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Labour Black Socialists group condemns ‘patriarchal, misogynist attack’ on Apsana Begum

LBS has issued a statement supporting Apsana Begum MP and demanding action to protect her from persecution

The Labour Black Socialists group has issued a strong statement of support for Limehouse and Poplar MP Apsana Begum, who has been targeted for abuse and deselection by the Labour right after a political attempt to remove her by criminalising her collapsed on her acquittal on trumped-up housing fraud charges, describing the party’s abuse and targeting of her as a ‘patriarchal and misogynist attack’.

The full statement reads:

LBS notes:

That concerns are being raised about harassment and bullying in the constituency of MP Apsana Begum.

LBS believes:

That these actions are deeply associated with a person with whom the MP had been in a relationship.

The matter between them had resulted in court action which MP Apsana Begum prevailed.

These actions in the constituency are settling scores which the court ruled in favour of the MP.

The bureaucratic powers being used in the constituency against the sitting MP are not being applied fairly and transparently as either the former partner and/or close associates are deeply complicit in seeking to trigger the deselection of MP Apsana Begum.

The Labour Party had been contacted by the MP for assistance but we fear that the party had already made its commitments clear during the court proceedings. Her acquittal appears not to have had any effect in getting the party to support her.

A few years ago when some MPs, without foundation accused CLP members and officials of anti-Semitism and racism when deselection was being considered, the party actually came to their defence. In one instance, an MP who is complicit with Apartheid in South Africa, was supported by the party.

LBS resolves:

– To raise this issue with black and Muslim members in the Poplar and Limehouse CLP.
– To seek the support of women structures within the Labour Party to defend MP Apsana Begum.

The group seeks support of the Muslim community and all feminists in the trade union movement, parliament and the media to fight this patriarchal, misogynistic attack on an MP who had an irresolvable disagreement with a former partner. She is not his slave and the party should be against slavery – even of a domestic kind.

So far, Begum’s supporters say she has received no support from the party and Keir Starmer did not even put out a tweet congratulating her on her acquittal. Instead, a party spokesperson responded to members’ complaints about bullying and intimidation in the ‘trigger’ process designed to deselect her, by smearing her performance and the constituency’s MP, while the party has ignored safeguarding fears raised by an independent domestic violence advocate.

The party regime continues to target women MPs of colour, especially Muslim women.

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  1. Pffft! Well, THEY would, wouldn’t they?😗🎵

    (Am I doing this right, wee racist stevie?)

    1. I shall consider joining this sect on condition they create Scots/Matablele/hetero disabled sections. Cos that’s Socialism right. Must go, my womb is giving me gip.

  2. Solidarity to Apsana, and good of her to keep fighting. I am not going to be surprised if she is triggered.
    I believe Apsana’s only hope under the present LP’s rules to remain in post is for the branches of affiliated Trade Unions to this CLP to stand solid behind Apsana.
    Thus, since it would fall to the London Political Officer on each Trade Union to cast the vote for all the affiliated branches of a particular Trade Union, I will urge Trade Unionist in London to get in touch to the Political Officer of their union and make clear their support towards Apsana.
    The Trade Unions including those not particularly on the left knows that they cannot expect support from Starmer. It should make clear to their Political Officers that this isn’t the time to play to Starmer’s tune and risk a division among the Trade Unions in the present economic climate.

    1. Great point Maria. I agree totally: the affiliated unions are probably the only players that should be able to help Apsana – but look how Starmer’s unwillingness to support reluctant and desperate strikers is being spun by him. He’s telling the world (like his political mama, Mrs T.) that trade unions are “the enemy within”. He’s no leader of Labour. He doesn’t even consider the absolute needs of the financial sponsors of his party.

      He’s no leader of Labour. He’s an entryist trying to destroy it.

      1. He’s not an entryist. He was enabled to rise with the support of the membership. Tough toenails, comrades you reap what you sow. OK he was a bolshevik but whats surprising about that?

  3. Solidarity with LBS’ Apsana Begum support statement.

    Think Tanks are overtly political entities. Think IEA and Thatcher’s strident, aggressive neoliberalism.

    Well, Starmer has turned the Labour Party into the Trilateral Commission’s political agent to implement the economically hard-right Think Tank’s worst nightmares. G*d Damn Him.

  4. Are we going to have people labelled on the levels of intelligence next ffs! eg Labour IQ level medium but Socialist. I am fucking sick of all this dividing down of so call Labour Socialists.. You are all now a fucking JOKE!.

    1. Do you know Andrew there has always been “compartmentalizing” in the UK Labour Party, however since September 2015 an unprecedented level of attack from within the Party started to occur most notably on the Socialist, Black, Muslim and black, holocaust survivor and “fringe” Jew Compartments. These are very speciffic and very deliberate so it is no bad thing that there are compartmental support networks within Labour. Lets face it support will not come from anywhere else within The Neo-Labour TORY Party, unless you are White, Zionist or Wealthy.
      Humanity loves slappping labels and tags on their offspring, as much as I would love a world where tags and labels belong on your medical records or private.
      I would love a compartment free world where we only identify eachother as HUMAN not male human, female human, old human, infant human, black human, white human and every human resoects each other equally without prejudice, rank, wealth, age or knowledge, etc. BUT it’s not going to happen.
      The Homosapiens is a particularly nasty, volatile, hateful, vengeful, violent species of ape, we just love to hate, by design, I guess.
      Pity Bonobo were not our nearest cousin, it had to be the nasty Chimps, didn’t it!

      1. That’s the human nature argument which is anti working class by design. Everyone who uses it believes themselves to be intelligent. It’s a fucking meme. Another one is, socialists are envious and unions are greedy. Our behaviour is dependant upon our quality of life. How can one be greedy and envious if they are genuinely against wars, sanctions and any types of discrimination? A working class educated by working class intellectuals is the base of a successful revolution.

      2. Can we still define a “Working Class”? Many “Working Class” earn more than Doctors. Many “Middle Class”, “Upper Class”are more “Working Class” than the “Working Class”. Many “Working Class” are anti-Sociialist and many “Middle/Upper Class” are Socialists, I don’t mean Neo-Labour Party TORIES write Socialist on your Wiki Page “then it is so”. Where are the lines. We cant just assume all of us poor folk who are not TORIES are Socialist Working Class.
        We need to rethink everything. Especially what a revolution should look like today. But before all and this could be a revolutionary but, we have to teach our children and learn for ourselves how to escape their Manufactured Consent! How to survive outside of their grid. How to want what we need and NOT need what we want or indeed what they want us to want/need.
        A NEED over WANT Revolution, it would cut their main artery, us spending billions on their cheap tat, making ourselves poorer and them richer.
        We need a “Communist Manifesto” for the 21 Century. No matter how much we idolise Marx and his writings. Communism/Socialism has become stagnant and stale.
        The is so much to do and in typical Socialist fashion everyone pulls in the opposite direction.

    2. Andrew, congrats. Our little group, has decided that you should be head of the colour, race, sex free…Contrarian Section of the party. Champers for the Black Lawyers, journos, unemployed sections. Here we come, it’ll be just like Lennard and the Scots Labour dozens. Good Post by the way.

    3. I keep telling em. It will all end in alphabetti spaghetti. Power bases, for the few.

  5. Talking of abuse, I just came across this really poisonous black propaganda piece on Haaretz from February 2019:

    ‘You, Jeremy Corbyn, Have Led Labour Into Authoritarianism, Mob Rule and Institutionalized Racism Against Jews’

    Some of your own advisors told me that they believe you’re an anti-Semite – but want to try and change you. But you can’t be changed. You’ve torn up Labour’s commitment to anti-racism, and now, after 13 years, I’ve torn up my party membership card

    It has now become clear that under your leadership, the party has been corrupted and indoctrinated by people who are authoritarian in their approach to politics, encourage democratic structures that lead to bullying mob rule, and above all else, are racist towards Jews. That racism may well be a result of the latter two philosophies.

    History is clear to me that when political events like this begin with Jews, they never end with Jews. All minorities should, and I believe will, eventually have significant reason to worry about your rise to the leadership of the Labour Party.

    There can be no racial, social or economic justice whilst anti-Semites have completed a hostile takeover of the greatest force for achieving those aims. Anti-Semitism is a corrosive conspiracy theory that blocks the achievement of all justices.

    You, Jeremy Corbyn, represent the ultimate betrayal of Labour values.

    1. It must be the irony of ironies that Jews were demonised by Hitler and the Nazis, and now – since a few months after he was elected leader- rabid right-wing Jews do exactly the same to someone like Jeremy. It’s just pure evil.

      1. Allan, complicated isn’t it? It will unravel. Patience and perseverance. The jigsaw is nearing completion, but there’s always the bloody skies.

    2. The facile utterances of an entitled, politically illiterate zionist. Slap it away, wash and gargle and hold your loed ones close. There is the enemy, and they are legion.

  6. The LBS group took their time to come out in support of Apsana but better late than never I suppose.

  7. We’re there no men willing to stand and defend her? Pussies and its in the East End. It would have taken 2 or 3 and the scum would’ve crumbled. Seen it, done I. Been battered, big deal, dry your eyes it’s a war, a class war. Pussies, a disgrace to male socialists worldwide.

    1. Wobbly, I don’t know. My guess is that the Labour Party in Tower Hamlets is most likely controlled by ambitious Asian business men.
      Hence, possibly other Asian men depend on their patronage for employment and white men within the local Labour Party are either right wingers (they want Apsana out) or are to scare to be called racists.
      Have any one noticed that all Aspire Cllrs are Asian men? and plenty of same surnames repetition?

      1. Maria, as usual 🎯. A friend of mine was in an organisation that fought corrupting influences in the East End Labour Parties. They were largely Asian and they managed to break the hold a gang, collection of almost entirely male asians had up to mayoral level. They stood firm, walked through human passages of corruption. They couldn’t be called racist, well not all of em anyway, so other avenues were pursued. Threats of violence, tyre slashing, vile accusations. They were a very united bunch and the youngsters, both sexes, led the way. Encouraging each other, going through the daily fear of assault. They prevailed. What was once a proud leader of his gang of corrupters and intimidators lost his mayoralty. It can be done. Fighting corruption is not racist. Not then, or ever. Its what we must do also stay united. Walk people home. Pick em up, go everywhere with a comrade. We all know how tenuously people hold on to their positions and if they are beneficiaries of largesse and position they hold fast. There are laws and between us we’ve got the smarts to use them.

  8. LABOUR BLACK SOCIALSTS…….see me see my colour! My son is black & refuses to join the Labour Party because of Starmer but the most importat reason he says, is because of LABOUR BLACK SOCIALISTS……….my son believes that Bob Marley said it all in the song WAR!.

    1. Four weeks ago skwawkbox posted an article entitled ‘Society of Black Lawyers and retired judge condemn ‘racism’ in ‘miscarriage of justice’ against Claudia Webbe MP, and steve richards posted the following in a comment:

      The Society of Black Lawyers? See me see my colour representing lawyers from a priviledged bourgeois occupation & stating that credibilty should be given to the testimony of a black female MP rather than a white woman. Why not establish the Society of Black Doctors who will only treat a patient dependant on the colour of their skin…..

      Here’s a direct link to his comment:

      So can we take it that you would say the same about BLM?!

      NB Yes, he changed his user-name for a while and then changed it back. So why did you do THAT?

      1. Society of Black Lawyers:

        The SBL is a membership organisation, which exists to:

        promote equality and diversity within the legal profession;

        act as a representative and strategic voice for lawyers, law students, paralegals, jurists and legal academics of African, Caribbean and Asian heritage; and

        campaign to ensure access to justice and legal services for ethnic minority and disadvantaged communities.

        Oh, but it’s really only all about ‘see me see my skin colour’, isn’t it eh!

  9. These are all the Labour groups, that’s without the Labour associated Think-tanks, Lobbies, Societies, Unions, etc.

    Arts for Labour
    BAME Labour, formerly Labour Party Black Sections and Black Socialist Society
    Christians on the Left, formerly Christian Socialist Movement
    Computing for Labour
    Disability Labour
    Grassroots Black Left
    British Muslim Friends of Labour (BMFL)
    Hindus for Labour
    Jewish Labour Movement, formerly Poale Zion (Great Britain)
    Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL)
    Labour Against the War
    Labour Against the Witchhunt
    Labour and Palestine
    Labour Animal Welfare Society
    Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform (LCDPR)
    Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform (LCER)
    Labour Campaign for Human Rights (LCTR)
    Labour Campaign for Trans Rights
    Labour CND
    Labour for a Republic
    Labour Friends of Israel
    Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East
    Labour Housing Group
    Labour Humanists
    Labour Leave
    Labour Movement for Europe
    Labour Muslim Network
    Labour Party Irish Society
    Labour Land Campaign
    Labour Middle East Council
    Labour Party Marxists
    Labour Students
    Labour Women’s Network
    LGBT Labour
    Momentum Black Caucus
    National Union of Labour and Socialist Clubs
    Peace and Justice Project
    Scientists for Labour
    Socialist Educational Association
    Socialist Environment and Resources Association (SERA)
    Socialist Health Association
    Society of Labour Lawyers
    Tribune Group of MPs – soft left group of MPs

    DARE you mention ANY with the word “BLACK” in them and the ‘British so called Working Class’ springs into ‘action’. The successful accomplishment of Blair/Murdoch/Sun Project in action!
    Well, as far as I am concerned FUCK YOU “WORKING CLASS”, if that’s what it takes, I will just be of The PEOPLE, classless and poor, but you don’t have my subscription!

    1. Ah, so you are in the non member of the Labour Party group of the Unsubbed. There are sections within it, lawyers, unemployed, employed, retired, Conservative, Likud, teachers funnily and unfunny hued. Everyone can join. Look at the front bench and S.S.

      1. Gosh that is old, I do hate all the Class nonsense for me there are only:
        The PEOPLE.
        The PEOPLE who work FOR the BENEFIT and GREATER GOOD of The PEOPLE.
        The PEOPLE who work FOR the BENEFIT and GREATER GOOD of THEMSELVES and The Establishment/Old World Order.
        All that Class and Wing nonsense have become far too blurred to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  10. There is a nasty piece about her in “Private Eye” ..
    quoting much of the stuff emanating from her
    husbands friends ..

    Shame on you Private Eye – Paul Foot would
    have been disgusted ..

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