Skwawkbox needs your support. Here’s what it’s done recently

Skwawkbox remains one of the few news sites to consistently expose the authoritarianism, dishonesty and contempt for democracy of the Labour party regime

Skwawkbox continues to be one of the few news sites directly taking on and exposing the dishonesty, authoritarianism and contempt for democracy of the Keir Starmer regime in the Labour party, all while the so-called ‘mainstream’ media steadfastly ignore it at best and often actively collude in covering up the regime’s wrongdoings and abuse of party members, their democratic rights and their freedom of speech.

The site also exposes the establishment’s assaults on the labour movement and promotes collective action.

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So you know why it’s worthwhile, below are some of Skwawkbox’s contributions to the struggle in recent weeks:

In these and more, Skwawkbox continues to inconvenience the Labour right, hold its wrongdoers to account and support the struggle for real change for the better.

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