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Video: must-watch speech as Begum accuses Starmer-Evans axis of ‘inhumanity’ and ignoring abuse

Poplar and Limehouse MP says leadership well aware of what was going on but even briefed media that she had not been signed off sick as party machine tried to drive her out

Apsana Begum speaking last night, watched by a horrified Andy McDonald MP

Skwawkbox has covered over a period of months the abuse, bullying, racism and persecution of left-wing London MP Apsana Begum by Keir Starmer’s Labour machine – which continued despite an official domestic violence advocate telling the party it was an extension of the domestic abuse she had suffered at the hands of her right-wing Labour husband – and which even extended to a malicious prosecution ultimately and rightly thrown out by a court, as well as serial rule-breaking and rigging.

Last night, flanked by Labour’s few remaining decent MPs at a Socialist Campaign Group fringe at Labour’s conference in Liverpool, Begum spoke out against the ‘inhumanity’ she had suffered, the briefings against her by the party and the leadership’s refusal to act. It is a must-watch speech that deserves to be seen and shared widely:

Begum said the campaign against her was driven by her refusal to toe the Starmerite line of abstention and collusion in cuts and of contempt for the wellbeing of ordinary people.

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  1. Watching this video, brought tears to my eyes.

    A, thoroughly, decent woman thrown to the wolves by the very people who should be doing all in their power to protect her. Instead, Labour are colluding with the abusers.

    They disgust me.

    Solidarity, with Apsana Begum!

  2. The rest of it is worth watching as well, although it’s over two hours long. I am surprised the SCG is still in existence and has not been proscribed by Starmer.

      1. Hehehe, it’s not that he’s got nothing to say. He’s just not got the briefing sheet yet. Hurricane Ian’s disrupting communications with your he Caribbean – even the CIA channels that the WEF secured for Keir’s Project to destroy Labour.

      2. He won’t show up on this, we’ve already rumbled his modus operandi. It would only confirm his Islamophobic racism.

      3. The hurricane has caused the crabs to bury themselves ever deeper. I suggest a visit to the herbalist for some polls and potions. Never fails.

    1. Jenw2049, Starmer cannot move against the SCG yet. He need the SCG to keep the pretence of the “broad church”. Instead he is picking MP members of the SCG one by one in an attempt to silence and demoralise them and breaking solidarity within the group.
      I am not going to be surprised if as soon as the Tories call a General Election, Starmer will resort to withdraw the Labour whip from some SCGs members. Specially the ones that are in safe labour seats, like Dan Carden, Ian Byrne, Andy McDonnell, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Apsana Begum, Richard Burgon.
      He will try to purge the younger and most outspoken members of the SCG while allowing John McDonnell, Diane Abbot, Rebecca Long Bailey, Clive Lewis, Russell Lloyd-Moyle to remain Labour MPs and face the General Election in the hope that the remaining members of the SCG will carry on giving Labour the necessary veneer that Labour still a “broad church” and the enemy are the Tories while Labour is the only alternative to vote for.
      Thus, despite the amoral witch hunt of socialist, those inspired by Corbynism but have since them been leave or be driven out of the Party, will still vote Labour and get him to N.10

      1. Ian Byrne has been voted the campaigning MP of the year. Everybody was very upset that the party did not support his right to food campaign at the conference. He is also being set up to lose his seat. They want him out, even though most of his constituents want him to stay. He will be a good member of Corbyn’s group. Can we have a Socialist Campaign Party?

  3. What a great woman Apsana is – after all that she has been though she is still standing, still undefeated. She reminds me of Jeremy Corbyn in that respect- her fortitude and courage are there for all to see.
    Solidarity with Apsana.

  4. Oh wow. Now Apsana is really someone to admire. If she can come back fighting like this, maybe I can too.

    1. Just imagine IF we learnt the lessons from 2015 to 2019 and got into Government, we would have had a few more Apsana’s, Zarah’s, etc and still had LauraP and most specially LauraS, I reckon that she was our star in the making, she still is, she is still doing her thing albeit from the sidelines. Imagine if there was no Austin, Woodcock, et al VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign.
      Imagine! Imagine!
      Didn’t happen, lets hope that the TWT crowd finally divorce the FILTH, and something comes from it. I guess they may have been checking out crowd comparisons with the TORIES’ Conference in Liverpool.

  5. Powerful stuff! A Wonderful speech, unlikely to be acknowledged by the likes of the BBC, or anyone in the Shadow(y) Cabinet.

    1. That does it! These utterly AWFUL people cannot be permitted to just stroll into No 10 while doing absolutely everything NOT to deserve it. To have the uber-cretin and her superficially black fuck-buddy as opposition to define themselves against is such outrageously unlikely good fortune it’s positively suspicious. I’m starting to think she was installed in No 10 by the Security Services cos it was the only way Starmer would have a hope of becoming PM.

      Voting Tory at the next election should not be frowned upon. There, I said it. By Any Means Necessary!

      1. Timfrom, makes sense. No profiles was put there for a reason. The inevitable Headroom victory will probably be much worse than a Tory win. Who will still be in the party of any real worth? I don’t know who I should suggest people vote for.

      2. Me neither.

        The “lesser evil” voters, like the Bernie Democrats who still advocated voting for Hillary after their hero got shafted by her cronies, say “but who are you going to vote for then?” I say I dunno but you’re buying into a council of defeat and there’s more chance of me voting Tory than for Keef. They’ll then say “aha! So you’re going to vote Tory! Boo hiss” (Smacks forehead) Give me strength!

        Vote Gorgeous George’s Workers Party, if available in your area. Or write None Of The Above at the bottom of the ballot slip. Fill yer boots. Draw a box with a tick in it, too, if you like. Other than that, yer on yer own…

        Oh, and that was never a red card this afternoon. It wasn’t even a yellow. We wuz mugged!

  6. I concur neither of those are my cup of tea, my take away from what I could stomach:
    1. Never allow Phillips to stand closer than 5 arms lengths from you looks like she sprays.
    3. Neither of those are my cup of tea.

    PS. What is REALLY frightening is that there are people who believe that is “Leftwing”! Even more frightening she believes that she is “Leftwing”!

  7. I was out leafletting & standing in solidarity support of the Liverpool dockers all day yesterday, B4 walking up to the ‘Blackie’ for the Socialist Campaign Group event @ 1930. Some stirring speeches by Jon Trickett & Ian Lavery; even John MacDonald raised a cheer, but overall I was disappointed with the content & the lack of focus on suspensions, expulsions, genocide in Palestine & the war in Ukraine. The group congratulated itself on its gender & racial solidarity B4 claiming that they supported the whole working class in the class struggle. They all ridiculed anyone who had willingly left the Labour Party B4 being pushed, accusing them of being class traitors who should stay in the warm embrace of Sir Keir Starmer.

    1. Maybe the SCG is the very best that the Labour party is capable of. In a different environment with a different culture, producing as different history, who knows what is possible.

    2. Steve10174, really. Good god, sectarianism by the left to the left. This being said after congratulating themselves on their oh so wonderful, inclusiveness. How the devil can you call people, who left a party because of its insensitivity to the working class, class traitors? Do they know who makes up the working class? We should be encouraging people to look for new ways to win this class war not belittling comrades who left an organisation that attacks workers. Read what you will into that but the message is a clear one. The SCG are not the base for the workers to improve their conditions of life. I left as soon as the 2nd ref reared it’s ugly head. Members who have given years to the Labour Party must have thought their position through in minute detail. I imagine that severing their links was done with tears and very heavy hearts. Despicable treatment of good socialists. Let’s see what the polls say.

      1. A Yougov poll just out gives Labour a 33 point lead. Yeah right.

  8. “We must understand that their determination to get rid of me, to get rid of you, to get rid of all of us on the left, is a testament to our power. They wouldn’t be resorting to these tactics if they didn’t fear what we are capable of and we really must start to understand that”.

    Perfect. What a woman!

  9. Sorry all, but her beliefs are incompatible with the party she is fighting tooth and nail to remain in. A party that is proudly racist, visceral anti moderate socialist, deeply corrupt is not the natural habitat for one who believes (I have been told by comrades I trust) herself to be a socialist. To know one is in the snipers sights and wait for the coup de grace is not the cleverest thing to do. Our answers do not rest in this Labour Party.

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