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Voter fraud, abetted by party – Tarry issues statement as Labour prepares to install right-wing favourite Athwal

Council leader suspended over sexual harassment allegations was reinstated under Keir Starmer, now expected to replace Tarry as Iford South MP

Sam Tarry, from his Twitter profile

Ilford South MP Sam Tarry – one of four left-wing MPs long known to be on the Labour right’s hit-list – has issued a statement on the result of the party’s ‘trigger’ process that will force him to face a reselection battle, accusing the party of colluding in ‘rule-breaking… voter fraud, voter impersonation, widespread voting by party members not on the electoral register and the dangerous whipping up of communal tensions’ to remove him.

The right’s aim to replace Tarry with factional favourite Jas Athwal has long been an open secret. Athwal was suspended by the party under Jeremy Corbyn following ‘serious’ allegations of sexual harassment, but quickly reinstated when Keir Starmer took over the party, with a right-dominated NEC panel deciding that Labour’s GLU (governance and legal unit) had failed to present sufficient evidence against him.

Athwal and his supporters, including Ilford North MP Wes Streeting, presented this as his exoneration. Streeting had reacted to Athwal’s suspension with outrage, despite the nature of the complaints against him, while Redbridge councillors, like Labour’s London regional office, had ‘circled the wagons’ to protect him and dismissed his accusers as ‘cranks’.

Tarry’s full statement reads:

Today I have submitted further evidence to the Labour Party of rule-breaking, concrete evidence of voter fraud, voter impersonation, widespread voting by party members not on the electoral register, and the dangerous whipping up of communal tensions to undermine the democratic reselection process in an attempt to unseat me as the sitting Member of Parliament. Several of the results in this process were by a small margin, which means I have little faith in the integrity of the outcome.
I have raised concerns consistently over the past few weeks and months with senior officials on the need for robust safeguards to be implemented to ensure a fair and democratic process, including proper checks on eligible participants, given historic allegations and recent convictions for electoral fraud of former Party office holders in llford South. All of my concerns not only went unheeded but the process was launched without consultation with myself, was completed just two weeks after that decision was taken, and was held entirely online without rigorous membership checks.
A number of trade union affiliates of the Labour Party raised concerns locally and nationally about the incredibly short timescale interfering with their internal democratic processes, and with evidence of malpractice and ballots not being received. The Labour Party grew from the trade union movement and we must always listen to, and involve, our trade union affiliates if we are to build a Party that can win a General Election.
For the past three years I’ve been subjected to some of the vilest smears. While many will say that is par for the course of being a politician, when those attacks are designed to dangerously whip up communal tensions in a diverse community – as well libellously insinuate that I in some way influenced the outcome of the selection that I won fairly against a sitting councillor and other candidates in 2019 – it is time to say enough is enough.
I have served as the longest-standing Shadow Minister of the 2019 Labour Party intake, and have held elected positions under four Labour leaders. I will always loyally work for a Labour General Election victory.
There is now a clear pattern of factional elements of the Party machine targeting socialist and trade union-backed candidates, whether that be in selections for target seats, or indeed sitting Members of Parliament.
I stand for a different sort of Party. One which is open, generous, and strong. One which engages and listens, and which is proud of its radical policies. One which is inclusive and representative of all of its members, and which has democracy at its heart. One which is proud of, and puts at its centre, its links with trade unions. That is why I have been targeted, but I will not give up that vision.
I welcome democracy, but for my local Party members to have faith in a fair process the seriousness of these concerns must be addressed.
Sam Tarry MP
Member of Parliament for llford South
Shadow Minister of State for Transport

Vote rigging in Redbridge Labour, where Ilford is situated, is not a new phenomenon. Early last year, former councillor Mohammed Iqbal was jailed for 17 months for electoral fraud. The party had not suspended him from membership or the council Labour group, even after he was charged with the criminal offence, despite local members complaining to the party for months about what he had been doing. The party even stepped in to ensure he was able to participate oversight of in the 2019 parliamentary selection process. In common with many of the party’s right-wing protégés, Iqbal had joined Labour, moved to the Tories when that seemed a better prospect for election, then returned to Labour.

Tarry is the second London MP to face deselection after appalling conduct by the party. Apsana Begum, in nearby Poplar and Limehouse, has been triggered after a horrific campaign of abuse, intimidation and smears, including an attempt by her ex-husband’s allies to imprison her on trumped-up housing fraud charges that were rightly dismissed by a court. Rather than offer her any support or fulfil its safeguarding duties, the party instead joined in the smears.

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    1. Didn’t Public outrage cause a change in the BoJoke’s findings, not sure now, on this utterly dull subject, however I would like to see BlueKeef’s balls nailed to a plank right next to BoJoke.
      So I guess take to the keyboard and put pressure on your MP for a revission of this Shoe Fit Party Farce, BlueKeef and ShootFirstRaynor did exactly what dePiffle BoJoke did, so even if your MP…….No..ESPECIALLY if your MP is Conservative email your disgust at the outcome of the constabulary findings.

  1. “They pointed to the longlisting of avowedly leftwing commentator Paul Mason for Stretford and Urmston, in Greater Manchester, as proof that candidates from that wing of the party were not all being vetoed.”

    I laughed when I first saw that in the Guardian a few days ago.

  2. Sam Tarry is wasting his time. I can see the response from LOTO: at the last LP Conference at the insistence of LOTO the threshold to trigger a seating MP was raised to 50% rather than 33%, plus Sam Tarry and his comrades at Momentum were in favour of Open Selections.
    Hence, were is his problem, his name would be at the ballot and it would be local members of the CLP that would decide.

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if Starmer and Evans try to reinstate the lower threshold at conference, now the left has quit the party in their droves. Vacuous Starmerites are taking over CLPs.

      A new party fronted by Jeremy Corbyn with union help is desperately needed. It may not win under FPTP, but people would feel a damn sight better conscience wise. Better than this pretending the Labour party still exists.

      If they set membership fees low enough, a new party would quickly gain 200,000+ members – young , tech savvy members who’ll promote the party. The old warnings of ‘Don’t divide the vote’ is now moot, with pretty much two Tory parties. And the Tory party is headed for a civil war, because the Brexit issue clearly still divides them. Creating a unique opportunity.

      1. I don’t know why Corbyn hasn’t gone down that route. Expecting that somehow the Labour Party will again find its traditional roots and reinstate him is for the fairies. HE has sufficient personal support to restart a “Traditional Labour” party and I know there are at least three members of my family that would join in a heartbeat. I suppose I can count myself lucky to be represented by the SNP, but otherwise there is no other party that can represent my views.

    1. Sadly, Starmer’s drinkies is small potatoes and doesn’t affect the mess we’re all in in this country whichever way Durham Constabulary jumped. It’s still Tweedledum or Tweedledee in the HoC, the LP and the CP (Tory, that is).
      See, below (particularly from 9 mins onwards.

      1. Another brilliant jem from goldbach,and I would like to thankyou for putting that on Squawkbox.Chris williamson and how betrayel hurts and the. Labour party is unrecognizable as a force for good in representing the working class….Brilliant dedicated mp thrown under a bus by so called friend’s.

    2. About time Tarry had a word with his girlfriend…whos another liar and a cheat.along with the establishment labour leader…what a shambles of selfish,greedy low life that are in politics for what they can grab.Disgusted…from the jungle regards

    3. The Toffee….Starmer fined then appealed to the Durham Police Commissioner (a friend of Starmer’s). Who twisted arms and bent noses to get the charge dropped…..

      There, fixed it for you.

      1. baz2001 – Oh dear, you really are getting desperate, aren’t you?

  3. Tarry was a impressive media performer when Corbyn was leader, but I feared he was another disappointment a la Paul Mason when I heard he and the Ginger Growler were an item. Glad to see my fears were misplaced. I wish him luck, though I don’t fancy his chances, to be honest…

      1. Agreed goldbach

        Mason’s behaviour isn’t disappointing, it’s outrageous.

        He basically trying to use the state’s powerful apparatus to wage a covert war against innocent ‘left-wing academics’; promoting the idea of doxxing them and attempting to ruin lives – British citizens, whose only crime is holding opinions, or doing research, he doesn’t like or support.

        If we lived in a normal, healthy functioning western democratic society, one with a genuinely free press, it would be the main news and lead to much soul searching about why there’s no checks and balances and how we rein in these people. We need to protect citizens from such overreach, for if this isn’t beyond granted powers or ultra vires, don’t know what is.

      2. “Disappointment” was understatement. Nobody here heard of wry humour? Jeez! Yes of course he’s fucking pernicious as well. It virtually goes without saying…

      3. Why no apologies? Do we measure our belief in/dedication to something by how long we’re prepared to spend watching something we already know? Brevity creates far more converts. At 1hr 40mins, I’ll take your word for it and treat it as “seen”.

        It never ceases to amaze me how much spare time people have on their hands here, or indeed on any comment thread. Must be great to be retired!

      4. Yes, I have seen it.

        And I wouldn’t assume Mason will have stopped in his mission to silence any and all dissent.

        He’s have probably just tightened his so-called operations security (OPSEC) to use the intel jargon, by adopting two-factor authentication(2FA) for his email account. His colleagues are furious and have stated online he’s an idiot for not using 2FA it in the first place.

        Another thing, I notice Novara media, the likes of Aaron Bastani and co, say they’ll never allow him back on their Youtube show. This is wrongheaded imho, they should invite him on and quiz him; ask him to explain why they ended up listed in his dodgy Russia-linked intel gathering exercise. His despicable ‘blacklists’ and his ties to UK intelligence? Invite the Grayzone on too to quiz him- ‘natural justice’ means the people he accuses have a right to be heard.

        British intel is seemingly dominated by right-wingers, their whole history is anti-left : Wilson; unions infiltration and bugging local NUM branches; left-wing groups infiltrated in the so-called SpyCops scandal; Operation Socialist (Belgacom hacking). I doubt any genuine left-winger would have anything to do with them until reformed.

      5. It’s actually demonstrable.

        As a thought experiment : just imagine the outrage if Paul Mason had said it’s the “rogue right-wing academics’ I’m after.

        Cue widespread reporting and total media outrage. Anyone doubt that?

      6. timfrom – Apologies for not Picking up your dry humour, but not for posting the link. The link was part of a conversation with Andy. You were welcome to read it or not, as you wished. Some of the detail from David Millar and Piers Robinson were new to me. If they were not new to you, you clearly put in some time earlier finding them out, so a visit to my link was not necessary.

      7. It is quite good to be retired, although it’s not so good being old.

    1. Tarry and Rayner need each other:
      1-Tarry believes that a relationship with Rayner would protect him and help him to raise in the opposition front bench.
      It could be argue that it could have helped Tarry to gain the position of Shadow Secretary of the Estate for Transport upon the resignation of Andy McDonald.
      2-Rayner needed Tarry to be able to do a “U” turn when necessary and claim left credentials.
      We are going to see how much pull Rayner really has, and more importantly is Rayner willing to come on the open to support Tarry? My academic guess is that she will stay quiet and the relationship with Tarry is on the way out now that no longer benefits her.

    2. I’m sorry, ginger growler?

      I keep picturing Chris Evans, as he’s a ginger growler…

      1. Stems from the story about Rayner allegedly “doing a Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct” on Starmer at PMQs. (©Mark Steyn/GB News)

      1. Yes, that too. See “understatement”. See my comment above @9.30am…

  4. I sought further information about this on line and it appears Sam Tarry has been deselected.

    1. The only hope is this forces Angela Rayner to awaken from her glossy magazine, designer labels ££££ ‘photoshoots’ stupor, the right-wing seem to have been able to hypnotise her with.

      They’d dump her too, in a second, if they could. She was elected Deputy to be ‘the voice of the left’ – an insurance policy against Starmer doing what he’s done in veering off to the right.

      Members want her to be the thorn in Starmer’s side much as the treacherous Tom Watson was in Corbyn’s. The Left doesn’t have many levers to pull to rein Starmer in, and the SCG are being picked off one by one – until there’ll be zero leftist representation in the party – as per Mandelson’s orders.

      FFS wake the hell up!

      1. Reply to Andy
        Angela Rayner is not and never has been a socialist. She always has her eye to the main chance. She sold us out long ago
        I can never get past seeing her standing beside Joanne Baxter who was crying that she had been “threatened” at the NEC meeting in 2016 to decide if Jeremy Corbyn should be automatically included on the ballot paper for leader. The “threat” turned out to be a threat of legal action if the NEC ignored the legal advice that he should be but the impression was created that Jeremy’s supporters on the NEC were a bunch of thugs.
        Then we had her promise to the LFI and JLM on Palestine Solidarity Day to expel ” thousands and thousands” of antisemites from the party giving credence to the lie that we are a bunch of Jew haters as well as thugs.
        When she has served her purpose and the right try to oust her – too bad -you reap what you sow
        Regarding Sam Tarry I fail to see how a socialist could have a close friendship or any sort of relationship with someone like Angela Rayner – Birds of a feather etc. The sight of them swanning about the outdoor summer opera (tickets £40 -£260) drinking wine or champagne was revolting so I have very little sympathy for him at the present time as it appears that Sam sold us out too.

      2. Incisively put Andy. Rayner was appointed to be a false marker of ‘the left’ and to feign its non-existent support for Starmer’s anti-Labour treachery.

        Rayner was either a willing accomplice of this from the outset, or is maybe freshly seeing Starmer’s actions for what they really are more recently. In either case, her political instinct should be telling her to remove herself from charges of being a willing accomplice.

        Having been a big part of the problem, she now has a rare chance to become part of its solution. What are you going to do Angela?

  5. It is clear from this article that the current state of the Labour Party is nothing more than a joke.
    We are clearly wasting our time on the Establishment’s Second XI, while outside in the real world, a whole host of issues, – economic, social, political, and environmental – are increasingly getting worse, with minimal possibility of resolution.
    Solutions exist, but I doubt a bunch of useless, dissembling and downright dishonest so-called professional politicians will provide any answer, being more concerned with the gravy train than anything else that might be important.

  6. The allegations are serious! They need to be investigated, not disregarded and coaxed under a carpet. Thank heaven that alternative media exist and will report this criminality and dishonesty.

    The pro-Establishment MSM will do its darnedest to pay no heed to this and will almost certainly smear the victims instead of even whispering truth to power.

    Solidarity with Sam Tarry, Apsana Begum, Claudia Webbe and all democratic socialist in Labour whose party is violated by Starmer, self-interest and double-standards.

  7. All……One by one they pick off the Left wing Labour MP’s. I said this would happen from the beginning, and here it is. Labour is a racist, corrupt enterprise, run by a corrupt, racist, Zionist, paedo protecting scumbag.

    1. Baz, couldn’t have put it any better. Excellent and all true. Ta very much.

  8. Just in……

    Hampstead Town (Camden) council by-election result:

    LDEM: 40.9% (+18.6)
    CON: 27.6% (-12.3)
    LAB: 24.9% (-12.9)
    GRN: 4.6% (+4.6)
    IND: 2.0% (+2.0)

    Votes cast: 2,247

    Liberal Democrat GAIN from Labour.
    12:30 pm · 8 Jul 2022·TweetDeck

    1. The only good thing about the Lib Dems doing well, is they may force radicalism (Westminster PR and HoL reform) on Labour – or force Starmer out if he refuses to negotiate in return for a confidence and supply arrangement. Labour will likely fall short of a majority.

      the SCG may hold the balance of power after the next GE too. So expect Southside to keep attempting to whittle them down via interference in trigger ballots. They’ll pick off the low hanging fruit first, those left-wingers with a lowish local profiles.

      The unions are set to support PR for Westminster at conference, so how will Starmer wriggle out of that?

      1. Andy, he’ll simply ignore it and do what he wants. Like he did last year. And what will the membership and Unions do? Fuck all no doubt.

      2. He can’t completely smother the flame of socialism in a socialist party.

        Even the ones clinging on to their memberships are still well to the left of Starmer. He’s a rogue alright, and not who they think he is, Skwawkbox posters all know that.

        At least soon, he and Rayner won’t simply be able to point at Johnson, while offering no alternatives.

      3. Andym if LOTO has its way, it isn’t going to be an SCG group in Parliament. Those in CLPs controlled by the right will be triggered and lost the trigger ballot.
        While those in CLPs that are left leaning will have the whip withdraw with an excuse or another right before the Purdah period will come to effect. Hence, the Regional Party Office will select a PPC of its choice without consulting the membership..
        John McDonald, Diane Abbott and a few others will remain as MPs in order to prevent the formation of a new Party to challenge Labour from the left. My educated guess is that less than 20 members of the SCG would stand for election under the Labour banner at the next General Election.
        Hence, under Party rules of 20% nominations from the PLP unless the Labour Party totally collapse and manages to win less than 100 seats it would be not challenger from the left.

      4. Andy – I think you’ll find that Keir will support the introduction of PR for General Elections. We’ll find out in a few weeks.

      5. SteveH

        If he rules out Labour supporting it and tries to rally those against it ,would that make you question your support? In all seriousness.

        I think it’s long past time both big parties broke up. They are basically artificial constructs today, from an era when the divisions between labour and capital were stark – Labour had clear ideological underpinnings – as did the Tories . Having two big centrist parties full of interchangeable middle class careerists, makes no democratic sense whatsoever.

      6. Andy – To be honest I doubt your scenario will happen.
        However I would be disappointed if I am proved wrong because I strongly believe that parliament should be as representative as possible. I am also pleased that the NEC elections now use an STV system because we have ended up with an NEC that is closer to fairly representing the breadth of opinion across the membership whereas the old FPTP system tended to result in one unrepresentative faction grabbing all the power.
        We can play silly ‘what-if’ hypothetical games all day long but it won’t achieve FA.
        Incidentally I was also very disappointed with many of JC’s actions but in the round I still voted Labour.

    2. Wow, I lived there for years. Glenda Jackson was our girl. Missed a bullet there, pervesville, just be yourselves cause that’s what counts. Thank the stars, happily ensconced in Scarborough . It might be Tory but our area isn’t.

  9. LDs have the benefit of momentum behind them.Labour have the problem of having Momentum behind them.

      1. Of course there WILL NOT be a GE tomorrow – and if there were, nothing like 45% would vote for Sir Keir’s ‘show me your papers’ party (as will be the case when a real general election is eventually called).

      2. qwertboi – I’ve simply posted the latest polling results from what some claim to be the most accurate polling organisation in the UK. Your evident discomfort is your issue not mine.

      3. SteveH

        Starmer is no Blair c.1997. It’s just not going to happen.

        I’ve seen no evidence Starmer could handle a 6 week election campaign – being grilled on policy detail. People mocked Corbyn , but he sat in front of Andrew Neil twice (2017 and 2019) and be it not for having to discuss the exaggerated antisemitism stuff in 2019, performed well in both encounters – could Starmer?. And Corbyn handled the Question Time specials well , replete with rigged audiences.

        Look at by-elections, is Labour generating the wild 94-97 Blair type enthusiasm? Nope, they are losing seats to the Lib Dems, because no one can think of a single policy or anything Starmer has said. Nobody even knows what Starmer stands for beyond and obsessive emphasis on National Security, and waving flags.

      4. Andy – You doth protest too much, methinks. Are you panicking?

  10. Well Im totally confused about Momentum for there
    appear to be two brands1

    As for Rayner – she said she and RLB were mates –
    shared room at some stage!

    I dont think Rayner is very bright – or if she is she is
    a loose cannon .. As for her and Tarry Ive no idea
    what their relationships based on ..

    Certainly though Rayner is good in the despatch box
    so maybe she is a left-ist in disguise?

    Talking about despatch boxes I felt uncomfortable
    hearing Starmer repeating the evidence provided
    by the young man who was (allegedly) assaulted
    by Pincher. It seemed all wrong – far better to keep
    what he said to the minimum ..

    1. HFM, I believe that Rayners is sly and opportunistic, somehow she appears to know where her best interest lie.
      -Married a TU official to help her climb within Unison
      -Shared a flat with Long-Bailey that during the chicken coup resulted in Rayner climbing to the Labour front bench as Secretary of State for Education.
      -Get supported by Momentum to run for the Deputy Leadership
      – Got involved with Sam Tarry to keep a semblance of left credentials, to be used when needed.

      1. Tarry along with most of the SCG have cooked their own goose.
        Tarry like most of them on the left wing so called have collaberated with the PLP and even admitted it.Using words like constructive criticism and engagment has kept the labour party afloat whilst the people suffer with worse to come.They are all aware of just how this disaster of a labour party came about with even the crumbs off the table being too much to give the working class.They are united in greed with their neo liberal alliance of all the partys in parliament.Beergate…partygate are just a sign of the contempt all of the parliament have for the people.I am thoroughly sickened by the labour party and the so called left mps who are even more dangerous than the right wing as they feather their nests not realising that the Turkeys have voted for Christmass.

      2. Joseph – I’m guessing that there lies the reason why you deserted you constituents after only one term.

      3. Steve H I think your comments are a little worn out….think of something new when youve lost the argument or you will soon be off the labour party handouts “

      4. Steve H….Why would I deny that I served in the first ever seat for a borough councillors in the History of the labour party,in that part of Surrey with an historic win raising the usual labour vote from a joke figure of nintey and into the two thousand capturing a seat in the Tory stronghold of Reigate and banstead in Surrey. with help from Croydon,teamsters union at Gatwick TGWU,and of course activists from around the London area and Surrey.over a period of five years campaigning in town centres and even the old soap box and staged confrontation with the local mp Sir George Gardiner in front of the press,local radio etc.I wanted to prove that no seat is unwinable for labour even though the CLP told me it was impossible for that area of Reigate.
        I decided that we were on the road to nowhere with the election of Tony Blair who immediately I turned on many pledges despite him having a landslide victory in the middle of my term as a councillor.I saw the givaway of council houses and Direct services in the council abolished…not all was bad but I could see the direction with the establishment labour party and I refused to fight another term with a Lib dems \Lab pact on the council.I am not ashamed of my time in office and fought for old fashioned labour values even against fellow labour councillors and my group leader.who sold out to Blairism
        .I wish I had never rejoined the labour party and I think the whole bunch of fascists in the labour party are like yourself a disgrace to humanity.and enemys of the working class whom you think are invisible.You will soon learn that you can only push people so far and I expect you lot to be paid back in spades for your destruction of the labour party.

      5. Joseph – Thank you for taking the time to confirm my 3:13am post.

      6. She was not part of the coup against Corbyn.

        However, the book ‘Left Out’ says that some were only stopped from resigning by the speedy intervention of Karie Murphy. No names mentioned and so we can only guess who they were.

    2. HolbyFanMw

      I think Rayner has basically been corrupted by the company she’s keeping, i.e. she’s gone native working alongside these Blairites.

      The people around Starmer know they can’t easily remove her, as much as they’d like to, so they’re opted to basically neutralise her political input.

      If she were leader, she’d likely return to her left-wing roots, she clearly detests Tories. The frustrating thing is she’s in a more powerful position than she realises; she should have definitely spoken up for RLB, rather than simply echoing the idiotic Starmer. The most galling thing however, is how Starmer and Rayner go on endlessly about their ‘integrity and honesty,’ completely ignoring the elephant in the room of those abandoned pledges.

      Were I in her position, I’d repeat as often as possible in TV & radio interviews, ‘When I make a pledge, I stick to it’ …just to humiliate Starmer.

      1. Andy -you might very well be right about Rayner. If so it validates
        my feeling that she is not very intelligent.

        A cleverer person would do as you say and undermine Starmer
        in mentioning pledges as often as she can. There are lots of
        ways she could do it ..without being too obvious. Perhaps
        she is playing a longer game?

      2. HFM as one of my grand mothers used to say ” sometimes men don’t appreciate how intelligent a woman has to be to appear stupid” I would like to change ” men” for “people”.
        How many women of Rayner’s background do as well as Rayner has done? That she isn’t cultured, that she lacks formal education doesn’t equate with her not being intelligent.

      3. Andy, Rayner was already “corrupted”. In 2015 Harriet Harman as Deputy leader whipped Labour MPs to abstain on the Tories’s Welfare Bill. While the members of the SCG voted against it and other opportunistic like David Lammy and Sadiq Khan voted against it too (both wanted to be mayors of London) Rayner followed the Labour whip.
        I would argue that a Socialist with her background would have voted against it, that she followed the whip marked her in my eyes as opportunistic.
        We can trust Rayner to do what is best for her, she knows what she is doing, she is playing a long game trying to keep her appeal to the left while signalling to the right “I am in business, I can be the one to replace Starmer as leader as I would accept for Mandy and Blair to handle me”. Let’s us no forget that she is willing to expel 100s of members.
        By some comments here that believe that Rayner is on the left but she lacks intelligence, it appears to be working.

    3. Holby… “.certainly Rayners good in the dispatch box “well thats certainly one way of describing it.I bet Sam Tarry wishes he’d never bovered” now.
      well he will be the first of many who collaberated against the democratic socialist labour party and got burnt…?Moneys too tight to mention “and good jobs are hard to come by as sam and RAngela will find out.These people maintained an illusion for the benefits of themselves at the expense of the vast majority of people who are working class.

      1. Joseph – We shouldn’t lose sight that the working class that you are so fond of eulogising are the ones that put Boris in power with a massive majority at the 19GE

  11. The main advantage the Left have is Starmer’s
    incompetence – he is not capable of the politics
    necessary to oust all the left wingers but will
    always put his foot in it!

  12. I recall that there was also some controversy surrounding Sam Tarry’s selection in 2019

    Momentum activist backed Tarry had stood for selection in the seat of Ilford South, previously held by Mike Gapes ahead of the 2019 election, which he went on to win.
    On 4 October 2019, the evening before members were due to vote, rival candidate, local Redbridge Council leader Jas Athwal was suspended from the party over an allegation of sexual harassment.
    Later that month, after a postponement of the vote, and with Athwal ineligible due to his suspension, Tarry was selected.
    Athwal was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing

  13. I know I keep banging on about numbers, but how much do you think it costs to buy a politician, scientist, journalist or regulator
    Never mind the rest of them

    1. In the M.E you can bribe someone with a couple of goats. Here in Blighty it’s a couple of kids. Cheers.

    2. Doug….jack straw said many years ago “£350per hour is the going rate” …Starmer obviously a lot more ,but the whole bunch in parliament are trough feeders.Thats the main stream work that they do with lobbyists and hopping around the world on jollys.Thirty years ago whilst out canvassing I was told to “fuck off youre all the same” .although evening door knocking can be a nuisance for the public I thought that the “Lady” was extremely angry at the labour rossete on my suit.jacket…I always thought afterwards that apart from having a mouth like a sewer she was probably the the red rosette apears to be interchangeable.Hope the dogs keeping well…regards comrade.

      1. Joseph
        Hope all are well, dog is sleeping and dreaming of better things
        If its that cheap to buy people then it costs nothing to bring them back into line
        They only understand two things ‘Greed and ‘Fear’
        We are the Fear Factor

      2. Doug – “We are the Fear Factor”

        Really??? 😟😧😨😱- for true, for true???🤣🤣🤣

      3. Two Cheeks
        Come the revolution are you a firing squad man or do you prefer the Guillotine
        Will pass onto Customer Service

      4. Doug – I can think of nicer ways to go, I was rather hoping to drift away in my sleep in about 20 to 30 years time. However I am told that there used to be a guillotine in the central square of our nearby town. Will you be the good little socialist who has appointed himself to give the orders. 🤔

  14. Thirty years Steve H…and drift away in your sleep?.You drifted away a long time ago with your misfits .I suspect that you have to be in your mid sixtys and with the smoking drinking habbit and chasing sheep I would think your days are numbered even if you avoid a nucluer meltdown with your neo liberal fascism trying to rule the world.
    .Time to make your peace Steve and hope that God will forgive you for your sins..The departure lounge is very crowded at the moment with all the fully jabbed and tested oldys “so good luck with your health and remember that you ridiculed those who tried to tell you about the untested vaccines .so you are as likely to survive as labour winning the General election with Starmer ….and Angie…!

  15. About Rayner -you do not need a formal education
    to outwit such as Starmer – just native cunning.

    As for the 1000s of members she wishes to expel
    – she is a loose cannon .

    Neither of these attributes convince me that she
    has intelligence – for a person who is only
    out for herself she is not doing very well. At the
    moment if Starmer goes down she is likely to go
    down with him.

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