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Starmer sheltering two more alleged sex pests in his Shadow Cabinet

Labour ‘leader’ has not acted to remove them from his front bench, let alone remove the whip pending expert panel investigation outcomes – and yet again, no scrutiny or challenge from the ‘MSM’

Earlier this weekend, Skwawkbox revealed that Chris Matheson, who has resigned as Labour MP for City of Chester after being found guilty by a parliamentary ‘Expert Independent Panel’ of ‘threatening’ sexual misconduct, was a close ally of Keir Starmer who even deputised for Starmer at a hustings after the latter’s mother-in-law was seriously injured in an accident during the Labour leadership contest.

But Keir Starmer is still sheltering at least two alleged sex pests in his top Commons team, his Shadow Cabinet.

In April, the Daily Record revealed that, of the more than fifty MPs under investigation in Parliament for sexual misconduct, at least two were Shadow Cabinet members:

Labour’s usual policy in such cases is to withdraw the whip from the MPs in question pending the outcome of the investigations. Since the revelations, no Shadow Cabinet members have had the whip removed, nor were any demoted from the front bench by Starmer, even temporarily – and Chris Matheson was not a Shadow Cabinet member when the news broke, so was not one of the two MPs described by the Record.

Starmer’s own record in relation to his handling of cases of abuse of women is far from pristine. Whistleblower Elaina Cohen has publicly accused him of disregarding his safeguarding obligations by covering up sadistic and criminal abuse of vulnerable domestic violence victims despite her repeated warnings in the form of formal ‘protected disclosures’ – evidence that was not even challenged by Khalid Mahmood in Cohen’s successful tribunal case against him.

And Labour’s notional leader has ignored appeals for help from Muslim woman MP Apsana Begum, after Labour right-wingers hounded her so intensely that her own official domestic violence advocate told Starmer and his party that it was perpetrating a continuation of the domestic abuse Ms Begum had suffered. Ms Begum described the treatment and the leadership’s decision to turn a blind eye to the abuse as ‘inhumanity’.

Scandalously, the UK’s so-called ‘mainstream’ media – which writer Nesrine Malik has described as engaging in ‘a strange, unsettling amnesty’ of silence regarding the myriad abuses – hasn’t bothered to point out the failure to follow proper process, let alone question why his allies are given a free pass under even the most serious of accusations.

Keir Starmer and the party have consistently failed to respond to requests for comment.

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  1. Has anyone researched the keywords ‘SaVILE / Starmer’? I believe the latter was Director of Public Prosecutions at the same time sex pest / paedophile / rapist / necrophiliac / bosom buddy of Thatcher / close pal of King Charles III Sir Jimmy SaVILE was being ‘investigated’ / whitewashed by the alleged police. It could throw up some interesting results.

      1. I reckon the people of Chester will vote toerag – just like Hartlepool did.

        Because that’s what happens when you harbour sex pest MPs, isn’t it wee fella??

        Thing is, keefs’ got another two – and they’re BOTH in his shadow cabinet.

      2. Then again, you’d have found a way to have blamed Corbyn if woodcock had hung around and been found guilty of his charge(s) instead of spewing it to escape any investigation….

  2. starmer led the CPS and stopped jimmy saville getting charged. Margret Hodge accused young girls of lying who were getting groomed raped and abused in care homes when she was minister for children and was given a dame hood it’s a fucking pedo loving party new new labour

      1. Yes nelly,

        harman, hewitt and dromey did more for the growth of PIE than truss ever did.

        If I hadn’t, someone else would’ve done 🙄🚕/I>

      2. Odd how those people well connected can get away with things that Joe Blogs would’ve received the courtesy of BlueKeef’s beloved 10years treatment for!
        What is even more frightening is how they then peddle libel lies about others, probably about the same crimes they committed, and totally gets aeay with it. If it pops up it’s ugly head up in MSM it simply gets shoves back and some greater catastrophe gets created for the distraction of the Zombified MSM Sheeple.
        Just seen an article of masses of French protesting against the government of Iran, I guess the vast majority of people have woken up to reality of the Great White West & Ukrainian Nazis vs Russian Speaking Ukrainians. So they’re done with the Russophobia that caused overnight hate. Now it’s time for Iranophobia with it’s concoction of MSM lies, seems to be a staggered hate. Are they warming up for Chinophobia?
        The thing that scares me is how dumb and blatant they’re going about it all, and nobody is up in arms, it’s comming though a couple more wake-up calls and well see some big trouble.
        They are trying to scare 7.8 Billion People into obedience, but they’ve gone past eating their own tail by now. Haïti again, Yemen, Palestine the Aggressors are trying to force progress on their evil and not only are they consuming themselves, but their evil is fast catching up to finish off the job.
        I honestly think that reality now, is well and truly beyond anything 1984 or the pens of Orwell, Kafka, et al!

    1. Toffee have you noticed the “uncanny resemblance of the the knight of the realm realm” to that other “knight of the realm Sir jimmy Saville?…With a white wig on Sir Keir is a dead ringer” .
      “But I woz pwomised downing street “I want a ewection” crys the baby that throws out his toys in the pra!m?

  3. Present policy announced this week, should it ever be implemented, will likely result in such whistleblowers facing allegations of ‘hate crime’ for raising such concerns by the purity spiral crowd who have very clearly captured many organisations and institutions.

    And, doubtless, the same Men’ s Supremacy Movement masquerading as a ‘progressive’ civil rights campaign which puts itself permanently at the top of an artificially manufactured hierarchy of oppression will add Starmer’s misogynistic policy to the present anti-protest Bill going through Parliament to prevent women from meeting to discuss their interests and concerns or complain about the invasion of their same sex spaces in leisure facilities, rape crisis centers, hospitals, schools, workplaces etc.

    Interestingly, there are now cross party initiatives seeking to address these attacks on what is statistically 51% of the voting populace:

    “Female politicians are launching a biology policy unit to stop gender identity ideology “compromising” women’s and children’s rights.

    Labour MP Rosie Duffield, SNP MP Joanna Cherry, and Conservative peer Baroness Jenkin of Kennington have joined forces to help ensure policies across the public sector that are based on gender identity theory are documented and scrutinised.

    Their shared belief that “scientific fact and reality have become the victim of an ideological revolution” will be addressed by a dedicated “biology matters” unit at Policy Exchange, the influential think tank.”

    Those politicians, regardless of Party, are the most likely to retain their seats in any General Election should we ever have another one.

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