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Exclusive: Starmeroids’ excuses for barring Dent Coad are most pathetic and ‘North Korean’ yet

‘Smiling’ when someone criticised Starmer, the wrong meeting and more

As Skwawkbox reported yesterday, Emma Dent Coad – the only Labour candidate ever to win the Kensington seat for the party – has been blocked by the Starmer regime from standing for Labour in the constituency at the next general election.

The barring of Dent Coad is the latest in a long line of shamelessly anti-democratic manoeuvres by the party to deny members a meaningful choice – and the excuses the party used for blocking her are among the most pathetic yet – and the most reminiscent of caricatures of North Korea.

Party drones referred to a dossier – the Labour right does love a good dossier – of allegations Ms Dent Coad was supposed to face – and what an illustrative dog’s breakfast they were.

Dent Coad was attacked for being too of the Tories and not toadying enough to the royal family.

And she was also – contrary to the less accurate reports of the ‘mainstream’ press – accused of attending an event organised by Counterfire and Socialist Appeal.

When Ms Dent Coad pointed out that it hadn’t been a Socialist Appeal event – the group was banned last year by the regime and people have been punished retrospectively for any association with them – and that the supposedly-incriminating photo thrust at her was in fact from a Stop the War march, the Labour officials decided that was a problem.

Stop the War has not yet been banned, but apparently holding any anti-war feeling is now ‘incompatible with the aims and values’ of Starmer’s party.

And, in a scene that reminds of caricatures of North Korea and demonstrates the insecure personality cult of what passes for a Labour party these days, Dent Coad was also rejected on the basis that she had once ‘smiled or laughed’ when someone on a panel criticised Keir Starmer.

Finally, the MP was ruled out because she once chaired an online panel that had someone in the unseen audience that she had never heard of but had been suspended by the party.

Such is the parlous and frankly diseased state of the UK’s politics at the moment. ‘Uncle Joe’ Starmer is paraded as an alternative to the Tories while entirely maintaining the privileges and structures that the Tories exist to uphold and the Labour party was created to flatten – while the only MP ever to win the Tory stronghold of Kensington and who fought tirelessly for the people she represents, including the victims of the Grenfell Tower murders and their families, is barred

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  1. She needs to carefully consider her options including standing as an independent.

    1. Tony, Dent-Coad knows she cannot win as an independent in Kensington. Presently, she is the leader of the Labour group in Kensington & Chelsea.
      I would argue it would do more harm to the community for her to resign as a lone wolf. Would the members of the SCG decided to mount a separate Party from Labour, then yes Dent-Coad should stand as candidate for the new Party.
      Nevertheless, what all the right wing candidates seeking selection don’t realise is that since, she is the leader of the Labour Group that whoever is elected it cannot count of the enthusiastic support of most Labour Cllrs and Labour activist in this CLP.
      Hence, the Tories are going to retain the seat. It shows the stupidity of Starmer & co because in order to form government this is a seat Labour needs to win.

      1. Dent-Coad has never struck me as properly socialist anyway.

        I still think she should bin the party off. They owe her more than she owes them.

  2. “Stop the War has not yet been banned, but apparently holding any anti-war feeling is now ‘incompatible with the aims and values’ of Starmer’s party.”

    If I were a Labour member, I’d probably join Stop the War straight away. If the Sir KKK party proscribes StW, the game would be well-and-truly over.

    1. qwetboi, I don’t think Starmer cares. He believes that getting the Party to resemble the Tories more and more is the way forward to win the next GE.
      He still hold the believes that Truss is going to survive or exchanged for another equally dreadful, uninspiring Tory leader.
      The attack from Mordant in the Commons yesterday is just a taste of what is going to unfold on the doorsteps as soon as a General Election is called.
      Still, I agree with you that somehow Starmer is making enough enemies as it is and should be careful of no going out of his way to make more.

    2. France once again shows how to fight back….National strike “and hardly a mention of whats already been happening in europe plus the”Opposition” to the War in Ukraine and money being given away from the Macron government to the Ukraine “retirement fund”
      .I noticed the torys tripple lock on pensions as dissapearrd whilst mps “goldonlock” pensions continues unaffected and enhanced.

    1. Jess Phillips joined in mocking laughter about Diane Abbott and boasted – to even more laughter – that she had told Diane to F**k off. When asked how Diane responded Jess Phillips replied ” She f**ked off”. Jess found this hilarious apparently.
      Jess Phillips is still a labour MP and has been promoted to the front bench by Keir Starmer. She is a right wing Zionist Friend of Israel so as far as Starmer is concerned Jess effing and blinding , publicly mocking a fellow Labour MP, using violent language ( stab him in the front) and exposing the party to ridicule ( when she had the nerve to complain about Boris Johnson’s inappropriate use of language) doesn’t matter.
      Emma Dent Coad is a socialist so she is unwelcome in the party. That was the only reason that they grubbed around in the dirt trying to find grounds to justify barring her. They couldn’t but that didn’t stop them- they barred her anyway.
      The only thing that surprises me is that she wasn’t accused of antisemitism like so many other socialists and/or anti Zionists before her. Maybe they realise people have started to catch on to them and this vile smear is no longer as effective as it was. Indeed as far as many of us are concerned to be expelled from Starmers Labour for anti Semitism is a badge of honour.

      1. God, did you see Phillips And Her Teeth on Have I Got News For You? That loud and persistent laugh really got too much after a while. Her pathetic attempts to be “part of the gang” were excruciating.
        Then on Countdown yesterday, that see you next Tuesday on the numbers, Rachel Riley And Her Tits, informed us that her “good friend” Luciana Berger is a budding stand-up comedian. Dear God. Yes, of course she is, just not in the way you think!

      2. Philips treats every public event as an interview for a position in The IDF Border Patrol.

      3. Reply to Wobby
        and another money making exercise. She’s just like her idol Tony Blair – a greedy grasping money grabber.

      1. Reply to Marian Standen
        I haven’t left yet Marian though I have been sorely tempted.
        I and tens of thousands of others left the party because of Tony Blair and Iraq. (I re-joined 2016 in order to support Jeremy Corbyn)
        Looking back I think that those of us who resigned due to Blair’s illegal invasion of Iraq made a mistake because it gave him free rein to pursue his warmongering and money grabbing activities unfettered.
        Every day on this and similar sites fake socialists urge us to leave the party . This is because Starmer wants a Socialist free party and these paid trolls are working constantly to get rid of those of us who haven’t yet been expelled on trumped up “antisemitism ” charges. It means that the Left loses out in important internal elections – we just don’t have the numbers any more- which is the object of the exercise.
        So while I completely understand why you left the party I think it was a mistake.

      2. If you think I am a Troll that is your right. So what are you Socialists doing to control Starmer in the Labour Party? So far this is the last Socialist of endless Socialists illegally immorally to be smothered or silenced! I joined to work with Socialists. I am fighting for my life and I did not want to be further threatened by Stammer’s philosophy and politics so I left.

      3. Reply to Wendy Andrews
        I don’t know whether you are a paid troll or not . I haven’t seen daily posts from you urging members to resign and name calling and insulting those who don’t. That’s what these fake socialists do every day for the reasons I mentioned previously.
        They also seek to undermine Socialists such as Jeremy Corbyn and members of the Socialist Campaign group . These posts usually are along the lines of ” I admire/like/ support Jeremy Corbyn BUT ……” or ” the SCG/ Individual MPs such as CAT Smith were nowhere to be seen /did nothing / are useless”
        They are very easy to spot once you ignore the crude window dressing and look at their core message

  3. I can’t help myself. I’m smiling – ironically.

    Aptly named :

    To a Louse – by Rabbie Burns!

    O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!
    It wad frae mony a blunder, free us,
    An’ foolish notion:
    What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us,
    An’ ev’n devotion!

    Dedicated to Keir Starmer.

  4. And Paul Mason is in the running for the safe seat of Sheffield along with Blairite Eddie Izzard.

    Liking an anti-war Tweet is grounds for suspension under Starmer’s regime. But being some sort of state informant against the left (or possibly deeper) is no bar to becoming a Labour PPC it appears. How much of our parliament is corrupted and contaminated with security state assets already? Prople had their suspicions about Blair, the privately educated/Oxbridge son of a Tory, who joined the then Foot-led Labour wearing a CND badge and posing as left-wing.

    No one who’s directly involved with the intel services should be running for parliament full stop. For you can’t serve two masters: your constituents(the public) while protecting the security establishment from scandal. It’s a conflict of interests and worse, deceitful to your electorate.

    1. “Today we’re ahead in the polls because Labour has strategy for real change: a programme to meet the needs of millions of working class people.
      “I helped shape that strategy.”

      No, Paul Mason, Labour is ahead in the polls because the Conservative Party has crashed while your Labour Party offers nothing worth having.

  5. I was once voted Labour and volunteered as a Labour supporter. Never again. I do not support NAZIs nor will I in the future. I believe that God our Father damns this indulgent prejudiced criminal family of Bowes Lyon/ Saxe Gotha Coburg evil all exempt from our consequently non existent law. The amount of money poured down these satanic evil callously indifferent devils throats is outrageous. Owning a church does not make you Christian it is about time they read their bibles! Evil. I am not …and before such immigrant filth tries to deport me I AM ENGLISH! They are not! This royalty is from the Dark Ages and satan fancies he’s going to have a “modern” coronation …expensive I bet at a time when the pour are starving? God told me to say this: they are evil. I am not. I leave them to be judged by God our Father.

    1. Well done wendy Andrews….your anger is the same as all of us in the hundreds of thousands who feel betrayed by the labour party.We took the only response that was lodgical withdrew funding and left the fascist labour party.Some people were still funding the Nazi party in Germany as Hitlers body burnt in the bunker This winter will see the deaths of many of the working class and labour and the members who support them are responsible as in equal the Conservative and unionist party
      Being called a troll or not a socialist is fine by me because I know that those that acusse us former long time members of the labour party and councillors who served “the labour party are drowning in hypocrisy whilst they continue to prop up the Neo liberals roundabout alliance..I
      …collaborators are nothing new it goes all the way back to the Vichey government in ocuppied france and Hitlers burning body in the bunker.Your comments on the Royals is spot on as they are the head of a rotting body of the establishment parliament the parasites in parliament
      .Labour needs to get out of the way then a real working class movement will arise.Whilst labour trades on a once proud name of a peoples party then blissful ignorance prevails and the new working class movement is stalled….and they know it..!

  6. An observation: I much value SW’s doggedness and integrity (and you knew it was coming) but, just as the serial calumnies of the Tory party are not covered because they are taken as read, are we not at the point where the detailing of each and every failing of Starmer seems purposeless. The counter argument is that the MSM aren’t willing to cover this but I suspect that the majority on this site are as removed from Starmer as they are the Tories. In short, is the world as we would wish it to be brought into being fuelled by the calumny of Labour or the affirmative actions of those who operate beyond its dwindling sphere of influence?

  7. Emma should stand as a Jeremy Corbyn Independent.
    I argued Anne Rothery from Liverpool should have stood as an independent community socialist when barred from being Mayor.
    But she didn’t then became a Community Independent after the horse bolted.
    So go for it Emma, you have built up a lot of community good will over the years.
    Socialists have to start somewhere.

  8. What a choice! At a G.E. vote for Tory Fascists or Starmer’s NAZIs!! I left the party because I was not a NAZI …dare I vote Green? What can we do?

  9. Tim
    Every single crime against the people and labour party members has to be reported otherwise the comotose members will fall asleep 😴and believe everything they are told by the Wizard of oz “has they follow the yellow brick road”

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