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Acquitted Apsana Begum says her prosecution was ‘vexatious’ and ‘driven by malicious intent’

MP says case, rather than accusations, driven by malice

Left Labour MP Apsana Begum

Apsana Begum has issued a statement following her acquittal on wrongful charges of housing fraud. The MP thanked her legal team and her supporters for their help through her ordeal and highlighted again the domestic abuse she had survived, which played a key role in the case against her.

And she condemned the ‘vexatious’ charges, saying that the case had been ‘driven by malice’:

“This case has been driven by malicious intent and has caused me great distress and damage to my reputation. I would like to say a sincere thank you to all my legal teani and all those who have shown me solidarity, support and kindness. As a survivor of domestic abuse/acing these vexatious charges, the last 18 months of false accusations, online sexist, racist, and Islamophobic abuse, and threats to my safety, have been exceedingly difficult. I also thank the jury for vindicating me, and the judge for presiding over this trial. I will be consulting and considering how to follow up so that something like this doesn’t happen again to anyone else. I would now like to get on with my job of representing my constituents – opposing the negligent covid decisions made by Johnson s reckless Tory Government which has caused so many families to lose loved ones who should still be with us today and so much hardship that could have been avoided. My comrades and friends, in Poplar and Liniehouse, and beyond, have stood by me, I have and will always stand by them.”

The original accusations against Ms Begum are understood to have come from a relative of her former husband. But she did not say merely that the accusations were malicious, but the entire case against her, including the decision to push the charges as far as criminal trial.

At the time of writing Keir Starmer, a former Director of Public Prosecutions, had still not publicly congratulated her on her acquittal or commiserated with her on her ordeal, despite finding time to tweet about Britain’s Olympic medals.

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    1. AND for SteveH to say “We need more information- and why didn’t the Left record something?”.

  1. “At the time of writing Keir Starmer, a former Director of Public Prosecutions, had still not publicly congratulated her on her acquittal or commiserated with her on her ordeal, despite finding time to tweet about Britain’s Olympic medals.”

    That is because he is:
    1. A TORY!
    2. A Racist Apartheid Supporting Supremacist Zionist!
    3. Not interested unless it is about a White European Zionist! (or the Olympics apparently!)

      1. Muwah waah hah hah hah haaah!
        So be it!
        Turd Polisher Weekend Spoiler, I accept my guilt as charged and with Pride! 🙂

      1. I hope they remember what the Turd Polisher’s Boss did with the £13m reserves that we contributed to.

      2. Spent on children’s homes and victims of abuse.

    1. Headroom never sees Muslims just drone targets! Bastard. I believe that this is one of very few posts in which I’ve used profanity. Necessary. Regards all.

  2. There are, unfortunately, a great many vexatious allegations pursued with malicious intent going the rounds on multiple issues.

    To the extent of being endemic across the Labour Party, the Labour movement and even within and across the left.

    Apsana Begun was acquitted on the basis of having being afforded the hard fought for right, fought for over generations, to a fair trial under due process standards and principles; with a automatic right to defend herself against the allegations; in which those opinion based subjective allegations were tested using objective empirical evidence and were found to be wanting.

    In any setting, any organisation, any forum, at any level which seeks to claim the mantle of the demos that is the standard which everyone has the right to expect as a matter of normative practice. Whatever the allegation or assertion it gets tested against objective discernable reality not the self created subjective reality which exists in someone’s head.

    Because that’s the ‘no such thing as society only the individual’ approach of those such as Rand and Thatcher. That way lies the route of the mob. Of witch trials, McCarthyism, Year Zero, etc. The principle and the standards apply across the board. Anything else, any picking and choosing to suit convenience as to which issues and in what circumstances these standards and principles are to be applied is sufficient evidence of the existence of a divide and rule unequal power dynamic being operated.

      1. Or even Craig Murray whilst we are on the subject.

        However, such principles and standards are not, and should not, be considered applicable only at that level. As those, including members of the Jewish Community, who have faced false allegations of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, dutifully and conveniently amplified in the compliant corporate media, will attest.

        A Kafkaesque process blatently gerrymandered by both monopoly wings of the Party for sectarian political ends regardless of who gets hurt, what laws are broken, and the risk to the legal liabilities of volunteer members who do all the donkey work.

        A matter not limited to the misuse for political ends of evidence free allegations thrown around like confetti over one specific issue. Ask LWD, or Esther Giles as well as JVL and Marc Wadsworth et al.

    1. Mmmm! Twunt I love it, I agree on both points also!
      Twunt though, isn’t it interesting that we can combine, possibly the two “crudest” words in the English language and use it almost without offence, even if the receiver understands exactly what you mean and what you said! Just goes to show “Vulgar Language, Swearing, Cussing” is a fallacy. Words are Words, some more expressive than others, why try and remove the best expressive words from our Language!? I am going to use Twunt al lot before the Vulgar Police catch onto it! Thank You for the Gift of Twunt! 🙂

      1. I’m thick since I am not an atheist but I’ve just worked out what a twunt is. wonderful.

      2. NO ONE is thick! And certainly not for being Religious! I hate all religions equally for a great number of reasons, but I have no qualms with the religious, I certainly wont consider them thick, although I will unashamedly campaign for religious texts, places, preaching and speech to be Certified 18+. If religious parents of a child lives their lives as shining examples of their religion their children will be interested and will want to learn about that Religion. If fundamentalist parents want to force their religion on their child then they are of age and can flee the family home to escape religious persecution. I know where my own parents would have fitted in an 18+ society! I am still running from their demons as a middle aged person!
        Bah! Anyway YOU ARE NOT THICK! There are only Smart People and Stupid People some of the Smartest People I know are also the Most Stupid People I know and many of the people I worked with with Learning Disabilities or Difficulties are also the Smartest People I have ever known. Perhaps we are all in equal proportions Smart/Stupid a Yin/Yang Balance?

  3. This fiasco and the witchunt have gone way beyond just who runs the Labour party left are right wing its become a stain on the Labour leadership.Real people with real lives who have to carry the stigma of being racist,AS and now mps that are labeled crooks with council officer and councillors involvement .And before anyone asks me to give them a link.I say knowledge and experience in corruption of labour councillors and officers of the council.through fighting for justice in court of innocent people who are targeted by councils.They picked on the wrong women this time and right judge and jury.How many more comrades are to be thrown under the bus?Lets hope the Labour left have learnt a lesson on appeasement and even the right wing realise that this knight as attempted to destroy the Labour party.

    1. Quite. Having already set a precedent in motion in Scotland in one area of due process procedures the odds may well be better than evens of us hearing of calls to scrap jury trials in all fraud cases in the not too distant future?

    2. Juries. There’s your answer. Pleas mean guilt and the end of juries which is what we are heading towards.

    3. Wotcha Joseph. The brilliant Carpenters, “They’ve only just begun”

  4. In fairness, keith can’t really tell us how relieved he is that a left wing MP has been cleared of criminal charges.

    But be in no doubt he’s grateful she has, because it saves him the ignominy of seeing another massive majority of tens of thousands quite probably reduced to a few hundred – were he to do his usual trick, and parachute in a (rabid right wing zionist) nepotistic choice to contest the seat.

    1. Toffee u r confusing keith’s priorities with yours. “the ignominy” of his lot slashing and burning another massive majority is way down the list compared to purging every decent person like Jo Bird and Aspana Begum … to name just two.

  5. I don’t see any outcry from jess Phillips coming out in support to say that she is shadow minister for domestic abuse I do remember she and many other scabs come out in support of Ruth Smeth for smearing Mark Wadsworth for false A/S these are the real rasists in the labour party unfit to even be a MP we need to get rid of these rats once and for all

    1. I don’t see any outcry from jess Phillips coming out in support to say that she is shadow minister for domestic abuse

      Of course not. Apsana Begum is neither white nor Jewish.

  6. Philips is the an expert on abuse,she once threatened a elderly man with stabbing him in the front.What more experience can we expect from a shadowy minister in the knights shadowy misfits cabinet.

    1. Exactly Joseph. Jessica Phillips is a threatening obnoxious thuggish brute🦠🪳☢️🦠🪳☢️🦠🪳☢️
      She threatened to “KNIFE JEREMY IN THE FRONT” when knife crime was rampant!!! Everyday another three or four dead or grievously injured. What sort of example is that, especially to the youth⁉️⁉️⁉️

      Copper and Harriet Harman the pedophile enabler (she’s apologised) are another pair who exploit the anti domestic violence and abuse cause. Neither of them uttered a word of support to Dianne Abbott when she suffered more abuse than all other MPs combined – Amnesty International. In fact the THUG JESSICA PLILLIPS BRAGGED to the media that she told “Dianne to F***OFF‼️‼️‼️”

      Explain ANYONE how H O W and WHY we should even think of enabling them in anyway⁉️⁉️⁉️


  7. Brilliant news! Congratulations to Apsana. We need every last one of the principled left, fighting to plug the Labour vacuum.

  8. Credit and Respect to Tim Fenton, an incisive blogger of Zelo Street and Crewe:

    The Parliamentary constituency of Poplar and Limehouse is where great wealth exists alongside areas of poverty and deprivation. And despite the presence of Canary Wharf and its glittering high rises, the seat, and its Poplar and Canning Town predecessor, have consistently returned Labour MPs. In 2019, Apsana Begum succeeded retiring MP Jim Fitzpatrick after winning the seat with a majority of almost 29,000.

    Ms Begum was also a supporter of former leader Jeremy Corbyn, as well as being one of those Scary Muslims™, and so when she was accused of three counts of making dishonest applications for council homes to Tower Hamlets Council, the idea of her being innocent until such time as she might have been proven guilty went out the window.

    In the vanguard of this routine exercise in nudge-nudgery were the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, who kicked off in January with “she has been accused of cheating her way to a £300,000 council home in Tower Hamlets”. Earlier this month, readers were told that she “is facing 3 charges of fraud over her mysterious ability to leapfrog the 18,000-long waiting list for a council flat (despite having no children)”….

    continue reading…

  9. How long before they bring back hung Drawn and quartered .Theres a few poetical words there for Skellynelly or Toffee in that report from Zelo street.but certainly accurate.The Labour party could have funded taking down these right wing rags…Erm?Forgot they are Right wing Labour and they’ve just Spaffed as Squawkbox says millions of members money…Really one cant begin to imagine just what hell these Hate mongers and Starmarites have caused for this brave mp who has most definitely been damaged by the media toilet papers and blogs..Shes lucky to have good friends and supporters and I salute John McDonnell for his return to action and support of a comrade in need…..

    1. Well said Joseph.

      It would be good if, even despite being barred from the party, Jeremy penned or uttered a few words in support of Apsana (ang against her loathsome, Islamaphobic detractors).

      People pay attention and esteem JC, unlike his successor.

    2. Or ducking stools, stocks, keelhauling and the cat ‘O nine tails. Kidnapping and torture is already effectively legal for our feudal masters and mistresses and permission to commit crimes has already been legalised for the wormtongues who serve them.

      It cannot be too long before the only crimes for which these medieval punishments are administered are straying from the sacred narrative and being naive enough to expect what it says on the tin.

      You can have any type of cola you want but water ain’t on the menu.

  10. You have to wonder whose side these Labour staffers are on & why we continue to employ them at all.

    1. Sticky one for Unions how do you defend people who on any other planet would be sacked on the spot

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