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Starmer wants to tag refugees – after promising to ‘defend migrant rights’ in leadership contest

‘An immigration system based on compassion and dignity’ – yet again Starmer confirms that his leadership election promises were a massive con job

Keir Starmer has said that there ‘is a case’ for tagging ‘some’ migrants, in yet another sign of how fundamentally right-wing he is – and what a con his leadership election promises were, as he promised to defend migrants’ rights and create an immigration system that treats everyone with ‘compassion and dignity:

‘An immigration system based on compassion and dignity’ – Keir Starmer was only joking, clearly

The announcement triggered appalled horror that exceeded even the scorn that greeted Starmer’s farcical pledge to push democratic power away from Westminster and out to UK regions – the same promise he made to Labour members during the leadership race and has spent the almost three years since relentlessly incinerating along with all the others.

And a recurring theme in the responses was the suggestion that skin tone might play a role in deciding who the ‘some’ refugees are:

The great Tony Benn said that people should pay very close attention to how their governments treat refugees, because that’s how they’ll treat us if they can get away with it. On that basis and more, people are right to be very worried about the prospect of Starmer anywhere near Downing Street.

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  1. Why don’t we put a tag on him. Everytime he breaks an election pledge it shoots a couple of hundred volts up his leg. Damn thing won’t be idle then.

  2. Starmer doesn’t just want asylum seekers tagging, he wants the entire UK population tagging and with his tame Israeli spy who “tagged” ALL Palestinians, he has already got the wherewithall to do it.

    Be warned, this is a VERY dangerous man!

  3. Refugees and migrants aren’t necessarily the same thing. People fleeing the hellholes our military/economic adventures created in their countries, fair enough.

    Are Albanians refugees?

    1. The many Albanians that have been granted asylum are. Would anyone like to ask the Home Office for numbers, and a breakdown of the reasons why asylum was granted.

      Having escaped the Home Office once, I’ll leave that up to someone else, who has the patience to contact them, and become involved with that crazy world. I want no more to do with them.

    2. Some Albanians have been trafficked here and find themselves working
      in nail bars as slaves .. and worse. When either caught or if they give
      themselves up they are unable to go home because of fears of the
      criminal gangs who got them here – hence asylum.

      1. And where are the criminal gangs from? The vast majority of these Albanians are young men, whom we can take it aren’t nail bar or sex workers.

  4. Heir Starmer is a narcissistic sociopath who will probably be the next PM god fucking help us

    1. I will go along with Tory fibs who say don’t complain about the lies and fabrications from Starmer when you are little more than a enabler if you vote for the starmer labour party…..stop the funding and do something other than preaching to the converted .and shedding crocodile tears for the victims of the labour party
      Yes I agree starmer is a very dangerous man and the puppetmasters even more so…..!

  5. Economic migrants or asylum seekers, there is a difference. 75% migrants are male; under 40 years of age & were born in a country within the NATO alliance, 30%+ from Albania.

    1. More than capable of operating as security guards or working alongside those whom protect and serve during invisible public demonstrations that never happen.

  6. ‘And a recurring theme in the responses was a suggestion that skin tone might play a role in deciding who the ‘some’ refugees are:’ Any possibility of explaining that statement with examples to illustrate……bad enough starting a sentence with And & finishing it with a colon!

  7. Concerning Albanians – although there are trafficked women –
    and men – most are just looking for work.

    Parents of these migrants (who have not beeb caught) say
    the young men are working in the building industry and allege
    they are needed – at least temporarily. The Albanian PM has
    suggested that temporary visas are issued – as used to be for
    agricultural workers – while there is a shortage here.

    1. The Albanian ambassador to the UK was questioned in Parliament today. He was defending the “migrants” by saying there were no legal channels for entering the country available to them. Home Affairs Committee member Lee Anderson MP asked why they couldn’t just come as a tourist on a £29 cheap flight (budget airlines travel to/from Tirana) and then claim asylum on arrival.

      Albanian ambassador had no answer.

    2. We do have a shortage of agricultural workers but they had better be quick because we are going to have a shortage of agriculture.

  8. We’d ALL be ‘tagged’ under smarmer.

    It’ll be another tilt at ID cards next.

  9. As stated many times, there’s no actual evidence Starmer penned any of those 10 pledges. Most are so un-Starmer-like it’s barely believable he had anything to do with them. He’s on the reactionary right politically, and simply doesn’t think like that.

    They were penned as part of a unscrupulous ‘bait-&-switch’ exercise, by someone who knew which buttons to press to win over the then leftist membership. Paul Mason perhaps? He was seen in 2019, dining with Starmer, rthe video since taken down. Mason highly animated with Starmer’s aide scribbling away, taking notes. Is it wrong to put 2 and 2 together?

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