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Libellous Harpin claims left candidate is former Tory – with pic of wrong Black man as evidence

Seems he’s at it again – expensively-smearing right-winger then doubles down rather than apologise

Right-wing hack Lee Harpin’s smears have cost his former employers large amounts of money. His libels against Liverpool left-wing activist Audrey White in four separate articles cost the Jewish Chronicle hefty damages and a grovelling apology – but he didn’t learn not to do it again.

Harpin also libelled left activist Nada Al-Sanjari, resulting in yet another payout and humiliating apology for the same rag – and it was rapped by IPSO, hardly known for strictness in judging the papers that run it, for its smears against left-wing Jewish councillor Jo Bird, again penned by Harpin.

And on Tuesday evening, it seems Harpin was at it again – falsely accusing a left-winger hoping to stand for Labour in Kensington of formerly being a Tory.

Harpin targeted Kasim Ali after Ali published a statement saying he stood by his friend Emma Dent Coad, the former MP for the constituency and the only Labour candidate ever to win it, who was grotesquely and farcically blocked by the party regime from standing at the next general election.

Despite Mr Ali telling Harpin that he was not at the event as a Tory, Harpin then published a picture of some black men standing with former Tory mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith – and publishing a photo supposedly contradicting Ali’s statement – and challenged Ali publicly to comment, rather than following usual journalistic practice of contacting him for comment before publication:

And this lack of diligence came back to bite him, as Kasim Ali responded to say that he was not in the photo – and rebuking him that all Black men don’t look alike. But rather than accept the rebuke and apologise, Harpin doubled down and publicly doubted it – then, when others castigated him for his attitude, demanded to know whether they believe everything they are told:

And still Harpin refused to take his medicine, leading to further derision:

Below are an image of Kasim Ali, easily findable via Internet search, and one of the group of Black men Lee Harpin claimed contained him:

There appears to be no sign of Mr Ali.

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  1. 2022….and to mr Harpin “they all look the same” very sad and its not uncommon mistake amongst the British media.I suppose that some white people of the ignorant tendency only see black skin or alian eyes or like the racist Prince Phillip “slitty eyes” and nothing else.They don’t see the beauty of a black face or show any humanity whatsoever….and it clearly in harpins case the lack of paying attention to detail shines through in all of his “storys”

      1. How can anyone be proud of a skin colour & propose that one skin colour is ‘better’ than another?

      2. Steve 101704……We are united by being working class and all skin types burn 🔥where I am in Cambodia when the sun 🌞shines. We are really not that different we all want a good and peaceful life. and somthing better for our children and grandchildren. .There are those that want everything for themselves and the greed shines through in there lifstyle. Many are unhinged and sick in the head like the neo liberal alliances….. ……..
        ..ITs all part of the “struggle and its never been easier to identify the neo liberal movement whichever party they infest and dominate.ITs unfortunate but things are coming to a head with many ordinary people who will suffer but from the chaos will rise a real working class movement which is what its always been about. “…Labour must go and the quicker the better.

  2. That ANY Somali backed goldsmith after his overtly racist campaign (plus overt toerag racism across the spectrum) is a major disappointment.**

    As for hairpin; like a certain poster on here, there’s some sort of OCD about him. They just won’t learn. And as long as they’re not made to see the error of their ways in a significant fashion, nor will they ever do so.

    Like the previously highlighted instance of gobshitery from the imbecile, this latest pile o’ shite comes from hatpin’s Twitter account; which – I’m guessing – is independent from his JC-backed *ahem* journalism remit.

    And if I’m correct that makes harpy personally responsible.

    **That any somali’d support keef is just as much of a disappointment.

  3. Oh dear Harpin having a cosy relationship with LOTO I’d have never guessed!
    Surely the Labour Party aren’t going to use this ‘evidence’ as proving Kasim once supported the Tories.
    Meanwhile how’s it going in Bridget Phillipsons office where ex Tory MP Christian Wakeford is part of her team, as a PPS.

  4. Twice in a week? First KamiKwasi, now Mr. Ali (great beard Sir!). So much for multicultural Britain…

    Who’s gonna bail Harpin out this time? I’m sure even a douche like him can outlast their usefulness

  5. I wonder if the “evidence” that Kasim Ali attended an event organised by the Tories to promote the candidacy of Zac Goldsmith for London Mayor is going to be use to bar him from the long list?
    After all, if they are expelling members from giving an interview to Socialist Appeal, the Party could easily alleged that attending an event hosted by Zac Goldsmith is giving assistance to the Tories.
    Conveniently the Party will forget the Labour files of Al Jazeera and Dan Fox, Stella Creasy’s husband attending dinner with some far right characters.
    Perhaps Kasim Ali was doing the same? persuading other Somalis to vote for Sadiq Khan? If it works for Dan Fox, why not for Kasim Ali?

  6. Kasim Ali was wrongfully accused of being a Tory and of attending a Tory event. He tried to clarify the position and in so doing exposed Lee Harpin’s shoddy journalism.
    I have no doubt whatsoever that this exposure will lead to Kasim facing trumped up “antisemitism” charges and he will soon be suspended or expelled from Starmers Labour
    Who knows, maybe like Audrey White he has already been suspended or expelled but due to an “administrative error” his letter informing him of this was not sent out.

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