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Labour right councillor deselected after racism complaints given ‘no-contest’ ticket in other ward

Party uses shortlisting tactic to ensure right-wing councillor selected to stand in another ward after being ‘trounced’ in original branch selection

A Labour councillor who was the subject of racism complaints by local party members and residents – which were ignored by Labour’s right-wing machine – has been selected unopposed to stand for election in a new ward after being ‘trounced’ in the selection vote in the St Anne’s ward seat she occupied on Haringey council.

London Labour, according to locals, ensured that Julie Davies was able to stand by putting her forward unopposed in Hermitage and Gardens ward.

One local source told Skwawkbox:

Labour members in one of the most diverse wards in the UK showed their feelings about Cllr Davies by overwhelmingly deselecting her despite the efforts of London Labour. For the party to basically impose her on another ward by manipulating the shortlist is appalling.

Davies was the subject of complaints after she posted comments on a message board deriding the Colombian community who sell at the Ward’s Corner Latin market in the Seven Sisters area of Haringey:

Complaints were also made about an email in which Davies’ mocked the English of a fellow councillor of Kurdish ethnicity, whose first language is not English:

The party took no action against Davies over the complaints, but instead suspended the complainant.

The Market Traders and Workers Union for Seven Sisters responded with outrage earlier this week to the news that Davies might be selected in another ward:

A union comment over the possible selection of Julie Davies, which has now been confirmed after Labour right manoeuvres

That selection has now been confirmed after yet another abuse of democracy by Labour’s right-wing regime.

London Labour and the Labour right’s conduct in Haringey has been appalling in other ways over an extended period. A prolonged ‘racist coup’ eventually saw the popular Cllr Joe Ejiofor, the only black council leader in London – toppled as leader. Not satisfied with that, the party then barred Ejiofor from even re-standing as a council candidate:

Labour’s London regional office had already been accused of hijacking local meetings in order to faciliate Ejiofor’s removal as council leader – and when two leading right-wing councillors were suspended because of racism complaints, the London regional office moved to protect them rather than those making the complaints.

Ejiofor’s predecessor as council leader, right-winger Claire Kober – who had been heavily criticised by locals for pushing through a property development scheme that would have ousted council tenants from their homes – quit to work for a private property management company after Labour’s then-left-run national executive had intervened. Kober had admitted, as council leader, compiling ‘dossiers’ against opponents of the scheme and left-wing council candidates.

And after Ejiofor was removed, the council began pressuring residents of another part of the borough to vote for the demolition of their own homes, despite no guarantees that they would be re-housed in the area.

The Starmer-run Labour party has been slammed by critics inside and outside the party for its racism toward Muslims, black people and Gypsy Travellers, including mass deselection of black and Asian councillors and distributing anti-Gypsy campaign leaflets. In another candidate-imposition scandal, London Labour recently forced a right-winger who had used ‘holocaust language’ against Gypsy-Travellers on Ealing Labour members.

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  1. I see that in all polls Labour is losing its lead over the worst government in history, and in some is BEHIND the Tories. It takes real skill to sink beneath the Russian-funded Tory Party!

      1. 🛑 Sir Keir Starmer was allowed to deceive members. Result❔ OVER one hundred THOUSAND left the party❕
🛑 Mandelson, WMD Blair Starmer, Evans & co -> chasing billionaires to plug financial hole from: Legal bills of £2 million-a-year re: “antisemitism”, disciplinary cases and of course data breech / abuse scandals.

      1. SteveH
        What we are comparing is two cheeks of the same arse
        No matter who we vote for at the next GE the same fuckers will get in

      2. Doug – Oh dear – You are going to wear that silly meme out.

      3. SteveH
        When Red Tories decided to support the worst government since 1979 rather than the best Socialist government since 1945 then it’s fair to say a line has been crossed
        I’m still hoping those responsible are prosecuted

      4. Doug – Your problem is that the voters preferred ‘the worst government since 1979’ to Corbyn and his acolytes. All the empty rhetoric in world ain’t going to make that one go away.

      5. SteveH
        Your problem is voters took Temporary Embarrassment at face value in 2019 GE

      6. SteveH
        He’s a real Nowhere Man
        Sitting in his Nowhere land
        Making all his Nowhere plans, for nobody

      1. She’s a canny blogger, thanks. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva. Her research is impressive – blowing my mind. The work she’s done on the 11 US-funded biolabs and their cavalier behaviour (cholera/swine flu deaths, botulinum toxin poisoning, etc., etc.) is resonating with many I bet. Thanks. Nato isn’t the real object of hostility here, is it? I suspect Putin’s already regretting his involvement in the covid scam. Serves him right.

      2. Brian Precious, thanks for that I have been following her for a long time. What a brave person she is.

      3. Given there is no comments section on the thread about BBC/The Official Narrative (TON) reporting this article, with links, outlining the basics of the high level of influence of neo-nazi/fascist groups across Ukrainian society is also useful.

        Particularly for those Useful Idiots who inhabit this site who attempt to downplay that influence (one wonders why?).

        These are people who have been and continue to be fully supported by elites in London, Washington, Brussels and Paris. That’s our taxes used to support fascists who have murdered in the region of 14,000 ethnic Russian Ukraine citizens in the Donbass since 2014.

        Fascists who openly broadcast their intent to slaughter every ethnic Russian – man women or child – they can get their hands on. Drawing in support from and training similar groups from other Western countries in Europe and the America’s along with the Western supported Jihadist head choppers from the Near East.

        Some of these terrorists are likely to escape Ukraine into the rest of Europe. Some of them will likely bring weapons supplied by our taxes which include Stinger, Javelin and NLAW anti-tank weapons.

        Something to think about in terms of blowback when the next terrorist atrocity occurs in Europe/UK courtesy of out taxes.

      4. Here’s an alternative perspective that doesn’t come from Putin’s propaganda machine for the gullible.
        Ukraine war: Ros Atkins on… Putin’s false ‘Nazi’ claims – Video (duration <10mins)
        One of President Putin’s justifications for his invasion of Ukraine is that he wants to "denazify" the country.
        Ros Atkins looks at the distortions and untruths that Russia is spreading about Nazis in Ukraine – including about the role of the Azov regiment, who are based in Mariupol and are part of Ukraine's national guard.

      5. Say, keep up the sterling work providing such good links. The Saker & Consortium bulletins that I signed up for have stopped arriving in my inbox, thanks to some hostile algorithm, no doubt. South Front is a good one too and there’s never enough time to keep tabs on everything good, so you’re a big help. Thanks.

      6. timfrom – I empathise with you, it takes a degree of dedication from the gullible to keep up with the prodigious output coming from Putin’s propaganda machine.

      7. Consortium has been going longer than Putin’s been in power – since 1995, in fact.

      8. Twenty eight minute video report from refugee camp for Mariupol civilians:

        In one harrowing interview (the final one of three from the kindergarden) the women explains how they were trapped in a basement with little water. Trying to heat the water outside to make in drinkable for themselves and the children they were constantly fired at every time they ventured out to do this by Azov Battalion troops using them as human shields.

      9. The extent of these Nazi’s influence in Ukraine:

        Have you got nothing else steveH? Something credible rather than this bullshit psyops stuff you are peddling.

        Because there’s plenty more where this lot came from.

        Tick tock. we are waiting for something substantive from you.

      10. You’ve excelled yourself again, Dave. I’m glad you have (evidently) plenty of time on your hands! The Nation article takes the prize, though. Great stuff.

  2. Democracy in keef’s labour involves a very large shoehorn and an industrial sized vat of vaseline.

  3. But Corbyn…

    On the contrary…

    And everything else BUT the brazen and despicable contempt of democracy – once again – shown by smarmerist labour..

    And he thinks they’re a credible alternative

      1. Yet more empty rhetoric from you both, is that really all you have. I note that neither of you have managed to come up with a credible alternative of your own yet.
        Please come back and tell us all about it when you can offer a credible alternative. Hopefully something a little better than the deposit losing no hopers in the TUSC

      2. Baz

        Oh dear, he walked straight into that one without even realising, didn’t he! Right on cue.

      3. Doug – Where else would I expect to find yesterday’s man.

      4. Ah! Bless.

        He’ll be breaking out into “Tomorrow belongs to ME” any minute.

      5. SteveH
        He’s a real Nowhere man
        Sitting in his Nowhere land
        Making all his Nowhere plans, for nobody

  4. No surprise JoeRobson. People know Johnson is awful but realise SIR Keith Starmer is much worse horror. That’s why he keeps silent on every major Johnson chumocracy corruption / lies. Starmer is bad Bad BAD news. I’m relieved the general public have sussed the creep out.

    🛑 Sir Keir Starmer deceived enough people to seize position. Then ➡️ over one hundred THOUSAND left the party.
    🛑 Starmer & Evans & co ➡️ courting his billionaire chums etc to plug financial mess from: Legal bills of £2 million-a-year re “antisemitism”, disciplinary cases and of course data scandals.

    Way to go Keith …SIR.

    1. windchime – “That’s why he keeps silent on every major Johnson chumocracy corruption / lies.

      Thanks for your opinion but Hansard tells a different story.

      1. Exactly – “a diifferent story”! If it were genuine (and not just a script/performance), Labour would be significantly more than “twenty points ahead” and would be at the head of an unstoppable thrust of democratic fervour. But it isn’t.

        Starmer fools no-one.

      2. qwertboi – You may have had a point if Labour weren’t consistently ahead in the polls. Have you read the Stats for Lefties analysis on your stupid meme?

      3. “if Labour weren’t consistently ahead in the polls”

        As you know, ‘polls’ in the synchronise-MSM are as much to influence and direct opinions, than to measure it.

        The first real poll Sir Keir will face (since his “show-me-your-papers”/mandatory ‘vaccination’ revelation) will be on Thursday 5th May 2022. Let’s see.

    2. No matter Signpost….Gary Neville is onboard, that’s bound to make a difference to Labour’s gaping hole in it’s finances. Can’t wait to see the accounts for this year.

      1. Yes bax2001, i know. Sadly some like Neville suffer from chronic crumb chasing complex. The similar aims of Keith, WMD Blair, Johnson, Shapps, Cuffey, Reeves, Tebbitt, Smittht Duncan et al, fails to wake them. Neville types may mean well but sleep deep.

        p.s. some also hope… despite EVERYTHING they see and experience, some struggle to imagine that Keith has even more evils to unleash. …¿a poverty of imagination and self respect … and basic logic?

        FIRST time since 2006, the Labour party is in DEFICIT. In deficit, in MANY more ways than thirteen under SIR Keith.

  5. Sorry but it’s time to grow some guys, The Right Wing slandered and Lied to the tv media the Nazi Press Corps and gullible voters no one on the Right should hold a Party Membership they are insidious lying bastards if you don’t act to remove them NOW the Labour Party will be lost forever, You English on the left have a limited window to retake your party from the Nazi Right and re-instate the greatest leader we’ve had since Clem Attlee, You over the border of what remains of the Left must clear your minds of all the propaganda shite blasted into your brains, I am a Scot and until Kinnock & BLAIR a lifelong Member of the Party and active Trade Unionist my energy now goes to getting my Nation Independence from the Wreckage of English Politics, We Will Prevail 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪🇺🇦🇪🇺 Saor Alba

    1. What about the Kingdom of Northumbria, would you consider a joint venture
      You know what they say
      Scottish people are just Geordies with their brains kicked in

      1. Pat McQueenie
        As someone born in Stirling (a kick in the arse from Bannockburn) but raised a member of the Jordi tribe my preference would be a Socialist Labour government led by JC over Scottish Independence
        What say you

    2. It will be a bit difficult with 10/15 UK Labour Party MPs left just about standing! How did you campaign 2015 to 2020, out of interest? Pro UK Labour Party or Pro-Spinmeisters’ BLiar, Campbell, Mandelson’s FBPE/2ndRef, because that bandwagon was as guilty in the UK Labour Party losing as any of the other Bandwagons!
      Ironically it was The UK Labour Party, JC, who wrote, EXACTLY what FBPE/2nd Ref were clanging empty tin cans over, in the form of Confirmatory Vote, into the Brexit Plan in Feb 2018. Now the Remoan Bandwagon and Brexiteer Bandwagon have a fucked up Deal and TWO Tory Parties, The Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORIES or The Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES, who are BOTH Pro Boris Deal and Anti-FBPE/2ndRef!
      It is a shame people did not GROW UP and actually listened to what Labour was offering when it mattered, when we had a CHOICE!

  6. Keir Starmer’s Pro-Business Stance Will Make Labour Unelectable by Liam Barrett

    Last month, Unite union leader Sharon Graham and Labour Party leader Keir Starmer found themselves in a war of words. The spat was a consequence of Coventry’s Labour-led city council failing to acquiesce to the demands of striking workers. In defense of truck drivers fighting for improved pay, Graham decried the council leadership’s actions in the ongoing strike, labeling them “incompetent.” Unite has accused Coventry Labour of ignoring the plight of workers employed by the local authority by failing to attend negotiation meetings and distributing anti-strike leaflets displaying false information about the strikers’ pay.

    Labour’s actions in Coventry are indefensible. The rightward turn led by Starmer is not, however, new. It is a return to a conservative tradition that was dominant throughout much of the pre-Corbyn years.

    1. They are a bunch of coniving eletists that have infected the labour party from the very beginning and to what looks like the end now.No choice no worries no living just a existence ” if the working class are lucky..Who doubts that this was all planned when the labour party miraculously managed to produce a genuine socialist with practical,workable solutions to a western world on the brink.of disintegration.They quicky removed him and along with two hundred thousand members who left,thrown out and look what you are funding now?with your hard earned money…Fascism…thats the party now….You will never know many of the answers to why or a what just be assured that this is not the labour party that I joined many decades ago despite its warts and all we could do something to improve the “lot” of the working class our fault was in allowing a broad church for the cancer of neo liberal thinking to take hold and destroy socialist thinking.and the any form of democracy.Dont be suprised at the expulsion of a handful of mps and councillors in the coming months as the labour party try in desperation to give the country another tory tribute act.

  7. Yet more empty rhetoric from you both, is that really all you have. I note that neither of you have managed to come up with a credible alternative of your own yet

    There WAS one… Until YOU allowed keef and the fat bastard to shit all over democracy AND continue to do so.

    Prick. Complaining that the referendum was undemocratic but you’ll say fuck all about the overt shithousery from your dear leader and instead blame Corbyn for what’s going on.

    Fuck off and die. Nothing empty about that sentiment neither.

  8. Dawn Butler has announced she has been diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram and that she will be taking some time off to recover from an operation. “It is a shock but an early diagnosis means that it is something that I will get through and get over. The operation was a complete success,” the MP said in a statement this morning. Best wishes for her speedy recovery.

  9. Still jerking yourself into a stupor about keef’s temporary polling numbers, wee gobshite? (Even though he cant maintain a piss-poor 1-2pt lead over de piffle for five fucking minutes?)

    Still trying to convince anyone who’ll listen that that’ll translate to a stonking great GE victory? *chuckles*

    News for you, soft shite. Keef’s THAT popular that Corbyn had almost FOUR times as many ‘big’ donors to the cause as keef does.

    …And less than half the members Corbyn attracted.

    And not a fucking iota of Corbyn’s personality, approachability or political nous.

    Keef has to rely on murdoch promoting utter bullshit on his behalf, and still -STILL – can’t drum up anywhere’s near enough support to get a point or two ahead of the fat toerag scruff and his embezzling toff coterie for any significant period.

    Keef has supported toeragism more time in his two-year tenure than Corbyn defeated the r’ags, in his four year one.

    You gonna provide us all with a smarmer policy that is totally autonomous from toeragism?

    Nope. Nor is he.

    But DO keep making a complete prick of yourself, wontcha? 👍😉

      1. SteveH
        Where were the polls for the 2017 GE
        What stopped us getting into power with the surge created by JC
        Red Tories
        Special place in hell

      2. SteveH
        Now answer the question
        Do you know what a special place in hell looks like in practice
        Prosecution, Bankruptcy and Gaol

      3. Doug – For you hell will look like whatever you’ve been brainwashed into believing it will look like. As for me I can’t comment on something that doesn’t exist, I’m not into sky fairies.

      4. So.



        Keefs’ been party fuhrer for two years.

        Corbyn’s been exiled (by the shithouse) for just about as long.

        Keef just about managed to cling on to one seat (Batley). He hasn’t gained Lost a deposit in one, and came third in the other when a clear second previously.

        He’s that popular that he managed to turn a consistently labour seat toerag for the first time in its existence.

        And that was one that mandelslime held. There’s the yardstick of smarmerism for ya.; not some fucking opinion poll that might show a temporary, minimal and utterly meaningless

        And you cream yerself over some temporary minimal lead?!

        But then again, it’s only opinion polls that seem to cut any sway with you isn’t it?

        Remember, you’ve consistently told me that my voice doesn’t matter.

        That obviously applies to the rest of the electorate – especially the sensible ones who understand that keefs’ not worth a bleedin carrot, and will refuse to vote for him and his non existent ‘alternative’ to toryism, (You’re STILL to provide us with a single one)

        You (allegedly) don’t even live in the UK. Therefore you have no fucking idea of how disenfranchised and disgusted with the greasy prick that people like me, are.

        So you know what to do with your poncey little opinion polls that show a minimal lead for keef, you filthy degenerate.

        I’ll trust the general consensus of the people I speak to and the people I don’t.

      5. Toffee – SFW?
        The improvements in Labour’s polling tell their own story, just like the TUSC losing their deposit again tells its own story.

      6. What’s your obsession with TUS I havent even mentioned them so WHY keep banging on about them?

        When I mention the TUSC, THEN you’re free to refer to them.

        Until then, don’t bother. Address the issue of smarmerite labour not anywheres close to being level with the toerags: barely managing to cling on to a seat, losing a former stronghold, and losing its deposit on another, while waving the white flag in another seat and allowing the libtards a free hit…Nevermind keef being a point or two ahead of THE most corrupt PM in history.

        Address the issue of keef providing NO alternative OR opposition to the most corrupt bunch of embezzling bastards there’s EVER been.

        FFS DESIST from harping on about the TUSC when they haven’t even been mentioned.

      7. Toffee – Get over yourself, since when has anyone needed your permission to do anything

      8. Toffee – SFW?
        The improvements in Labour’s polling tell their own story, just like the TUSC losing their deposit again tells its own story.








    1. Thanks Dave Hansell for the links which will ensure that one day the truth about Nazis and the war crimes will come out even in the heavily censored west..Torture by routine of POWs by the new SS Ukraine will never be Russia.The use of doctors to prolong the torture is reminiscent of the German SS in Europe.We are able in this part of the world to have a wide range of veiws and reading from different outlets. from our veiw here its look very much like the destroyers sailing around the islands and coasts of the S.China sea are here for one purpose only and its certainly not freedom and liberation that the West have on the agenda.looking at the Nazi Ukraine regime.and the USA.

      1. Ukraine war: Ros Atkins on… Putin’s false ‘Nazi’ claimsVideo (duration <10mins)
        One of President Putin’s justifications for his invasion of Ukraine is that he wants to "denazify" the country.
        Ros Atkins looks at the distortions and untruths that Russia is spreading about Nazis in Ukraine – including about the role of the Azov regiment, who are based in Mariupol and are part of Ukraine's national guard.

      2. Is that the same BBC whose reporter Jeremy Bowen filmed a report in front of a bunch of the self-same nazis, as reported by Skwawkbox just a few days ago?

      3. timfrom – Perhaps you should watch the full video that I have linked to. (it’s less than 10mins)

      4. SteveH
        Consortium News goes into great detail
        Can you be a good chap and do your best to educate The Starmfuhrer

      5. Doug – I suppose that depends on whether you are gullible enough to swallow the output from Putin’s propaganda machine

      6. Oh, well – Ros Atkins said so…And he’s the beebeecee…Second only to keef in the ministry of enlightenment.

        …And keef used to prosecute terrorists.

        Christ on a bike, there is NO grey area with the moron. 🤦

      7. SteveH
        Putin he’s behind you
        What is truly sick is that the peace settlement will be near as damn it to the Minsk agreement in 2014
        Only the Yanks and their lap dogs could inflict this level of slaughter and carnage to secure lucrative energy deals and feed the MIC
        That makes you and yours a bunch of war criminals

      8. Doug – The only person to blame for this is Putin. Why would you support an imperialist dictator like Putin who maintains his power through murder, torture and fear. What sort of pretend socialist does that?

      9. SteveH
        Only if you do geopolitics for Year 7’s
        Putin really really really bad, America good

        Nazi’s bad, nothing else comes close

        Putin is part of the kleptocracy and we know the biggest recipient of dirty money is the cheap and nasties
        Now wheres Temporary Embarrassment

      10. Doug – Do you really have such a simplistic outlook on the world.

      11. Joseph,

        Britain’s answer to the birth pill is going to spend the remainder of his life trying to remove an infinite amount of self induced egg of his face when the penny drops with Western populations at all the lies and propaganda they’ve been fed.

        Lies and propaganda which gullible useful idiots like stevH have been peddling because he’s too busy thinking how clever he is to notice that the mask has recently been pulled off by sleepy Joe to the consternation of everyone else.

        Here’s Finian Cunningham at Strategic Culture:

        “Biden just ripped off the wrapping on the policy. In one fell swoop, he just proved what Russia has been saying.

        His admission of regime change against Russia is an admission of violating the UN Charter and international law.

        The European leaders are aghast not because they are against such criminality. Their concern is that they too are exposed as being complicit in a criminal conspiracy. They fear how their public will react to that imperial agenda. Is this what economic sanctions and resulting energy price inflation are for?”


      12. ……..continued…….:


        Meanwhile, Alaster Crooke, in another Strategic Culture article:

        observes that:

        “The Islamabad Declaration issued on Wednesday after the 45th meeting of the foreign ministers of the fifty-seven member Organisation of Islamic Conference refused to endorse sanctions against Russia. Not a single country in the African continent or West Asian, Central Asia, South and Southeast Asian region has imposed sanctions against Russia””

        “The reality is that the sanctions to which Biden referred in his speech have already failed. Russia has not defaulted; the Moscow stock exchange is open; the Rouble is on the rebound; their current account is in rude good health and Russia is selling energy at windfall prices (even after discount).”

        From this coming Friday those imposing sanctions and who have confiscated Russian assets – including half its gold reserves (just like they stole the gold of Iran, Afghanistan,and Venezuela) – will have to pay for any energy in Roubles. India has just concluded a deal for Russian oil to be paid in Rupees in which the RF will reinvest in Indian government bonds. That’s the first crack in the petro dollar.

        At the same time everyone not in the self aggrandising 30% of the planet which
        bills itself as “THE International community (USA/Canada/Europe/Japan/S. Korea/Australasia) is busy planning to move their assets away from the pirate states in that bloc lest they be stolen also.


      13. That’s why I miss RT. They introduced me to Alistair Crooke. I bet he’s done another of his interviews with the guy off Cross Talk recently, too!

      14. …….continued……


        The fallout of which can be viewed in this recent interview video (22 minutes)

        By people who do know their arse from a hole in the ground.

        When there is no gas and diesel is running out to keep the trucks on the road and trains on the tracks delivering essentials like food; and the shelves in the supermarket start to become empty; when there is insufficient fertiliser for the current growing season and prices of what food is available go through the roof that penny will drop and those pushing The Official (propaganda) Narrative, like steveH are going to know what its like to be alone on the wrong side of the mob.

      15. To add to my previously Censored and Removed Nazi Ukraine Post, I will just copy and paste this, from the RT, look it up and judge for yourselves!
        “Major General Igor Konashenkov, Defense Ministry spokesman, accused Kiev of trying to deceive the world with “cynical lies” about Russia’s offensive.
        He presented a set of images he said was evidence of “nationalists” using a synagogue in the city of Uman, in central Ukraine, “for military purposes.”
        I am sure as this includes the word “synagogue” it will also be removed also, never mind, it must have been an abandoned brand-new build synagogue or the preacher person in their house directly opposite did not notice a thing or just perhaps the MSM and their comedian fanatics are right that there are no Nazis in Ukraine and the volumes and Volumes of FACTS available are just Putin’s Propaganda, let’s all take the risk shall we, it’s not like a little shithole like Ukraine could ever be the Nr1 International Nazi Destination!

      16. Gullible, I mean. And he isn’t, either.Gullible, I mean. And he isn’t, either.

  10. qwertboi
    One for you from a Russell Brand podcaet comment section
    I would love to tell you a killer Covid19 joke
    But chances are 99.98% of you won’t get itd

  11. Some buffoons seem to think that Consortium News is a Russian front organisation? I think not.
    It’s a way of deflecting the attention, and saves having to engage with uncomfortable information.
    There always has to be an evil group confronted by the good in that world view. No shades of grey, no complexity.
    Of course, it may be an inability to understand any content that is not black and white but I suspect that it is wilful ignorance.
    It would be wise to listen to Ted Postol.

  12. It would be fair to say that Scott Ritter probably knows a bit more about Ukraine than does Ros Atkins.

    1. It has always surprised me how cuddly the extremes of the left and right are with each other.

      1. Which extreme does keef fit into?

        He’s extremely cosy with the embezzling, corrupt right, and vehemently dislikes any semblance of the left being in his party; so much so that anyone to the left of the libtards within HIS clique are expunged without hesitation OR justification.

      2. Toffee – Why would you still care, you haven’t been a member for over a ¼ of a century. Maybe there’s a reason that you are still looking for a new political home.

      3. Steve H since when have you fascists not been extremists?…you may want to “normalize fascist labour but de nazfication is becoming increasingly popular even in Britain.God knows where you think youre going with this Gang boss smarmer but for most unbiased observers it appears to be “down the plughole.

  13. Don’t forget, Joseph, that people like him never have anything positive to offer in terms of argument in favour of their perspective.This is likely due to a complete lack of perspective. The only option open to them is to misrepresent their opponents’ arguments or to throw into the mix irrelevant comments. We have to accept that it is possibly that they genuinely believe that they have a coherent understanding of the issues – like the drunk in the pub. More likely, in this case, that it is David Gower Syndrome.

  14. Corruption is part of the human condition, greed and fear dominate, now we need to talk about the Great Reset
    Obama and Brown could have saved the world but chose not to
    The debt can never be paid, all paper currencies are ultimately printed into extinction by the elites
    The only credible solution from history is a ‘Debt Jubilee ‘ Google Dr Michael Hudson
    Bitcoin offers a world currency beyond the control of governments, now that’s the bit I’m too thick to even begin to comprehend
    How we write off the debt, move to Bitcoin backed by Gold
    I know it is not in the interests of the ‘let them eat cakes’

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