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Labour leadership ‘purging’ Black critics from party and ‘excluding Black stakeholders’

Whistleblower accuses party of being ‘riddled with anti-black racism’ and treating anti-Black racism as unimportant, The Voice reveals

A former Labour staffer-turned-whistleblower has accused Labour of excluding Black stakeholders in order to dilute its code of conduct on anti-Black racism into meaninglessness and says that the party is busy purging Black critics, an article in The Voice has revealed.

Halima Khan, who worked for the party’s disciplinary unit and who testified in Al Jazeera‘s recent, explosive ‘Labour Files’ documentary, says that the party allocated the lowest priority to the creation of its code of conduct on anti-Black racism and,

also actively tried to minimise as many external number of people of colour and black women working on the document.

So many processes were subverted.  The party went against the EHRC [Equality and Human Rights Commission] recommendations. The black stakeholders only saw the version that was already watered down by Keir’s people.

Keir Starmer has ‘form’ for this kind of exclusion of people of colour from party processes. Shortly after he conned his way into the party leadership, Starmer formed a ‘diversity panel’ – one that consisted only of white staffers and excluded Labour’s most senior ethnic minority staff member.

The Voice, the UK’s only Black national newspaper, also exposes the party’s refusal to fund training on anti-Black racism, the fact that Keir Starmer has not even filled the post of race equality spokesperson on his front bench since Black MP Taiwo Owatemi quit two months ago – and its assumption that Black voters have ‘nowhere else to go’ so it can prioritise what it thinks will win over white voters.

The article comes after Starmer’s regime has excluded Black candidates and has been accused of a ‘hierarchy of racism’ even by its own ‘Forde report’ – commissioned by Starmer from Black barrister Martin Forde – and the Islamophobia and anti-Black and anti-Gypsy racism of the Labour right continues to run rampant. Starmer has also been accused of covering up criminal and sadistic abuse of vulnerable Muslim women fleeing domestic violence and Labour has been told by an official ‘domestic violence advocate’ that it is perpetrating a continuation of domestic abuse against Poplar and Limehouse MP Apsana Begum.

Read the full, detailed exposé, including comments from the UK’s first Black woman MP Diane Abbott and other parliamentary colleagues, here.

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  1. Turned on Question Time just before it ended, but clocked Lammy doing his audition for Home Secretary. What a mug. Everybody knows that in horror films (like a Starmer govt), the black dude always gets it first!

    1. The .ir link didn’t work for me, bevin, but this short Jonathan Cook article
      on Mondoweiss was useful (for me, at least).

      Yes, Miller’s treatment (by Bristol University) is an omen of the insidious, concealed censorship-for-control that is already the norm in party management and will become de-facto normal across the board under a Starmer premiership.

      1. Here it is, qwerty.

        Who killed Jeremy Corbyn’s social justice project?
        Tuesday, 25 October 2022 3:25 PM

        US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) (L) talks with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a rally with fellow Democrats before voting on H.R. 1, or the People Act, on the East Steps of the US Capitol on March 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. (AFP photo)
        Jeremy Corbyn
        By David Miller

        The hidden truth about The Labour Files, the largest leak in Britain’s political history, is the opposite of the right-wing critics of the Labour Party.

        They say that Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the UK’s Labour Party, interfered to slow down the progress of antisemitism cases.

        The truth was that he speeded them up massively. In doing so, he intensified the witch-hunt against ordinary party members, despite the lack of evidence of a specific problem in the Labour Party of so-called “antisemitism”.

        In fact, the evidence shows that levels of antisemitism in the Labour Party were lower than in society in general.

        The number of notices of investigation, suspensions and expulsions connected to antisemitism all surged exponentially once Jennie Formby took over as General Secretary in the spring of 2018.

        In 2019, there were 45 expulsions; in 2017 there had only been one. Was this because there was a real and increasing problem of antisemitism? No. However, the Corbyn-led party took over and extended the witch hunt by internalizing Zionist talking points on what “antisemitism” was.

        These sang from the hymn sheet produced by the Zionist regime in blurring together anti-Zionism with “antisemitism”.

        Zionist talking points

        By acting as if the Zionist talking points were evidence-based, key elements of the office of the Leader of the Opposition (known as LOTO), and those around it, came to believe that they were genuine.

        As a result, they appointed staff who also believed in the false Zionist talking points. At the head of the unit appointed to deal with complaints were three people, each of whom had drunk the “antisemitism” Kool-Aid:

        Harry Hayball, who had previously been in Momentum and “studied the history of antisemitism on the left” by reading That’s Funny You Don’t Look Antisemitic and The Left’s Jewish Problem. The latter was written by an employee of the Community Security Trust which runs point for the Zionist regime in the UK. The former was by Steve Cohen published in 1984 and republished in 2005 by Engage the Zionist lobby group formed to oppose Boycott Divestment and Sanctions. Momentum in 2019 tweeted to recommend the book. As the leader of the Zionist-leaning Trotskyist sect, the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty (AWL) Sean Matgamna wrote in an obituary in March 2009 that towards the end of his life Cohen “considered himself a supporter of AWL”. In other words, Hayball learned about the notion of “left antisemitism” from committed Zionist propaganda tracts. Hayball also states that he was lobbied by a “wide range of stakeholders from JLM, Jewish communal organisations and the wider Jewish community”. Prior to working in the antisemitism unit, Hayball had been the head of Digital with Momentum, the allegedly “hard left” support group for Corbyn. While there he had proactively progressed the witch-hunt claiming of himself that “from August 2018 onwards, Hayball submitted dozens of complaints to Labour about cases of antisemitism he had documented from social media posts by suspected Labour members”. In the Labour files it was revealed that at a meeting after an elderly woman suffered a stroke and died soon after learning of her expulsion from the party, a senior officer had laughed and said “Look we’re anti-Semite killers now!”. According to the Al Jazeera whistleblower: “The whole room broke out in laughter.” I can reveal that the official who made the “joke” was Harry Hayball.

        Patrick Smith, a former member of the AWL, who resigned from the party in 2013 complaining about its Islamophobia. He then joined the Communist Party of Great Britain which, like the AWL, bandies about the Islamophobic term “Islamist”. Smith had previously complained about anti-Zionist views being problematic in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and denounced its members as being “essentially mad”.

        Laura Murray is claimed – in the leaked Labour Antisemitism Report, mainly written by Hayball – to have developed her understanding of antisemitism “through her work” with “the JLM and with Jewish communal organisations” in her role as Stakeholder Manager in the Leader’s Office. Murray also appears to have taken on the role of advocating the views of the Zionist groups to the leadership. She “wrote to GLU about the concerns expressed by the JLM and Jewish communal organisations about the handling of antisemitism cases”. Note that even the use of the phrase “Jewish communal organisations” is a Zionist talking point. The main “Jewish communal” groups are all Zionists. Murray was also said to have, “developed a comprehensive understanding of antisemitism on the left” through her work with “Jewish stakeholders” and “by undertaking further education and training, including” a“course on ancient and pernicious antisemitic tropes” at the Israeli government sponsored Yad Vashem.

        The report goes on to say that the employment of Hayball was an indication of the internal desire of Murray and others to “build a team which understood the processes from the perspective of the complainant, which was self-critical”.

        The assumption was, of course, that the complainants were mainly acting in good faith, which was a recipe for a dramatic escalation of antisemitism suspensions, warnings and expulsions, with no basis on any rational or factual assessment of racism against Jews.

        Corbyn’s Zionist advisers

        In addition, Corbyn had surrounded himself with close advisors who were either soft on Zionism or were actually true believers. Momentum – the so-called hard left support group for Corbyn – was set up by a variety of such people, including obviously Jon Lansman, who in an earlier period had been critical of Zionism.

        But during the Corbyn period, he moved to a “soft Zionist” position, supporting the Zionist-produced IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism and repeatedly saying that the party had to “regain the trust” of the Jewish community. In May 2016, he wrote that what had been happening in Labour was a “frenzied witch hunt” in part fuelled by “the fundamentalist wing of pro-Israeli organizations.” But in the same piece, he argued that the left should drop the term Zionism altogether.

        His argument is that Zionists in occupied Palestine are more hardline than those in the UK. Maybe so, but they are unwilling to countenance the end of the “Jewish state”. So far, no Zionist group has accepted the end of the “Jewish State”. We are left, then, with the fact that Zionism inherently means support for a settler colony in occupied Palestine.

        By 2019 Lansman had moved to the position – the Party now had “a major problem” with “antisemitism” and had “a much larger number of people with hardcore antisemitic opinions”.

        Lansman also invited into a key role in Momentum, a left Zionist activist from Scotland, Rhea Wolfson. She was a member of the Zionist affiliate to the Labour Party, the Jewish Labour Movement and was one of the editors (until April 2018) of the Clarion, the paper of the Zionist Trotskyist sect the AWL. According to her: “One of the funniest things about Momentum is it’s just so Jewish.”

        James Schneider

        Among other founders of Momentum was James Schneider. At Oxford University, he met his long-time friend Ben Judah, in whose play Schneider acted. It involved the inevitable “Arab terrorist” who subsequently turns out to be anti-Semitic. The pair were housemates in the period when Schneider founded Momentum in 2015 and they remain friends today.

        Judah did his bit for the witch hunt between 2015 and 2019. Prior to it, though, he had already claimed in May 2015 that he was pinned to the wall, throttled, punched in the head and told to “Get out you f***ing Jew”, by George Galloway supporters in Bradford, a charge emphatically denied by Galloway and his Respect Party.

        Judah now works for the NATO lobby group the Atlantic Council, having previously worked at the “regime-change friendly” European Council on Foreign Relations and then the neoconservative US think tank the Hudson Institute, which champions aggressive, Israel-centric US foreign policies.

        Schneider went on to become Corbyn’s strategic communications adviser. Press TV’s ‘Palestine Declassified’ understands that he was among the key people pushing the idea that apologies needed to be made, and that the IHRA should be adopted.

        He is on record as saying that the ridiculous judgement of the EHRC “should and must” be implemented. He even highlighted what he thought were “really good” passages in a book by Dave Rich of the Zionist extremist Community Security Trust, The Left’s Jewish Problem: Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Anti-Semitism. These suggestions, it is reported, “include ditching conspiracy theories, not using Holocaust analogies or hysterical language when talking about Israel”. These of course all relate at least in part to discussions of the Zionist entity as opposed to “Jews”.

        As the leaked “Labour Antisemitism” report, the Forde report and the Labour Files show, the bullets used to assassinate Corbyn were produced and shaped by the Zionist regime. They were then carried to the scene of the crime by Zionist lobby groups, assets and fronts.

        But the key proximate actors that delivered the coup de grace to Corbyn were his own supporters and those in his own office.

        David Miller is a writer, broadcaster and investigative researcher. He is the producer and expert commentator on Palestine Declassified, a weekly PressTV show. He was unjustly sacked by the University of Bristol in 2021 at the behest of the Zionist movement.

  2. Doesn’t paint a pretty picture does it Timfrom.I was most shocked by the sacrificing of Chris Williamson even though we all new AS was a Scam including the leadership
    .I was a member then and watched with horrer to see so many loyal members thrown under a bus for supporting a socialist leader in the largest socialists party in europe Thanks for taking the time to post timfrom..I am sure that we can all learn from our mistakes and trusting the treacherous labour party.

    1. I agree with each distinct point you make Joseph. There is a technique used by the CIA and the pax-Americana propagandists whereby they invert/flip-over/reverse every ‘truth’ that their enemy hold. I’m wondering if there’s a bit of this going on (maybe not intentionally) with Miller’s article above re. the person of Corbyn.

      The only person we need to address the possibility and meaningfully comment on one of Miller’s hypotheses is the very person who is too principled to want to: Jeremy Bernard Corbyn (maybe, his anti-racism will impel him to).
      Until I know better I’ll apply the ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’ truism and not play the ‘re-crucify your holy man’ game that Starmer’s bosses are delighted to encourage.

      But, let’s not forget, the anti-black, anti-gypsy, Islamaphobic practices of the current party management are a horrible testament to Starmer’s bad leadership and good reason for the current membership to act.

    2. A lot of this goes back to the moment when Blair bucked the post-war decolonisation consensus and started his wars on Muslim homelands. Once you’ve normalised white politicians attacking, torturing and killing the bodies of people-of-colour with impunity, then you’ve normalised racism and its hierarchies of humanity – resulting in a sort of non-human status for victims and those like them.
      And clearly, if Blair can get away with killing indigenous people en masse, Zionists will think they can pretend to be respectable too.

  3. quertboi……its all water under the bridge but we must learn and we must lead by example in any new party in Britain.I am hoping to see a new party arise but loyalty and standards must apply including employees
    .Only a fool keeps repeating the same mistakes.and any new working class movement must be vigorous in controlling the type of members allowed into a working class movment.Never ever forget it was the labour party and members who destroyed the democratic socialists labour party..I dread to think what this clown knight will do especially with the DUP in Ireland and maintaining a partitioned Ireland…..if people are desperate enough to let the dogs out….and rabid dogs at that.!and he walks into downing street…..

    1. The Canary screeching Get Sunak OUT!
      YEAH!? And then fucking what!?
      People’s Assembly calling Get Sunak OUT Protest.
      YEAH!? Lynch, and then fucking what!?
      We have 2 Major influencers and activists who could whip up a massive storm in moments, get Lynch and Corbyn together and lets make a fucking PLAN!
      ONE PLAN, we have, not ONE but TWO TORY Parties, to kick out of Parliamennt, and replace all the Wannabe Upper Middle-Class with the “UNDESERVING POOR” and Struggling Class!
      There are only 650 seats.
      Column 1: Who holds that seat now. (Red they must go & Black they must stay)
      Column 2: The Socialist Candidate to Vote for.
      Column 3: ‘If no Socialist Candidate’ the Green Party Candidate to Vote For.
      I know the Green Party is not ideal and what most of us want, but realistically to fill in the gaps where there are no Socialist Candidates they will do as caretakers until something “Credible” comes along.
      However we need Corbyn and Lynch to cause the storm, not for a new party, that is too late, but for a plan ONE PLAN for all! And something that we can wipe out the Draconian ‘Rule’ of both TORY Parties and most specially give a little return favour to the nastiest of the two the NEO-Labour Party TORIES!

      1. Well nellyskelly it is a difficult tactical conundrum to solve.
        The reason racist neoliberals stole the Labour Party was that it still has some currency as a label, and name recognition value. Clearly if starting a new party was easy, establishment Blairites would have had the honesty to do it themselves – instead they stole someone else’s.
        At least if you look at voter turnout numbers and membership, there is clearly a ‘fool me once’ dynamic at work. It’s been proven that putting Blairites over here, and the Clinton insurgency in the US, before voters is now like offering them a free dose of the clap.
        As we know, Starmer is hoping the Tory vote collapses and he can sneak the election on an anti-democratic suppression of turnout.

        I’ve recommended this article before (I wouldn’t bother with the editor’s intro)

      2. It’s worth recalling that before En Marche, Macron was a banker part of a generation of entryists into the French socialists, that helped exploit and stomp the movement into temporary oblivion.
        If and when Starmer’s despotic rule ends, we should be wary of Blairite entryists similarly attempting to rebuild from the position of the floored carcase of the Labour Party.

  4. nellyskelly – Thanks for admitting that ‘the left’ has yet again failed to get its act together. We still don’t know whether Corbyn will stand in the next GE. I have my doubts, why would he?

  5. A “yawn” is more than a certain poster and his tired old lines deserve Toffee. Did you see Diane Abbott’s article (“Why we need a complete alternative to Sunakism”) in today’s MS? All good stuff. It covers all the bases – we need ‘a fully fledged redistributive programme’, need not to curtail trade union rights and public spending even further, etc., etc., but hasn’t got that sense of urgency that the ‘cost of living’/economic/ democracy/NHS emergencies necessitate.

    Maybe Diane’s article is the very best ‘the left’ can do whilst it is marginalised and neutered by the Starmer WEF brigade and the collaborating MSM.

    1. Is it just me, or does trying to find #EnoughisEnough events for today, 29 October ’22, bring up only 1 Oct events???
      A g–gle algorithm job?
      It’s not just the synchronised-MSM, is it, the billionaires’ big tech is playing its part to keep the workers in their place?

      1. The wesayenough uk website used to have a fairly good events list but for some reason they’ve stopped maintaining it.
        However if you are looking for picket lines near you then you might find you can zoom in on your area and see ‘all’ the picket lines near you.

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