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Byrne wins reselection against all party efforts

Left-winger triumphs despite party machine’s last-minute attempts to stitch up result

West Derby MP at one of many events to feed the hungry

West Derby MP and national MP of the Year Ian Byrne has dramatically won reselection as the Labour party candidate for the Liverpool constituency this afternoon, despite a non-stop campaign by the party to smear him and rig the result – and despite a last-minute attempt by the right to block Byrne’s supporters from voting when party officials saw the scale of the turn-out for him, in blatant breach of the announced rules for the contest:

Despite the machinations of the right-wing bureaucracy, which included another right-wing hopeful dropping out and smearing left-wingers, Byrne defeated right-wing challenger Anthony Lavelle – a Labour staffer who had been shortlisted despite unanswered allegations of bullying and hate speech – 210-198 with a strong majority in the room for Byrne versus ‘postal votes’ for Lavelle.

Byrne’s supporters celebrated:

The result against all odds triggered justified crowing from Byrne’s many wider supporters:

Congratulations. Victories for justice and integrity are rare in Starmer’s party but one of the good guys made it.

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      1. I see that the article has now been amended to include the results 210-198 (51.5% to 48.5%).

    1. So you admit Keir and his mates had no valid reason to want Ian deselected, and that Keir should never have tried to force out any of the SCG MPs at all?

      1. Ken – It was the Branches in Ian’s own CLP Branches that voted to trigger him (he lost all 4). He wasn’t singled out for any special treatment the process was simply part of a timetable that was published last year for all CLPs to decide on whether they wanted to have a trigger ballot or not.
        I’m glad that Ian won but it is undeniable that it was a very close run thing as was Ian’s original PPC selection in 2019 (3 recounts and a majority of 2)

      2. There doesn’t have to be a reason for authoritarian egos like Starmer, Evans, Mandelson and Co.. We’re living in a world where WEF Billionaires and their media ‘stress’ people for fun. To StarmerCo., it’s a psych war against Palestine-defending anti racists. Black Arts stuff…

        Congratulations to Ian Byrne. Even so, I wouldn’t trust those ‘postal votes’ as far as the party could validate them (which – of course – it won’t).

      1. Brian – You must have missed my earlier post where I pointed out yesterday (20/11 7:27pm), it was Ian’s own CLP that initiated the ‘trigger ballot’ process and it was all 4 of Ian’s Constituency Branches that voted to oust him.

  1. When you have Cunts like “Steve (H)” Shitting in the same space.Who! have worked for the fucking Tories all my life, I wonder why did you Bother my friend? Don’t you realise the humanist power you hav? another party is inevitable, and with Shed all the fucking lying Wankers who presume to be Labour . The people need desperately need to be harmed for their absolute betrayal of me you! and the rest of the slaves of this country…

    1. Andrew – You almost sound like you are disappointed that Ian won the vote. Would it have suited your weird narrative better if Ian had lost?

      1. STeveH – you said “It was the Branches in Ian’s own CLP Branches that voted to trigger him (he lost all 4).”

        Given the amount of cheating that the supposedly rule-based process was subjected
        to do you believe that the triggering was fair? The cheating has in fact been BLATANT.

        People have- during various laughably democratic Election processes been shut out of meetings, voted in branches they did no belong to etc etc

      2. HFM – I have no reason to doubt it, do you have any credible evidence to the contrary?
        Ian won but it was a very close run thing. Why don you just accept it for what it was and celebrate instead of grumbling?

    1. Andrew – Have you actually said anything of consequence, all I can see is yet more empty rhetoric. Where’s the action, where’s the credible alternative?
      When are you going to stop talking and start doing?

      1. WHO do you think you are????
        I cannot bear anything about or around you
        Fuck freedom of speech I am sick to the core of my being that you exist in this ether
        Also fuck you skwakbox for allowing this entity to contaminate these comments to allow fellow compatriots to be continually insulted by this total fuckwit with his half baked responses. Tonight I unsubscribed,

      2. spiderider – Compared to what, your measured response or Andrew’s 6:30pm comment?
        FFS Grow Up

  2. Congratulations, Liverpool West Derby!

    Congratulations, Liverpool!

    Most of all – congratulations to Ian Byrne MP!! Never in doubt! ;- )

  3. Can you imagine what the atmosphere’s, like in the Akehurst household, at the moment? 🙂

    1. Yep. I wouldn’t wanna be a pet in the akehiurst household just now…Or ever, come to think of it.

      Nice one Ian. 👍 Should never have come to that anyway but the consolation is that it’s a massive FUCK YOU to those no-so faux-toerag twunts.

      Have some of THAT you snide tory bastards.

      1. Oh, dear. Is this the end for Lukey? What failed bouncer can we emasculate now ?

    2. George, I don’t think Akehurst is in despair. Rather I can imagine him trying to find out any reason no matter how spurious to put pressure on Starmer to withdraw the Labour whip from Byrne.

      1. 🙂 I’m waiting for the idiots to proscribe JC, then expel all the people who’ve ever spoken to him, shared a stage, a joke or a picket line with him.

        That’s where they could come unstuck. Who’d be left to make the coffee/tea or buy the biscuits?

        A long list!

  4. Congratulations to Ian on his win. Only thing is he’ll have to have eyes in the back of his head. I don’t see the right wing of the party taking to kindly to this. Except more machinations and skullduggery from central HQ.

    1. Reply to exiledinardmhaca
      You are absolutely right. ” Antisemitism” is the usual complaint they concoct to get rid of Socialists and Anti Zionists so I expect someone to allege this soon . They won’t need any evidence – the smear will be enough to have Ian suspended.

    1. Chris – Surely the one’s that dropped the ball are those from ‘the left’ who failed to attend the Branch ‘trigger ballot’ votes and stop this process in its tracks before it got started. Contrast the above with what happened in Zarah’s constituency when those running her CLP attempted to trigger her.

  5. Ian’s victory against all the odds is evidence of just how great and popular an MP he is. I am absolutely delighted
    However if the Left had resigned from the party en-masse as the fake socialists and trolls on this and similar sites urge us to do every day with their ” don’t feed the parasites” mantra and their constant references Left members supporting a fascist regime Ian would lost the ballot.
    Please consider this the next time you see a posting urging you to resign. It might be a genuine post but the chances are its not.

    1. Smartboy – One of the wisest things you’ve ever said.
      The contrast between the outcome above in a very safe Liverpool seat, and the ‘trigger ballot’ process in Zarah’s very marginal seat where she won all her Branch ‘trigger ballots’ is stark. Perhaps there is an whiff of complacency from ‘the left’ in some of Labour’s safe seats.

      1. Reply to Steve H
        Ian is a great and popular MP which begs the question – why did Starmer’s Labour want him deselected so badly that they pulled every dirty trick in the book to get rid of him?
        Answer – he’s a socialist too and socialists are unwelcome in Starmers Labour
        I am now waiting for the party’s usual “anti semite” smear so that they can get rid of him that way.

    2. If you wish to keep on subscribing to Starmer party that’s on you. Don’t tell other socialists that have been remove or removed themselves after witnessing this level of Toxic BS the lies the hate that is real is real and your wave it away and BS of vote them out is beyond hypocritical.

      Put it simply most CLP’s are right wing full stop end of sentence there is no vote them out the 4-5 left wing people there have no chance and most of them are like you keep their head down and ignore and appease. Well nope I won’t give money to liars. I won’t vote for scum my ideological makeup will not allow me to and I have no desire if I ever see my socialist parents and grand parents again to explain why I voted for Torys. Especially after Blair fool me once and all that.

      Oh and yes this is genuine the contempt I feel for people who won’t listen and insist on fooling good people in to this fantasy of what Labour party was never to be again.

  6. Wonderful to wake up to the good news…somtimes good triumphs over evil “and on that its the start of a wonderful day
    .God bless ian Byrne his work carrys on when its so desperately needed.!

  7. Congratulations to Ian Byrne for a well deserved victory.

    Fuck Keir Starmer. May he rot in the nasty place beneath.

  8. Labour’s vote rigging practices would’ve made Robert Mugabe blush.

    Why are the RW so utterly unprincipled and so contemptuous of democracy?

    They treat Labour’s left as if mortal political enemies. They’ve far more antipathy for the Labour’s left than they have for the Tories. The intensity, lengths and effort in pursuing this vendetta is just plain weird given Starmer sold himself as being of the left and intent on healing divisions.

    And all for what? To create another party of capital that is barely discernible from the Tories? Genuinely puzzling. Like some weird Praetorian Guard of the status quo.

  9. “Complacency from the left” is the latest suggestion from the resident gobshite.

    That’s despite further evidence on this particular article on the desperation of southside to have shut of Ian.

    Tweets about closing doors before time on this article. Added to postal votes being the mainstay of that little shitehawk Lavelle’s total; with Ian’s majority being in the room.

    (Small wonder they tried to lock the doors early).

    But it’s Byrne supporters who are to blame for not showing at the trigger ballot votes on the first place, apparently.

    They’ve just GOT to accept responsibility for the shitshow, haven’t they? Nothing to do with the southern ponces interfering.

    To those heretics who voted Ian..Be on your guard – check your social media history and delete anything that they can deliberately misconstrued and falsely accuse you of.

    Because southside’ll want their pound of flesh…And that’s an example of what they’d have you for 🤫

    1. “But it’s Byrne supporters who are to blame for not showing at the trigger ballot votes on the first place, apparently.”

      I agree, if they had voted then Ian wouldn’t have been triggered. They had months of warning so it’s surprising that they completely failed to get their act together for the trigger vote, it’s not as if they weren’t warned.

  10. Correct Toffee….southside WC 1 will be sh…ng themselves having the plan backfire on them after the likes of Squawkbox and other media(including BBC)starting to question starmers shitshow selections and parachuting in from the “gone southside bunker “Maybe starmers missed the boat on Drowning st but he will make the members and survivors of the few left wing PLP pay for it..
    Well done ian Byrne !……

  11. Constituency Parties are so easy to control………you just expel/deselect all officers/representatives/membership who disagree with you as happened in my constituency on Merseyside. 2 people attended the last meeting.

    1. In many constituencies, 2 people attending a meeting is normal, which is why the usual winner in any vote is complacency, which the right place great dependence on. They are just lucky that, in the general scheme of things, it is the role of the left, to be disorganized.

  12. Well done Mr Byrne. I do think you are worthy of a better party than Labour as they seem to have no place for integrity and morality.

  13. What is happening to my posts, Steve? Nothing offensive in em but they disappear into the ether. wobbly.

  14. So that’s it, a thoroughly decent Socialist MP survives a bent trigger ballot process by the skin of his teeth and we all walk away happy as Larry
    The words ‘postal votes’ should sound alarm bells, dig deeper and finish the job, you have two years to do to Keith what he did to JC and the country
    What happened under Ed Millipede in Falkirk, with the amount of corruption in Red Tory Labour party, It should be a doddle getting former DPP prosecuted

    1. Doug – The results are consistent with Ian’s PPC selection ballot in 2019 which was also a close call.

    2. Point is, if there is evidence of corruption give it to the police, in every case
      Check and verify those postal ballots, against electoral register

      1. Doug, the postal ballots should be checked against the Labour and CLP register of current members. Except that presumably cannot be done because Labour doesn’t know who current members are. Who knows if the postal ballots actually came from current fully paid up members, or even members who have either resigned or not renewed their subs and have deemed to have left the Party.

        There is NEVER an audit of the postal votes, nor in a General Election come to think of it. This is open to all sorts of dodgy voter fraud.

      2. What information does the MP get, there must be some oversight, what are the checks and balances
        Two Cheeks
        In America postal voting is the preferred means in large parts of the country, its also considered safe and secure, so all I’m asking is, how do they know

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