Al Jazeera’s ‘Labour Files’ part 4 now online. Watch here

Watch and share ‘The Spying Game’

The Al Jazeera broadcaster has released a fourth part of its landmark ‘Labour Files’ documentary series. The first three detail the lies, abuse, smears, anti-democracy and rigging, sabotage and the blatant hierarchy of racism of the Labour right. Part four looks at the party’s practice of spying on members and elected representatives in complete disregard of privacy and data protection laws – an issue long ago revealed by Skwawkbox and substantiated below:

The UK’s ‘mainstream’ media have been stubbornly silent on a scandal that would end the Labour right in a functioning democracy. Watch and share widely.

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  1. Well, there are a few names come to mind, who could be responsible for this ‘hacking’, but I shall hold my counsel, on that.

    This is a very delicate situation!

    In my view, it should be placed in the hands of the Information Commisioner’s Office(ICO). Let them plot the course through this minefield.

    I’m hoping they will involve the police, at a later stage.

    Slowly, slowly etc, etc…!

    The main thing is, the same names keep cropping up, again, and again. People who seem to think they’re above the law because of the positions they hold.

    Let’s hope they ICO, and the police, disabuse them of that idea, and be quick about it.

    1. I don’t know who’s hands it should be placed, ICO, Police, The Law all seems to be corrupted by Globalist Neoliberalism and controlled by BlueKeef’s Commissioners, et al. This is the problem we face when The PEOPLE let their moral and civil duty to protect the independence of all regulatory, etc bodies, go by the wayside.
      We need Decentralised Grassroots that run in opposition, alongside these regulatotrs, watchers of the corrupted watchers who are no longer watchers but complicits.
      Surely there must be some good people left in those institutions. Why do The PEOPLE become so addicted to chasing “The Carrot” regardless of the loss of morals and empathy!? Manufactured Consent, desire for tat.

      1. It’d be nice to sling them all in Belmarsh, and release Julian Assange – but – we’re democrats hindered by a respect for due process. It takes an age, but it’s got to be followed.

        I thought it was a nice touch having comments from the – former – Head of Enforcement, from the ICO. That puts pressure on the present Head of Enforcement, to get it right.

        Then we come to the police. Who knows, with today’s police services? After them, the judiciary. Now, we’re, really, getting onto dodgy ground. If they haven’t, already, the security services will stick their nose in.

        There are no shortcuts, and no guarantees.

      2. Oh, and the one thing we can guarantee – there’ll be no help from the MSM.

      3. Sadly it seems the 99% will forever offer themselves up, on silver platters, to be serf and slave to the 1% and their small% of bitchdom.
        Throughout time whatever the might of their lords and masters, all it would take is/was to unite and say no more, all of it ends here.
        Even though at 1% level, but outside if the Elite Club of the White West, that is what we are seeing now in BRICS, South America, Middle East, Africa and I reckon if we had a Labour Government 2019, and they rooted the filth out, we’d have seen something similar happen in Europe. Imagine if we had a Europe closer United to Eastern Europe than, The USA! A Europe with stronger Economic bond to Russia and China than The USA, a Europe who gave up Swift Dollar and only dealt in Local to Local Currency Exchange. A Britain that now has to perform outside of The City, once again. Mind you by default that is fast coming in any case. Bah, Saturday morning rambling.
        We don’t need to suffer the 1% Labour, the 1% of Parliament, the 1% of Britain, of Europe of The White West, we just need to unite and say no more.
        In my life I feel my only regret is that today, in these times, that I am not 30 years younger.
        I am sure there are many bright young things Uniting rather than collecting iPhones, dear gordon, I do hope so!

  2. “A criminal conspiracy against its members”.

    Even Thatcher, Cameron, May, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss did not turn their party into what Starmer, Evans and Kaplan are transforming Labour into.

    Iniquitous and criminal.

    1. There is of course the Shadow Person that must not be forgotten the reaper of “The UNDESERVING POOR” and Manufacturer of Clintonesque Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State. Deborah “working for FREE” Mattinson!
      My old record again, Here’s what Tony Benn said after attending one of her Workshops:
      “Tony Benn was particularly alarmed by the meeting: ‘Labour was associated with the poor, the unemployed, the old, the sick, the disabled, pacifists, immigrants, minorities and the unions, and this was deeply worrying’. Benn was further troubled by what he saw as the proposed remedy of Thatcher style leadership: ‘I came out feeling physically sick; I’m not kidding | felt unwell, because if this is what the Labour Party is about I’ve got nothing whatever in common with it.”

    2. Qwertboi, don’t worry. Inspector Knacker is getting right on the case. It will have to wait till after the Orgreave investigation and then it’ll all go away. There is no csa in Britain apart from Cabbies and kebab shop workers. Don’t believe me? Ask all the local authorities.

  3. The Starmer gang are putting all their lives and existence on a rush to “robbers roost” drowning street..They are still avoiding any blame for the missing members data and are not being called to acount by Data protection.or the legal system. I suspected from the very beginning of the labour party stalling tactics that bankruptcy was a target…now I am convinced that a snap General election will save the neck of the Starmer gang of thugs supported by the members money.from a position of strength in government..What does the future hold for a British government and peop!e controlled by mafia type thugs of the labour party.??

    1. Reply to Joseph O Keefe
      As things stand now, financially Starmers Labour would be unable to finance a General Election campaign.

      1. There’s a little embassy down the road that has helped in the past. Who knows?

  4. The whole series of Labour Files programmes is terrifying – as a number of contributors to them said – what would these people do if they were in government.
    I still think they won’t be because getting into government is not Starmers remit at this time- there are still too many socialists and anti Zionists about for a Labour government to be acceptable to his backers. That is why paid Trolls are on this and similar sites all day every day having a swipe at Jeremy Corbyn and Socialists (particularly the SCG), urging members to resign and name calling and insulting those who do not.
    Also I found it disgusting but not surprising that David White a lifelong member and Corbyn supporter was expelled from the party for “antisemitism”. The way Starmers Labour cheapens and trivialises anti Semitism is not only vile but dangerous – it is dangerous and could lead to a growth in real antisemitism but not a word about this of course from the Jewish establishment or the Zionists. Anti Semitism is no londer an issue for them . It served their purpose and kept a Palestinian supporting Socialist out of Downing Street
    To sum up – Starmers Labour is willing to engage in any dirty trick, any unlawful behaviour to supress Socialism and Anti Zionism within the party – they are totally unscrupulous and will not hesitate to damage any individual who gets in their watch your backs comrades ( and your fronts if Jess Phillips is around).

    1. Even an Oxford education, she brought it up, won’t help you up the pole if the rabid racist filth are after you. Look at how the bastards treated Diane?

  5. You want to know how corrupt our democracy is, how long has the ICO had to do something about the Labour party
    They could bankrupt them tomorrow, now if JC was leader !

  6. The mainstream media and the Labour Party are not the only ones ignoring this story:

    Hope Not Hate has no reference to it at all on its website as far as I can see.

    Its original statement on anti-semitism in the Labour Party was okay but it then decided to join the scammers and I decided that I could no longer support it.

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