‘Moderates’, hacks attack Corbyn for showing solidarity with horrifically abused MP Apsana Begum

So-called moderates demand Corbyn ignore domestic and political abuse to focus on what they want him to discuss – but actual human beings call them out

Jeremy Corbyn’s tweet supporting Apsana Begum

Jeremy Corbyn has been attacked by laughably-termed ‘moderates’ and their fellow-travellers in the media for daring to put out a tweet of support for Poplar and Limehouse MP Apsana Begum, who has been the target of horrific racist and misogynist abuse – including by the Labour party itself.

Begum has been relentlessly hounded by a Labour regime determined to oust her as a left-wing MP – her removal was briefed to anti-left media months ago, along with three other MPs who have all faced campaigns coordinated by the party. But the harrying of Begum has been on a level of its own: she defeated one attempt to remove her in a stitched-up prosecution that was rightly thrown out of court, sending party officials scurrying away disappointed who had been waiting outside the court to announce a contest to replace her. But the party then allowed the same allies of her ex-husband, who she told the court had inflicted domestic abuse on her, that had managed the failed prosecution to run the ‘trigger ballot’ process – and locals have said publicly that the trigger meetings were characterised by abuse, intimidation and threats, especially toward ethnic minority women.

Labour Black Socialists, women Labour members in the neighbouring Bethnal Green and Bow constituency and other groups have condemned Labour’s outrageous, racist and misogynistic treatment of the MP, who has been unsupported throughout by the party and has recently been hospitalised by the enormous stress and distress inflicted on her. Affiliated unions, even those leaning right, have voiced their support for her and there have been numerous calls for the trigger process to be halted because of the scale of the abuse and her ill health.

Not so the so-called ‘centrists’, who rounded on Corbyn for his tweet expressing support for Begum and highlighting the party’s scandalous behaviour – supposedly because it was the wrong day, when Boris Johnson is on the brink of falling, to point out that the current Labour regime is just as appalling.

Prominent among Corbyn’s attackers were ‘mainstream’ hacks, who were apparently appalled at the thought of Corbyn prioritising standing up for a Muslim domestic violence victim over the latest Tory psychodrama:

But people with more humanity were quick to show them and other so-called ‘moderates’ up, with hundreds of responses expressing solidarity with Begum and Corbyn and pointing out the awfulness of the position the right-wingers had taken, of which just a tiny percentage are shown below:

The reality is plain: the bullying and abuse of Apsana Begum – and many, many other people around the country – together with the Labour regime’s complete contempt for democracy, freedom of speech, human rights, honesty and the country’s millions of poor and vulnerable people, shows that the current Westminster pantomime is just that, because if Johnson goes then some other Tory horror would replace him and if Keir Starmer were Prime Minister the situation would be no better and potentially worse.

And those objecting, who would have been cheerleaders for the ‘Labour’ saboteurs – including Starmer – who saddled the country with Johnson in 2019, are shameless hypocrites.

Solidarity with Apsana Begum – and well done Jeremy Corbyn for standing with her and highlighting the absolute unfitness of the current Labour regime.

This week and any week, whatever else is going on.

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  1. Spot on Skwawkie – it makes me sick to read how
    the right wing hacks state what a bad MP she was
    who did not support the Labour Party during the
    Council Elections .. and how badly they had done.
    Why not ask these questions of the mates of her
    husband – but of course she is a woman and
    obviously must take the blame.

    This woman had been harassed by her ex-partner
    and his allies pretty much as soon as she entered
    Parliament – and how come he is still about when
    he was suspended ? She was not able to answer
    these accusations because she is ill ..

    Obviously DV is not important to these right
    wingers ..

    1. We’re there no men (remember them?) To protect her. Everyone who “identifies” themselves as men, in her orbit, should be castrated for cowardice and being wankers. Thank god the BNP have merged into god only knows or the pussy left would be a pool of frightened piss in the corner. Shaking, quivering, weeping. Their opinions of what they think they are or have done dissapears into nothingness just like the party. Go of and scratch your itchy uteruses all the blokes who called themselves her friend or ally. Come and have a go. I live in Scarborough, not hard to find me. Remember one thing, I stand, always have. Purr, X. Oh yeah, I’ve always supported Russia, didn’t bang pots and hate Nazis love Palestinians and Syrians. I’d be off were I not a cripple. Get it 77, no change. Older but lefter.

  2. I am not truly shocked at the treatment of Aspana Begum.IN fact this is the reason that many of us have left the labour party.Rotton from top to bottom and that must reflect on the members who fund this fascist labour party.Disgusted but not in the least bit surprised.

  3. I have seen numerous claims about the various forms of abuse that Apsana has allegedly been subjected to by the Labour party but I have yet to see any credible details. Personally I know nothing about this woman apart from what I’ve read on these pages but surely if she really is a brilliant representative for her constituents then she will easily win the OMOV ballot stage of the process just like the vast majority of the other Labour MPs who have been through the same process.

    1. Reply to Steve H
      Don’t you think Steve H that just for once you could show a tiny bit of solidarity with this Labour MP who has been hounded by her abusive ex and his despicable family and friends and who now ill and in pieces as a result.

      1. Are we to take it that you can’t produce any specific details of how she has been abused by the Labour Party either.

    2. Personally I know nothing about this woman

      From the idiot only too quick to pontificate about other people’s supposed self-confessed ignorance

      Your own ignorance isn’t just confined to this woman neither. It’s as vast as the universe.

      Now do one.

      1. Toffee – How pathetic are you?
        What I actually said is “Personally I know nothing about this woman apart from what I’ve read on these pages” which given the drivel that you have posted is probably as much if not more than you do.
        As I’ve said above, If she is as good an MP as some on these pages are claiming then she will win the OMOV just like the vast majority of the other sitting Labour MPs who have been subjected to this democratic process have.

        Do you have any credible details about the abuse that Apsana has allegedly suffered at the hands of the Labour party or are you just going to treat us to another pointless rant?

      2. “Personally I know nothing about this woman apart from what I’ve read on these pages”

        WTAF?? Is that meant to be a defence???

        That you haven’t bothered to look for any other source(s) of information merely confirms your WILFUL ignorance, you complete fucking DOLT.

        Just can’t help yourself, can ya? What a total and utter cretin.

      3. Toffee – It’s the use of the term “this woman” which is particularly revealing. You do right to highlight it.

    3. Your ignorance knows no bounds! All you need to show BlueSteveH for exactly what he is is an article about a Black/Muslim/Black or “Fringe” Jewish Woman.
      He will be blind to the abuse, spoon-fed to him, he will not understand what the ‘fuss’ is all about, he will lose all sense of comprehension and act in accordance with what one should expect from a Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasite.

      1. nellyskelly – So you are yet another idiot that thinks a rant is a substitute for having a clue about the details of what they are getting outraged about.

      2. Seems everyone but BlueSteveH rants around here. Perhaps a bit of self reflection BlueSteveH? Claiming to be such a flower or snowflake is way too late, you have exposed yourself for what you are a long time ago.
        Now an easy question, what will BlueKeef do? Will he be a “man” of his word and piss off as he promised or will he be the slippery slimy loopholing and finetooth combing TORY that he is and make up he did not say that? Can you answer such a basic question or just another of your usual deflections.
        I know the answer to both, because a worm is always a worm!

      3. nellyskelly – I’m not the one getting all worked up about something that hasn’t happened yet.

      4. Well that’s fascinating, who is worked up and why are they worked up? Is it the use of caps, the use of “rude words”, the use of exclamations?
        You poor little flower you! Just fuck off and grow up! People speak and type as people speak and type, it’s not for you and it’s not about you!
        Now how about answering the questions?

      5. nellyskelly – I have no doubts about Keir’s integrity but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next week, I don’t see any point in discussing what-ifs.

      6. So who do you support as ‘your’ New Master?
        BlueKeef did say he was leaving so I guess a “man” of “such integrity” would do as he promised?
        How about Lady Fascist Reeves, perhaps Mr Sleeze Streeting, oh boy, oh boy, regardless of the slime integrity, it will be nice seeing the bastards who robbed The PEOPLE of GE2019 go down the pan where they belong, in the sewage.

      7. nellyskelly – There isn’t a vacancy and |I don’t expect there will be one.

      8. nellyskelly – I have been proved right

        Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner have both been cleared by Durham Police of breaking Covid rules

      9. Of Course they have, exactly how the Puppetry Division of the Elites/Establishment/Old World Order works. They did no different to BoJoke!
        This brings suspicions to BlueKeef’s analogy to Corbyn, almost like he knew and let slip. Who reported first, let me guess Sayanim Central, agh, I mean LabourList?

      10. nellyskelly – I empathise life must be difficult for you when you have convinced yourself that you are surrounded by conspiracies,

      11. Is the conspiracy the thing that can’t be proven or the thing that can’t be disproved? Is conspiracy not just the go to term for those charlatains with a thing to hide?
        My life is not much different to yours petal, I have no fears about “conspiracies” that “surrounds” me. I live and I observe which is far more than you can say, with your warped world view and MSM conspiracy fluff that fills the void where a brain should be.

      12. Rants, Worked Up……. ain’t we an awful bunch, who care about each other, and not you TORIES.
        I bet you detest seeing us fight tooth and claw for someone we hardly have a good word shared by or to share for, it must confuse the shit out of you TORIES.
        That pet, is what is called solidarity! You threaten The PEOPLE as a whole, no matter who we will stand up for them! While we bicker at each other, we are working on future policies and a better understanding of each, because unlike you TORY sheeple, we don’t come in one size fits all. It’s complicated, you won’t understand. So as for the snoflake and flower, “Rants, Worked Up” melodramatic accusations, cut it out, nobody is impressed and nobody cares!

    4. Two Cheeks
      I have no evidence that PWC has been fined by Durham plod
      He now has to start the process to replace him if he is to keep his word
      What are the chances of that
      Chance F7cking No

      1. Doug – I see you are still relying pathetic playground taunts to prop up your assertions

        ps – What is PWC an abbreviation of.

      2. nellyskelly – I am simply pointing out how pathetic his playground taunts are. As it is unlikely to effect my life much I am not particularly concerned either way whether or not he continues to denigrate himself with his childish behaviour but if he is so immature that he can’t see the error of his ways I will continue to point out how pathetic it is.

  4. The poison of Labour’s right-wing thugs knows no bounds.
    It’s heartening that we can rely on Jeremy Corbyn to support decency, justice and democracy … as always.
    Solidarity with Apsana Begum !

    1. How much difference congratulating JC for tweeting his solidarity will make is questionable but concentrating on getting her vote out for the OMOV will make a difference.

      1. Stevie, would you please pass this message onto your staff when you are next inspecting your lands on horse back. They can join a union, the IWW. Do not underestimate the wobblies for we are legion and we are gonna get the bosses.

      2. Wobbly – We don’t have any horses, do you? I’ve tried horse riding a few times and I just don’t see the attraction. We use an old air-portable Land Rover (which is a lot of fun to drive) for moving stuff around the property.
        The only staff we have is our caretaker and his family who are quite happy and have been with us for a quarter of a century, he will be retiring soon and his son will be taking over from him.

  5. Why would the hard right ( who pose as centrists) show any concern for Apsana or miss an opportunity to criticise Jeremy Corbyn? Both are Socialists and one is a Muslim woman so as far as these vicious hardliners are concerned nothing is too bad to say about them or do to them.
    These right wingers shame themselves but they are so stupid and so arrogant that they do not realise this or understand that their hate driven behaviour horrifies most decent people irrespective of their political opinion.

    1. Will ‘the left’ be working hard to get her supporters out to vote for her.

      1. The Left will be working hard to expose and shine the limelight on every bit of TORY Nasty from You Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites!
        We need to ‘burn’ that old house, infested with Neoliberal Neo-Labour TORY Sabotaging Parasites, down to the ground, at the next GE.
        That will be the only way the left could possibly kick-start representation of The PEOPLE in Commons and this time keeping the TORY FILTH well and truly OUT!
        For The PEOPLE’S ’cause’ we only need the UK Labour Movement and one MP in Commons, one UK Labour Party MP is worth more than a Thousand Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites!
        Parasite and Internal Sabotage free a Party for The PEOPLE will flourish once again and in no time. With the fuck up that is the Conservative Party’s current condition, it wouldn’t be long before a snap election is announced, then the left will simply scoop up seats and take government, because that is what a Sabotaging Parasite Free Party can achieve.
        The shortcut to end 43 years of Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY HELL was Sabotaged to Death on 13 December 2019. Now we must destroy the Saboteur TORY Parasites before we can make any kind of a move. I just hope that tha many who fucked up or not remember who stuck two fingers in their eyes and robbed them if GE2019 and the one and extremely rare opportunity to a UK Labour Party Government and the end of 43 years of Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY HELL and that The Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites ARE NOT The UK Labour Party, two polar opposite parties, two polar opposite ideologies, two polar opposite aims and aspirations!


        Lets put it like this, if a womaniser, wife beater, mysogynist wins over his victim, it would have nothing to do with how hard “the left” or The Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites worked to get their candidate elected.
        This Trigger Ballot will be very telling of both the People that you are, to be even remotely possitive about such a beast and as opposition to his victim WOW! And what to expect from the next general ellection. My feeling is as it’s been for the longest time, that voting is optional, BlueKeef is your next PM.

      3. I am happy about a BlueKeef government just as I am happy about a mysogynist win over his victim.
        Preference would be neither but the benefits of exposure is great. Not because of how good that will be, but because of how EXTREMELY AND UTTERLY SHIT that would be.
        PM BlueKeef’s exposure for who and what he is beyond the SpinPorn and Lies WILL be the final straw for The PEOPLE!
        I can’t wait to see StutterSplutter of BlueKeef trying to calm a very angy nation! His trigger happy knee jerk reactions to riots.
        The crumble and collapse of Conservativism most specially you Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites.
        I think BlueKeef will leave a path of death and destruction, which will be his downfall leading to a fast dash exit to Mother Shitrael! Well one can but live in hope, one thing is for sure though BlueKeef nor his Shadow Cabinet or MPs could handle the responsibility of being PM, they will make the inbred ogre BoJoke look like the greatest PM of all time! Oh bring it on!

      4. I thought Elon Musk and Twitter an interesting analogy to The Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites.
        No matter how powerful the businessman if he has Parasites established within the co, he may aswell take his money and leave!
        My thought was always why did he want to buy Twitter in the first place, and probably he will now do qhat I thought he should have done and build a direct opposition to Twitter and Facebook, then crush them like an empty pop can.
        Only downside is that he is as much a dick as Mr Twitter and FacebookBoy.
        The upside is what is possible to achieve without internal parasites.

  6. Labour Moderates. Is there a lower form of political life in this country? Fuck me, they’re worse than Nazis, who at least weren’t such utter hypocrites and were honest about their prejudices!

  7. Nice words has achieved nothing
    What you doing to do about it Mr Corbyn? I feel people are sick to death of nice words and inactivity from the soft left these days.

    1. Words are powerful, Andrew. They can be the strongest weapon anyone ever has They educate, persuade and actuate! When we use them in an incisive manner, we’re accused or ‘weaponising’ words.

      But seriously, in the current situation – where Apsana Begum’s health stops her from forming and organising a ‘next step’ – what else can Jeremy Corbyn provide?

      1. Start moving the furniture in considering he’s living rent free in their heads?

        Thanks for that little bit more information to tell the canvassers why they have less than no chance of my vote.

        Good luck Miss Begum!

    2. If you’ve ever been under pressure and feeling assailed from multiple sides, nice words are very welcome.

  8. Thank you for this wonderful article Skwawkie! As was obvious yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn still haunts the psyche of Tories of all colours. His poliicies resonate with millions of people, and despite their considerable efforts, they have not been able to banish him. He has exposed their ugly opportunism and spite. Solidarity to JC.

    1. Reply to Ellie
      You are absolutely right Ellie and its not just the Tories that are worried about Jeremy and the influence he has with millions of us. Starmers Labour fears him too and that is why we have fake socialists criticising him on this site and other sites every day by posting to the effect “Jeremy is wonderful but …..” If he didn’t still scare them to death they wouldn’t bother.

      1. Smartboy
        How about the Left are wonderful
        Practically Useless

      2. Hmm, ‘doug’, the regular poster on here who spends most of his time denigrating and putting down left-wlng MPs!

        Well if yur so clever and superior why don’t you put your money where your mouth is?!

      3. Alan Howard
        Been putting my money where my mouth is since I was 14 and when I lose it still hurts me financially
        What do you want me to put my hard earned money on

      4. Do you really think the “left wing” are useless Doug? Or do you by any chance think that perhaps the old world order’s MSM, MSSM, MSP and internal saboteurs are too powerful?
        Do you not think that a Parasite free UK Labour Movement would be far less “useless”? I most certainly do, and I hope the electorate do too!
        Even one Andy MacDonald or Jeremy Corbyn, etc alone with a parasite free UK Labour Movement would be more powerful than 1000 of their Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites!
        “The Left” blew their overnight opportunity if all “The Left” United and voted out all ALL (not the right of the left, but …..) The Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasites, we could do it in one more term, if people go and stupidly vote “any Labour Party is better than a Conservative Party” because, NO! ACTUALLY, A TORY IS A TORY IS A TORY IS A TORY IS A TORY IS A TORY…..! Anyway if people make that mistake and vote in another Thatcherite Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasite, the suffering will be prolonged to many many more TORY terms, untill the next fluke, happy as it was, that was Corbyn happened again!

    1. She’s a woman, and no man would protect her. All your boxes and ticks count for naught.

  9. All these ‘moderates’ don’t seem too arsed about keef either abstaining or supporting the government, do they?

    Corbyn = 41 government defeats

    Keef = >41 abstentions and/or letters/soundbites of support for the rags.

    Her majesty’s loyal opposition** MY ARSE.

    **Unless it’s opposition to socialism.

  10. Is it just me or do I destinctly recall those account names from the 2015 to 2020++ GetCorbyn Zionist Bandwagon?
    Funny they should get so profoundly nasty about Solidarity with a Muslim Women!

  11. Looks like the fat toerag scruff has bit the bullet.

    Dunno whether to cheer or shrug me shoulders and say ‘meh’.

    Keef next. Pull yer finger out, Durham plod.

  12. What will BlueKeef the dreadful do, BoJoke has resigned now will BlueKeef show that he is a Parasite of his word or will he do his usual slippery slimy loopholing and finetooth combing? Who will get the lead of both of the and equally worst parties in the history of British Political History, to send British Politics and Parliament deeper into the abyss?

    1. Nope, hold your wild horses, looks like BoJoke dePiffle sacked a snake in the grass, crackhead Gove instead.
      And all the while BlueKeef is sliming and slithering his way about looking for exits.

      1. Wait, wait, no looks like it is back on for this afternoon.
        Fuck I am glad I have nothing to do with MSM, it’s fucking nuts! No wonder the MSM Sheeple are so deranged.

  13. The point is SteveH that
    (1) there was a prosecution instigated by a friend
    of her ex-husband for housing fraud – where it
    was subsequently shown her ex-husband was guilty.
    A local women’s branch wants an investigation into
    the prosecution – as an instance of abuse.
    (2) After the case was thrown out – lies were spread
    about her – that she had indeed been convicted
    of the housing fraud – and her address was given out –
    so more abuse.

    Now she is too ill to defend herself – she will not
    be able to successfully campaign

    1. HFM – So if I have understood you correctly this is all about her husband’s bad behaviour and nothing to do with the Labour party.

      1. Do you think after the verdict, when it was shown that she has done nothing more wrong that marry a twat that the local labour party should support her? should they back her up and be on her side? or do you think that if she was ill with stress and nervous disorders after a case where her whole family was torn apart that they should press ahead with a vote, or maybe give her some time to recover? what do you think SteveH what is the responsible and compassionate thing for the Labour party to do, and why the fudge did they not do it? that you cant see this tells us all what kind of person you and all the other right wingers are, as if we didnt know already.

      2. “this is all about her husband’s bad behaviour and nothing to do with the Labour party.”.
        Bringing the Party into disrepute?
        Equals expulsion?

      3. goldbach – How right you are. Her husband is currently suspended form the party whist under investigation

      4. …….. and yet it would appear that his associates have been given free rein to try to remove Apsana. Do those associates include the relative who was involved in initiating the court case?

      5. goldbach – I have no idea which is why I have asked for details of the these allegations

        We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that since the threshold was raised by Keir Starmer it is much more difficult to trigger a sitting MP, that the timetable for trigger ballots was announced months ago and that if Ms Begum is as popular as some claim then she will win the OMOV. There have been quite a few successful trigger ballots but very few have resulted in a sitting MP being deselected.

    1. Tony – Would Putin have invaded Ukraine if they hadn’t got rid of their nuclear weapons?

      1. WE didn’t, and he did.

        but FWIW….
        Even without nuclear weapons, the US would still have provoked Russia and supported a fascist coup in Ukraine (in 2014) and NATO would still be rabble-rousing…

      2. Yes, I think so. The missiles were under Russian control anyway.

        “In 1992, at a meeting with the US president George HW Bush, Kravchuk agreed to send back to Russia the nuclear missiles that were deployed in Ukraine. Sometimes touted as a magnanimous gesture, Kravchuk told German radio that Kyiv’s possession of a nuclear arsenal was mainly symbolic. “All the control systems were in Russia. The black suitcase with the start button, that was with the Russian president, Boris Yeltsin,” he said.

        I trust this answers your question.

      3. Indeed, Tony, and “ours” is in the White House isn’t it?

      4. Well, it is not an invasion, it is a Liberation from a Nazi invasion of the Donbas Republics and Crimea. There is a big difference between being asked/begged for help and barging in, butchering all life, plundering and destroying all culture ancient and new, ie Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen for example!
        Do you ever stop and ask yourself why is Russia with some of the heaviest firepower, destructive power and the biggest and possibly most advanced militaries in the world, taking so long to liberate the Donbas?
        Do you think that Russia will afford us the same meticulous opperation, I doubt that they would, I doubt that they will play nicely with Ukraine or neighbours once the Donbass is fully liberated.

      5. nellyskelly – I’m trying to work out whether you are playing silly buggers or you are just incredibly gullible.

      6. My dear, it is you who find yourself time and time again on the incredibly gullible MSM Sheeple end of the spectrum. I will never stop questioning EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!
        Your awakening will hurt, and it will come, I hope for humanity’s sake very, very soon!

      7. I am astonished with all the debunking and proof about this conflict that you are still audacious enough to pretend that the MSM naritive is the right one.
        Then again what can be expected from a head filled from ear to ear with MSM Fluff!?

      8. Putin, oh Putin one powerful fucker to do all that protection of the Donbass against the Nazis by himself. Do we say Biden, Trump, Obama, Johnson, Cameron, May, Macron, Trudeau invaded Syria, Iraq, etc
        No we don’t we speak of the National Decission. However Putin has been a very naughty boy, no naughtier than Biden, Trump, Obama, Johnson, Cameron, May, Macron, Trudeau no less democratic, no less/more corrupt, all dependent on what medias you choose to believe or discount for it’s blatant Propaganda.

      9. OK SteveH let’s take this logic to its logical conclusion……………every country needs nuclear weapons to keep the peace, MAD. Same logic in USA as everyone has a right to bear arms & kill the kids in their schools?

    2. Tony, I get confused. Is she the one with the mini skirts who thinks, when there might be financial or career benefits, that Corby is an antisemite? Time the parks dept. put those wire cage tree , sapling protectors up.

  14. Being asked to join Baby Trumps Cabinet is a bit like being nominated for the Darwin Award

  15. JC
    Hope this is the beginning of something
    If not still good to hear the palpitations of Red Tory arses

  16. Wee fellas ecstatic with Johnson going,but the question is when is the knight of the realm and his sidekick RAngela rezigning as promised in the beergate scandel in Durham
    .Starmers guilty of sticking two fingers up to the working class that were terrified of a flu like virus and exploited that fear whilst partying and laughing at the peasants.This contempt for the ordinary people cannot be allowed….nows the time for both of them to do the honourable thing and begone.

    1. Joseph – Perhaps you should reserve judgement until next week when we’ve heard from the Durham police.

  17. There will be tears in the Starm-Trooper house today.
    He’s just lost his best electoral asset.
    Hasn’t been a great 48 hours for either of them !

  18. Steve H Swigging from a bottle of beer is not “work” and we all know hes a pisshead but nonetheless hes been caught on camera and labour cannot afford to take a couple of pathological liars into a General election campaign when the Torys have shown they will ditch a pathological liar and manipulator even if he is the PM.Johnson had to go now its keef and RAngela to do the honourable thing and begone!…

  19. The pounds rising on the News that a liar and a clown has been dumped by the conservative and unionist party…..over to the labour party and have they the common sense to see just what a liability the two beergate partytime leaders of the labour party are.I would put money on the criminals going into the election with a couple of known con artists keef and Angie.and giving the Torys a open goal.

  20. Proof that these Blairites are their commitment to equality, is highly selective and amounts to performative wokeism : the kneeling for BLM; another recent example being straight, right-wing politicians marching in the London Pride event to posture as progressive.

    Labour’s current shadow cabinet are detestable, because they’re such insincere opportunists.

      1. Thanks Goldbach
        I love the efforts of Peter O’Connor and his friend
        in demonstrating their Irish identity at the 1906
        olympics – first in climbing a flagpole waving an
        Irish flag and second in waving the green
        Irish flag every time he won an gold medal!

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