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Exclusive: original party official refused to sign off unsafe Byrne trigger result

Rather than act on clear issues, Labour simply handed Liverpool West Derby trigger result to London regional office, involved in the Tarry and Begum scandals, to continue ‘stitch-up’

Ian Byrne MP talking to constituents at his ground-breaking community kitchen project last night

Labour insiders have revealed to Skwawkbox the extent of the stitch-up the party regime is perpetrating against one of the very few working-class MPs on its benches.

As Skwawkbox showed this morning, as the party announced its bid last night to oust Liverpool West Derby MP Ian Byrne, he was busy at the ‘Scouse Kitchen’ community kitchen project he has pioneered along with Liverpool FC football legend Robbie Fowler and food and hunger expert Professor Bryce Evans.

The party’s drive to oust the well-known and highly-popular left-winger has been dogged by accusations of stitch-ups and rigging by the Labour right to ensure that Byrne was ‘triggered’ and would face a selection contest.

And Skwawkbox can exclusively reveal that those issues were so severe that the outrage was by no means limited to Byrne’s many supporters.

According to party insiders, the original regional representative appointed by Labour’s national executive to run the ‘trigger’ process refused to sign off on the supposed ‘result’ because he believed that the party had ignored the issues and the seriousness of them – and the official was instead calling for several of the branch ballots to be re-run.

Rather than act on the official’s report, Labour general secretary David Evans’s office overruled it – and appointed London region, hundreds of miles away, to take over the continuation of the process.

That regional office has frequently been accused of rigging votes, ignoring complaints and protecting right-wingers even in cases of racism.

And it is the office that oversaw both the recent fiasco of the deselection of Ilford South MP Sam Tarry and his replacement by a council leader who was accused of sexual assault, despite David Evans admitting to Tarry that there had been cases of vote fraud – and the horrific, abusive campaign to remove popular Muslim woman MP Apsana Begum.

If West Derby members and affiliates have the remotest interest in democracy, let alone having a decent MP who fights for the interests of local people, they will send an unequivocal message to Labour anti-democrats by voting overwhelmingly for Byrne – and will tolerate none of the party’s usual tricks to swing the result the way it wants.

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