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Streeting in outrage mode re suspension of Ilford S candidate over sexual harassment allegations. Hangs up when challenged

‘Anonymised’ investigations only used in sexual harassment cases

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX reported the suspension by Labour of Redbridge Council leader and would-be Ilford South parliamentary candidate Jas Athwal after an anonymised hearing by a Labour Party panel.

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting, who has supported Athwal’s campaign to become Ilford South candidate, reacted with outrage to what he called a ‘stitch up’.

Such outrage, in fact, that his Twitter feed since the news broke has consisted of little more than condemnations of the suspension and expressions of support for Athwal, including comments that Athwal’s suspension represents ‘a new low’ and that the selection ‘can no longer be considered democratic’:

The widely-reported anonymisation of the case heard by the panel makes claims of a stitch-up nonsense – even more so when the SKWAWKBOX understands that four cases were heard at the same time and all were anonymised.

However, Labour only anonymises cases involving sexual harassment allegations.

Cllr Athwal has been contacted for comment but has not responded so far.

Mr Streeting has previously said publicly that political parties need to ‘look at ourselves hard in the mirror… on sexual harassment‘:

The SKWAWKBOX attempted to ask Wes Streeting whether he regretted and would be retracting his tweets of today, given the nature of the allegations leading to the suspension.

However, he hung up and has not responded to a texted enquiry in spite of notification of the imminence of publication.

The Ilford South selection process had already been postponed after party leader Jeremy Corbyn asked for and obtained the agreement of the remaining candidates to delay in order to allow new applicants to come forward to widen members’ options.

This morning’s selection meeting had already convened when the news broke. Locals report 6-800 members were in attendance and that left-wing candidate Sam Tarry looked well-placed to win.

Cllr Athwal’s suspension is administrative pending the hearing of his case and does not imply guilt.

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  1. “Wes Streeting, who has supported Athwal’s campaign to become Ilford South candidate, reacted with outrage ”

    Looks like there’s a high probability of substance to the allegations, then.

    (Truth test : Listen to what Steeting has to say, then recognize the opposite as the truth)

    1. In relation to Wes reacting with outrage,when does he ever react with anything else? Poor man, he seems to live in a state of permanent outrage.

  2. Well if Athwels got the endorsement from Screeching….he must be looked at and found wanting?.I am beginning to get dizzy spells with this councillor…in..out shake it all about.Like they say in the westerns I still enjoy “give him a fair trial and we gonna hang em!…metaphorical of course comrades

  3. Streeting is such a hypocrite. He is quite happy for instant suspension before investigation of Chris Williamson and others accused of antisemitism. Oh except Hodge, Watson and his own antisemetism allegation?

  4. Faux outrage becomes him. And it’s just as well, because there’s nothing else to him. He’s an empty void of faux outrage nothingness.

    Wes Steeton, please leave Labour now – you’re an embarrasment to yourself and to it.

  5. These incidents illustrate just how chaotic, poorly designed and implemented the LPs invesigation and disciplinary systems are.

    In their panic to be seen to be ‘doing something’ the LP often does the wrong thing and then has to start backtracking. All systems should be based upon fairness and due process, investigations may take a little longer but the results will have a greater validity.

    It is also imperative that members of the JLM should not be allowed to influence the outcome of any investigation. This is a subversive group within Labour whose only intention is to protect racist Israel.

    1. Yes – the only protection is transparency and proper procedures – sadly lacking in too many investigations.

      On the ‘antisemitism’ issue, the new ‘Bad News for Labour’ gives a devastating analysis of how the stupid adoption of the IHRA document has confused such proper procedures and opened the door to manipulation.

  6. Screeching pissing his pants again , good grief, his constituents really do deserve better , someone with a maturity level above that of a 7 yr old .
    Child not fit to be a tea boy let alone an MP .
    PS Wes one name Marc Wadsworth … and the image of you in the gang along with Smeeth and Gobshite marching along to ensure his suspension … disgusting little turd you are boy

  7. There has been another suspension also apparently because of sexual harassment accusations

    Steven Saxby, (the Red Rev) who had been elected as PPC for The Cities of London and Westminster, has been suspended from the Labour Party. Because of his suspension he will no longer be eligible to be the PPC.

    1. Steve H..thanks for that,and did a bit of research and still wondering if its ever a good idea for priests and religion.We already have bishops in the lords and a head of state .Suprised the Labour party allows priests and politics…..We lost a thousand years of history and learning in a bonfire of hate last time the church was in conflict with the state…Do we never learn?

      1. Joseph – I don’t really care which sky-fairy people choose to put their faith in as long as they don’t seek to impose their nonsense on others or project themselves as having higher moral standards than the rest of us because they are a person of ‘faith’ (whatever that means).

        Politicians professing to be a person of faith is certainly no guarantee of moral behaviour. Theresa May famously claimed that everything she does is guided by her faith.

      2. Totaly agree.. Maybe a secular state must be a change for the better. With no representation of faith in our system would be good..and reassuring for a country that is much more ethnically diverse. i and religiously diverse over the last half century .When I was a councillor I always objected to the yearly grant afforded to what was described as the Parish church,using mine and taxpayers money 💰the majority who had no relevance to their own personal beliefs?…most Labour councillors said that the subject had never been an issue till I stood up on a point of order and objected to grants on behalf of taxpayers of a different faith or none..And that is why we need more positive discrimination inside the Labour party to be consistent with representative of all of our people..regards and solidarity from a Catholic socialist

      3. I think you’ve got to separate candidates’ personal beliefs from formal representation – as in HoL Bishops.

        We all have various influences shaping our beliefs – and for some, religion will be one. The issue is that such influences are open, and are not overwhelming in shaping political actions, given that most of the population won’t share them.

        My particular beef was the holding of a prayer session at the start of full Council Meetings. You can imagine the reaction when I pointed out that this was incompatible with the subject of a current debate touching ‘diversity’ and the secular nature of our business. (I guess my popularity didn’t soar when I pointed out that, despite the self-congratulation over policy, I couldn’t see a non-white face in the chamber).

        I knew I was supported privately by some members, and was reasonably well respected in the snake-pit that is local politics – but not one colleague – left to right – was prepared to put head above parapet on this one. Such is the power of fairy tales that have become tradition.

        … then … don’t get me started on a ‘Christian act of worship’ in schools!

      4. RH lots of work to do if we get elected The people must come first and hopefully some ‘re nationalisation of strategic services..But one day in the future I would hope we the Labour party will undertake a root and branch reform of our archaic democracy,and that must include separation of state and church,secularism seems to be the only way a modern democracy.Hopfully Jeremy Corbyn will be elected soon..and some reforms will be achieved.We were promised a lot under Blair some we achieved but democracy was left behind.The good Friday agreement is one of his and mo mowlem achievements that is now being thrown away and Blair is stum.Just how far removed from the Labour party has this !man become….I think it’s a case of another day another doller with Blairism shame really all that effort in the 90S and back to the future…Bozzo?

      5. Joseph – As the opposite of a fan of Blair, I have to say that he hasn’t been quiet on the dangers of effectively sabotaging the Good Friday Agreement.

  8. Ps…naturally I would expect the NEC to afford him the justice that unfortunately has been lacking for some time and needs to be consistent and reliable…..and dare I say Just?

  9. Thanks for that RH I don’t read many storys out here about Blair and that shows I need to check my facts a little more. Prayers before a council mtg….almost blasphemous considering the hypocrisy of it all.Secularism a must in government..

    1. Joseph – How much of the Good Friday Agreement was down to Blair is a moot point – but it was one of the few praiseworthy aspects of his time, and I doubt that he would want to trash it – for sound reasons in this case.

      As to prayers before Council, there are a few of issues that vex me : and firstly the assumption – against all evidence – that the majority of the nation is Christian. Even if we were, you rightly say that institutions should be blind to issues of faith – i.e. secular. If individuals want a prayer meeting – fair enough – but it should be something entirely separated from the business of Council.

      … and I bet if it was voluntary, the attendance would be somewhat less than the number of heads bowed in pretend sanctimony under the present arrangements!

      I get picked up on my questioning simple moral ‘right/left’ distinctions. But I remember that particular council meeting well (without any rancour) because of the unwillingness of ‘left’ wing colleagues to stick their heads above the parapet on this fundamental point about the nature of civic consensus. One of the ‘left’ actually took the opportunity to curry a bit of favour by speaking against my comment.

  10. I’m enjoying the rights utter hypocrisy in their righteous condemnation of Jas’s (anti Corbyn) suspension but complete silence at Steven Saxbys (Corbynite) suspension on the same day.

  11. I note another suspension :

    “Labour MP Stephen Hepburn has been suspended from the party following a complaint of sexual harassment,” (Guardian)

    I am in no position to make any judgment on this, but the whole process of suspension seems to be absolutely open to manipulation : make an accusation, and the knee-jerk reaction is to suspend the accused in order to play safe (at best), or pile in to get rid of an opponent (at worst).

    Due process and the presumption of innocence seems to be back there – somewhere over the rainbow.

    The additional issue – as in Chris Williamson’s case – is that it’s a cheap and easy way of removing a dissenting voice, with absolutely no recourse to evidence of transgression, and no specified time limit in proving the case.

  12. Applications have opened in the London seats of Barking, Ilford South and Finchley & Golders Green

    Nominations are set to close at 5pm on Thursday 10th October, in just two days, according to the email sent out to the membership.

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