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String of broken party rules exposes rigging and cover-up in Begum’s triggering

Labour shredded rule book in its determination to oust Muslim woman MP

The Labour party’s determination to oust Poplar and Limehouse MP Apsana Begum has seen the left-wing Muslim woman MP relentlessly hounded by the party regime, in collusion with allies of her abusive ex-husband – the local council accepted her evidence of his abuse in court without challenge – and her removal was briefed to anti-left media months ago. Begum defeated one attempt to remove her in a stitched-up prosecution that was rightly thrown out of court, sending party officials scuttling away disappointed after they waited outside the court to announce a contest to replace her.

After that failed, the party then allowed the same people who pursued Begum unsuccessfully in court to run the ‘trigger ballot’ process to decide whether she will face a challenge to stand as Labour’s candidate at the next general election – a process that local members have said publicly was characterised by abuse, intimidation and threats, especially toward ethnic minority women.

And newly-emerged documents show that, as well as allowing and facilitating abuse, the party has shredded its own rule-book and procedures to ensure the outcome it wants, in what appears to be an obvious stitch-up and cover-up.

The count

Labour’s Code of Conduct for the triggers requires the result of any trigger ballot vote to be assessed and verified by the elected officers of the ‘CLP’, the local constituency party group, before it is communicated to the party’s national executive:

The result will be calculated at a special meeting of CLP officers, the decision of which must be communicated to the Regional Director who shall submit the results to the NEC.

But this procedure was ignored by Labour’s London regional director, who wrote to members’ elected representatives:

It was decided as agreed with the NEC rep that the count would be limited to the Procedures Secretary, NEC rep and a member of regional staff. [Redacted] will come back to the EC regarding the results.

Instead of an open process with transparency and scrutiny, the count was conducted in secret, with no oversight, by a rep chosen by the right-dominated National Executive Committee, a staffer from the London regional office that has long been seen to protect right-wingers and hang the left out to dry, and the local procedures secretary who is said to be part of the same group, allied to Apsana Begum’s ex-husband, that wanted to convict her on ungrounded charges of housing fraud.

CLP officers knew nothing about it until the ‘result’ was bluntly communicated to them the morning after the secret meeting.

The campaign

Labour’s code of conduct clearly dictates that no would-be candidate or their supporters are allowed to use membership data to attempt to persuade members to vote for them or their preferred candidate, except for the incumbent MP personally:

No member shall use access to Labour Party membership lists they may have to campaign for or against reselection of the sitting Member of Parliament, aside from the sitting Member of Parliament themselves. Any member who uses access to Labour Party membership lists in such a manner shall have their access to Labour Party membership lists revoked for a period of not less than six months and may be subject to disciplinary action under the Party’s rules.

No member shall campaign – using Labour Party membership lists or otherwise – as though they or any other member are an alternative candidate for the constituency in question.

Locals say that these rules were breached so widely by Begum’s opponents as to have been meaningless, yet no action has been taken by the party despite numerous complaints.

The voters

The rules for the trigger process dictate that a list of affiliated organisations – union and socialist society branches who have affiliated to the CLP and are entitled to vote – is fixed before the beginning of the contest and must be communicated to the MP. Yet the affiliates list was changed during the process, with more branches being added by Labour who were presumably hostile to Begum.

In the nearby Ilford South constituency, incumbent MP Sam Tarry sent evidence to the party of widespread voter fraud in his trigger process – which he also lost – including the use of ‘ghost’ voters who do not appear on the electoral rolls for the constituency and of people impersonating actual members in order to cast votes in the ballot. With the party ready to rig the affiliates register – and with Begum’s opponents ready to bar her supporters from online ballot meetings and scare them away from meetings in person – there is every reason to believe that similar tactics will have been used in Poplar and Limehouse.

This rigged process has been pursued by the party in spite of its impact on Apsana Begum’s health – she was recently hospitalised – and in complete disregard of an intervention from her Independent Domestic Violence Advocate calling on the party to abandon it because of its adverse impact on her and the contempt it represented for the party’s safeguarding duties toward her.

But the party used a statement to the press to further smear Begum – and party leader Keir Starmer never bothered even to congratulate her when she was exonerated in the criminal case – so their disregard for her wellbeing and their readiness to allow and facilitate anti-democratic scams comes as no surprise.

But is no less horrific for that.

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    1. Q. Has the racism, misogyny, rule breaking, cover ups, rigging, etc been disciplined yet?
      A No.
      Q. Do we expect any of it to see light of day?
      A Are you out of your fucking mind? This is BlueKeef the slippery slime loopholer and fine tooth comber, were talking about! See the Forde Report!
      If you are not White European, Zionist, anti-Socialist, anti-UK Labour Party/Movement and a TORY, you don’t belong with The Neo-Labour Party Parasite TORIES! They will hunt you down like an animal and suck the marrow from your bones until you are nothing more than a paranoid mess!
      Leave NOW MPs and campaigne vote to burn down that Parasite infested old house!
      With them in Parliament pretending to be the right of the left and abusing the words ‘Socialist’ and ‘Labour’ at every given opportunity will prolong The PEOPLE’S suffering! Vote them out at any cost they will do us more harm in the longrun than the Conservatives ever did! Look at America, Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand! The bastards are the evil twin of the TORIES!

      1. It’s not an unreasonable request. I’ve found the results for Tarry’s trigger ballot:-
        The electoral college voted 57.5% to 42.5% in favour of holding a full selection process. Party branches – comprised of members in each local ward – collectively make up 50% of the electoral college, with each of the ten in the Ilford South constituency accounting for 5%. All ten voted to trigger Tarry. Of 596 members who took part, 396 (66%) backed holding a full selection process, while 200 (34%) voted to reselect the MP. 20 affiliated organisations voted (each accounting for 2.5% of the electoral college). Three voted to trigger Tarry while 17 opted to automatically reselect him.
        The only ‘results’ I can find for Ms Begum is a letter from a group of Muslim women members that seems to imply that she didn’t win the vote in any of her constituency branches.

      2. Are you suggesting that her results should come from a different source than that of Tarry or anyone else?
        Would that be because she is a Muslim, a Woman, a Socialist? Don’t you usually profess that there is just one party and that your Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites are the right of the UK Labour Party? Interesting that your sources should not have that data! But then again you are slippery racist and misogynist slime, so I guess Apsana would fall under your radar!

      3. PS *Apsana wouldn’t fall under your radar!*
        When I say ‘you’ I mean you and your Toxic Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites, not you personally.

      4. nellyskelly – What on earth are you blathering on about. I’m not suggesting anything. I’ve done nothing more than publish the results that I’d managed to find and ask if any of you know what the results for Begum are. Any other nonsense that you’ve chosen to attach to my comments is entirely yours and FA to do with me.

      5. Yes of course, exactly the kind of deflective garbage one could expect from slime! Nevermind your questioning Apsana’s results, well, where are they howcome you have your TORY results, but not Apsana’s? Fucking TORY worm!

      6. nellyskelly – Well I was obviously spot on with referring to your responses as being puerile.
        I would have thought it was obvious, even to you, that I have the results for Tarry’s ballot because I found them on the web, I don’t have Begum’s results because I couldn’t find them. Unless you know what the results were for Ms Begum’s vote it is difficult to see what you are hoping to contribute.

      7. Isn’t it interesting that the so called ‘left wing’ hacks or Sayanim Central/LabourList should not have the Left Wing candidate covered! The Devil in disguise will always expose it’s tail!

      8. nellyskelly – …and there was I thinking that they were both supposed to be left wing. Given the churn that there has been in CLP members it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the collective views of some CLPs may have changed about who should be their MP. You can bleat as long and as loud as you like from the next field but if the left don’t have a vote they don’t have a voice.

    2. SteveH, I know what fascism is. I was born in Spain and until my late teens I live with fascism.
      I define fascism as the subversion of democratic institutions.
      The Labour Party appears to be subverting its own democratic rules. Therefore, no longer can consider itself a socialist democratic Party but rather is turning into a fascist Party.
      Are you willing to vote for a fascist Party? I am not.

      1. Maria – Are you having a laugh? You really need to get a grip of yourself if you think that announcing a timetable months ago for CLPs to have the option to have a democratic say on who represents their constituency and for a CLP to follow through on that timetable is fascism.

      2. SteveH it is fascism when they allow the man who abused Apsana Begun during their marriage to conduct the trigger ballot and don’t investigate promptly the complains submitted by women members of the Party.
        As for Sam Tarry he is stating that he has proof that the rules of the LP have been breached.
        To my knowledge nobody is complaining about the publication of a timetable, it is rather how the timetable has been manipulated, how certain socialist societies have been allowed to affiliate to the CLPs after the process was already started.
        The rules of the LP clearly established that Socialist Societies become affiliates 60 days after seeking affiliation and it had to be local branches. Hence, if the affiliations occurred when the process was already under way or if they are not local branches, then the CLP’s Secretary is in breach of Labour Party Rules.
        Hence, you are clutching at straws defending the indefensible. After all I have lived under fascism when you haven’t. Haven’t you heard that denying antisemitism is proof that you are antisemite? Or in case you happen to be a Jew the wrong Jew a self-hating Jew?
        Hence, since I have lived under fascism and you haven’t, denying that the Labour Party isn’t descending fast into a fascist Party, mark you off as a fascist.

      3. Maria – Don’t be ridiculous, her estranged spouse is currently suspended from the Labour party and from what I have read Ms Begum hasn’t managed to secure a victory in even one of her CLP Branches.

      4. Maria – It would be difficult for anyone to put together a cogent argument that the alleged late registration of some affiliates for the Tarry vote has had any impact on the outcome of this vote. I suggest you carefully study the results of Tarry’s Trigger Ballot before commenting further.

        The electoral college voted 57.5% to 42.5% in favour of holding a full selection process. Party branches – comprised of members in each local ward – collectively make up 50% of the electoral college, with each of the ten in the Ilford South constituency accounting for 5%. All ten voted to trigger Tarry. Of 596 members who took part, 396 (66%) backed holding a full selection process, while 200 (34%) voted to reselect the MP. 20 affiliated organisations voted (each accounting for 2.5% of the electoral college). Three voted to trigger Tarry while 17 opted to automatically reselect him.

  1. Apsana is a socialist , a Muslim and female, the three groups who have been consistently discriminated against by Starmers Labour. They along with elderly antiZionist Jews have been targeted for suspension and expulsion and have had their reputation shredded- “antisemitism” being the preferred smear.
    However all these people have one thing going for them and that Starmers Labour seems to forget- they have a vote. I hope they bear in mind the way that Starmers labour has treated them when it comes to he next election – better still in the words of the Joe Hill ballad – I hope they ORGANISE! and make sure the electorate is made well aware of the depths to which Starmer and his allies are prepared to sink to make the party a male dominated right wing Zionist entity

      1. SteveH, the alternatives are:
        1- A democratic Socialist Party risen from the destruction of the Labour’s Party broad church. It isn’t going to win a General Election but it can hold the balance of power.
        2- Another Tory victory
        The way things are, rather right wingers than fascists.
        So tell me SteveH are you prepared to support Fascism?

      2. Simply put, you stuck two fingers in our eyes, GE2017 and GE2019.
        Expect two fingers poked right back at ya, at the next GE!

        Forget your faux concerns for us underprivileged and disabled it was us who you harmed the most, it is us whom you have parked on life’s waiting list and it is us that recognise that you and your Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites are the most dangerous thing to the plight of ALL The PEOPLE.
        We need you out and gone before we can start again with a Party that stands and speaks FOR The PEOPLE not The Elites/Establishment!
        Gone, we need you Gone!
        That is the only viable alternative for the benefit of The PEOPLE!

      3. nellyskelly – I appreciate that you must find it comforting but don’t you think it’s about time you actually got around to actually doing something instead of just indulging in endless waffle?
        Apart from a lack of support what’s stopping you?

      4. nellyskelly – Do you sit rocking backwards and forward whist chanting this puerile nonsense.

      5. I do sit rocking backwards and forwards at times, I am autistic, should I feel ashamed of that!? Because I fucking DON’T! I stand by everything that I say/post, whether you like it or not!

      6. You know BlueSteveH, every communication with you makes me think of the thousands of unsuspecting children who has been through your “headhunted” hands and how completely screwed up they must be today! You are a vile specimen of our species, so utterly vile, just like the rest of your Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites! Pure Slime!
        Oh and no, you have no bearing on my rocking that’s purely sensory and you are not ever in that equation.

    1. Reply to Steve H
      How sad that you are putting Starmers Labour forward as the lesser of two evils. I’m not even sure that it is.

      1. Smartboy – Really, where did I say that?
        You’re the one who has had to resort to making stuff up because you and your comrades literally don’t have anything credible to offer. How sad is that?

      2. Reply to Steve H
        At this time there are two main parties – Tory and Starmers Labour. You asked about the alternative to Starmers Labour so it appears to be your view that Starmers Labour it is the lesser of two evils.
        I note that you have not disputed the accuracy of my comment that Starmer’s Labour is
        male dominated
        right wing
        and Zionist
        or that Apsana a left wing Muslim/ woman of Arab descent is therefore unwelcome in Starmers Labour much to his shame.

      3. Reply to Steve H
        Just like the other fake socialists/ trolls who post on this site you resort to name calling and insults when you can’t win the argument

      4. Smartboy – No, just a critique on the veracity of your comment.
        If you feel aggrieved then you are more than welcome to try backing up your assertions with some credible statistics.

  2. This seems a straightforward matter for Ms Begum and supporters to petition the court that there is a manifest chance of injustice as agreed procedures were not followed. ‘Justice must be done, it must also be seen to be done’. (Hewart LJ, R v Sussex Justices 1923). This will further drain Starmers coffers with more bills from his learned friends. There must be many more grounds for m’learned friends to have a bash at the incredible manipulation of the rules by the current Labour admin not just in the Begum case.

    1. PC – Have you taken into consideration that practically every rule in Labour’s rule book has a get-out clause and that the regulations and practises in the various appendixes are not enforcible in court.

      1. Two Cheeks
        Get out clause
        How do you think that will 0lay out in a court
        Unfair Contract Terms are not enforceable
        Anything that denies Natural Justice will be thrown out

      2. Doug – I suggest you familiarise yourself with the rule book and that’s not what the courts have already said.

    2. Doug @ 7.04pm. Well said Doug. Steve H knows this. It’s tantamount to (him) admitting that all Sir Keir is doing is little more than a PsyOp. Possession is 9/10s of the law and he (Starmer) possesses the Labour party at the moment. All it takes is one affiliated trade union to stop their funding of Starmer’s Labour but not disaffiliate and Starmer loses his power. Oh – and don’t be fooled by headlines that say Unite hyas been cutting back its funding to PLP to a significant extent. It’s classic disinformation and misinformation from the press (and the ill-informed).

  3. Don’t expect Paul Mason to be bothered about this awful treatment. Too busy attacking Skwawkbox and the left to notice. Quite why he’s obsessed with Skwawkbox and not sites like Guido who report far more rumours, conjecture etc, idk?

    He’s back to his ‘more defence spending!’ shtick again today. He has to be the strangest leftist in Europe favouring pumping ever more money into defence over things like the NHS and schools. He should probably have ‘WAR’ tattooed on his knob, as he seems to have a permanent boner for it. That is, as long as it’s not him doing the fighting.

    1. I doubt he’d know what “left” looked like even if it bit him on the arse. He is your typical Middle Class dinner party “Socialist” exactly what BlueKeef’s Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites and BLiar’s New-Labour Party TORY Parasites are. They are Thatcherite Neoliberals pretending to be Socialists while they destroy everything Socialist in Parliament and Society.
      Making out they are the saviours of the poor, disabled and The PEOPLE, but they do so as they sign off and support destuctive pro-Elites policies.
      It is far reaching BoJoke’s PMship Party had Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Tracey Emin, many more all fake, whining Fake Bob Dylan and dead Leonard Cohen both hardcore Zionist rendering everything they did fake, oh except Dylan’s Zionist anthem Bully Boys or whatever, I guess that would be sincere. Mick Hucknall at Takis house with the TORIES for spectators bday, all the 2015 to 2020 get-Corbyn anti-Left, anti-Socialist “celebrity” and “comedian” types Brian Cox, John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, turnip digger team chappy, Richard Dawkins, all fakes and frauds like mason and all I can recommend is ‘LEST WE FORGET’

      1. Labour would be screwed without their middle class vote, at the 19GE more middle class (ABC1) voters voted for Labour than did the working class (C2DE).

      2. Yes, The Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites would be well and truly screwed without their middle class vote, because The Neo-Labour Party TORIES are “for the Middle-Class not the Undeserving Poor!”
        Your categories mean nothing, in a world where billionaire Mainstream Pollsters can seperate us by the status of our morning poops! Unless we have totally independent and unafilliated watchdogs/comms/etc to verify their SpinPorn, it all means sweet fuck all!

      3. nellyskelly – Whether you like it or not the polls were all more or less bang-on with predicting the national vote share for the 19GE and as for it meaning nothing well it meant that for the first time ever the Tories could claim to be the party of the working class. Oh and we lost, big time.

      4. You are mistaken, you didn’t lose, The Neo-Labour Party TORIES won ‘big time’!
        The UK Labour Party on the other hand lost, the GE and it’s entire existence!
        You say the polls were ‘bang on’. They are not bang on, they mean nothing unless they are independently verified The Neo-Labour Party TORIES and The Establishment owned Polls has and had an agenda.
        Painting the “working class” as the perpetrator is scapegoating the Sabotage, Coup and Conniving to block a Socialist Government from forming in the United Kingdom.
        You MSM Sheeple with your heads up your arse should come out for a breath of reality once in a while.

      5. No relevance, to anything here. Sheeple will see danger in anyone questioning the fluff in their heads.
        Just as the usa sees china, russia, iran, south america as an existential threat to life on earth, when it is they who butcher inocent civilians daily, it is they who are making endless threats, it is they who plot and execute dangerous and voletile coups, etc, etc etc.
        Yeah, go figures, I guess! Britain is fast becoming little America. I hope the British will wake up before that shithole of a day!

    1. Possibly the Masquerading and Trickery of Pretending to be Socialists, the remainig ~10 UK Labour Party Socialists dangling like Baubles outside of the now dead and dried out skin of The UK Labour Party, under a crimson red Flashing Neonsign that reads, fraudulently, “LABOUR”.
      I think this trap is far more dangerous for the many unsuspecting people who still believes that The UK Labour Party exists. They were never told by the likes of LabourList, Novara, Owen Jones, Momentum, etc, etc that a Nasty Parasite, The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, devoured the UK Labour Party from the inside!
      I reckon that this is a far worse trickery and betrayal of The PEOPLE than anything the Conservative Party TORIES had ever done.
      Especially takining into consideration the long drawn out process of Sabotage and Coupe starting in September 2015! Obviously long before, but this current slow and painful death of The UK Labour Party in September 2015, at the first Real threat of losing their Thatcherite Neoliberal control of “hm opposition”.
      Considdering their already frightening support to the Conservative Party TORIES, considering the speed at which the Neo-Labour Party TORIES jumped on the War Bandwagon and to me most frighteningly the SILENCE on Julian Assange, Windrush, The Nazis in Ukraine, Palestine, Yemen, the anti-Union stance, Britain’s Coalition with, and military bases in Saudi, the cost of living, austerity, homelessness, hungry children etc, etc, etc, that is by far the most telling of what is to come.
      A few words spluttered once in a while or wrote for show, to be broken sooner the ink dries, mean absolutely nothing, The PEOPLE expect and need to see possitive actions taken.
      But as the song says the harder they come the harder they fall!
      BlueKeef has a lot to prove to his Ego, Lords and Masters and he will come hard very early on!
      No matter which TORY Party The Neo-Labour Party TORIES or The Conservative Party TORIES, The PEOPLE are on an edge. For The Neo-Labour Party TORIES it will be a much more shocking, because people have expectations that they can’t and won’t be able to deliver on.

      1. nellyskelly – I have my doubts that the vast majority of the population view things from your unique perspective.

      2. At the moment, no, most still tune in for their MSM mainline fixes.
        However, you wouldn’t be slappping your MSM Spinporn all over the place or try to convince people that your Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites are the “real actual socialist and right wing of a left party” if you and yours didn’t come to realise a massive awakening among The PEOPLE, internationally!
        Not that you would comprehend or understand, but therein lies the effortless greatness of Corbyn, the gardener from London, planting seeds. Well you asked there it is one perl for your perusal.If you can think that far from Neoliberal Conservativism.

      3. nellyskelly – If you are misguided enough to pin your hopes on Jeremy Corbyn then you are in for a disappointment.

      4. I have absolutely 0 hopes pinned on Jeremy Corbyn, what for? Why hopes? He’s already done the work.
        I told you that you wouldn’t be able to comprehend! You simply can’t and will never get it.
        We’re just watching the garden grow.

      5. nellyskelly – but they they appear to have all withered and died after the 17GE.

      6. Do they? You must be looking at the wrong gardens. As I, you must’ve realised by now that there is a mass awakening of The PEOPLE, internationally. Otherwise you and your Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORIES wouldn’t, out of sheer desperation, be trying to get rid of us and splutter your SpinPorn at us.

      7. PS if you think I am talking about a party most specially The UK Labour Party, you’d not only be mistaken but blind to reality.
        The UK Labour Party is DEAD! The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites devoured it from within, nobody is fighting for it, it is now entirely yours!
        Lets hope for your sake your billionaire pollsters can magic up enough middle, upper middle class for you Parasite TORIES to win.
        Watch out for us returning the favours of GE2017/GE2019.

    2. Chris = ….and yet it is self evident from your post that all you have to offer is meaningless drivel and empty rhetoric, where is your credible alternative.

  4. NellykSkelly

    You said – and I realise I am quoting out of context:

    >>They were never told by the likes of
    >> LabourList, Novara, Owen Jones, Momentum, etc,
    >> etc that a Nasty Parasite, The Neo-Labour ..

    I found it difficult to follow your post but I THINK you are
    saying that none of the above list of media outlets are
    informing us of what is going on at Starmer Central.
    However I think you are wrong .. for lots of what appears
    here also appears in one or other of these outlets. Granted
    not all appears – but to be fair there is such a lot of wrong
    – isnt there?

    Granted also – material from Starmer Central also appears –
    but “nobody’s perfect ” to quote a famous film.

    1. I understand that they do, but I also know that sometimes what you don’t tell is far more damaging than you do. Even the Canary pisses me off for not putting it out who and what BlueKeef and the Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites are. It is dangerous as we expect those medias to inform against the lies and spin of the MSM.
      They may not agree with the MSM, but by not saying it, they are certainly not callenging or disagreeing with it. Those are my personal opinions HFM, formed over the years and by my own research, I would not expect you or anyone to share my not even BlueSteveH. ✌️

      1. Maria Vazquez10/07/2022 AT 1:13 PM

        since I have lived under fascism and you haven’t

        To which the imbecile them asks, three hours later

        SteveH09/07/2022 AT 4:04 PM
        Maria – Do you know what fascism is?

        How long is this arrogant shitehawk gonna be allowed to carry on?

      2. Oooops!! my mistake.. Sort of…

        Dates don’t follow the order of posting. A d the wee shite’s still a twunt – I’ve seen Maria mention fascism & franco a fair few times in different threads so he cannot claim ignorance.

      3. Still, “a Twunt” is a permanent and unavoidable given, regardless.
        That he has proven and earned, all by his little self, time and time again.

      4. Oh dear what a sad little pair you are.

        That what wee fellas missus says when he drops his kecks 🤭🤭🤭

  5. Accepting that the Begum case is to do with a violation of the rules and likely prejudice, beyond this I think there is an argument for all MPs to face reselection at the time of a GE. It would shift the perception from career politician toward someone doing five year’s service and perhaps lead to a change in culture in terms of the lobbying and revolving door.

    1. Tim – The really disappointing thing is that in 2018 despite the votes clearly being there to pass a motion for mandatory reselection Jeremy caved in to the PLP by sneaking behind the memberships backs and persuaded Union leaders to adopt ‘trigger ballots’ instead, this was in many cases against the Unions own policies.

    2. I agree that there should, automatically, be a contested selection process for nominating GE candidates. I would add that there should also be a requirement that candidates should have lived in the constituency for a minimum of one year before they can be considered. That’s for the party membership to decide though.
      My view is that the forthcoming Summer/Autumn of discontent should not be allowed to pass without those who are young/fit enough using the opportunity to “spread the word” for a Socialist alternative.

  6. If wishes were horses …….
    It may be satisfying to be blessed with remarkable hindsight, but it gets us nowhere.
    The past does offer useful lessons for the future. But our task is to find the best strategy for rolling back the neoliberal gains of the last 45 years, since we (or at least most of us) believe that there IS an alternative.

  7. There are always alternatives but none of them are related to Labour which is why the relentless denigration of Starmer and the uncritical acceptance of Corbyn on this site do seem both indulgent and superfluous.

  8. How do we protect ourselves from the Casino Economy
    Join it, beat them at their own game, be the disruptive influence
    As well as giving folk something to vote for, create an honest, decent and reliable bank, Media Company, toilet paper, House Builder, Property Developer
    Bring back in house all public utilities, make us self reliant on Energy
    Capatalists believe in ‘creative destruction ‘ make them compete without subsidy or Limited Liability, Capatalism Red in Tooth and Claw
    Remind them of the safety net that no one falls below, that takes care of Enterprise
    Remove Pensions from the Casino Economy and set them in stone, with a fixed return
    Give everyone, be they Tenant Farmer or Council House owner the Right to Buy, but when you come to cash in, you must give the Seller first choice to buy back at a fair price,
    Go with minimum rates of taxation, we all pay at least this amount on everything
    Teach ‘Taxation is something to be proud of in schools, teach democracy and how fragile it is and how to protect it from the Barbarians, teach Civics and Real Economics
    Dismantle the Class System, create a level playing field, we are ‘all in it together ‘ give Rich kids a chance to live normal lives
    Get out of London and the South East, reward Zillionaires who go back to where they came from and create something that will still be around in a 100 years for the benefit of the community
    More than anything else, put in place ‘Moral Hazard’ the very real possibility that if you are as bent as a nine Bob note then you will be caught, gaoled and face unlimited fines
    Reet, gonna take Beast for a walk, he’s perched on top of the couch clawing me to get off my fat arse

    1. Two Cheeks
      Would rather circumcise myself with a chainsaw than listen to a man who could send a glass eye to sleep, whilst stabbing you in the back
      Give us the headline grabbing, fear inducing, JC trumping, GE winning policy announced today by PWC

      1. Doug – I’ve provided a link to the transcript of Keir’s speech so that you can read his speech if you prefer

  9. The main reason why Apsana’s trigger process was unfair
    was because she was unable to defend herself on account
    of her illness.

    She asked to be excused the process just as pregnant
    women were excused – but this was refused

  10. Incidentally my complaint against “Any Questions”
    (1st July) for slander against another Woman BAME MP,
    Claudia Webbe was not upheld because they couldn’t
    find the evidence. I have renewed my complaint – being careful
    about the interval of time when it took place and being specific
    about the question he was supposed to be answering .

    Since I have spent a lot of time on it – I am considering
    complaining to the HoC disciplinary Commission (?). It
    relates to two MPs after all but it is difficult to find out
    which rule the MP in question contravened!

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