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Matheson quits as Labour MP after finding of ‘threatening’ sexual misconduct

Matheson’s departure highlights yet more inaction by Keir Starmer, after finding of ‘threatening’, ‘intimidating’ and ‘entirely non-consensual’ abuse sees Labour right-winger step down following parliamentary suspension

Chester MP Christian Matheson has resigned as a Labour MP after being suspended by Parliament after a panel found he had committed ‘serious’ and ‘threatening’ sexual misconduct toward a junior staffer. The panel concluded that:

The evidence confirms that his actions were entirely non-consensual, as well as threatening, intimidating, undermining and humiliating for the complainant.

In a statement announcing his resignation, Matheson admitted a ‘minor breach’ of the parliamentary code, but claimed his ‘honest and open approach’ had led to him being found guilty of ‘several allegations I know to be untrue’. His departure triggers a by-election in the City of Chester constituency.

Keir Starmer did not suspend Matheson pending the outcome of the panel’s investigation. The Labour leader is himself the subject of a formal complaint from a whistleblower that he ignored her ‘protected disclosures’ about abuse of vulnerable domestic violence victims by the lover of a right-wing MP and covered up the abuse, even after she won her unfair dismissal case against the MP – and he failed to act on clear evidence of abuse and rigging against Muslim MP Apsana Begum despite a professional advocate for domestic violence victims warning that the party was continuing the domestic abuse she had suffered.

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    1. Says someone with no skin in the game cowering in an (alleged) bolt hole in the Caribbean safe in the knowledge that what he cheerleads to impose on others will not impact on him.

      Butt out and mind your own business steveH. There is no part of this debate which is relevant to you. You are not wanted here. Depart. You have outstayed your welcome.

      1. Dave – Is that pathetic effort really the best you could come up with?
        Are you really that pathetic that you need a safe space?
        I have a suggestion for you, if you don’t want people to challenge you then you should stop writing such inept rubbish.
        I Think your callous disregard for the majority of the people in the UK and in particular for the vulnerable and disadvantaged is contemptible.

        ps:- We have a daughter, my siblings, mum & extended family who all livr in the UK so yes I do have skin in the game.

      2. Steve H I am very pleased your mum has survived the covid scam.I remember that you put your mother forward to be done at your local surgery with the untested dangerous vaccine
        .I remember commenting at the time whilst you were arguing with Mcniv about the dangers of facemasks and pushing your mum forward as a lab rat experiment..Hows she handling your disappearing into the Caribbean bolt hole?

      3. Joseph – Thanks for your concern but I have worked in many different places throughout my life so she is quite used to me living abroad rather than on her doorstep.
        My mother is actually doing quite well considering. Although I used to visit her twice a week she actually gets to ‘see’ more of me now than when we lived in the UK. I now talk to her every other day via a video link, She has adapted surprisingly well to the technology that she used to shun and talks to us very confidently and openly most of the time. She’s also found a new hobby painting and colouring in on her tablet and happily fills her day by listening to audio books on it.
        She’s spent the last few weeks recounting over and over again what my daughter has told her about when she visited us with her friends and and telling me how lovely the family is that I am helping my daughter sponsor.
        Thanks again for your concern.

      4. Projecting again boy.

        You are the one who has bolted off to a safe space. You are doing your extended family and everyone else in the UK no favours by cheerleading for a gang who are committed to continuity of the existing approach and which, like the Tories, are equally dangerous and unfit to Govern.

        Your daughter, mum and others in your family will not be immune from these policies (among others) announced this week:

        You really must hate your family, as well as everyone else in the UK, to want to foist upon them and us such a contemptible and as equally dangerous as their soul mates in the UK political class the Tory Party.

        Your callous disregard for vulnerable women, children, families, working people, the elderly cheerleading for your gang regardless of the costs to even your own family is the one which is showing through loud and clear.

        That you are pathetically attempting to project your own position onto others speaks volumes about what a sorry excuse of a contemptible being you are with your simplistic ‘my way or no way’, ‘with us or against us’ bullshit rhetoric.

        You are starting to sound like the equally unhinged Victoria Nuland and the rest of her Straussian cohort..

        I’ll repeat – in the full knowledge that the majority of readers and posters on this site who are clearly sick to the back teeth of your bombastic puerile trolling will concur – YOU as an individual have no skin whatsoever in this game.

        You demonstrated quite clearly your disregard for any basic values in the pursuit of anyone and everyone who has the temerity to hold a different opinion to that of your own in order to impose that opinion on everyone else even to the detriment of your own kin in the UK.

        Butt out boy because this is non of your business. Go. depart. Your
        are not welcome. You are not wanted. You have nothing to offer. A lengthy period of silent reflection on your part represents the only positive contribution someone like you can make.

      5. Right about what?

        Truss has been forced out just as I posted almost a week before it happened linking to the Duran site which you belly ached about like a mardy arsed five year old because you lost 18 minutes of your life.

        You can never be right about anything because you are too cowardly to answer a question and too dumb to construct a coherent grown up argument.

        To give an example its the safest of wagers that you will either project or deflect, but not provide any answer to the following question found here:

        This blogs author links to an article outlining the fact that the majority of the schools in the UK will be bankrupt by next year and raises the issue that:

        “I deliberately bracketed both leading parties in this as both are dedicated to austerity to appease financial markets, which is wholly unnecessary.

        We need answers to this most basic of questions, which is how are services to be maintained?

        The simple truth is that we can very obviously educate our children: the resources to do so exist within our society. However, in an economy where the whole focus is on meeting the demands of landowners and bankers that can’t happen because they deny us and the government the resources to make all ends, personal and societal, meet.

        So who is going to upturn the tables and say people, planet and community above all else? ”

        Its certainly not going to be the Starmer Junta gang you want everyone else from your safe space bolt hole, including your own famiily in the UK, to suffer and die in a ditch for.

        They are just as committed to austerity and looking after the interests of the 1% as the Tories. Lib-Dems and SNP are. A reality you are in complete denial of and clearly don’t care about as it does not impact on yourself, having run away from the Country in the same way you run away from dealing with the inconvenient facts and realities spelled out for you by posters on this site.

        Again. Butt out. Its not your business. You and what you represent have nothing to offer.

      6. Dave – “Right about what?”
        I though that would have been obvious to an intellectual giant like you.
        Let me know which part of “I am guessing that you only have speculation about the contents of this policy rather than anything specific.” you are having difficulty understanding and I’ll try and help you out.

        “Truss has been forced out just as I posted almost a week before it happened”
        Who’s a clever boy then.😏
        For goodness sake give it a rest, it didn’t take a genius to guess that.

  1. Keir Starmer did not suspend Matheson pending the outcome of the panel’s investigation.

    True to form. I wonder who keef will decree stands for election there? I wouldn’t be getting me hopes up about retaining it, neither.

    1. “I wonder who keef will decree stands for election there?”Are you questioning the autocracy of Sir Keir Austerity Starmer? Seditious thinking there, Toffee.

      1. qwertboi – Sedition? Toffee hasn’t even been a member for a quarter of a century.

      2. So?

        Is observation a negatory? Try telling that to Attenborough…

        By the way… What happened to the Corbynism YOU voted for FOUR times??

    2. Yes but a heavy-handed autocrat like Keir Starmer won’t care whose rights he’s stomping on (non party members/ left members/anyone). Sir Keir will work to the Klaus Schwab’s WEF New World Order songbook.

      1. qwertboi – Come back when you’ve got something sensible to say.

    3. Jack the Ripper represents Nu Labour policies very well. Un protected women finding to their horror that the cops can’t or won’t protect them. Elderly woman of a certain stamp, isolated and viscerally attacked by big brave thugs, sorry forensic men. While this is taking place the champers flows in hidden clubs and bars. Our woman are not safe, our kids are in danger of rampant abuse , and we are targets for tasers, batons and boots. Stop the Eton boys 1984 references, this is new and we are all in real danger. We can’t go back to our comfortable, safe spaces with one phone call. Down and out, my arse.

  2. I wonder if the bye election will show just how much the labour party are drowning in hypocrisy and deceit.Unless people are telephone canvassed then I cant see many old labour fascist supporters getting off their backsides on a dark and cold winters evening?…..this could be interesting?

  3. The hypocrisy knows no bounds. Starmer didn’t have a problem of withdrawing the whip from Apsana Begum, Claudia Webbe and Jeremy.
    Webbe was found in breach of the Parliamentary Code of Conduct for failing to declare her income as Islington Cllr in time. But, telling she hasn’t been found in breach over the alleged threats of violence levelled against her.
    However, neither Apsana Begum or Corbyn have been in breach of the Parliamentary Code of Conduct ever.
    Starmer needs to resign as leader for failing to suspend Matheson pending the outcome of the investigation.

  4. Speaking as one of his constituents, I was a little surprised at this news, though not exactly heart-broken. I can’t see him having committed a particularly egregious sexual offence, though. He probably just made a drunken pass that backfired, but I’ll suspend judgement till more facts emerge. He’d been open in opposing Corbyn, so I didn’t vote for him in 2019 and probably won’t be door-knocking for whomever is parachuted into his place come the by-election…

    1. Good to hear, timfrom. Whether he’s a sexual reprobate or just a bit lusty when tipsy, for me, it wouldn’t be about Christian Matheson any more.

      Starmer has taken Labour away from me and this is a Labour party issue from which I am pleased to be ‘dearly departed’.

      1. I think that the Houses of Parl may have become accustomed to tipsy high jinks over the centuries. Mm.. a harsh punishment for an accidental, tipsy paw.

      1. Joseph – You really should try to keep up, Sienna Rodgers left LabourList way back in April.

        However thanks for giving me the opportunity to reiterate how blinkered your political dogma is and how ill-informed you are.
        LabourList is sponsored by Unite and the FBU who aren’t exactly known for their fascist stance.
        LabourList publish contributions from right across the spectrum of Labour’s wide range of political views. With frequent contributions from LeftWing union leaders and members of the SCG. Jeremy Corbyn himself has published over 200 articles on LabourList’s website.
        If you are going to respond in this childish fashion the least you could do is not tell lies and make sure you know what you are talking about before starting your rant

  5. The Shifty-as-Fuck Party!
    If we dont sexually molest you, we’ll austerity you you death, by already failed under Conservative Party, force you back to work dead or alive, then well chuck your dead body in prison, for 10 years, because you refused, we will subject you to misogynist, xenophobic abuse if you are not White, Zionist and TORY! And if you are “UNDESERVING POOR” prepare to ‘meet your maker’, because in the Shifty-as-Fuck Party you are less than nothing!
    Yeah, that looks about right for BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen’s best bits.

    1. and don’t forget. I think it was Thangam Debbonaire who said a starmer (notionally) Labour Government would sack and fine NHS Staff who refused to be covid ‘vaccinated’*.

      (of which, there are over 1.7million people, mostly biochemists working in Pathology functions).

      Sir Keir ‘show-me-your-papers’ Starmer must never be given the levers of state. Our liberty and human rights would never survive it.

      * It’s not a vaccine – it neither reduces infection, nor reduces symptoms of illness.

      1. qwertboi – I may be wrong but didn’t the compulsory vaccinations only apply to front line staff and given that NHS already willingly accept that some of them must have various vaccinations I am struggling to see your point.

        For someone who claims to be a quack biochemist you appear to be remarkably ill informed.

      2. Still no evidence that the vaccine did anything other than cause adverse effects and kill people, it seems a bit more like Power and Control than any kind of health concern!
        Oh but of course that doesn’t apply to Zombified MSM Sheeple, they are all cured of all known diseases. Even if granny dropped dead with an inflamed heart, Susan down the road finally dead after contract cv19 for the umpteenth time, despite being fully vaccinated and boosted, etc, etc, etc!
        Weatherman says it’s raining, you look out the window, it’s a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in sight and anounce to the Missus “Darn Honey, would you look at that it’s down again!”

      3. “qwertboi – I may be wrong but didn’t the compulsory vaccinations only apply to front line staff and given that NHS already willingly accept that some of them must have various vaccinations I am struggling to see your point.”

        What constitutes ‘front line’ was the issue,and no, SteveH, the NHS never mandates vaccine use to any employee/subcontractor. The key point is that no civil authority can mandate such a thing. (Yes Ryanair can refuse you access to their flights when un-vaccinated, but that’s a commercial decision) Certainly, the NHS can impose a requirement for vaccination, but it cannot enforce compulsory vaccination. Read the attached
        and it will be clear to you that the threat of compulsory vaccination was dropped 31 Jan 2022 once 5% of NHS Staff (mostly pathology staff) who refused to take emergency-authorised but untested vaccines indicated to their union, the BMA, that they would rather terminate their own contracts with various NHS Foundation and Hospital Trusts in England/Wales than take the supposed vaccine. The mandatory vaccination plan was dropped immediately by Sajid Javid.

        Back to Starmer, the point I am eager to make is that I wouldn’t trust him as Prime Minister to use the levers of state in a responsible and respectful manner, hence his willingness to say that a future Labour Government would impose mandatory vaccination on NHS staff, when such a thing would be thoroughly illegal and provoke international legal action – and he’s supposed to be a ‘forensic’ lawyer who must know this.

      4. qwertboi – You can dance on the head of a pin all you like but in this context it boils down to the same thing, if you want to take up or remain in a post you have to have to take a vaccine. Whether you regard that as compulsory or not is of little relevance.

      5. qwertboi – For someone who professes to have expert knowledge you display a remarkable degree of ignorance. Even China whose actions to combat Covid-19 you have repeatedly praised self evidently think you are talking bollocks.

        You’re nothing more than a dangerous idiot.

      1. nellyskelly – Reality, would you know it if you saw it?

    2. nellykskelly,

      Not being at work when dead is not the only ‘offence’ likely to get you a prison sentence under a LP Junta that is simply itching to do to the populace what has done to its its own membership base:

      “Hate crime legislation is already a problem, allowing individuals to make complaints to the police about things that aren’t even crimes — being ‘misgendered’, for instance. The fastest-growing area of complaints is ‘transgender identity’, which rose by 56% in the year to March 2022. There is ample reason to worry about how the existing law is being used but Starmer wants to double down, saying “it’s time for tougher hate crime laws so every LGBT+ crime is treated as an aggravated offence.” It went down a storm with his audience, but raises the prospect of law-abiding people facing an aggravated sentence for a social media post that uses the ‘wrong’ pronouns.

      Starmer made other baleful commitments at the awards. He no longer talks about self-ID because we know exactly what that means — stripping away safeguards, weak as they are, that make it harder for predatory men to claim to be women. Now the Labour frontbench talks about ‘modernising’ the Gender Recognition Act, which sounds like a minor technical change. Those of us who recall what Starmer said in 2021, when he committed Labour to reforming the GRA “to include self-identification for trans people”, don’t believe it for a moment. Last night he used the new formula without spelling out what it means, but it looks as though Labour intends to allow individuals to get a gender recognition certificate without having a medical diagnosis of dysphoria.”

      This crew, with its useful idiot cheerleaders hiding in their boltholes in places like the Caribbean, will not only deport more refugees than the Tory Party they will put more people in prison for stating the reality that men cannot become women and that biological sex is immutable.

      It is already commonplace to see the police harassing citizens – women and children as well as men – in their own homes and arresting or attempting to caution and bully them for expressing these ‘wrong’ opinions. And the gang that the resident cowardly troll who has fled to a bolt hole in the Caribbean wants to impose on us all is doubling down on outlawing any such reality based expression by making it a criminal offence.

      Doubtless, when steveH’s daughter or mother is arrested in a store for the hate crime of complaining to the management and police of being photographed in a state of undress in the changing room by a man intent on taking advantage of Starmers laws he will simply offer to his family the same one dimensional stuck record bullshit rhetoric he comes out with here.

      Because his inflated opinion of his own righteousness trumps everything in his fantasy world.

      1. Dave Hansell I don’t think Steve H will be too worried about his mum and daughter now hes bolted for the Caribbean
        .Steves more interested in animals and chasing sheep around the 🌴.beach..Typical neo liberal with some very sick habbits like all of em!

      2. Joseph – Is that what passes for political discourse in your mind now. I’m embarrassed for you.

      3. Dave Hansell, I don’t see trans women as men but, I don’t see them as women either. India has a legally recognised third gender, for example.
        I will argue that the way forward is to recognise transgender as a third gender and give trans the rights to self ID for what they are: transgenders.
        I believe it is very dangerous for the safety of a trans women to by imprisoned in men wards. She is going to be without a doubt rape almost on a daily basis.
        However, it doesn’t mean that she has to serve her prison sentence among women. Have a separate facilities to house trans offenders. Hence, protecting both trans women and women.
        The same with sports three categories: men, women and trans.
        As a woman I don’t understand why trans women don’t campaign for their identity as trans and have rights as trans, because just because they aren’t men, it doesn’t make them women either.

      4. @Maria

        I find cryptid is the best description.

        Thanks for the lesson on Franco in the other thread. And good luck to your son’s.

      5. Yup, BlueKeef will have you banged up for farting eastward on the brow of Hampstead Heath on a Thursday before 1700!
        You know, all these spiteful laws and actions the Great White West are making have already bit them far harder than their intended victims. What astonishes me is just how dumb, how idiotic they are, you just have to look at CheezyLizzyTruss, Russia, China, Iran, etc, the Financial Crises its like a huge snake consuming itself. Everything they do is so dirty, so slimy, absolutely vulgar, never a decent or honest move.
        About Trans what we have to accept is that we can’t make Trans vanish, even if all Trans on earth were vanished today, by today yhe next generation of trans are born. It’s not a choice or indoctrination, not that there are plenty who do take advantage and commit said crimes, like just about every other thing imaginable, there always will be. Trans is as old as man, no pun intended.
        What we need to change is that which we can, public toilets, sports by qualification category rather than sex, ie pound for pound boxing, rugby or track speed etc Why do we need categories in any case we are all one and the same thing, human.
        Bathrooms are only sleezy places because they are enclosed and isolated. Open them up, private unisex cubicles with sinks in front opening into always busy public spaces.

      6. Oh dear yet more evidence free waffle based on nothing more than speculation.

      7. David – You really should try to resist this obsession you have to constantly try and prove to yourself that you really are clever as you think you are

      1. So Keir supports just about everything I find abhorrent,not suprising they “Neo liberals “are bringing the western world to the brink “So very soon pink news will be added to the list of approval with Labour listless and any other seedy offering from the treacherous Caribbean bolt hole sheep sh…ger Steve H…

      2. Joseph – I would prefer it if the law evolved to reflect changing attitudes in today’s society and to safeguard all parties. It is self evident that the current legislation is inadequate.
        I tend to agree with the gist of what Maria said about gender neutral toilet facilities, I’ve seen similar systems in place when I worked in the Netherlands.

      3. Steve H you may wish to chat about shithouses and bogs but with so many vulnerable people who are on the brink with the winter yet to come I truly despair that you and your fascist labour party will never actually understand t that working class people matter “white multicolured,religious or fairys in the sky fanatics(no pun intended)we all deserve a better life than dished out by your lot or the conservative and unionist party.Developments are moving quickly and its so easy for people like yourself to remain in blissful ignorance.

      4. Joseph – Your level of discourse sinks by the day, I feel sad and embarrassed for you

    1. Public knowledge about the contents of Al Jazeera’s The Labour Files series is still the best way to stop Starmer in his tracks. Right-wing media will be the best vehicle for achieving this and it won’t be long before they won’t be able to resist it. Bombard them with emails, tweets, whatever, urging them to scrutinise the Files’ contents and discuss them. Neil Oliver’s excellent show on GB News would be an excellent place to start…

      1. “Does anybody still watch GB News?”

        Happily no! Not many, anyway – but that doesn’t stop their recognition that covid is being used for anti-human rights and political purposes being exceptionally relevant. (I go there a lot for 2 seperate/distinct reasons: i) to understand better my enemy; ii), to be miles away from ‘useful idiots’ with a leftish/centrist bent who buy the covid scam enthusiastically and proudly wear the label ‘lockdown lefties’).

      2. qwertboi – Are you the living proof of the ‘horseshoe theory’?

    2. What’s he gonna go and do to them if they vote against? Remove the whip? Plenty of those in the House of Lords.

    3. Toffee – This is a bill that originated in the Lords and has only just started its passage to becoming law. It has yet to even reach parliament. Labour have already stated that they have a series of amendments that they will put forward when it comes before the HofC.that will cover this and many other aspects of the bill and that supporting the LibDem amendment may have impeded them doing this. Why would they indulge in gesture politics and potentially jeopardise the progress of their own amendments in parliament.
      The way things are going it looks like Labour will be in power before too long and will be in a position to bring their own legislation forward instead of struggling against a Tory majority of 70+

  6. I Think your callous disregard for the majority of the people in the UK and in particular for the vulnerable and disadvantaged is contemptible

    Yet you happily and vehemently excuse keef for ORDERING peers to ABSTAIN on a toerag policy that allows kids to starve.

    Now THAT’S a callous disregard you despicable nonsense case.

    1. Toffee – It is you that has clearly stated that you would prefer another Tory government to a Labour one. Sometime one could be forgiven for believing that you really are the ‘Tory Boy’ you claim to be.

  7. An aside – I would recommend not watching this just before you retire for the night.

    1. goldbach – I found it reassuring.
      Both the virus’s involved in this research are SARS-CoV-2 viruses and it has already been documented that it is possible for different strains of SARS-CoV-2 to combine into a heavily mutated hybrid. This process is apparently called a recombination event.
      I’m pleased that scientists are researching this possibility so that they can develop vaccines in advance to combat this scenario should the occasion arise.
      I did however find the video disappointing it seemed to consist of nothing more than the presenters rather simplistic personal opinion filled out with a load of waffle.

      1. You’re clearly not a scientist.
        This was not “nothing more than the presenters rather simplistic personal opinion “.
        It was a presentation based on a pre-publication academic paper from respectable academics.
        You have clearly never heard of Dr John Campbell either.
        He has been making videos presenting and critiquing scientific news for years and has been doing so in relation to Covid since it first came on the scene. He collaborates with academics as far afield as Australia.
        Time to start opening your eyes in a whole range of fields regardless of whether or not you agree with all the assessments people make. It’s much better than dismissing things you don’t like in utter ignorance.
        Whether or not the paper is positively peer reviewed or needs some amendments it is, nevertheless, a paper which deserves much more than summary dismissal from someone who doesn’t have a clue about scientific method.

    2. @goldbach

      I’ll see your dead nice, and raise you;

      NIH paid professor Ralph Baric $220.5 million to develop a technique for hiding evidence of human tampering in laboratory-created super viruses.

      1. I guess that you mean “dead mice” but I’ll happily be called “dead nice” if you wish.

      2. NVLA: “NIH paid professor Ralph Baric $220.5 million to develop a technique….”

        Professionally I have little respect for Ralph Baric, but the various, oft-repeated charges against him or his research are simply ludicrous. Yes, he’s a scientist who is supporting all the ‘bad science’ covidianism of WHO/Bill&Melinda, etc, but no way can any of his epidemiological findings be serving the nefarious goals some people (‘useful idiots’?) claim.

        The big “crimes” are all in open view and Ralph Baric isn’t directly involved in any of them, NVLA.

      3. @goldbach

        It was mice. Autocorrect strikes again. A.T.B.


        Am far more concerned about NIH ponying up the cash for the technique. Other than nefarious purpose, why would anyone finance this?

      4. NVLA @ 1.30am: but that’s my point. The ‘technique’ is not as claimed, it is a valid – but highly speculative – research project that (might) enable(s) synthetic (lab-created) viruses to be identified as such and neutered more easily.

    3. FWIW
      i)- it’s maybe not the strain of the virus, but the susceptibility of the test mice that’s the real story here.

      ii)- it was the daily mail and fox news that created this story, which serves well to separate the men from the boys journalistically.

      There’s nothing in the BU research (by their National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL people) that would cause me to stock-up on effective SARS-CoV-2 killers immerdiately.

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