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Starmer pilloried for farcical pledge to promote local democracy – after non-stop war on it

Starmer made same promise as part of con to persuade Labour members to vote him in as leader – and has waged war on their rights to democracy and free speech ever since

Keir Starmer has been rightly pilloried after a newspaper column in which he claimed – as part of what was supposed to pass as his vision for the country if he becomes PM – that he would promote local democracy and empower local communities:

Labour will set the country on a more dynamic path by handing powers to cities and regions and reining in the unaccountable cliques of Westminster.

This promise triggered justified scorn as over a thousand people responded to point out the fact that this promise is almost identical to the one he made to Labour members as part of his big con in the party leadership contest in 2020 – a promise he then went on to dice, slice, shred, pulverise and napalm, instead declaring war on the right of members to democracy and free speech, along with every other campaign promise he made as part of the scam.

Below is a small selection of the responses pointing out Starmer’s record – along with the meaningless emptiness of the rest of his ‘vision’:

Keir Starmer represents the continuation of Tory business as usual, but potentially with even more authoritarianism and contempt for democracy. He is relying on the collusion of the ‘mainstream’ media to keep the public in the dark about the reality of his regime and his ‘promises’.

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  1. I’m old now but to my last dying breath I will be opening peoples eye to the filthy lie that is the labour party..

    1. You’ve been saying the same thing for months and months practically every time you post on here, and yet Starmer’s Labour Party are still 20-plus points ahead in the polls, so whatever yur doing appears to be having absolute zero effect.

      So what is it exactly yur doing to open peoples eyes, and how, and where?

      And what about all yur ‘followers’ – how many was it? – are THEY also helping you open peoples eyes?

      1. Allan Howard….Polls, trolls, smolls….

        Corbyn was 20 points ahead and lost by a landslide. Polls are there to influence people not report on the actual state of play. Name me one occasion when the polls accurately predicted the result of a General Election. Other than exit polls of course.

      2. baz2001 – “Corbyn was 20 points ahead and lost by a landslide.”

        That is untrue, prior to the 19GE Labour were 11% points behind the Tories (accurately reflected in their national vote share) and Jeremy Corbyn had an approval index of around -40 with ⅔rd of the electorate expressing their disapproval of him.

        Please feel free to compare and contrast this with Labour’s current poll ratings. It is also worth noting that Labour have been consistently leading in the polls for over 12 months now

      3. Yur spoutin’ complete and utter garbage baz, and you know it, so fuck off with your falsehoods……. ie that Jeremy was 20 points ahead in the polls etc. What complete and utter bullshit! On TWO counts!!

        In 2017 at the start of the election campaign Jeremy/the LP were 20 points plus behind the Tories, but during the campaign Jeremy slowly closed the gap until Labour were just a couple of points behind the Tories

  2. He is relying on the collusion of the ‘mainstream’ media

    I was unfortunate enough to see the ponce being allowed free rein on the (ever-impartial) BBC earlier.

    Quickly switched over to GMB where, a few minutes later, he was at least given a mild challenge about the rail strikes (of course it’s BOTH sides’ fault) …Until they quickly shifted to a photo of the greasy get watching the world cup last night, along with a typically dour-faced gordon broon, nandy and reeves, and then allowed him to prattle on about how great an England fan he is – by which time the retching had almost split my sternum. 🤢

  3. Keef the gaslighter….now proposing the regions have their very own gauleiter.

  4. I only listened to “Are you in favour of the Single Market then ..”
    on the radio from my bed to make me turn over and switch off
    after he said “No”.

    So Sir Keir – you wanted a second referendum and used your pointy
    elbows to advance it – in spite of the obvious resistance of the
    Red Wall seats yet are Happy to have Northern Ireland IN the Single
    Market and we on the mainland outside it ..

  5. Heir Starmers 10 pledges so far
    1) Get rid of anyone who doesn’t agree with his views and policies
    2) Supports Austerity towards the most vulnerable
    3)Refused to support Rail/Post/And Nurses going on strike for a living wage
    4)Supports the racism towards Dian Abbot/Dawn Butler/Apsana Begum/ and not the wright Jew by some of his front bench MPs
    5)Threatens his MPs not to go on picket lines or they will lose the whip
    6)Refused for 2 years to release the Ford report until it was leaked
    7)Supports the Arming and theft of land by Israeli settlers and the murder of Palestinian children 34 this year Last year in 2021 they were 76 children in 2020 they were 183 and the incarceration of 500/700 children aged between 12 and 17 years old
    8)Supports Arming Nazi in Ukraine and Saudis to murder men women and children in yemen
    9)Writes for the scum newspaper who accused drunk hooligans of the 96 deaths
    10) Refused to prosecute JS when he was head of DPP in 2008/JS died in 2011 BJ was right about him
    How anyone can support this compulsive fucking LIAR

    1. Never mind all of that. He loves the England team, apart from Rash of course. That’s what he believes the public want from a loto. Maybe he’s right and that will propel him to no10.

  6. With the current Labour leadership these plans won’t be the progressive step they present them as, not at all.

    Basically, he wants to turn the HoL into a glorified talking shop, full of his Southside selected cronies a la CLPs & rigged votes for PPCs. Gordon Brown wants it to bind Scotland into the union, nothing more. Even if a PR system is used(doubtful), it wouldn’t necessarily prevent leadership ‘favoured’ i.e. right-wing candidates, if they used a closed list system. It looks like the new elected chamber would have less powers than the wholly unelected current HoL too , which is totally bizarre.

    They don’t even commit to doing it either, it’s merely ‘a consultation,’ no doubt, post-election, armed with a big majority, he’d ‘do a Blair’ and abandon.

    What we really need is PR for the HoC, so no one has to feel forced to vote for the lesser evil of two RW parties, just to get representation and not waste their vote. Abolish FPTP.

  7. Chester elections:
    2015 2022 Difference
    Labour. 32023 17309 -14714
    Conservative. 22847 6335 -16512
    LibDem 1551 2368 +817
    Others 0 2263 +2263
    Turnout 56421 28275 -28146

    1. goldbach – ….and your reason for choosing the 15GE results for your comparison was???

      Chester By Election Results – Vote share – (the 19GE results are in brackets)
      Labour – 61.2% (49.6%) +11.6
      Conservative – 22.4% (38.3%) -15.9
      LibDems – 8.4% (6.8%) +1.6
      Green – 2.8% (2.6%) +0.2
      Others – 5.2%

      1. ……….. was, surely, obvious.
        That was the election where the lunatic remain-at-all-costs gang didn’t wreck any chance that the LP had, as it did in 2019.
        Please get a grip.

      2. goldbach – Given the minuscule majority that Labour achieved in 2015 I’m struggling to see the point that you are trying to make, do you actually have one.

        Chester’s election results
        Vote Majority 91
        % Majority 0.1%

        Vote Majority – 9,176
        % Majority 16.3%
        %+/- +16.2%

        Vote Majority 6,164
        % Majority 11.3%
        %+/- -5.0%

        Vote Majority 10,974
        % Majority 38.6%
        %+/- +27.3%

        Having looked back through the previous election results for Chester it looks like the latest 2022 result is the largest majority ever achieved by any party in this constituency. The results are also in line with Labour’s polling and their consistent lead in the polls for over a year.
        What’s not to like.

      3. 2015 …………….Labour. 32023
        2022 ……………..Labour. 17309
        Do you have a problem with numbers?

      4. goldbach – Not at all, which bit of ‘Labour won with a substantially increased majority’ are you having a problem understanding.
        It was a by election where despite the inevitable low turnout the Labour Party still achieved a considerable increase in their majority. Given Labour’s policy platform and the only alternative being another Conservative Party government you should be rejoicing that Labour has been in the lead for the last 12 months and are likely to form the next government.
        Was there a reason why ‘the left’ failed to field a candidate in the Chester by election?

      5. Ah well, I’ll have to admit that you seem unable to see beyond the bounds of your simplistic black and white world. Enjoy the ride and we’ll have a catch up in 2024 when we have had a further 2 years of rapid decline here in the UK, regardless of who occupies Downing Street.

      6. goldbach – The problem is that you have SFA to offer the voters. Including candidates to vote for.

      7. I’m afraid that you have misunderstood again.
        I have never proposed to “offer the voters” something – other than when I spent years in the LP offering the chance, or so I thought at the time, of moving towards a society which displayed solidarity rather than selfishness. I offered the LP untold hours of my time, only to find that, in 2017, numerous “colleagues’ had been scuppering the project; and that, in 2019, the job had been completed. I then found that, with the accession of Starmer, I no longer had the opportunity to discuss my views in LP meetings.
        CAA, CND and Stop the War still give me that opportunity and I avail myself of it – unfortunately only electronically at present, though recent assistance from the NHS may have changed that.

      8. Sorry, I missed the T off the end. It should have been CAAT. Whoops.

  8. Keir Starmer is a disgrace and so are most of those on the Labour benches. If he or any of them said that grass was green I’d go outside and check because you couldn’t believe a word any of them say.

  9. If Starmer was serious about reform, he’d be getting shot of the rememberancer.

    For those who don’t know, it’s a chap who sits hidden behind the speaker. He ensures things go the way of the City of London. That’s the place with it’s own police force. For a square mile…

    1. Excellent point NVLA.

      IIRC someone tried to have shut of the remembrancer (or at least their privileges) a few years back. Beyond belief, how what’s essentially a city state can hold such influence over UK policy and have laws passed to suit its own interests.

    2. NVLA, it’s almost independent. I believe that even Saviles mate has to ask for permission to enter its Satanic walls.

  10. The fascist rabid right just lurve turning reality on its head and spewing forth their malignant poisonous lies and falsehoods to smear the left and, as such, subvert democracy. Just recently came across this black propaganda piece from January last year by Ian Austin:

    IAN AUSTIN Could Congress attack happen in Britain? It could with our Leftie mob

    THE shocking attack on the US Congress is a wake-up call for anyone who believes in democracy and freedom.

    The violent assault, as elected officials upheld their country’s constitution, was appalling. To see the President incite it was unbelievable.

    It has rightly been condemned around the world.

    But spare me the sickening hypocrisy of the Jeremy Corbyn-supporting hard left here in Britain.

    Thankfully, we’ve been spared violence on that scale, the deaths it caused and the invasion of Parliament, but they and Trump are two sides of the same coin.

    Extremists who bully and intimidate their opponents.

    Would a hard-left government not have changed the rules to stay in power?

    Would the hard-line Stalinists they work with have accepted an election defeat?

    ewish women MPs got it worst of all, targeted with the most disgusting insults and violent threats. Luciana Berger needed police protection at Labour’s conference.

    She and Louise Ellman were chased out of the party and their seats in ­Parliament by ­racist bullies.

    What is the difference between Trump using conspiracy theories to claim the election result was stolen, and the hard-left “betrayal” myth that claims Corbyn almost won in 2017 but was cheated out of victory by sabotage by moderate MPs and Labour staff?

    Check out the full article if you can stomach it.

    1. PS When Austin says ‘Extremists who bully and intimidate their opponents’, he is of course referring to himself and the likes of John Mann and Margaret Hodge et al, and it’s his little joke to amuse those in the know.

    2. What a vile example of humanity. I wonder how much he was paid for this disgusting tirade. Proves one thing though, they still fear Corbyn and the left. 20 point lead yet the attacks continue, not against the capitalists but the left. What on earth are they scared of? Even the media and the BoE support Headroom but the vilification continues.

    3. Ive just been attending an interesting and mind stretching
      talk on Science and I had the same feeling that I always
      have after such talks – of being *cleansed* …

      After seeing that stuff from Ian Austin I now feel soiled just
      reading that bit quoted so I wont try reading the SUN article.

      It was the Tory Buffoon who was casual about the
      Constitution regarding the prorogation of Parliament
      and Corbyn and the Labour Party who fought him
      about it. I remember going on a Demo condemning
      him. It is the Tory Party who want to overturn an
      Agreement with the EU and who got us in a mess with
      Northern Ireland in the first place. WE now have NI
      in the Single Market and the rest off us outside it, the
      so-called “oven-ready agreement” cobbled together
      by Johnson.

      I hope Austin is happy in the Tory Party – for it suits
      him to be in (with honorable exceptions) a party with liars

      Berger lied about the police being there because of Corbyn
      when they were really there because of death threats
      from the far-right where two neo-nazis were jailed . (I think
      this was before Corbyn became leader.)

      However – just found an article that restores my faith in
      humanity in its clarity and sense:

  11. Rather interesting article by Hadley Freeman in the Jewish Chronicle.

    “Corbyn describing Hamas as “friends”, or attending a wreath-laying ceremony for the killers at the Munich Olympics”

    But wait a minute… Didn’t Corbyn actually lay a wreath for totally different people and in Tunisia whereas the alleged killers from the Munich Olympics are buried in Libya?

    Well at least she got the right continent.

    1. I wonder if the JC will allow a right to reply?

      Not me ..

      First about “friends” – Peace People familiarly
      call other people “friend” eg Quakers

      “The Society of Friends”

      Secondly – yes of course Tony. She has it
      completely wrong – in fact the wreathe laying was
      at an entirely different site – viz a memorial to the Tunisians
      murdered by the Israeli air-force. Margaret Thatcher called
      the bombing “outrageous”. THAT memorial is not in
      the same place as the larger Memorial ground ..which is
      the picture generally shown – because it is suitable
      for photographing large groups.

      The larger Memorial ground is for “Palestinian Martyrs”
      and includes a plaque(?) dedicated to the two Villages
      Sabra and Shatila where a massacre took place by
      phalangists. The Israeli Army did nothing about it
      in spite of being aware of what was happening
      and surrounding the area.

      1. Reply to Tony and Holby
        The anti Corbyn brigade has never let the truth stand in the way of a good smear. This is just another example of it but as Wobbly posted above in relation to Ian Austin’s garbage, it shows they still fear Jeremy. He is a force to be reckoned with .

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