the way clear for the Right to win every internal election)

  4. Had I had a Corbynist candidate TO vote for, I surely would’ve voted for them

    As it was, I refused to vote for the fraudulent liar and smarmerist/bliarist angela illeagle

    No shame in that.

  5. I voted for the labour party under jeremy Corbyn and I urged anyone who wanted a decent society to vote with me
    .I canvassed and even turned out for momentum.That dream of a socialists government for the first time ever was shattered by criminals who even diverted campaign funds for a labour government.You absolute shithouses the right wing of the labour party who have now morphed into a fully fledged Fascist regime.
    I want nothing to do with them only destroy them like they did to so many of my comrades…. RIP labour Regime.and god forgive you because I never will.

  6. OK SteveH, I’ll take the bait…… did Jeremy sell YOU out over Brexit?

  7. shenanigans, purges and smells fading, the ptb must be thinking about a party rebrand that offers a golden dawn. is ‘democratic’ available?

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