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Begum reports ‘threat’ to Met after in-law says she’ll be ‘seriously abused’

Poplar and Limehouse MP has been target of horrific abuse ignored by Labour leader

Poplar and Limehouse MP Apsana Begum and her team have reported a ‘threat’ to the Metropolitan Police after her ex-husband’s brother told a Bengali-language newspaper that ‘one day she will get seriously abused’.

The comments were made in a video published to its website by the paper.

Ms Begum has also reported the comments to Labour leader Keir Starmer and general secretary David Evans. However, both have assiduously ignored previous abuse, with the party instead briefing against her to the media.

According to Novara’s Rivkah Brown, the video is one of two given to Bengali-language media this week, accusing Begum of ‘ruining my career’ and ‘disgracing me nationally’, while accusing her of manipulating him.

Apsana Begum defeated a spurious prosecution for housing fraud brought by the local council, a case that observers in the courtroom dismissed as so feeble that it should never have come to court. Her ex-husband was the council’s cabinet member for housing, but in the videos he denied influencing the prosecution or Begum’s ‘trigger’ meetings.

The Labour party’s determination to oust Begum as the constituency’s MP has included hostile briefings to the press, alleged bullying and intimidation of local members, particularly Asian women, alleged vote-rigging and vote fraud. When Begum’s health collapsed as a result of the campaign against her, the party responded that it was a pity but the process to potentially deselect her would continue anyway.

Ms Begum’s official domestic violence advocate then warned the party that it was acting as an extension of the domestic abuse she had suffered, but neither Keir Starmer nor the party machine took steps to intervene. Ms Begum has accused the party leadership of ‘inhumanity’ toward her.

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  1. I used to be so proud of my Labour Party Card. Sadly I was forced to cut it up when Starmer got into power. How glad I am to no longer carry that card if this is the way Starmer’s New Tory party treat it’s MPs and it’s members! I am proud to be ex-labour but I support Apsama Begum 100%. Her treatment has been beyond despicable and her deportment has been admirable.

    1. Restless 42Well done as walking away and not funding the labour party is the only democracy left in the labour party…and its the most effective tool for bringing about the end of the fascist endeavour and a new working class movement of the people…Thats the only sensible option to take to bring down the labour party and the scum PLP..I doubt after the General election there will be any true left wing representation in parliament….
      A sad day that will be but the green shoots of a true working class movement is not far away with us just waiting for the eventual collapse of the subs funding members.who finally wake up to the reality of what they are letting loose on the British people.

    2. Guess who posted 19 of the (at the time of typing) 45 comments?!!

      Oh, right, but he’s not a full-time paid shill for the fascist PTB!

      1. Allan – Really, In the main I have simply responded to comments addressed to me. It would be rude ignore them. Keep up the good work.

    3. Her upstanding and dignified position throughout this scandal have been admirable. I do question her political nous. She is fighting to retain her place in a party that is actively trying to destroy her not just for her ethnicity but for her beliefs. She has the evidence right in front of her. Her beloved party will never, ever put even mildly socialist policies in place. Should she win she will have gained nothing for the movement. This is not an attack, I salute her courage and bravery, but to what end. Does she think that she can alter the direction of new Labour? I am at a complete loss when it comes to remain, whatever the cost. Should she emerge victorious, she will be a spokeswoman of a pro-apartheid, fascist party. Why?

      1. wobbly – “Should she win she will have gained nothing for the movement”

        What movement would that be?

  2. If the case was so weak why did the CPS choose to prosecute? I wonder if there is anyone outside the CPS who might be able to influence their decision?

    1. You may find that the local authority were the prosecuting authority not the CPS.

      1. Keef doesn’t detest tories.

        That is his interpretation, not mine.

  3. The position of the Labour Party leadership and its hierarchical cadre is a matter of extreme concern here.

    Alexander Mercouris over at the Duran makes a telling point (and one I’ve been raising for some time) towards the end of this twenty two minute video segment:

    Mercouris outlines the appeal of the (Trilateral Commission Member) Starmer led Labour Party to the UK and (Western) Global Establishment.

    Chief among which is his record of being ruthless with dissent (including any deviation from The Official Narrative (TON)) within the Labour Party stemming from the purges of members. Purges which have been notable for the total absence of any recognised due process to the point of blatant in your face pick and choose for convenience (commonly experienced as Exceptionalism/double standards in other spheres) gerrymandering.

    Mercouris proceeds to then make the obvious connection here that when the Labour Party under Starmer has no qualms about acting in this way towards any dissent in their own organisation they will be equally ‘reliable’ when dealing with any dissent among the general populace if the Country were ever so foolish as to give them the power to do so by electing them to Government.

    In this respect tax expert Richard Murphy’s latest posting this morning – The only winners from Truss are those who want to impose austerity on the UK – raises the following concern:

    “And that, to be blunt, opens the way for an openly fascist party to replace the Tories, which really does worry me.”

    Right now the most likely candidate for such a role is not outside the Westminster bubble it is inside. Certain people should be very careful of what they wish to impose on others.

  4. This comes as no surprise for a Party that is an openly racist, corrupt and fraudulent endeavour. Sickening racist behaviour by the Labour Party.

    1. baz2001 – Putting aside for a moment that I think that you are spouting a load of bollocks where is the credible alternative that you are offering?

      1. Given that I now have your permission, I will venture my opinion.
        It is that it is suspicious, to say the least, that Apsana’s ex-husband happened to be cabinet member for housing in the local authority which brought the failed prosecution for housing fraud against her.
        Motive? – yes
        Opportunity? – yes
        2 and 2 often do make 4.
        Clearly you think that it was all just a massive coincidence and an innocent misunderstanding.

      2. goldbach – I’m perplexed why tou ever thought you needed anyone’s permission to express your views, least of all mine 😕

      3. SteveH

        The ‘credible alternative’ would emerge if we had PR. Your ‘wait and see’ claims that Starmer will have to support PR if conference democratically voted for it, turned out to be wrong, as many here predicted.

        Starmer rejects no only PR for Westminster, he rejects open selection for PPC selection, he’s an anti-democratic liar.

        But you seem fine and OK with him trashing internal party democracy and kicking sand in your face?

      4. Andy – I’m struggling to understand why you are campaigning for another Conservative government.

      5. SteveH

        There’s very little policy difference between Hunt and Reeves.

        The big issues plaguing the UK relate to the Ukraine war and its repercussions, and of course Brexit – you can’t get a cig paper between Labour and Conservatives on these.

        The establishment may even want a Labour govt in to privatise the public’s costly sacred cow,the NHS. The Tories can’t do it, but can Starmer, Reeves and Shad health Sec Wes Streeting be trusted not to attempt it? Streting is a political lightweight, who changes his views like others change shirts.

      6. Andy – Just because you keep repeating this drivel it won’t make it true.

      7. SH – So you think that it was all just a massive coincidence and an innocent misunderstanding.

      8. Democracy. The outstanding characteristic of both the behaviour of the PLP and that of the Labour Party leadership is contempt for democracy.
        There is contempt for its fruits-in the form of those it elects- and for its basis- the views of the membership.
        And at every stage, after every report of the latest enormity, you ask what alternative there is. And the answer is that the alternative to democracy, in the widest definition of the term, is fascism.
        What we see in the Labour Party, right now, is fascism without state power- unlawful, uncontrolled power directed against the members and supporters of the party.
        That behaviour, repeatedly demonstrated over the past two plus years, has finally convinced the ruling class and its media/academy that Starmer and company deserve now to be rewarded with the opportunity to carry out, on a society wide scale, the fascist policies that they have imposed on the Labour Party.
        The alternative to supporting Starmer and his gang is resisting fascism. It really is that simple.

      9. bevin – Please feel free to correct me but all you appear to be offering is a load of outmoded rhetoric.that very few of the electorate are interested in.

      10. Gosh i wish i was not muslim and in a position like you stevie boy to deny the cesspit of islamophobia that is starmer and his cabal.

      11. Jill – I think that it is abhorrent if you have been subjected to racism and I accept that my perspective as a relatively well off white man is bound to be different from yours but having said that I would like to think that having been very happily in a mixed race marriage for a good few years and being the father of a dark skinned mixed race (now adult) daughter that I have a degree of insight into racism and the pernicious and destructive influence it can have.
        I may be wrong but isn’t it the case that in the main the constituency members who are opposed to Ms Begum are in fact the same religion and skin colour as her.
        As things stand all the Labour Party members in her constituency will soon get the opportunity to express their support or otherwise for Ms Begum. Do you have any idea who will be standing against her on the ballot paper?
        I believe that Labour members have a right to select who represents their constituency, don’t you?

      12. Fuck off Mr Turd Polisher….You disgusting excuse of a human being take your trolling racist behaviour elsewhere. Why would I give a rats arse what you think?

      13. baz2001 – “Why would I give a rats arse what you think?”

        I have absolutely no idea, but given that your response makes it obvious that you do care perhaps you are in a better position to explain that than I am..

  5. The subsequent seventeen minute Duran discussion video segment following the departure of the now previous Chancellor…..

    …..suggests, on the basis of media and perhaps other speculation, that the Tory PLP will be instructing Truss to go by as early as Monday. With Sunak taking up the post of PM and Javid as his Chancellor.

    Which suggests two things:

    1. That, should this be the case, the economic, social and Geo-political situation is now recognised by the Establishment Elite as being so dire the decision has been made that the sole and single priority is to steady the ship of State and steer it through the next twelve to eighteen months with no distractions.

    Which means…..

    2. Matters are so bad that there is no time or room for maneuver to indulge in what in the present circumstances is considered to be the distraction of a General Election.

    We could, at ‘best’ see the formation of a Government of ‘National Unity’ which sees the Tory party running the Government with selected Labour Party Grandees (Blair, Starmer, Mandelson etc) involved as both Cabinet Members and official advisers of a “Unity Government.”

    1. Dave – Well that’s 18 minutes of my life that I won’t get back, are you really that gullible?

      1. Hook, line sinker and copy of Angling Times.

        You are just so easy to predict steveH. The exercise was a complete success in diverting you from your 24 hour obsession in lurking on this site for a whole eighteen minutes.

        To the rest of the commentators on this site; You’re welcome.

  6. Why anyone wants to support Labour must be wrong in their heads Labour lost Leicester and came 3rd in the by election to the Tories, Apsana should go independent

  7. Very true Steve H.The labour party have to go and most importantly stop trying to impersonate a working class party .
    The sooner you are gone the sooner we will have a government more in tune with the people and not the establishment…..simple..!

    1. Josph – You might have some credibility if you had something credible to offer as an alternative,

      1. Joseph – Have you forgotten that at the 19GE for the very first time ever it was the Tory’s who could legitimately claim to be the party of the working class. The Tories actually attracted significantly more working class votes than the Labour party did.
        48% of the working class voted for Boris’s Tories whilst only 33% voted for Jeremy’s Labour Party. In actual fact more of the middle class voted Labour than did the working class.
        The most popular reasons given by exLabour voters for voting Tory were Jeremy and his policies.
        If you care to study the polls from the last few months you will see that your fabled working class are returning to Labour and really quite like Keir Starmer

    2. Joseph – SH is a big fan of The Overton Window, so all his comments are predictable in their content if not in the exact detail of their expression. A fascinating study if you have the inclination to refer to the political theory.

      1. goldbach – Oh dear, you really do need to get over yourself. WTF are you trying to impress with your pseudo intellectual claptrap?

      2. Ah, I see that you don’t know about it. Never mind. Keep on with the disinformation if it gives you a purpose in life.

      3. goldbach – What disinformation would that be. Please be specific.
        In the meantime I’ll let you get on with your quest to prove to yourself that you really are as clever you think you are.

      4. Yes Goldbach Stevies fond of quoting “what the papers say” but his imature comments betray his drift towards fascism in modern Britain.Who would have thought after the war in europe that we would be facing fascism once again and this time in Britain…obviously the death camps and sub human classification by Nazis in Germany has faded from the memorys of people like Steve H on the alter of expediency.We thought the conservative and unionist party were wicked enough and a relative of extremism …..and now we have full blown fascists dominating the leadership and the PLP.
        .One wonders how the membership can tolerate this or have they morphed themselves?

  8. SteveH – no doubt some of those who have opposed Begum
    in her Constituency have personal reasons for doing so. However
    Labour Party Central have not admitted this – or protected Begum.

    I would say -in this case – it is because of her Leftish opinions
    rather than her racial, origins that has motivated Labour Central.

    In fact according to Jewish News (?) Starmer has a list of MPs he
    wants to be rid of .. and all are Left Wing Corbyn supporters. I
    would suggest that it is a facet of Starmer’s character which makes
    him do this – partly he hates anyone disagreeing with himself and
    also it is a personal thing against Corbyn .. It surely cannot be
    ambition for he must realise that the mood of the Country is
    that most agree with what was in GE19 Manifesto and that
    “Greed is Good” is definitely out of fashion. Even the newest
    most naive Tory MP realises that.

    1. PS The latest triggering – of Byrne in West Derby – where
      there is evidence of fraud shows Starmers lack of
      political nous. His obvious devotion to his job
      and to the poor means his triggering will surely be
      seen as ludicrous

      1. HFM – Aww, come on.😩
        It’s not as if these constituencies were picked out for special treatment. Several months ago a schedule was drawn up and published to give every single Labour constituency the opportunity to hold a trigger ballot. To claim that Keir engineered the outcome of this process is simply ludicrous. It is almost as if you have no understanding of how the process works.
        I do note however that you have failed to mention that it was Keir Starmer that changed the rules to make the threshold for triggering an MP significantly higher. Jeremy made the threshold lower to make it easier to get rid of sitting MPs whilst Keir changed the rules at last years conference to make incumbent MPs more secure. 🤔

  9. If you care to study the polls from the last few months you will see that your fabled working class are returning to Labour and really quite like Keir Starmer

    Tried watching the vox pops on the news recently?

    I haven’t heard anyone say they really quite like keef.

    All’s your fantastic claim does is prove unmistakeably, and beyond any reasonable doubt that you are naught but a fawning, myopic, sycophantic, snivelling smarmer worshipper.

    It’d be sad if it wasn’t so disturbing. But that’s you all over.

    Nonce apologist
    Closet racist
    Smarmer idolator.

  10. For information:
    – “The Overton window is the range of policies politically acceptable ”
    So, expressing the opinion that the economic war that “The West” unleashed earlier this year was unwise, is a good example. Anyone who expressed this view, including a former Chancellor of Germany, was vilified and excluded from the airwaves and press reporting, and often called a “Putin-apologist”, rather than those opposed to that view engaging in a debate.
    Another example is the shutting down of debate about actions of the Israeli government and the argument for BDS. Those who present an alternative thesis are similarly excluded and, in some cases, have their livelihoods taken from them.
    The same strategy has been adopted by Starmer and Evans in the LP and it is, in a very minor way, what SH seeks to do on this website.

      1. One characteristic of the narcissist is that s/he always has to have the last word.

      2. goldbach – It is also quite common for idiots like you to employ this facile argument.

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